Hart to Heart (2020)

Hart to Heart M.E. Carter Hart to Heart We re the Harts Between an engagement a wedding and an adoption we ve had the best year of our lives Things have never looked better for any of us But just because you say I do doesn t mean you get
  • Title: Hart to Heart
  • Author: M.E. Carter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hart to Heart M.E. Carter We re the Harts Between an engagement, a wedding and an adoption, we ve had the best year of our lives Things have never looked better for any of us.But just because you say I do doesn t mean you get a happily ever after And sometimes, you get tackled in life than you ever did on the football field.The only way we re going to make it through is if we do it togethWe re the Harts Between an engagement, a wedding and an adoption, we ve had the best year of our lives Things have never looked better for any of us.But just because you say I do doesn t mean you get a happily ever after And sometimes, you get tackled in life than you ever did on the football field.The only way we re going to make it through is if we do it together Hart to Heart.
Hart to Heart M.E. Carter

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    208 M.E. Carter
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One thought on “Hart to Heart

  1. Beth

    4.5 Blubbering StarsGrab the tissues Strap in your ovaries This is one Shred Your Mommy Heart read.Warning This is the second in the Hart Series It could be read as a stand alone, but you will be invested and have a better understanding of the story if you read the first book first.Jason Hart is a pro football player who has seen his dreams come true He has a great career He is marrying the woman he loves and is and adopting her son as his Jaxon is a great kid and the reason Jason and Addison m [...]

  2. Shirl

    Prepare to yourself for an emotional ride Erase whatever you think you may have felt about this series It doesn t matter how you felt about Change of Hart It doesn t matter what you think you know about M E Carter s writing style Hart to Heart takes you on a journey that changes everything M E Carter proves with this second book that she deserves your attention and admiration Whether you loved or hated the first book, I promise you should give Hart to Heart a chance In less than a day, M E Carte [...]

  3. Anne OK

    I have no words that could ever do this one justice Tears, sobs, and smiles all are incorporated But the tributes and the actual feelings of all the emotions are up front and center You ll live them right along with these characters and they ll give you understanding and compassion in ways you ve only ever imagined A love story for parents Hart to Heart will fill your heart to overflowing and then some M.E Hart has done an amazing job of creating realness and paying tribute to those whose lives [...]

  4. Paige

    5 This is than your typical romance StarsTrigger Warning This will also spoil the ending so beware but knowing two close friends who suffered things similar to the contents of this book, I know that they just could not read this book yet view spoiler This was not an easy book to read if you have kids It was absolutely heartbreaking If you have lost a child whether in utero or after, this may not be the book for you 9 year old Jaxon has cancer and Addison has a very troubled pregnancy Both come [...]

  5. Heroesinbooks

    4.5 Heartbreaking StarsDo not read this book in public It will rip your heart out and make you ugly cry You have been warned.The sequel to Change of Hart is so sad in places and it made me sob The bravery, compassion, love and pure innocence shines out from these pages I loved the ending but I have no tissues left in my house owing to my sobfest.

  6. Denise - Shh Mom's Reading®

    5 star mustclick bookamzn 1JSntcOFirst if you have not read Change of Hart stop reading this review and go 1click it, it is wonderful book told in the male POV as the reader witnesses pro football player Jason Hart fall for single mom Addison Hart to Heart opens with Addison and Jason s breathtaking wedding one so perfect for them as it is set outside of the medias eye I want to pause and say this book is not a book that breaks a couple up just so the author can write a book two, this book takes [...]

  7. Diane

    I love this series, this book, this author I don t think I was warned just how emotional this book was going to be The audiobooks for this series are amazing 5 Stars all the way I couldn t shake the feeling that something wasn t just wrong, but that nothing would ever be the same.

  8. Keyanna Butler

    Make sure you have the tissues handy for this emotional journey about hope, love, and family I thoroughly enjoyed this story through all of the tears and heartbreak What I got from it was what it means to be strong during a difficult time that you are not prepared for M E Carter writes about this tough and seriously sad situation with grace and there wasn t a moment in the story where I felt like any of it was far fetched or unrealistic Families go through times of joy and times of pain and I fe [...]

  9. Big Joe

    Wow didn t see this book coming After a sweat sports romance this is a total 180 with all the feels and tears Book starts with Addison and Jason in Scotland with their friends and family celebrating their nuptials This is the start of the roller coaster Soon after returning home circumstances turn worrisome and soon the romance may be forgotten with pressing needs take precedence Jason money and fame may help but it won t get them out of this predicament I want to say but I don t want to ruin [...]

  10. Obsessive Book Whore

    So I actually listened to this on my Adible Romance Package and I was blown away Omg, I need I love this series so much and never want it to end The narrator is beyond perfect and his voice makes me want to have his babies, wait, whatThis story was so heartfelt and honest and gut wrenchingly raw at times But it also made me laugh and hug my babies tight I have a friend going through this right now and it s heartbreaking I love the awareness this brings to the details most don t think about Over [...]

  11. Tracy

    What a beautiful continuation of book one Jason has found himself an amazing family and Jaxon is as adorable as ever Addison is still a beautiful mom and now wife to a man who loves her with all of his heart But things don t always go as planned so we get to experience a very difficult situation this new little family comes face to face with How would any of us do in this situation I really don t know But I hope everyone takes the time to read this beautiful book It truly is amazing

  12. Kelly with Sugar Shack Book Blog

    M.E has easily become one of my all time favorite writers She blew me away with Change of Hart, so when I heard we were getting I literally could not wait I for sure wanted from this amazing group of characters and boy oh boy did I get a story I literally had to sit and think on how to put words down to how I was feeling This book blew me away I do not want to give anything away with my review Everyone needs to experience this heartfelt, amazing book for themselves I absolutley devoured this b [...]

  13. Three Chicks

    4.5 Fantastic Stars Review by Lisa KaneThis is a tough review to write, because if I reveal the source of the angst in this story, it would be a huge spoiler So I will say this I liked Change of Hart I LOVED Hart to Heart There is no unnecessary drama, the life altering events that are taking place in Addison and Jason s life will forever define their love They are strong, but they are at their breaking point pushed by obstacles so huge and heart breaking that I wondered how they could ever surv [...]

  14. Kizzy

    After reading Change of Hart, I fell in love with Jason and Jaxon So when I heard there would be a second book, I couldn t wait to see of their story.It picks up a little later where Jason and Addison get married and he adopts Jaxon What I didn t expect was what followed afterwards.Without giving away the story, the saying You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have is so true The Harts needed all the strength they could get Such an emotional story Let me ju [...]

  15. Jenny Jo Weir

    5 Hart to Heart meaningful stars MMMM Moving Meaningful Memorable Motivational Who should read this book Every single person It is an incredibly touching story that will challenge your complacency in our everyday lives Makes you think of things that actually matter the important things in life This story opens your eyes to things we all know but don t do anything about since it might not directly affect us yet I was ready to marry Jason Hart when I read the first book, but by the time I finishe [...]

  16. Christine

    I won an ARC copy of this in a contest and I am so freaking glad I did WOW This book blew me away I went in blind and had no idea what M.E Carter was giving us this time.I won t say to much bc you deserve to read this and experience it for yourself and I am afraid to give away any spoilers I will say I felt like she has grown so much from Change of Hart I loved Change of Hart too, but this to me was on another level It was real, raw and emotional It was so gut wrenching, heart warming and beauti [...]

  17. Ellie

    It has been really long time since i got a book and i really cried while reading it.This book is spectacular It is crazy how real the characters were to me After a certain point i honestly thought that i was actually living in their story.The subject of this book is sensitive the author did an amazing job she developed the characters perfectly but what i really loved in this book was the great research that the author had done.For me is a MUST read book it will open your eyes in a certain thing [...]

  18. Tami

    I didn t want to read this, honestly I wanted to leave them in their HEA But I am so glad I did And I really hope people do go on and read Hart to Heart The issues in this book need awareness brought to them and ME Carter has done that in such devastatingly good way I hope people read this book and DO SOMETHING.

  19. Pam Nelson

    5 Hart to Heart Stars Audible Review HERE Wow this book blew me away in all the right ways I am not going to lie I cried like a lot It s got some pretty heavy issues and the way the narrator delivers this performance it blew me away When you are dealing with health issues its hard but when a child is the one that is sick well it is just a whole other ball game My heart is hurt and happy and full now I can t even describe the emotions I am having right now If you read book 1 don t miss book 2 is [...]

  20. Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks

    This is a great story but it s full of drama, drama, drama If you re looking for a light and fun romance, this isn t it I think it s meant to tug at your heart strings and it does that very, very well It isn t overly dark and depressing but it is certainly heart wrenching In the end, the way it wraps up is very sweet I was afraid it would end badly but no, that HEA is still in there.Jacob Morgan is fantastic on the audio The guy seriously knows what he s doing.

  21. Kim Carter

    Ok so I totally fell in love with Jason Hart in Change of Hartd I so enjoyed experiencing he and Addison falling in love and Jason s relationship with Addison s son Jaxson It was a happy read, then M.E Carter had plans for fans of this familyd it wasn t happy, it was heart wrenching at times, but the love and strength of this couple was incredible This duet should not be missed

  22. Teresa

    There was crying and then crying Lots of leaking eyes Did I mention there was crying Book one of this series was low on the angst scale but damn this one was heartbreaking Such great characters I don t want to spoil anything but I need to say it s all ok.I m definitely a new fan of M.E Carter Looking forward to reading of her books.

  23. Wendy Bianco

    So my friend sends me Change of Hart Hart to Heart and says You are gonna love them She was right I thought Change of Heart was hilarious and I really liked the chemistry between Jason, Addison Jaxon It was all about Jason befriending Jaxon and wooing Addison But Hart to Heart was unexpected and so much While I liked Jason, Addison Jaxon before, I absolutely fell in love with them in this book After Jason Addison get married, they are all set to have their happily ever after but life has a way [...]

  24. Cathlin

    When I read Change of Hart, I thought I fell in love with Jason Hart What I didn t know was I would fall even in love with him in Hart to Heart Watching his relationship with Addison and Jaxon develop was perfection, but what was even better was that it was not your typical HEA, because let s face it Life does not just hand us an HEA We have to fight sometimes and our relationships are never completely smooth sailing Couples face challenges all the time that we never thought we would have to fa [...]

  25. Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

    This was so heartbreaking and bittersweet all at once.I loved the story of Addison Jason as they fell in love in Change of Hart Then there was the added cuteness of Jaxon, Addison s son who Jason also bonded and fell in love with too At the end of their book they seem to have the perfect life as they set off into a new life as newlyweds.Now, when they are married and settling into a routine, life slaps them in face, reminding them that new relationships and raising a family is not as easy and as [...]

  26. Betul

    I dove right into this book after finishing Change of Hart This was not as light as the first book I read spoilers so I knew what was going to happen and let me tell you it didn t make it easier to read though I felt so bad for the family to go through this I would not wish this upon my worst enemy It is one of the hrdest thing to go through This was a very emotional book I loved it as much as the first book It was great seeing the characters develop further A story doesn t end after the charact [...]

  27. Kristann Monaghan

    Better Than The First Wow I picked this up immediately after reading Change of Hart and M.E Carter has out done herself on this sequel I loved everything about this, from the fact that it picked up right where the first left off, to the plot twists, and to all the feels it gave me Not gonna lie Have your tissues handy cuz Jason, Addison and Jaxon are about to take you on the roller coaster ride of your life I cannot begin to describe how much this book affected me and can only tell you to read t [...]

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