Cast Me Gently (2020)

Cast Me Gently Caren J. Werlinger Cast Me Gently Teresa Benedetto and Ellie Ryan couldn t be different at least on the surface Teresa still lives at home As much as she loves her boisterous Italian family she feels trapped by them and their plans
  • Title: Cast Me Gently
  • Author: Caren J. Werlinger
  • ISBN: 9783955333881
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
Cast Me Gently Caren J. Werlinger Teresa Benedetto and Ellie Ryan couldn t be different, at least on the surface.Teresa still lives at home As much as she loves her boisterous Italian family, she feels trapped by them and their plans for her life Their love is suffocating her.Ellie has been on her own for years, working hard to save up enough to live her dream of escaping from Pittsburgh to travel tTeresa Benedetto and Ellie Ryan couldn t be different, at least on the surface.Teresa still lives at home As much as she loves her boisterous Italian family, she feels trapped by them and their plans for her life Their love is suffocating her.Ellie has been on her own for years, working hard to save up enough to live her dream of escaping from Pittsburgh to travel the world Except leaving isn t that simple when she knows her brother is out on the streets of the city somewhere, back from Vietnam, but not home.When Teresa and Ellie meet and fall in love, their worlds clash Ellie would love to be part of Teresa s family, but they both know that will never happen Sooner or later, Teresa will have to choose between the two halves of her heart Ellie or her family.Set in 1980, the beginning of the Reagan era and the decline of Pittsburgh s steel empire, Cast Me Gently is a classic lesbian romance.
Cast Me Gently Caren J. Werlinger

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    Caren J. Werlinger

One thought on “Cast Me Gently

  1. Jem

    If there is one book that sold me on the cover and title alone, it s this Simple yet poetic and truly enchanting The blurb doesn t reveal much beyond the basic setting and timeframe 1980s Pittsburgh, and the two ladies backgrounds But underneath the cover is a rich and vibrant story encompassing myriad themes family ties in an extended, close knit family restrictive societal attitudes toward same sex relationships homelessness and struggles in financially troubled times even sexual harassment in [...]

  2. Tiff

    Cast Me Gently, by Caren J Werlinger is a breathtakingly beautiful book This book is everything a romance novel should be It has angst, obstacles, and truly heartfelt emotions This sometimes bittersweet story will pull you in and steal your heart.Ronald Regan is months away from being sworn into the office as the president Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania s economy is right on the cusp of bottoming out The number of out of work men and women is growing, along with the number is people forced to live on [...]

  3. Agirlcandream

    An amazing read Werlinger succeeds in giving the reader a beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking love story She doesn t sugar coat Ellie and Theresa s lives or the challenges they face in their homes or workplace Her attention to detail and a full cast of well developed secondary characters makes this a story that stays with you long after you have closed the final page It s a credit to the author that a story set in the 1980 s can be equally relevant and applicable to many places in the world an [...]

  4. Eva

    When I read lesbian romance nowadays I frequently end up asking myself if there are no poor, fat or flawed lesbians any The L Word may have been a blessing at a time, but it s beginning to feel like a curse Fortunately for us, some writters have not forgetten that we, lesbians, are real people too, and they bless us with real people s love stories such as this one Cast me gently is an honest book The author has made an effort to introduce us with characters that we can relate to, with flaws, an [...]

  5. Alex

    Cast me Gently is a heartening and somewhat bittersweet story of loneliness, first loves and family, taking place in the 1980 s The theme is about growing up and shows that it s possible to change the situation in life, if only one dares to try However, it also portrays a harsh reality that we sometimes need to give things up to achieve these goals Family is everything to Teresa 34 , she works for and breathes the family life daily, firmly rooted where the apple fell from the tree Ellie 26 has n [...]

  6. Judikt

    Reading Cast Me Gently was like having a cup of tea with an amazing lady who do you the honor of sharing the story of her life, you can t help but feel captivated by her, you can t help but empathize with her pain, you can t help but feel the happiness once she gets there, but most of all you can t help but think that her experience could have been yours Cast Me Gently isn t your typical romance novel, indeed, set in 1980 Pittsburgh, homosexuality has just become legal but is still frowned upon [...]

  7. ~ * K E L L I E * ~

    What an AMAZING book I LOVED IT I usually power through novels, especially the ones I love, as I don t want to put them down until I reach the end Unfortunately, due to a heavy work schedule aka wake, work extended hours, eat, sleep, repeat , I didn t get much of a chance to read at my normal pace Fortunately, this extended the time spent immersing myself in Teresa and Ellie s lives over a week rather than a few daysThe story takes place in 1980 yes, 35 years ago and the author really paints a p [...]

  8. Bib

    As with other books by Caren Werlinger, Cast Me Gently upholds its usual high standards However, I am not as shaken at the end compared to the previous titles I read by her.

  9. Heidi

    Cast me gently sends us back to the 80 s When cities had sub cities, little Italy Chinatown,etc And you didn t roam outside your section for anything, especially not love Nice build up and romance of the two main characters Their coming out stories and family reactions were probably typical for the times The story takes a turn and at that time gets a bit bogged down Also we never tied up the loose ends Wanted to know what happened to the brother Oh well, I liked it but wasn t a favorite.

  10. Charlotte Loudermilt

    If this book came with a soundtrack it would be on cassette tape So grab your boom box and get ready to enter the world of Magnum, P.I television, rotary telephones, and soon to be Reagan politics Cast Me Gently is set in 1980s Pittsburgh where due to the numerous steel mill layoffs, the homeless and hungry are plentiful However, author Caren Werlinger provides us with a love story despite the hardships and bleak outlook of the city Even though the main character, Teresa Benedetto, is 34 this is [...]

  11. Cynthia Corral

    I received an advance copy of this from NetGalley for review.I loved it.I just adored everyone in it, I laughed, I cried, I relived events from my own past.This is billed as a classic lesbian romance and I don t really do romance novels But this was than that to me It was a really great story that was about a romance Set in 1980 Pittsburgh, it covered many other topics, such as the death of parents, the life of the homeless, the fact that the phrase sexual harassment did not exist in 1980 Ahhh, [...]

  12. Velvet Lounger

    Cast Me Gently is a story of growing up, of loneliness, of coming out and the transformative affects of falling in love Caren Werlinger always writes intriguing novels about complex and very real people Once again her well crafted plot and elegant prose transport us into the lives of her characters with all consuming intensity.Ellie is alone she lost her mother early and her brother to the streets She has carved a life for herself, growing up fast and surviving by shear hard work Somehow she has [...]

  13. Netty

    I really loved this although it was a frustrating read but also brilliant, deserves the full 5 stars and .It s a good job I don t have work tomorrow or should I say today

  14. Lisa

    Love has a transformative power, but how this transformation takes place and how it feels is unique to every individual In Cast Me Gently, love transforms Ellie Ryan and Teresa Benedetto, as well as both of their lives The story captures so much about falling in love its power over us, and also the courage it can give us to do what is most difficult However, falling in love never happens in a vacuum, and one of the many strengths of this work is the richly developed setting and context of Teresa [...]

  15. Caron

    I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Cast Me Gently is a book about family, love and what it means to overcome great obstacles that seem impossible at the time Teresa Benedetto comes from an Italian Catholic family who is set in their ways She is thirty four, still living with her parents and works in their family owned drug store We start out with Teresa experiencing the unfairness of what it is to be a women in the 1980s She picks up on this and [...]

  16. Elisa Rolle

    2016 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Cast Me Gently by Caren J Werlinger1 It was by far the most enjoyable of the five books I read for the awards this year Overall, the writing was strong, but there was an overuse of the word as and several clunky passages throughout the book A few times, the author used phrases that made me roll my eyes Her eyes shone with tears, tears were running down her cheeks, her eyes filling with tears As far as the setting, the details placing the story in 1980 were c [...]

  17. Ameliah Faith

    Teresa and Ellie, Sitting in a Tree.Set in the 1980s Teresa Benedetto is the dutiful, nerdy daughter of a very Italian couple in a very Italian family in a very American Italian neighbourhood in Philly She is 34, frumpy and never been touched She goes to church every week with the family, works in her parents store, lives with her parents, sleeps in the twin bed she has used since she was a child She is long overdue a change Ellie Ryan is a new teller in the bank the Benedetto s use She is an or [...]

  18. Margaret L. Hedman

    I loved this book.I loved Cast me Gently Teresa and Ellie are great, warm, loving, struggling middle class wage earners who want and deserve Loved it

  19. Dorothy Bennett

    This is my kind of book Gentle love story with complications created realistically via relatives, friends, jobs, and life in general Set in Pittsburgh in 1980, the story is about a pharmacist from a close knit Italian family, Teresa, and Ellie, a young woman who has been on her own An encounter leads to a friendship which leads to an attraction which leads to a relationship And then the complications begin Werlinger has told a sweet and touching story about two delightful protagonists and a larg [...]

  20. Melaslithos

    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book through NetgalleyIt s been a while since I enjoyed a purely romance story I started reading this book with a bit of apprehension, after I realized that despite having read quite a few gay romances, it was a first when it comes to lesbian one But I shouldn t have.If the storyline is a bit classic, I found the characters really realistic, not stereotyped I liked how normal they were, with their flaws and strenghts They could have been anyone, which ma [...]

  21. susan

    A true love storyCaren Werlinger did it again The book deserves 10 stars if they had it I thought after reading Miserere she would have a hard time living up to that one Oh but she did and even I loved the characters Teresa and Ellie And storyline was well written and seamed real Thanks Caren

  22. Renata

    I liked it very much It shows a pure, sweet, innocent love, the kind of love is hard to see nowadays.

  23. Mariah Lebron

    Loved this story Reminds me of an Italian version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding Its sweet and wonderful with a realness I can t describe.

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