Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius (2020)

Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius Wulf Francú Godgluck Of Gods and Monsters Menoetius Go aheadhate me Slaughter me against the wall I never introduced myself as the goddamn hero Even labeling me a pussy bad boy I m an imperious villain A tyrant cut from the bone of the worst kind of mo
  • Title: Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius
  • Author: Wulf Francú Godgluck
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius Wulf Francú Godgluck Go aheadhate me Slaughter me against the wall I never introduced myself as the goddamn hero Even labeling me a pussy bad boy I m an imperious villain A tyrant cut from the bone of the worst kind of monster This is my story and I won t change it for anyone in the world, but For him The one who calls me Master This is no forever fairy tale romance This is RAW.Go aheadhate me Slaughter me against the wall I never introduced myself as the goddamn hero Even labeling me a pussy bad boy I m an imperious villain A tyrant cut from the bone of the worst kind of monster This is my story and I won t change it for anyone in the world, but For him The one who calls me Master This is no forever fairy tale romance This is RAW This is ripping your heart out and trampling it till there s nothing left but an angry bloody mess RAW He was the one who saw through my cracks, who would suffer my pain, blood and tears, working to mend those still bleeding wounds on my soul He stood through my violent storm, hiding the battle raging inside him, one I was too stupid to see, that was tearing apart the only man I would ever love It took almost losing him to see that, to understand, to comprehend what he truly was to me Mine My precious boy My beautiful Beo.
Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius Wulf Francú Godgluck

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One thought on “Of Gods and Monsters: Menoetius

  1. Vivian

    Alternately titled Alphahole ReformationYou ve got the Beast Who is a beast and really does need to be put down like a rabid dog until Magic Magic penis is really magic ass in this case of transforming one utterly despicable, abusive jerk and turning him into a human How Beo manages to tame Colt takes some patience Seriously, I wanted to beat them both than once and the anti ginger commentary made me glad the little fucker had to practically throw up his kidneys for awhile Seems a fitting punis [...]

  2. Mirjam

    This book was chosen for me in a challenge I have finished it and must say that I was blown away This is a raw, intense story of Colt, a big man with a fuck you all attitude and Beo, a tiny man with a love you all attitude As the story progress and we see Colt fall hopelessly in love with Beo, actually he becomes obsessed by Beo, but we also see how uncalled for jealousy rips apart the best thing that has happened to him I liked the bigger picture in this book, but would have like to see humili [...]

  3. Makhda

    4.5 starsColt is really rude, arrogant, and aggressive Dom He s not afraid to hurt his subs if that said sub defying him When he met Beo, his world turns upside down He become so sweet and passionate Insta love lust at best Melodramatic Well, Sometimes I just need that thing in my books So it s totally fine by me And of course everybody knows that BDSM lifestyle could bring relationship intense That s what happen with them But first, they need to sort out their own problems.The writing style is [...]

  4. Breann

    Holy alpha male Sheesh This dude was full of the crazies.Colt is mad at the world and may be one of the grumpiest characters I ve come across Which made him turning into goo at the sight of Beo that much better I wouldn t say Beo calmed him, though He just helped Colt focus his crazy somewhere else Which was on his Babyboy, Beo Ha Poor Beo But he handled Colt perfectly.I really wanted to strangle Colt, like, a million and a half times But his reactions were true to his character, even if they we [...]

  5. Marcie

    You know that moment when you wanna kick yourself in the ass for not starting something sooner Well, this is one of those moments After only reading the first chapter, I knew that I was going to love this book And that thought only solidified with every chapter.In Of Gods and Monsters we get a Dom s story, but at the same time we get so much Aside from being a story I related to, it was also one that provoked a variety of feels We get Colt, a rude, possessive alpha with a crude mouth that cares [...]

  6. Sanet

    I am weakMost men will never think those two words never let them slip past their lips never admit that it could be a possibility It takes a strong man to understand that in weakness comes strengthIn strength and control, weakness makes us human It takes an even stronger man to put this out there for the world to see, to admit that life is not always as it should Life is not always made of fairytale endings This story this life lesson that is painted in raw word is one like no other, at times Co [...]

  7. River

    3.75 stars When I first found this book on GR, after reading some of the reviews I thought it was a dark romance Don t ask me why but I went to this story with this mindset so maybe that s why a lot of things didn t bothered me in the slightest This is the story of Colt, an asshole And cute Beo, a sweetheart Cold is dominant, rude and a even heartless He does a lot of bad things and he doesn t care about anyone but himself He had a real bad childhood so now he tries to assert his dominance by be [...]

  8. Louis Stevens

    Original review for Kimmers Erotic Book Banter blog, Contributor LouisTeaserThis is the second book I ve read of Wulf Francu Godgluck, and I m happy to say that the writing style that charmed me with Neon White E1 is even refined in Of Gods and Monsters Menoetius, the first in Wulf s Of Gods and Monsters series.It s rare that you come across an author that has such an easy way with words Wulf has the knack to paint the world for the reader, and you feel that there is no superfluous text anywher [...]

  9. Joyce

    What a wicked good roller coaster ride this one is I think I still have tears in my eyes after finishing hours ago I m not even sure how to tag this book It needs to many Alpha men, twinks that are manly then the alpha men, crazy mother fucker business men that need to get their head out of their ass, and thank a God they do, a horrible disease, and a colloring followed with a proposal that is to die for So much to let sink in, just missing the wedding See you around, motherfuckers

  10. Kristan

    This story should be titled Pure Dysfunction or Loss of Control, because everyone seemed to have anger issues, control issues and dysfunctional relationships My heart has been banged up pretty hard because of this book I ve gone through a gambit of emotions hostility being the most prominent This is not a sweet romance it s crude, it s cruel, and it s caused me to make an entirely new shelf the anti hero because of it Colt, our MC, is a dick So much so, that if it weren t for the prologue and wa [...]

  11. Ayanna

    O_o it started off all tender and stuff in the prologue and it was nice, but then from there it descended into a clusterfuck Wonderland madness idk what.The Tarot part was cool I really like that sort of mystical stuff The reading seemed semi legit, too, which was cool.But thenokay, MC is a complete asshole Like there s no way around that, he s an abusive asshole And he s not even together with the LI yet Chap in Beo s voice was weird Also, Beo s name His name is Beo Like Bay oh Or Bee oh Cuz th [...]

  12. Stella ╰☆╮╰☆╮

    Set in NYBeo Moon Colt MaxusFirst read 1 sett 2014 view spoiler I really liked this Love s Landscapes story, Colt is a wealthy bastard dom, involved in some criminal activities, he falls in love with Beo, the sweet sub who went through so much in his life They both are afraid to be together, especially Colt, cause he knows he doen t deserve someone like Beo I cried a little reading this book, some scenes in the hospital were very emotional I loved how Colt became a weak man, as he said at the st [...]

  13. Lala

    Angsty, melodramatic, slightly crazyis was an unputdownable read I really enjoyed this book It s really not for everyoneme will hate Colt s jackass attitude and his uber alphaness Some will be turned off by the BDSM or too much cussing Those things didn t bother me, but I was irritated a bit with how everyone loved and adored BeoI m surprised that they didn t shoot Colt for daring to touch their sweet boy The ending was too rushed, and I didn t like that the whole reconnection between Beo and hi [...]

  14. Chris

    This was a pretty intense read not quite what I thought though as it ranged from tense to ridiculous Colt was an aggressive arrogant Dom who treated people like shit but after meeting Beo his world turned and he was a marshmallow I found this conflicting, for someone so fucked up to suddenly buy roses I didn t like that he listened to others gossip rather than his heart but I guess that was part of the angst Beo was sweet, loving but needed to MAN the fuck up and tell Colt about his illness agai [...]

  15. Lisa

    Why did I wait so long to read this If Im honest I think maybe the title put me off and I thought it was fantasy.However, it was a superb read The story of Colt, a Dom who reputation precedes him but eho in reality has lost his heart to a sub called Beo, who is sick.A book that every MM reader should read.

  16. ♣️ Lynda ♣️

    This book has alot of very angry men in it One of the MCs is a real bastard Granted he had a most terrible childhood, but he is ruthless and mean Beo saved him Made him even likable I would say I like some of the other side stories developing here and can t wait to find out what happens with Hades, Wendigo, and Martin.

  17. Leisha

    drum roll I present to you again my dear Belle Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Overall 4.5 It is really hard to even know where to start this story has touched me in all kinds of places, to the point that it invaded my dreams which really has only happened once or twice before Part of me and part of this review holds criticism with stylistic elements, things that I d like to see developed in Mr Godgluck s future work but at the end of the day A story has than one beginning, than one f [...]

  18. R. Phoenix

    I ll start by saying that this isn t a typical love story, but it s a love story all the same Godgluck manages to transcend and defy the expectations of what romance is, and he does it with such artful skill that I found my breath taken away than once These characters are flawed, each and every one, and they are beautiful for the marks and scars life has left upon them Their struggles define them and their relationships with other people, and in some cases it leaves them stronger.In others, it [...]

  19. Deanna Against Censorship

    I have had this on my TBR list but just kept passing it by While the cover is accurate to the story, it did not give me an indication of the depth of this story Do not read if you can not tolerate BDSM I am not into it but do not judge it and can love to read it Colt is not a sympathetic character He is viscous, foul mouthed and will do anything to make money with his business He is a Master Dom who takes care of his sub, but never cares about them Then Beo enters his life Beo has connections in [...]

  20. k reads

    This books mistakes psycho assholes for dominants.It s got a Domly dom and a subbly sub.It s got insta love.It s got anger and violence used to signify passion.It s got the subbliest sub ever, who is adored by all.It s got a terminal illness.It s got self indulgent over the top feelingsD, it uses Domme to refer to a female dominant I hate that Dom is short for dominant Domme is a bullshit made up word.It s also got the whiff of a crack book Y know, one of those books you can t help but devour ev [...]

  21. Yvette

    WOW What can I say Loved this book It wasn t as hard core that I thought it was going to be This author has a fangirl for life.

  22. Christina's Bookshelf

    4.5 Before you decide to pick up this book know this You MUST appreciate the darkness in life, past and present, to truly grasp this story Colt is a vile, arrogant, intolerable human being and he delights himself in the struggle of others His past was atrocious and he carries it with him everyday Until he meets Beo Moon and realizes there is a calm to his storm You can see my full review here christinasbookshelf 2017 0

  23. Ivy

    Colt Maxus is a cruel cold man He definite himself as a selfish bastard and he is a Dom, not just a regular Dom, he is Master Colt THE master.Beo Moon is a young man, homeless and ill He has a Leuckemia.When Colt meet Beo it s lust at first sight and then Love Passionate crazy love.I read this book without knowing if I loved it or not Colt seems so instable that sometime I had to re read some chapters just to be sure that I had fully understood.But the I read and the I was attached to them, to [...]

  24. Sue

    I am a self admitted dark romance reader, who also loves biker and BDSM books and will occasionally dabble in a little M M erotica romance.This book though, OMG transcends anything else I have read in the M M genre and took me by surprise due to its frank and gritty nature but filled with such passion and a story that could take place anywhere.At first I thought I was reading a paranormal fantasy the language and poetic prose along with a Tarot card reading but once the story went deeper, I real [...]

  25. Nile Princess

    I don t even know what to rate this This story put me through the wringer The author is clearly very talented This story made me laugh out loud, it made me teary the ceremony , it made me pissed the hell off I don t know The characters ugh A deranged psycho who still had some endearing qualities, a sub who was always freaking crying and seemed to have the ability to make even the hardest criminals get all cuddly, an alcoholic best friend, a spiteful ex sub you see where I m going here It was lik [...]

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