The Viper and the Urchin (2020)

The Viper and the Urchin Celine Jeanjean The Viper and the Urchin Being Damsport s most elegant assassin is hard work There s tailoring to consider devilish poisons to concoct secret identities to maintain But most importantly Longinus must keep his fear of blood
  • Title: The Viper and the Urchin
  • Author: Celine Jeanjean
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Viper and the Urchin Celine Jeanjean Being Damsport s most elegant assassin is hard work There s tailoring to consider, devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain But most importantly, Longinus must keep his fear of blood hidden or his reputation will be ruined So when Rory, a scrawny urchin girl, threatens to expose his phobia unless he teaches her swordsmanship, he has no choice but to coBeing Damsport s most elegant assassin is hard work There s tailoring to consider, devilish poisons to concoct, secret identities to maintain But most importantly, Longinus must keep his fear of blood hidden or his reputation will be ruined So when Rory, a scrawny urchin girl, threatens to expose his phobia unless he teaches her swordsmanship, he has no choice but to comply.As if being saddled with a dirty, grammatically incorrect girl isn t bad enough, a copycat assassin begins to imitate Longinus kills and threatens both his and Rory s lives Arguments have to be set aside, and Longinus and Rory are forced to work together to unmask and stop the copycat But darker forces than they realise are at play, and with time running out, the unlikely duo find themselves the last line of defence against a powerful enemy who seeks to bring the city of Damsport to its knees.
The Viper and the Urchin Celine Jeanjean

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    102 Celine Jeanjean
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One thought on “The Viper and the Urchin

  1. Jetgirlcos

    If you can sit on a roof somewhere, I think that would be a great place to delve into The Viper and the Urchin , an adventure by budding author Celine Jeanjean, set in the gritty, steampunk type world of Damsport.Two disparate personalities, together in an uneasy alliance, each with secrets, each both stronger and weaker than they seem, a hemophobic assassin and a small but streetwise urchin girl with a desire to be a hero swordswoman Having no resources with which to achieve her dream, Rory s d [...]

  2. Sara Snider

    Let me just say that I pretty much fell in love with Longinus from the synopsis alone An assassin who s afraid of blood I knew from that moment that this was a book I needed to read.Well, Longinus, and the book, did not disappoint In fact, I d say they both exceeded my expectations Right from the opening pages, I was sitting there grinning like a fool as Longinus performs one of his famed assassinations with all its unexpected flair He is a man with a muse, and when the muse speaks, one must alw [...]

  3. Withnail

    This is a really fun read The setting is vividly described, and very imaginative Without wishing to give too much away, look out for the coffee scene I loved it There are incredibly evocative moments, and the richness and the detail of the setting means I really felt like I was there, in the sweaty, grimy, but rather wonderful city of Damsport But the real strength of the book is in its characters Longinus and Rory leapt off the page for me They were both complex, fully developed characters, eac [...]

  4. Kate

    Absolutely fantastic, and highly recommended Gorgeous writing, a beautifully described world, and characters who were endearing, occasionally irritating when the author meant for them to be , and totally fascinating This is one of the best independently published books I ve had the pleasure of reading, and I do love me some indie books.I started reading this on my Kindle, then stopped at chapter nine so I could order the paperback and finish it that way It s that good, and I knew I d want a copy [...]

  5. Ana

    anaslair.wordpress 2015 1This book was unique, for sure It s steampunk all the way and some of the descriptions are very interesting and will grip you.One of our main characters is an 18 year old urchin who looks and acts like a 14 year old The other is a dandy assassin with a love for poetry, who cannot stand not being dressed properly or the sight of blood.This Viper character is an odd one indeed He kills people but only with poison he makes himself and claims no one does it better amongst ot [...]

  6. Bard Constantine

    There s a lot to like about the story The character of Longinus is genius, as I ve never encountered a cowardly dandy as an assassin before It breathes life in the grim, raspy voiced archetype and provides a refreshingly different take His constant fussing over clothes and poetic phrases never gets old, although he might pinch the bridge of his nose too much.Rory has difficulty escaping the street smart urchin stereotype, but that doesn t make her character any less enjoyable Although the urchi [...]

  7. Jessie Stevens

    It was always a pleasure to kill.ns the book as it launches into a long and ominous description of an assassin, The Viper, and the nefarious activity he is on his way to perform And then he thinks to himself, Is it really too much to ask that the common dockworker experience a faint malaise in my presence Obviously and I smiled because, suddenly, the Viper looked like someone I was really going to enjoy It turns out that The Viper is a lovable, sarcastic, pompous jerk of a man How can that be I [...]

  8. Jenny Koch

    Love the premise of this book a clever, blackmailing street urchin mets a foppish, melodramatic assassin with a fear of blood It had an odd flow at points but overall I loved the characters and their interactions enough to make up for that No romance at this stage and I m not sure if there will ever be any particularly between the titular characters but I m ok with that.

  9. Gwynn White

    I have just met a new favourite author with a new set of favourite characters I just loved this fun story with its quirky characters Even better, it had me laughing out loud than a few times Can t wait for the next in the series.

  10. Ellen E. Baldwin (Quest Reviews)

    This book came to my attention when the author emailed me, saying she d seen that I d reviewed and liked Lindsay Buroker s self published Emperor s Edge series, and would I be interested in reviewing her own book, which held similarities to Buroker s work Well As an utter fanatic of The Emperor s Edge and its sequels, I search ceaselessly for books that recapture Buroker s style and magic Of course, I wrote the author back, saying yes, please send me your book At once I mentally added.Now, havin [...]

  11. Barb Taub

    I was thinking of the three sliding variants of character development competence, proactivity, and sympathy as I read The Viper and the Urchin, author Celine Jeanjean s debut novel Based on the blurb, I agreed to do a review, but I was nervous Her novel had a terrific premise a master assassin who can t handle the sight of blood and was in the steampunk fantasy genre I love I needn t have worried.From my email FROM BarbTO CelineI just had to tell you I have a TON of other books ahead of The Vipe [...]

  12. Riley

    The blurb for this steampunk fantasy caught me An elegant assassin that can t stand the sight of blood and a blackmailing, grammatically incorrect urchin Really, I could not resist The story of assassin Longinus and urchin Rory should not be resisted I started and finished The Viper and the Urchin on the same day Longinus is an amazingly written character As an assassin, he thinks himself quite elegant and dapper Although he knows how to use a sword, he abhors the use of blades in the assassinat [...]

  13. E.D. Martin

    Fans of Lindsay Buroker s Emperor s Edge series will notice right away that The Viper and the Urchin is the story of an assassin, but that s where the similarities end Longinus kills not for the thrill or for politics, but for notoriety It s all about his stylish reputation so of course he s appalled when a common street thief, Rory, not only has to help him with a job, but learns he s actually afraid of blood Rory wants to be a warrior swordswoman and when she realizes Longinus is great with a [...]

  14. Elizabeth Lloyd

    The Viper and the Urchin is a rollicking good tale which grabs you by the collar and sweeps you through the grimy streets of Damsport with humour and nail biting danger Its heroine, Rory, is a small scrawny urchin, scraping a living by theft and deception, who makes an unlikely alliance with the elegant Viper, an assassin who uses only poison on his victims and takes pride in his art.When Longinus, the Viper, questions Rory s behaviour, You are coarse, you swear, and worse, you are grammatically [...]

  15. Lori L MacLaughlin

    The Viper and the Urchin was one of my first steampunk fantasy reads, and I thoroughly enjoyed it The two main characters, Longinus and Rory, drew me into the story and kept me reading Longinus, the Viper, is an arrogant assassin who specializes in poisons because he can t stand the sight of blood Rory, the streetwise urchin who dreams of becoming a heroic swordswoman, learns about Longinus fear of blood and hatches the idea of blackmailing him into teaching her swordsmanship.I liked Rory s scra [...]

  16. Rebecca England

    This book had me smiling throughout, laughing out loud at times but most importantly itching to read the next page and delve deep into my Kindle night after night I won t labour on the story and synopsis as there are sufficient other reviews which go into detail however I will say that I think the author has developed a superb world and story one which transported me, right there in the moment I was reading, into each and every scene and its accompanying smells, sounds and places.Both the chara [...]

  17. Malea

    This is the first steampunk novel I have ever read, and I have to say I was very nervous I didn t know what to expect, but I must truly say I enjoyed this novel immensely Right away, I saw that this book is incredibly well thought out and written I absolutely loved the characters They have some of the strangest and most lively personalities I have ever come across, and I long to read as soon as I can.I recommend this book to anyone who is into a good assassin story and anyone who is bored of th [...]

  18. Lit A.

    Quirky characters are definitely one of the strongest points of this novel Longinus is quite a peculiar assassin who strictly adheres to his own elegant code I found myself chuckling several times with his antics I find Rory complements him well The scrawny teen s dream to become a great swordfighter like her idol, the Scarred Woman, is admirable I do wonder how she can take so many physical blows the girl has a tough head, literally.Truly a gem in the steampunk world I absolutely look forward t [...]

  19. Denise Young

    A really good, fast paced read I liked Rory the urchin right away She was spunky, clever, and street smart, and she really jumped off the page I wasn t sure I would like Longinus I mean, he s an assassin but he grew on me too, and soon I was rooting for them both There are some wonderful plot twists that kept me guessing what would happen next, and the ending was clever and unexpected The characters are vivid, distinct, and well drawn and the writing is strong Definitely recommend.

  20. Emily Wrayburn

    Initial review I AM FLAILING, THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD coherent review to come Proper review Originally posted on A Keyboard and an Open MindOh my goodness, this book was so much fun To the point that I was making stupid noises during the last 10% or so There are entertaining characters, an interesting setting and intriguing political machinations happening all around.Rory is somewhere around the age of eighteen, and making ends meet picking pockets and the like with her partner in crime, Jake She [...]

  21. Ashley

    UGH What a let down I d been stalking this book through UPS all last week waiting for it show up on my doorstep, but now, I m just so terribly disappointed I thought this book would revive my love for fantasy, but unfortunately that s not the case I could only read the first 100 pages before I had to give up This does not compare to my precious Emperor s Edge in the slightest This just isn t for me, but at least I tried The cover will look pretty on my shelf I guess I ll try to do an actual revi [...]

  22. Kaylin Beach

    It was always a pleasure to kill The Bloodless Assassin by Celine Jeanjean was not what I expected at all This book went above and beyond my expectations and I was easily swept up into Celine s characters and her world The Bloodless Assassin is full of secrets, betrayal, friendship, mysteries, and death While reading, there was not a single moment that I found myself bored or uninterested This book is one exciting adventure mystery after another My first impression of this book was that it was g [...]

  23. Silvia

    Fun, imaginative, clever and well written My first impression of The Viper and The Urchin is that it doesn t feel like a first novel The author has conjured a world that is magical and believable at the same time, rich in detail and sensory experience while I was reading it I could feel the heat, the rain, the smells and the sounds of the city of Damsport as if I were there And many times I wished I was The Viper and the Urchin is the first of a series of novels centered around Longinus the Vipe [...]

  24. Rosie Amber

    The Bloodless Assassin is book 1 in The Viper and The Urchin series and has been re launched under its new title I felt this book was a mix of fantasy and steampunk.The Viper is Damsport s deadliest assassin, but he also a poet, a writer and an alchemist However he has a serious flaw, he can t stand the sight or smell of blood, which is why his chosen weapon is poison.Rory is a teenage girl, a street urchin and thief For two years she has been saving all her money to pay to be Master Xian s pupi [...]

  25. Sue

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is a steampunk fantasy with lots of mystery thrown in the mix and a spot of politics for good measure The book sounded intriguing but something I would not normally pick up and read, and I was pleasantly surprised.This story is quite unique and contains interesting characters The two main protagonists are Longinus, known as The Viper, who is both a poet and an assassin who has a phobia of blood, and he is also a bit o [...]

  26. Larry Myers

    Really good bookThis was a surprise Fafhrd and the gray mouser and their stories come to mind I look forward to and have bought the second book LAMyers

  27. Olivia Berrier

    I went into this book 100% expecting the assassin to be my favorite character, but Rory that s the urchin was an AMAZING character and following her story was my favorite part of this book Normally I need to go to Tamora Pierce to find strong, young, believable females like this The only reason I couldn t give this one 5 stars is that once the main villain showed up on the scene, the dialog became in my opinion extremely forced and expos heavy, which was so unexpected since the previous dialog i [...]

  28. ReGi Mcclain

    Would RecommendEnjoyed it enough to buy the second book in the series Nice fluffy read and a fun break from the assassin stereotype.

  29. Crystin Goodwin

    Longinus isn t your typical assassin He s a gentleman assassin the most elegant assassin in Damsport As such, he doesn t rely on messy methods of killing, like using swords or daggers No, no, real assassins use poison.Of course, the fact that Longinus can t stand the sight of blood has nothing to do with his preference.But when orphaned waif Rory discovers his secret, Longinus is blackmailed into teaching her how to sword fight As if that wasn t embarrassing enough, a mysterious rival assassin i [...]

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