A Curious Affair (2020)

A Curious Affair Melanie Jackson A Curious Affair Recent widow Jillian Marsh wasn t planning on killing herself that March night but she hadn t ruled it out either And then there was her cat problem Ever since she d been hit by lightning last Octobe
  • Title: A Curious Affair
  • Author: Melanie Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780505527387
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
A Curious Affair Melanie Jackson Recent widow Jillian Marsh wasn t planning on killing herself that March night, but she hadn t ruled it out either And then there was her cat problem Ever since she d been hit by lightning last October, the cats in town had been talking to her Which meant she was insane, right
A Curious Affair Melanie Jackson

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    363 Melanie Jackson
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One thought on “A Curious Affair

  1. Tara Lewis

    A writer who loves the sound of her own voice The main character is irritating and I would have given up after the first 80 pages my usual stopping place of its not doing anything for me , but her cat was pretty lovely 1 star for interesting thoughts on grief and a cool cat Everything else was dull.

  2. Katie(babs)

    Jillian Marsh has a whole boat load of problems on her hands She was hit by lightning She was hit by lightning and now she can hear the local stray cats talking to her She has TMJ, which in simple terms means a locked jaw.And if things aren t bad enough, it is the middle of winter, she has thoughts of suicide because she misses her husband Cal who died over three years ago, and those darn cats won t leave her alone All Jillian wants to do is drink herself into oblivion because the thought of cle [...]

  3. Melissa Reahm

    Murder and Talking Cats I got this book from a recommendation made by an email from Book Bub that I receive every day Never heard of Book Bub It is a lovely service you may want to look into Alas, I digress.Jillian Marsh is a widow and lives in the dark, desolate place that sometimes accompanies a loved one s death She has begun to doubt her sanity and her will to continue living You see, a year ago, Jillian was hit by lightening The only damage she suffered was a sudden and inexplicable ability [...]

  4. Cher

    Positives Main character describes grief well, is in the process of it.Story of relocation from urban to rural environment speaks to me at this time.Murder mystery.Main character can communicate with cats, as a side effect of having been struck by lightning.Negatives Author belabors points, adding a thesis statement at the end of each paragraph, and sometimes rambles.Main character is a writer, which is like writing about child orphans, a cheap way to get a character out of the constraints of d [...]

  5. Melanie

    There were points where I really loved this book and points where I just couldn t get into it sometimes she got so preachy and the main character got so obnoxious with her whole I m weird, I m a recluse, I m insane thing that I had to put the thing down for a while I got annoyed with her making the town all down homey one minute and then all touristy fabulous the next I m sure it s realistic, but it felt forced and too much, like she was just cramming all these unnecessary details in for filler [...]

  6. Ruby

    Of all the schlocky self inserts I ve read, this was probably the worst of them The main character is a writer just like the actual author big surprise They both live in the same part of the country, both enjoy the same things, so on and so forth Worse, the main character s ridiculously overlong rants on big cities, cell phones, urban vs rural living, and alternate lifestyles are preachy, irritating, and very obviously straight out of the author s own opinions The only way I would recommend this [...]

  7. Amelia-Irene

    I found that this was interesting and wouldn t mind if Melanie Jackson would work this into a series Jillian has been a widow for about 3 years She s been hit by lightning and ever since has been able to talk to cats and a bad case of TMJ The story begins with the cat Atherton coming to Jillian to say that her closest neighbor has been murdered and that the cats want the man caught Jillian meets with the new sheriff to tell him that Irv has been murdered and the action goes on from there.

  8. Trulie

    This book drove me nuts because it had a great premise and keptring but never did I loved the cats, I liked the complex back story for the heroine But the romance fell flat and even between two mature people I didn t find it all that believable The MC s TMJ began to feel like a gimmick and the fact that we know very early on who the killer is completely took the suspense out of the picture The villain hardly makes an appearance All in all it s a frustrating read.

  9. Susan Chambers

    As we are introduced to the main character, Jillian, she is considering suicide She is in mourning for her husband who died a couple of years ago, and also suffering from TMJ after being hit by lightning a few months ago After the lightning strike, she can hear cats talking to her They don t usually have much to say But on the night we meet Jillian, a cat comes along who definitely has something interesting to say Her neighbor has been murdered.

  10. Diane Stumpf

    After you get thru the angst of the heroine in the first chapter or two, the book takes a big upswing I understand a widow s depression other emotional havoc My sister lost her husband not long ago But, as a reader, I thought the angst went a bit too long And I think someone, somewhere should have mentioned that this is not a book for recent widows I know I WILL NOT be giving it to my sister to read.

  11. carlie

    A weak beginning and unlikeable characters gave me a bad feeling around page sixteen I finished the book, hoping it would get better It never did The romantic plot was thin and unsatisfying, with no chemistry between the main characters The mystery plot just makes me roll my eyes I m trying to think of a redeaming quality of this book Nothing is comming to mind Nothing.

  12. Jen

    This was a strange and curious little book A recently widowed writer is hit by lightning and can now talk to cats And she has TMJ lock jaw And she discovers the body of an acquaintenance and is told by the cat that he was murdered A generally interesting story, an unusual heroine, a romance and murder mystery.

  13. Ann

    This book is not a keeper for me Although the story was interesting it was all in first person and I really could not get into it, therefor it s not a book I will be keeping I do love Ms Jackson s Wildside series very much.

  14. Debby Settle

    Awesome writing.Being a cat person, I just loved this story of a lady who can hear cats talking Thrown in with a murder mystery adds a wonderful read Worth then 5 stars

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