Zoe in Wonderland (2020)

Zoe in Wonderland Brenda Woods Zoe in Wonderland Coretta Scott King Honor winner Brenda Woods introduces introverted daydream prone Zoe who s afraid her real life will never be as exciting as her imaginary one Zoe Reindeer considers herself just Z
  • Title: Zoe in Wonderland
  • Author: Brenda Woods
  • ISBN: 9780399170973
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
Zoe in Wonderland Brenda Woods Coretta Scott King Honor winner Brenda Woods introduces introverted, daydream prone Zoe, who s afraid her real life will never be as exciting as her imaginary one Zoe Reindeer considers herself just Zoe never measuring up to her too perfect older sister or her smarty pants little brother Truthfully, though, she d rather just blend in with the plants at the family busCoretta Scott King Honor winner Brenda Woods introduces introverted, daydream prone Zoe, who s afraid her real life will never be as exciting as her imaginary one Zoe Reindeer considers herself just Zoe never measuring up to her too perfect older sister or her smarty pants little brother Truthfully, though, she d rather just blend in with the plants at the family business, Doc Reindeer s Exotic Plant Wonderland She does have one friend, Q, and he s the best one ever but he s moving away, leaving Zoe to fend for herself, and she doesn t know what she ll do without him That is until a tall astronomer from Madagascar comes to the nursery looking for a Baobab tree His visit starts a ball rolling that makes Zoe long for real adventures, not just imaginary ones and shows her that perhaps her first real adventure is finally beginning.
Zoe in Wonderland Brenda Woods

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    362 Brenda Woods
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One thought on “Zoe in Wonderland

  1. Leslie

    I loved this book so much I read it in two days I think this book would be great for middle school girls, especially 6th or 7th grade Most children will be able to relate to Zoe, her siblings, her relationships at school and her finding herself.

  2. Raina

    Dibs for SRP 2017, TRLers I was totally charmed by this Zoe Reindeer has a really strong voice, and I was in it from the first sentence Two of the books I considered booktalking to elementary school students in 2017 had eerily similar covers, to the point that I felt I couldn t promote both of them This one won out after a quick assessment the other one wasTwo Naomis I loved the planty illustrations at the beginning of each chapter I loved her unique voice And I was pulled through the story I di [...]

  3. Rachel Rooney

    A 2018 2019 Missouri Mark Twain Readers Award preliminary nominee grades 4 6.Zoe G Reindeer loves plants, hanging out with her best friend Quincy, and the family business, Doc Reindeer s Exotic Plant Wonderland When a man from Madagascar asks about a rare plant that they do not carry, Zoe decides to grow one from a seed, and thus begins a season of transformation for everyone.This is not a fast moving book, but of a character study, but I really enjoyed it I liked Zoe and her family and friends [...]

  4. Iman Foster

    I thought that it was sad that Zoe s only friend had to move to another state.Zoe made a new friend.I thought that it was nice that someone brought a book

  5. Maeleah

    Lovely, refreshing story with an African American 11 year old girl as the protagonist Dreamy and prone to thinking about what Imaginary Zoe would do, she sometimes gets in trouble Told from her perspective like creating lists of what is not my fault and two things that are absolutely my fault One that is not, is that her last name is really Reindeer and her daddy s business is really Doc Reindeer s Exotic Plant Wonderland She likes to putter around in the Wonderland Her older sister is too busy [...]

  6. Diane

    If they gave awards for being boring, I d get a gold medal Zoe G Reindeer isn t very good at making friends In fact, she often spends time in daydreams, or as Imaginary Zoe, which is way exciting After all, her older sister, Jade, has tons of friends and younger brother, Harper, is practically a genius How can just plain Zoe compete with that She does, however, have one very good friend, Quincy Quincy s interest in film making always makes things exciting And Zoe loves spending time in her fat [...]

  7. Amanda Harrison

    Despite the title, Zoe in Wonderland is a realistic novel set almost entirely in California However, it contains a bit of real magic in the guise of a South African jet propulsion lab worker, a baobab tree, and a greenhouse While Zoe describes herself as boring she is actually a strong character and her voice rings very true While I sometimes chided her for not knowing some basic information she seems young for her age , I honestly found her a bit refreshing as she is quite true to many young pe [...]

  8. Kelly Snyder

    If you need a good wholesome book that has a good ending then Zoe in Wonderland is for you This book doesn t cover anything new, but it does a great job of showing the feelings a little girl who, as she puts it, is just Zoe Really Zoe doesn t see herself as any thing but just plain, nothing special and maybe a little weird Like her dad she loves plants and can t imagine a life without them that is until a tall man from Madagascar walks into Wonderland and sees something special in Zoe The one th [...]

  9. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*

    Woods, Brenda Zoe in Wonderland, 196 pages Penguin Random House 2016 17 Language G 0 swears, 0 f Mature Content G Violence G Zoe is an imaginative young girl who feels like she just can t find her place Her family owns a plant nursery on the property where they live One day an intriguing man comes to the nursery and changes her life and her world.Zoe is a charming character that is full of creativity and whimsy She is easy to relate to and makes you think about the world you live in As Zoe takes [...]

  10. Aud

    Definitely good for discussion African American family, without race being a real topic casual diversity Zoe is very shy, but getting out of it Family feels fairly realistic Different kinds of smart between Harper and Zoe and even big sister Jade who is socially smart.Not much plot More a character study A lot happens, but she doesn t make much happen I see how the scientist from the jet propulsion lab is necessary to get the story started, but he kept coming back and giving her books It s not u [...]

  11. Pam Schwartz

    I m so glad I read this It s realistic fiction featuring a protagonist who doesn t quite no where she fits in or how to feel about that, but never is never whiny I don t want to give too much away, but Zoe must deal with making friends, losing friends, illness, and moving I love the way everything is handled Realistically dramatic is how I would describe it, and I would recommend it to 4th graders and up It would also be appropriate for a strong reader in 3rd grade.

  12. Keyan

    Ohhhh Zoe It s hard to fit in when you have a last name like Reindeer, you love science and plants, and you frequently lose yourself in your daydreams There were moments I laughed out loud and some made me a little teary I read this with my 5th grade daughter and we had great conversations about family, friends, and being yourself.

  13. Emyrose8

    For some reason, Zoe and I just didn t click I liked the plot, just couldn t connect with Zoe The emphasis on science and plant love in this book is awesome, and I love how Zoe slowly emerges from her shell The twist at the end was unexpected, but I liked it For all you happy ending lovers out there, you ll like it.

  14. Ann Dague

    Good for 4th through 6th grade Cute story about a very shy 11 year old who frequently disappears into her imagination in the form of daydreams to escape reality Lots of kids will relate to her awkwardness and shyness Like how it showed her journey to self discovery and self confidence Has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland.

  15. Donna Dobihal Smith

    If your last name is Reindeer, and you live in a wonderland, life must be interestingd it is I listened to the quick read audio, and the narrator is great all the voices are unique, with their own personalities coming through A good read for a girl or even the whole family

  16. Nicole

    Fun, sweet and engaging story about a middle child feeling lost amidst her family and navigating a time of many changes with her chin held high and her heart trying to remain open Such a sweet main character A wonderful slice of life novel for late grade school middle school readers.

  17. Bradie

    This was a really good book I liked it I love how Zoe thinks, it s different than the way most people think She is very imaginative I recommend it.Bradie, Age 10

  18. Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens

    Sometimes it s hard to find where you fit Especially if you have big feet, an overactive imagination, and a Christmas themed last name.

  19. Mary

    The perfect book for any kid who ever felt ugly, or unpopular, or different In other words, the perfect book for any kid.

  20. Jennifer

    Solid children s fiction I enjoyed following Zoe Reindeer through the audio version She s one spunky, and odd little girl.

  21. Dawn Moews

    What is like to be ordinary when no one else in your family is The most extraordinary thing about Zoe is her name Zoe G Reindeer With a very popular older sister and a very intelligent younger brother, middle child Zoe struggles with her place in the family and in society How can she be someone special Zoe loves spending time working in the family business Doc Reindeer s Exotic Plant Wonderland However, she is now old enough to realize that the business is not exactly a financial success and the [...]

  22. Tia Garrigues

    A look into the life of a young girl who s going through some major changes A quick but enjoyable read.

  23. Lacey Louwagie

    A fun, sweet coming of age book about a daydreaming loner whose interest in the world beyond her mind is just beginning to be awakened Well drawn secondary characters, especially Zoe s next door neighbor, and deals eloquently with some tough topics cancer, financial instability, senility without feeling too heavy.

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