Secret Wars 2099 (2020)

Secret Wars 2099 Peter David Will Sliney Antonio Fabela Andres Mossa Joe Caramagna Dave Rapoza Secret Wars When everything ends it s time to go back to the future Revisit the world of and see it in a whole new light as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances including
  • Title: Secret Wars 2099
  • Author: Peter David Will Sliney Antonio Fabela Andres Mossa Joe Caramagna Dave Rapoza
  • ISBN: 9780785198833
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
Secret Wars 2099 Peter David Will Sliney Antonio Fabela Andres Mossa Joe Caramagna Dave Rapoza When everything ends, it s time to go back to the future Revisit the world of 2099 and see it in a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances including the AVENGERS 2099 Can the ideal of Earth s Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fist Collecting Secret Wars 2099 1 5
Secret Wars 2099 Peter David Will Sliney Antonio Fabela Andres Mossa Joe Caramagna Dave Rapoza

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    495 Peter David Will Sliney Antonio Fabela Andres Mossa Joe Caramagna Dave Rapoza
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One thought on “Secret Wars 2099

  1. Terence

    The Avengers of 2099 work for Alchemax according to the law What happens when they run into vigilante do gooders, who don t work for Alchemax.I was hoping this would provide insight on the Spider Man 2099 after Secret Wars, but it had little to offer in that regard Why is it that future heroes are always just copies of past heroes with slight alterations It s the future in a throwaway line where most characters will never be seen again, perhaps that s why no author wastes their good stuff I woul [...]

  2. Paul

    In this Secret Wars tie in we get to meet the Avengers and Defenders of 2099 land In lesser hands this would have been a complete mess of a book but Peter David s writing this one so that means a certain guarantee of quality that raises this above most of the Secret Wars dross.It s still not exactly essential reading but fans of Mr David should get a kick out of it.

  3. Aidan

    Meh Some interesting ideas the take on Captain America is worth checking out but far from enthralling.

  4. Dimitris

    It s ok It needs its time for things to get interesting Too many characters and I disliked the way Hercules was treated An one dimensional bored lazy drunk with repetitive lines Lots of stuff going on inside, which for half of them I didn t even care Nor for the characters to tell the truth The only nice touch, was Miguel and the costumes The artwork up until issue 4 was mediocre for me, really liked some of the stuff but mainly just ok And I m shocked I m writing all this cuz I love everything [...]

  5. Benjamin

    There s so much worldbuilding going on, but the plot doesn t pick up until issue four It s fun to see this reimagined Marvel 2099 that David originally created, but it is in the forefront than a developing story with plenty of action in between On top of that, it wraps up quickly after a final fight with incomplete closure, leaving the reader wanting while deserving from issue one.That said, it s a decent read Peter David has been doing great with his 2099 characters and world these past few [...]

  6. Chad

    One of the better Secret Wars tie in books Peter David gives us an What If story set in the 2099 universe In this book, Miguel O Hara was taken over Alchemax and has his own Avengers team They meet 2099 s version of the Defenders and events unfold from there If you liked Peter David s writing on either of the Spider Man 2099 series, you ll enjoy this This crossover works well because David hasn t tried to shoehorn his story into the Doomverse It s just an alternate stand alone tale David gives u [...]

  7. Kris

    This actually was pretty decent I d only read the first couple issues of the 2099 titles when they first came out back in 1999 or whatever, so I was concerned I wouldn t be able to follow this book Not really a problem It helps to know that Miguel Stone was Spider Man 2099, but otherwise, a new reader should be able to catch up pretty quickly This is another Secret Wars tie in that doesn t really tie in to the main story In fact, the only reference to Secret Wars that I saw was Doom s face on a [...]

  8. Robby

    Unlike Peter David s Secret Wars Future Imperfect riff, this feels a little disposable The references to both current 2099 lore and the 90s line like a cameo by Junkpile the Specialist makes for an enjoyable story, but the basic story is slight the Avengers Defenders War kind of only in the 2099 verse Where Miguel was officially Tyler Stone s son Fun, but glad I checked this out from the library instead of paying for it.

  9. Jesse

    When it comes to Peter David writing 2099 books for marvel I m a huge softy I not sure where it s headed as we start a 2099 book with spidey 2099 nowhere but Miguel O Hara in charge of a 2099 Avengers team but in his civilian identity I m curious and right now that s good enough for me I ll keep reading to see where this is heading if nothing else

  10. Rob Motta

    I applaud Peter David for keeping this interesting and my attention Well crafted and worth the read The new take on Captain America as a woman is awesome I look forward to the next installment, if there is one.

  11. Earl

    I didn t expect that Miguel O Hara not being Spiderman 2099 was disastrous and made the Battleworld 2099 irrelevant It was fun, nevertheless.

  12. Michael

    Entertaining story, but really only worth it if you are a fan of the 2099 imprint Marvel created back in the 90s.

  13. Anchorpete

    One of the lesser used story types is that of the Hero who has a villainous heritage, and ends up losing his morals, and becoming like his Villainous ancestor, because the world is that dark of a place.In the case of Spider Man 2099, in this Secret Wars Tie In, Miguel O Hara ends up becoming just like his father that runs the corrupt Alchemax Corporation This book is all about How Alchemax has corrupted the Avengers name, and what kind of team a corrupt super corporation could put out The answer [...]

  14. The Fizza

    For all intents and purposes this books should have been just awful, not only is it of the latest verse shaking event, Secret Wars, it introduced an almost entirely new 2099 cast of players to fill the ranks of both Avengers and Defenders teams Only featuring one previously established 2099 super, HULK John Eisenhart.Honestly despite it s stand alone format and the long overdo visit to 2099, this book looked like a dog Only because I had been a 2099 reader way back when did I even pick it up and [...]

  15. Matt

    Collects Secret Wars 2099 issues 1 5This What If story is set during the events of Secret Wars, however it doesn t tie into Secret Wars in such a way that makes it required reading for that series I see this as What if Miguel O Hara had never become Spider Man 2099 In this world, he doesn t have the same moral standing as he traditionally does Similar to the Marvel Universe following Civil War, heroes have to be registered or else they will be considered criminals Rather than working for the cou [...]

  16. Jen

    I have only read about Miguel Spider Man 2099 in a few various comics, but I understand that this ties in with that works Made sense to me I want to learn about Captain America and why how she is programmed and how complicit her husband was in the process I liked the two teams and the plot, again I would like to learn about the backgrounds of the individual super heroes I guess I have a reason to read 2099 volumes.

  17. Don

    Of all the Secret Wars series, I liked this the best by far It was a completely original, self contained 5 issue series The writing was excellent and I really liked the art work I really enjoyed these characters, wouldn t mind seeing them again sometime Great short story, lots of action and to the point No wasted issues like the other ones.

  18. Alyson

    World building sure minimal there were maybe vampires, and Cap might have been an android Still it was a fun read But really, how was morally ambiguous spiderman surprised that an individual programed to be Captain America would eventually stop following orders

  19. Brian

    Ah, this brings me back not meant to be a pun or anything My brother collected 2099 titles let me read them.

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