I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops (2020)

I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops Hanan Al-Shaykh I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops At the intersection of tradition and modernity East and West childhood and adulthood the characters in this book find their way through the shifting and ambiguous power relationships that change th
  • Title: I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops
  • Author: Hanan Al-Shaykh
  • ISBN: 9780747561316
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops Hanan Al-Shaykh At the intersection of tradition and modernity, East and West, childhood and adulthood, the characters in this book find their way through the shifting and ambiguous power relationships that change the landscape of the modern Arab world.
I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops Hanan Al-Shaykh

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One thought on “I Sweep The Sun Off Rooftops

  1. Sue

    I had high hopes for this book of short stories based in Lebanon and started reading with some of those hopes fulfilled Gradually I found a certain sameness creeping in, primarily of writing style and tone, negativity toward most others in whichever protagonists life and constant wistfulness, dreaminess Perhaps this comes of living in a war zone This would not account for the style itself which sometimes seems to bludgeon the reader with its words.There were a few stories I liked, primarily The [...]

  2. Maria Tinawi

    This book portrays the lives of women in the modern arab world Each chapter talks about a different family in a different country jumping from Lebanon, to Egypt, to Yemen, and so on The events happening in the chapters, wherever they are in the Middle East, are very realistic, and could happen to anybody at any time The fact that the main characters are women in each chapter, shows the significance of the roll women play in the Arab World Feminism and a woman s needs are recognised, and contribu [...]

  3. Bel Murphy

    Some of these short stories were very engaging, for instance the Marriage Fair , The Land of Dreams and The Funfair Others were less so, with story lines that didn t appeal to me, most notably A Season of Madness and the story from which the book gets its title I Sweep the Sun off Rooftops There were some interesting insights into different cultures and I m glad I persevered with the collection.

  4. Alix Méav

    The one story that stood out from all of the other stories in this book was Apple An absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful story of a girl who never receives a suitor and instead is faced with the social stigma of being an old maid in her village.

  5. Kay Hart

    I enjoyed this collection of stories and in particular A Girl Called Apple I found really touching and thought provoking It raises issues of culture in an isolated village and rituals practised to invite suitors for daughters of marriagable age Apple s family is portrayed as loving and kind, even when they can t quite fathom why she is so resistant to marriage Neither can Apple It was the most memorable in this admirable collection.The stories are insightful portraying various issues surrounding [...]

  6. Nakib Hoq

    I picked up this book from the local library just because I was intrigued by the name of the author Yes, sometimes I do pick up books just because the author has an exotic name It helps me to expose myself to different perspectives and different cultures that I have never been exposed to And so teh Arab name really attracted me I sweep the sun off rooftops is a collection of short stories by the Lebanese female author Dealing with sexuality, feminism and stereotyped Arab women the characters are [...]

  7. Jennifer

    This one grew on me as I read through it it s another one worth reading twice It s nice to read a different kind of book from time to time.

  8. Molly

    Nearly every story is this collection is a gem, and the writing is exceptionally terse and powerful Young children on an Oil compound in the middle east are horrified to learn that their Indian servants have been cooking their pet rabbits, their distress calling into question the treatment of servants and the self serving naivete of children A woman moves from Morocco to London and learns the humiliations of freedom Another woman wants to get a divorce but cannot ask for one, so she feigns insan [...]

  9. Jane Routley

    I ve had this book 15 years and finally took it on holidays this year intending to read it and leave it Of course I didn t The writing was wonderful sensuous and observant and the stories evocative portraits of the lives of contemporary Arab women without being overly grim Like all short story collections you like some than others I especially liked Louloulah a portrait of a woman generously in tun with her limited traditional life style and I sweep the sun off roof tops a wonderful portrayal o [...]

  10. Coco

    A very enjoyable collection of short stories from the Arab world Most of them involve the relationship dynamics of the Arab culture men women, marriage, conservative liberal dress, Europeans Arabs, etc Many of them also talk about how Western culture has snuck in and what people think of it some become obsessed and totally abandon their own culture only to find later they ve denied themselves, some reject it totally, some in between An interesting look at women, veils, sand, and what happens beh [...]

  11. Christine

    I was curious to read stories about the Middle East and picked up the book enthusiatically at the library Unfortunately, what I got was below my expectations.The quality of the little stories in the book varies greatly It seems that the stories have been written at different times in the author s life, some are memories told through a child s voice, some are coming of age and others about marriage sex, etc I thought that at times the author has described the role of women in a negative way and i [...]

  12. Diane S ☔

    I loved this book, about woman in the Middles East in present day, trying to keep their traditions alive while entering into a new world Loved the visuals and the writing, learning about their cultures and the way they interacted in their daily lives The first three stories were my favorites, but really there was not one that I disliked Glad that I read this book, not one I would have picked up had it not been a book group read.

  13. Biogeek

    While I am not sure if the comparisons by some reviewers to Atwood are appropriate are they ever , I did enjoy this collection of short stories focused on the experience of Arab women The locations are as varied as these stories I love the first story in the volume, a study in method in madness.

  14. Nancy

    Short stories from the Middle East that give a peek into the lives of women and their relationships, struggles, and the power of tradition and culture This book brought back to me the sounds, smells, sensations, and impressions of a recent visit.

  15. Sujit Banerjee

    An EXCELLENT read over a period of time this book has got lost but this collection of short stories on Arab women s life is one fantastic book Go for it if you like all kind of reality fiction.

  16. Lauren

    I know for many people Al Shaykh is all that but I find her stories really heavy handed and unsubtle Similar themes as Women of Sand and Myrrh and a little variety here but I wanted .

  17. Amne

    Hanan really portrays actual events that happen in these countries, as unreal as it may sound and as hard as the governments try to hide the truth, she brings it out

  18. David

    A great insight into a different culture Well written and has the feel of coming from the heart and mind of the author.

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