Fallen Crest Home (2020)

Fallen Crest Home Tijan Fallen Crest Home It s been years since my mother was in my life I healed I learned to accept love I lived That s all done She was away and now she s back I avoided her for a year and a half but I couldn t hide any M
  • Title: Fallen Crest Home
  • Author: Tijan
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  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Fallen Crest Home Tijan It s been years since my mother was in my life.I healed.I learned to accept love.I lived.That s all done She was away, and now she s back.I avoided her for a year and a half, but I couldn t hide any.Mason had an internship in Fallen Crest, so we headed back for the summer.And when we got there no one was prepared for what happened.
Fallen Crest Home Tijan

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One thought on “Fallen Crest Home

  1. Melanie

    No surprise what so ever that this book was BRILLIANT Another story filled with drama, chaos, deceit, manipulation, hope and love All the same amazing characters and the bad ass personalities that goes with each of them The endingwhat can I say other than, release book 7 now Tijan continues to prove she is a master at storytelling with each book released HURRY, HURRY, HURRYI NEED THIS BOOK LOVE THE FALLEN CREST CREW UPDATED INFORMATION ON THE FALLEN CREST SERIES FALLEN CREST UNIVERSITY 5 Coming [...]

  2. Snow

    4.5 Mason Sam starsDamn, Tijan did it again This is, what Sixth book in the Fallen Crest High series and you d think that nothing could be new about the old crowd, you might think differently about that once you ve read this or notLOL, yet you d be immersed into their world once againeither way, Mason Samantha are here to stay Their love is stronger than ever and it s still as breathtakingly stunning as it s powerful He does everything in his power to protect her, shield her, reassure her while [...]

  3. ReadingisMyEscape

    It s a bad sign when you start hating the main characters.I shouldn t have read this For me it all started going downhill at Fallen Crest University I lost love for Logan in that book, Sam became melodramatic, and the drama was way OTT Then the disaster of Logan Kade happen and I lost all love for Logan This just sealed the deal that I should have walked away three books ago.Mason is the only MC that I have any love left for and he s the only reason I gave this a try Melinda disappointed me, Ma [...]

  4. If it ain't good I don't read it !

    Yooooo shits about to get real now that bitch queen mama s back Like damn, can t wait to read this book

  5. The Talented Miss Ripley

    It s been years since my mother was in my life.I healed.I learned to accept love.I lived.That s all done She was away, and now she s back.I avoided her for a year and a half, but I couldn t hide any.Mason had an internship in Fallen Crest, so we headed back for the summer.And when we got there no one was prepared for what happened.I can t explain how in love I am with the characters True Story I can t think right now I m so excited for May to see where this story goes from here The Kades always [...]

  6. Stephanie

    The wait for these books literally kills me every time I am so incredibly excited I actually scare myself with how overly emotional I get about it Tijan is my crack and my god am I addicted .It finally arrived And as always, Tijan never disappoints So many twists and turns, and that ending I wasn t ready for the bomb to drop, I now hate Adam than ever.I now begin the wait for Fallen Crest Forever and the anticipation continues to grow.

  7. politetemper

    OK So I don t want to be negativebut these books are just getting and cringey.It s annoying and frustrating they literally keep doing the same things over and over It was cute and badass in highschool but now they always go on about being men yet behave like that.And Sam Oh boy Sam.I used to love Sam but she s getting a bit annoying now She overreacts to everything and it s actually so awkward and cringey Like get a grip girl It s not the end of the world She used to be a badass but not she s [...]

  8. Loyda

    3.5 stars I found myself conflicted after finishing this book I feel like I have been waiting for it for so long and for some weird reason the first 30% just dragged for me Don t get me wrong I enjoyed all the characters I have loved them since the beginning but I felt like something was missing while reading it I can say that Mason was so freaking amazing and beautiful on this book This book was dual point of view from Sam and Mason Even though the ending was a bit predictable I still liked it [...]

  9. ♡Tonya♡

    I ve been waiting for a year and a half for this book Although that is way too long, I definitely devoured it I started this series long ago and I will hate to see it end I really appreciate the dynamics between Mason, Sam and Logan They vowed to never let anything break them up and I will be devastated if anything does I wanted to shake Sam a few times for some of her thoughts she has going on in her head It ends with a cliffhanger and I am only hoping for the best from the next book.

  10. Marcella

    4 Kade Brother stars One thing I will always love about this series is the DRAMAAAA s infectious Two brother s who rule Fallen Crest, they have no shortage of enemies and those enemies have their sight set on Mason s girl They need to changee they can t have their loved ones targetedey can t have Sam targeted And everyone knows that she s the Kade brother s weakness The brother dynamic Mason and Logan have is so perfect, they balance each other out so well But they both know things have to be di [...]

  11. Yolandi Bosch

    MehIt was okay Sam was very irritating in this book for me She just kept on screwing up and running from her past and problems, Mason is the one paying for her stupidity Adam Quinn and Becky why, just why This whole story was just a remix of all the previous ones.My shining light in this book was Heather and Matteo they were by far the most interesting of all the secondary characters I would have loved to read on them.I will be getting the next book to finish this series but I do hope it will b [...]

  12. Grey

    Like putting on a favorite hoodie and ski mask oh wait, sorry, I was channeling my inner Kade Fallen Crest Home, was perfectly titled, because I felt like I was home Hey, hey the gang is all here Tijan, what are you doing with this cliffy though Glad that Fallen Crest Forever is coming out soon, or I would be going insane right now 4 shake em upat em up go for a run but you can t escape your problems, we ll still be the fearsome threesome stars

  13. Anne Mercier

    This was the most intense of all the FC books and that s saying something considering everything that happened in FC Family Tijan gives us a story that is full of drama and powerful, and I chewed on my thumbnail quite a bit worrying and wondering how and why I don t even have the words I just can t even so I ll say this This story touched me as these are characters I have come to think of as friends, getting closer and involved with them with each and every book Fallen Crest Home is though prov [...]

  14. Nicla

    Really loved this installment I can t believe that cliffhanger ending though I am so glad I waited until the final books was out to read this because I need to know what is going to happen now Mason was amazing in this series The way he loved and protected Sam was perfect Highly recommend this series if you are looking for a drama filled YA NA read HEA view spoiler No major cliffhanger Final book is out hide spoiler Cheating OW OM view spoiler No cheating or scenes with OW OM hide spoiler Any pu [...]

  15. Ally

    3.5 starsI don t often write reviews on here I felt like I needed to explain myself for this one because I adore this series but there was something a bit off for me in this one Sam is probably my all time favorite heroine but I really found myself struggling to like her in this book, I found her to be a bit childish in her actions, I didn t like that she seemed to have a lack of respect for Mason by putting herself in these stupid situations and potentially jeopardizing his future because of he [...]

  16. Mercedes

    3.5 StarsThis series has been so good I discovered Tijan fairly early on in my romance reading and I ve loved most everything she s done Some of her recent releases have been a bit of a struggle for me, Logan s book, and this one have fallen short for me While reading this one, I just wasn t engaged in it, I thought it was dragging and then when it picked up a bit I felt like I was having deja vu, it seemed like the same action that had been in the previous books.If you ve liked the series so f [...]

  17. Jenny

    This is the first book of Fallen Crest to which I m giving below 5 stars Actually I think that even 2 stars are too much for this crap The book is so disappoiting All the situations were predictable and there was anything exciting Same old shit I just wanted to skip half the book and to scream with furstration WHAT THE HELL TIJAN WHY DID YOU RUIN THE STORY And really, is Samantha getting dumber with each book THIS WAS A WASTE OF TIME P SNow after reviewing my post, I must admit that there was so [...]

  18. Tessa

    Anyone who knows my book tastes knows I adore Fallen Crest stories I can fangirl all day and dream about Mason like crazy So, with that in mind, I have to say, this was a big improvement from the last book because Matteo is back That said, of course I loved it, but I gave myself time away to really analyze how I felt First off, seeing Sam dealing and trying to keep secrets from Mason was fun The running was back The dealing with the evil parental unit was great Loganisms they were there, but not [...]

  19. Siobhan Davis

    Well, that was like literary crack for my soul So EPIC Loved every page Stayed up until 3 am and had to put it down as I was so tired Two hours later I picked it up again as I couldn t go to sleep because my mind was conjuring up all kinds of scenarios for what was going to happen So, yes, I finished it at 7.30am this morning and got up to work on only two hours sleep Like a zombie today but so worth it Man, I LOVE this series so much I m already sad at the prospect of it drawing to a close even [...]

  20. Jo

    Couldn t finish The sexism and cheesiness grows with every book in this series Loved the first one but I had to stop reading with Sams friend wouldn t shake Mateos hand because her boyfriend was there and Matteo apologized for disrespecting Also, Sam was stronger and cutting in the 1st 2 books She s gotten weaker and so much dependant on men Disappointed in where this series ended up.

  21. Scarlett Se Leva

    Wow Wow Wow I must say that Sam impressed me a little in this one I love when she reminded James of what should be expected from a parent Parents should do things for their kids without expecting anything in return That scene, I labeled her as a BADASS Her Badassness ends there for me Mason ever loyal and protective of the woman he loves My heart broke for him at the ending I felt Samantha placed herself in situations without thinking of the consequences This frustrated the heck out of me I want [...]

  22. Swagup12

    I ll be honest I couldn t remember what happened on the previous books Some of it.It didn t pull my interest for awhile but throughout the book I knew what happened because it was like reading the other books all over again There was nothing new except the last 3 or 2 chapters Which ended in a cliffhanger Even if it ended in cliffhanger I can predict what will happen.But I honestly expected something different since the characters have grown up they should ve become mature except for Logan and m [...]

  23. Christina

    3.5 Stars 2.5 Flames I m so happy that I ve been able to catch up with this series I m a little sad that it s drawing closer to and end that I m sure I ll have a very hard time coming to terms with But, let s not jump aheadThis installment picks up about a year and half since the fifth installment but don t forget to read the Christmas short and Logan s story before this one Mason is completing his college internship at his father s company, Logan is traveling Europe with Taylor READ LOGAN and h [...]

  24. Steffi De Ceuster♥

    Hot damn I missed the fearsome threesome They are like coming home I love that we get to see from Sam, Mason and Logan s pov That makes you understand everything a bit better I must say I saw that cliffy coming I was speculating that that would be the cliffy and actually I m glad it s with that And that I have the next one ready to read I love this series very much I started this series while on the train to Paris and that makes me always in holiday mood and so happy while reading Sam is a very [...]

  25. Christine

    This was a disappointment This was one of my favorite series.The situations feel repetitive Same old issues, just different day.I love how Mason is still possessive alpha to Sam I do love Mason, Logan, and Sam together.I don t get the Logan and Taylor thing It feels forced Taylor is just there She cares for her other friends than anything, so I do not understand why the three of them trust her I think them breaking up and Logan finding someone who was smart, fierce, and loyal would add to the g [...]

  26. Theresa

    5 Yummy, Yummy Stars.Coming back to the Fallen Crest family is a little like watching a train wreck, fascinating, terrifying, heart pounding, and thrilling all wrapped up into oneese dynamic characters and their complicated lives are addicting in the most delicious waysI am intrigued from page one and my attention does NOT divert until that last page turnsSamantha and Mason s chemistry is intense and beautiful with their unbreakable devotion to one another that is complimented with their softer [...]

  27. Joan

    Mason is pure alpha perfection I love when Mason, Sam, and Logan are together I thought the drama would be over, but no.lots of chaos in this one.Here s hoping they all get their HEA in the next book.

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