Finding Miranda (2020)

Finding Miranda Iris Chacon Finding Miranda Miranda a shy librarian is invisible to almost everyone except the hunky blind deejay who lives next door and the hired killers who want to eliminate both of them Soon the city girl and the blind ma
  • Title: Finding Miranda
  • Author: Iris Chacon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Finding Miranda Iris Chacon Miranda, a shy librarian, is invisible to almost everyone except the hunky blind deejay who lives next door and the hired killers who want to eliminate both of them Soon the city girl and the blind man must rely on each other to survive murderous pursuers in a dark Florida wilderness Miranda Ogilvy is accustomed to being invisible Sometimes people actually see her, bMiranda, a shy librarian, is invisible to almost everyone except the hunky blind deejay who lives next door and the hired killers who want to eliminate both of them Soon the city girl and the blind man must rely on each other to survive murderous pursuers in a dark Florida wilderness Miranda Ogilvy is accustomed to being invisible Sometimes people actually see her, but they forget her almost immediately It s not a bad life for a ghost, but Miranda is not a ghost She s a librarian The problem may be that Miranda lives in a big, busy city So when her aunt dies suddenly and leaves Miranda a century old cottage forty miles beyond the middle of nowhere, Miranda makes the life changing move from Miami to Minokee Moving doesn t solve the problem, however people still don t notice Miranda The only two people who seem all too aware of her are a handsome neighbor way out of her league and the man who murdered her aunt too late to move back to Miami.
Finding Miranda Iris Chacon

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One thought on “Finding Miranda

  1. Sa

    Miranda is a quiet girl character done right.She s amazingly brave, loyal, loving underneath her invisible , calm appearance lies a backbone of steel.She s content to be herself and accepts that other people may not always be crazy about her, and that s so refreshing Self pitying whiners are never cute.I also like how Miranda isn t intimidated by a woman attractive than her.She isn t those girls who find excuses to call themselves superior to other women.Shep is a super cute match to Miranda.He [...]

  2. Ronald Keeler

    Finding Miranda by Iris Chacon was an Online BookClub book of the Day BOTD on 04 January 2017 It was a completely free download from To be redundant, the price was USD 0.00 It was not a Kindle Unlimited KU book An OnlineBookClub review stated the genre was romance but with interesting twists of humor I stay away from the romance genre but I like well done humor so I am happy to recommend this book as hilarious My kind of humor is understated and almost stereotypical British This story takes plac [...]

  3. Nadine Keels

    Miranda is a shy librarian who s new in town and chronically invisible So it s ironic when her handsome neighbor, Shepard, sees her even though he, well, doesn t And not to mention that now there are some men around who see both Miranda and Shepard and apparently want them dead in Finding Miranda, a novel by author Iris Chacon.I wasn t sure what this book was, exactly, when I picked it up A cozy mystery A romance Chick lit, maybe Well, no, not chick lit But now that I ve read it, I can t say as [...]

  4. Nicole Fitton

    There is no beating around the proverbial bush with this one I loved it Chacon s style of writing is smooth and lovely, her words float off of the page and into your heart Miranda is a librarian, invisible to most around her, save the ones who matter We discover Miranda has inherited a house from an aunt in Florida but all is not as it may at first seem Having spent some time in Florida myself I felt that the author has captured it perfectly I could feel the heat on the back of my neck and pictu [...]

  5. L.S.

    Hugely entertaining with endearing, well drawn characters that pull you into their world With plenty of humour, great dialogue and an old fashioned community spirit the story moves along at an easy pace Unexpected situations abound and there is plenty of intrigue and several not so welcome surprises Thoroughly enjoyable and a writing style that has convinced me to read another of the author s books.

  6. Ingo

    Ebook discovery Freebie, wanted to end 2016 and start the new year with something sexy and light, after I did not manage to torture myself through the last third of The Circle.No sex , bad sign for a romance, and could have done with some hot, steamy sex, for me at least Romance was ok, but for me also not very good.A few unexpected killings deaths, some quite gruesome.Also in one case the culprit gets away and someone other frames, not something I like.Romance was also not that fluffy Not my us [...]

  7. Rosalie

    This was such a cute and quick read Fluffy and funny, though not without its own tearjerker moment I loved all the characters, which is rare for me.

  8. Diana Boyce

    Fun Lovable heroine who finds her courage and gets the hunk Fun I will look for books by Iris Chacon.

  9. Melissa

    This is one of the sweetest stories I have ever read Shepard is cute and funny and totally endearing Will read again on a rainy day.

  10. Karen

    Loved itI am so happy to read a clean story that doesn t include cursing or mature content I really enjoyed the characters I wish it was a series.

  11. Natasha Jackson

    I enjoyed this book I wish it was the start of a series They could solve mysteries together.

  12. Phyllis Entis

    Loved the opening chapter, and the rest of the book did not disappoint Finding Miranda is a winner.

  13. Norma

    Format audiobook She knew a scary woman when she saw one Had this reader noticed that Finding Miranda was billed as a romance, I almost certainly wouldn t have listened to it and what a loss that would have been Yes, it is a love story the girl no one can see until a gorgeous hunk discovers her hiding behind a castor bean plant, and she, like all the other ladies in Magnolia Street, joins the daily coffee ritual watching him and his giant dog jog past.It is above all a laugh out loud comedy mixe [...]

  14. Melanie

    This was a great book, I wish that it was a series The characters are great, the story line is well developed and the humor is clean, relate able and fun The heroine Miranda was a person that was mild and unobtrusive, and people overlooked her She has skills and talents, but because she wasn t a look at me type of person, those skills were underutilized and dusty on the shelf When her aunt dies she has the motivation to make changes in her life that other people wouldn t necessarily make, and th [...]

  15. George Nagle

    FOUR STARSFinding Miranda was a great find The story is very quaint and an easy read As expected, Miranda needs finding, but in a way you may not expect from this little mystery There is a few twists and turns that are a pleasant surprise in the story as well as some plots you hope to develop the way they do.It is a light hearted book, that has some parts to make you chuckle, cry and maybe even get you a little hot under the collar in than one way All in all, I enjoyed this book and recommend i [...]

  16. Liza

    I was so disappointed about the tragedy The best part of the whole book was the interactions with Dave and Shep Dave seemed like a human the way he responded to what was said And then THAT happens I didn t want to believe until the last couple of pages where I resigned to accept the fact There were so many heart warming scenes with Shep and Miranda, they were just too cute The entire thriller mystery crime story behind it spiced up the whole thing, however, somehow, something didn t jive with t [...]

  17. Barbara Faught

    Wow, what a wonderful story Great characters, great story This book had it all It had me laughing and in tears The two main characters Miranda and Shep are funny and realistic The dog Dave really ads to the story I was in tears when the tragedy happened and again when they lost hope The ending was good but I hope there will be a second book.

  18. Jenny Wilcox

    I found Finding Miranda to be an unusual but entertaining read It had a quirky style to it, and I didn t take long to settle into it and eagerly await the side comments from both the author and characters many of which I found quite entertaining Although full of ups and downs, it was an entertaining read and I will re read it one day.

  19. Janet Rainey

    A fun narrative of a mystery to solve with a bit of flirting along the way Very difficult to describe in a nutshell and some people will probably fault find but if you don t take the subject too seriously then it is an enjoyable and refreshingly fun read.

  20. susie harper

    Great humour, characters and story tellingA short novel Fun and romantic.The characters were great even when superficial.It needed an epilogue with guide dogs for the blind matching dogs to people for a little depth and to raise awareness of service dog charities.

  21. Samantha

    HmmUnfortunately, I am not a fan of this book It was very difficult to keep up with and it did not capture my attention.

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