Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore (2020)

Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore Ronesa Aveela Light Love Rituals Bulgarian Myths Legends and Folklore Discover Ancient Bulgarian Myths Legends Folklore and Mythology Meet Heroes from Greek Mythology with Thracian Origins Enjoy Diverse Delicious Modern and Traditional Bulgarian RecipesA book for ch
  • Title: Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore
  • Author: Ronesa Aveela
  • ISBN: 9781507653708
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore Ronesa Aveela Discover Ancient Bulgarian Myths, Legends, Folklore, and Mythology Meet Heroes from Greek Mythology with Thracian Origins Enjoy Diverse, Delicious Modern and Traditional Bulgarian RecipesA book for children and adults from 8 to 108 who would like to take a journey and discover Bulgarian folk tales, legends, and mythology Whether you want to learn a little about their Discover Ancient Bulgarian Myths, Legends, Folklore, and Mythology Meet Heroes from Greek Mythology with Thracian Origins Enjoy Diverse, Delicious Modern and Traditional Bulgarian RecipesA book for children and adults from 8 to 108 who would like to take a journey and discover Bulgarian folk tales, legends, and mythology Whether you want to learn a little about their ancient Thracian origins, or you want to experience rituals practiced throughout the year with a fictitious Bulgarian family, or even if you re only interested in traditional Bulgarian cuisine, this book has something for everyone.Bulgarian culture is rich in folklore and traditions surviving since the days of the ancient Thracians As pagan and Christian religions collided, many celebrations merged into one Light Love Rituals will take you on a journey to discover these unique festivals Illuminated by the light of the full moon, a woman in a long, white robe holds an icon while she dances in a trance over burning coals The mystical music of a shepherd s pipe plays in the background Women dressed in colorful outfits dance in a circle, then pass through an enormous wreath made of magical healing herbs Wild spring flowers decorate the hair of young girls Laden with baskets filled with colorful Easter eggs, the youths travel from house to house singing to bring health and prosperity to the village Men clothed like wild animals with colorful, scary masks parade around a village Attached around their waists, giant cow bells resound announcing their arrival The men jump and yell to scare away evil spirits Light Love Rituals, not only describes the rituals, but also makes them interesting and understandable to people of all ages The book is divided into four seasons, beginning with winter It includes activities where you can learn how to make martenitsi, survachka, and Easter eggs dyed with natural colors A short quiz after each season lets you test your knowledge of what you ve read To help you engage in the traditions in the book, you ll meet Maria and her family They ll open the doors of their home so you can participate in these celebrations along with them.
Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore Ronesa Aveela

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One thought on “Light Love Rituals: Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore

  1. Neil Campbell

    Let there be lightBrought up in the perpetual gloom of an Edinburgh manse in an atmosphere of ultra strict Calvinism one is reminded, while reading this exquisite book, that whatever energies the Reformation might have released, it isolated a large slice of mankind from spirit nourishing ritual and ceremony My soul opened up to the celebrations of the numinous in every aspect of life recounted here.Under no circumstances should one presume to label any of the beliefs and practices so delightfull [...]

  2. Christopher Downing

    I liked this book for several reasons, and I would recommend it to anyone in academia who is studying the region of Bulgaria, past or present.The first reason I enjoyed Ms Aveela s book was the thoroughness of her research Each subject of her book a particular ritual, a recipe, a craft, or a historical fact is interwoven with an competent confidence that can only come with an author who knows what she is writing about Throughout the text, there is a convergence of ancient paganism, eastern Chris [...]

  3. Lisa Reads & Reviews

    It is best to approach this as a work of nonfiction where the purpose is to inform the reader about Bulgarian customs and folklore rather than entertain or draw us into a fictional world For informational purposes, I was satisfied The book is filled with details describing rituals and superstitions from primitive times when mankind tried to employ their own actions to influence forces of nature and to, in general, make sense of the world around them The authors are respectful and loving towards [...]

  4. Uma

    Whenever I see the word Bulgaria , I immediately think of Nina Dobrev LOL What can I say I m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries And to top it off, one of the Did you know facts stated this Cornel wood is powerful enough to use as a stake to kill vampires Okay Okay Let s get to my review The book is broken into five parts Winter, spring, summer, fall and Maria s kicthen I truly loved the Did You Know facts A lot of research was definitely put into introducing the Bulgarian folklore, myths and lege [...]

  5. Valicity Garris

    This is basically a book that details the mythological history, heritage, and culture of Bulgaria In my opinion, it fits into the non fiction category but the short stories included and the fact that it centers on mythology places it in fiction It is good but it s definitely got a targeted audience Light Love Rituals reads like a good textbook than an entertaining novel The Did You Know facts are cool and some of the aspects of the culture are definitely enlightening, if you believe the materi [...]

  6. Celesta Thiessen

    I read the Christmas Thief first and was interested in learning about Bulgarian historical practices It was interesting how pagan rituals were adapted, basically written over by ones representing Christianity instead Some of the pagan stories were sad or a little horrifying so I skimmed some parts I especially enjoyed the Did you know facts and practical tips.

  7. Bonnie McCune

    LIGHT, LOVE, RITUALS BULGARIAN MYTHS, LEGENDS AND FOLKLORE, Ronesa Aveela 2015, Bendideia Publishing Crack open this book and you ll immediately be submerged in the sights, sounds and people of this delightful Eastern European country with a history going back thousands of years Scholars, families, folklorists, children, cooks, and those who love a good tale, all will find fascinating stories about a region most of us are not familiar with Told through the voices of a multi generation family ove [...]

  8. Sassa Margot

    Light Love Rituals Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and FolkloreRonesa Aveela158 pagesI was given a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review of this independently published work.This comprehensive and exhaustively researched book on Bulgarian myths, legends and folklore is a handcrafted labor of love Organized around the calendar year, the book works its way through the seasons and festivals of each year and shares with the reader the blended pagan and Christian roots of each festival and cus [...]

  9. Paulette Mahurin

    This excellently written collaborative effort by Anelia Samovila and Rebecca Carter, aka Ronesa Aveella, is a walk through the ancient times of traditions and rituals that bring Bulgaria back to life in a new way These things of the past are carried forward today through celebrations, mythical stories, beliefs, and mold much of the actions of these people, not unlike the traditions and rituals in all parts of the world an inherent part of the human condition is to pass along traditions and belie [...]

  10. Susan Day

    What a charming and interesting book I was hooked from the start Our author takes us on an interesting journey to the heart and soul of Bulgaria The Introduction states Light Love Rituals describes traditions that are part of the story of Soul s Journey Although much of the content is common knowledge among those who practice these beliefs, I hope even they will discover something new to pass on to future generations The chapters are divided by seasons, to reflect the relationship of nature to m [...]

  11. Matt Abraham

    In Light Love Rituals Ronesa Aveela details a what a year s worth of living must be like in Bulgarian, but the rituals aren t just outlined as in a text book, but are presented in story fiction form, and unfold like a timeline throughout the changing season This technique grabs the reader s attention and shows that this is a vibrant, living culture in a very organic way And I have to admit that I ve had little exposure to this history before, but Ms Aveela brings the beliefs to life in a way tha [...]

  12. Delinda McCann

    I found this delightful book fun and informative.Caution Aveela s book may cause crafting If you are subject to bouts of crafting, you may find yourself chin deep in glue, glitter, yarn, paper and felt You may also find yourself enjoying wine along with your crafting.Those who never fall into fits of crafting, will find a delightful well researched story of Bulgarian customs Aveela traces the roots of folk rituals in Bulgaria back to their roots in Greek mythology and adds how they changed in me [...]

  13. Jo Sparkes

    This book tells of the many customs and rituals within the Bulgarian culture These are presented in the form of holidays, beginning with those in the winter, and progressing through the year Even though much of the traditions discussed are in reference to the holiday, we learn as we witness a fictional family s experience of the holidays, complete with a wise grandmother who tells stories and explains traditions to the children.The presentation worked very well After explaining the holiday, the [...]

  14. L.N. Denison

    I found this book fascinating The author has done a good job of combining both Non fiction and fiction elements within the same book The book is exactly as you would expect It s full of Bulgarian rituals, folk lore, and what I would call superstitions than anything The author does a great job of explaining each rite in full detail, and then uses the fictional Pavlov Family to bring the point across even further.She covers everything from marriage rituals, rituals to keep you healthy, rites to g [...]

  15. Janis Hill

    I would like to thank Bendideia Publishing for providing me with a free ARC of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an open and honest review.Sadly this is a DNF book as I just couldn t get into this book I have tried for a few months to get into it and just can t seem to connect and get interested.I know other people will give a book a bad low mark for being a DNF, but as an author myself I know how bad that feels So I hope my no score is less painful I m not going to score this book as I [...]

  16. Alex Morritt

    This is an enchanting book about Bulgarian folklore, legend and mythology and a very good example of why it is important that stories are handed down from generation to generation in order to preserve what is rich in any given culture.It is the perfect antidote to an all pervasive monoculture encroaching on communities worldwide, stripping them of their uniqueness The book is entertainingly written and beautifully illustrated with the changing of the seasons and their respective rituals brought [...]

  17. Gloria Ng

    This is a gem of a read that delves into Bulgarian mythology, legends, folklore and origins of traditions, superstitions, and celebratory rituals Quite fitting that the text opens up with winter, as I am reading this book in the midst of winter So it s nice to warm up with the passing of each holiday.The structure of the book was thoughtful, each section beginning with a special day, its significance and origins Fun facts are interspersed with actual rituals provided through storytelling The com [...]

  18. Anthony Stancomb

    This is a wonderful book for anyone with a great interest in the ancient ways of the Balkan countries.Not a book for those wanting a political or sociological view of the area, it is a very closely observed picture of how things functioned in rural communities and we should remember that Bulgarians were a primarily rural people until very recently The images the author gives us of everyday life show just how heavily the Bulgarians were entrenched in their ancient lore It s extraordinary to think [...]

  19. Page Larue

    A fictional Bulgarian family illustrates Bulgarian rituals and customs, starting with the winter season Many of the activities are a mix of Christianity with pagan rites from as far back as ancient Thrace, which included what is now Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey Interesting facts, illustrations, and directions for participating in the rituals are sprinkled throughout We go through the year season by season with fictional Maria, Georgi, their two children, and Georgi s mother At the end of each se [...]

  20. Jennifer Loiske

    Very interesting read As a pre school teacher I saw a zillion possibilities to use this book as an inspirational tool and create a whole theme around it Depending of its use, this book can be used with a wide age range as I truly believe kids as well as adults would enjoy enormously learning about the myths and legends of Bulgaria The author skillfully takes the reader through the folklores etc by using a fictional characters The chapters are well thought through, and it s quite easy to let your [...]

  21. K.J. Simmill

    As the title suggests, Light Love Rituals, focuses on the Myths Legends and Folklore common to Bulgaria It is suitable for adult and child alike and rich with stories and information.Within this book there is something for everyone, this book is a plethora of information, there are facts, stories and even recipes I particularly liked the did you know sections that appear at intervals throughout the book with brilliant little paragraphs of information It added a little extra insight, an was a lov [...]

  22. May Panayi

    As a former pagan who converted some years ago to Greek Orthodox, I was very interested to read about Bulgarian Orthodox traditions Especially since we do have one Bulgarian lady, as well as several Russians, who come to our church That said, I was surprised how much pagan integrated the Bulgarian system is It is one of the things I love about Greek Orthodox, but Bulgarian seems even so This book provides a wealth of facts about the mixture of Orthodox and pagan traditions in simple country li [...]

  23. Kshitij

    This is such a fun book Cultural enthusiast in me always wants to learn about the new lands, people, their tradition, rituals And this book was just spot on for me I feel so learned knowing about a totally new culture and community The book starts with introducing the readers to Bulgaria, showing its exact geography on a tiny map And then the myths rituals are divided into four seasons.The did you know section is very enlightening, and the conversations and poems are equally interesting But the [...]

  24. Barbara Land

    History has always been one of my favorite subjects, and Ronesa Aveela s, Light Love Rituals Bulgarian Myths, Legends, and Folklore, is a beautiful example of how the history of a place and its people can be shared in an inspired and entertaining way I have always been fascinated by the ways in which myth and folklore shape modern day society and the author kept me engaged by the myriad ways in which she told her story, adroitly weaving together the original Pagan rituals with those of Christian [...]

  25. Johanna Craven

    This is such a lovely book enjoyable for children and adults alike It gives a very detailed account of little known Bulgarian traditions, superstitions and myths throughout the year, yet does it in a really accessible and enjoyable way I have a keen interest in paganism and I found the culmination of Pagan and Christian traditions to be one of the most interesting aspects of this book Some of the superstitions were really fascinating, such as Bad Tuesday the worst Tuesday in the year and Crazy T [...]

  26. Chris Longmuir

    Light Love Rituals was an unusual and interesting book Using a combination of fact and fiction to explore the many Bulgarian myths, legends, and folklore It was a fascinating look at a different culture to the one I am accustomed to in the west, and it was full of information which was given factually and then transformed into stories told by a fictional Bulgarian family The illustrations were beautiful and the recipes at the end made my mouth water, even though I had difficulty reading them I m [...]

  27. Molly

    This was a complete and treasured surprise find for me Having read a thriller set in Bulgaria recently, my curiosity on the diverse and mixed culture of Bulgaria got me to pick up this book A labour of love this is a detailed account of Bulgarian customs and its cultural and ethnic backgrounds Starting with Christmas Eve the book moves chronologically through the year with insightful explanations of special days where they originated and how they are being celebrated There are some fictionalised [...]

  28. Maria

    Light Love Rituals, by Ronesa Aveela, is a rich book about Bulgarian myths, legends, and Folklore Aveela s presentation is phenomenal and engaging, she incorporates fictional characters to present how a Bulgarian family would celebrate the holidays and rituals in the book Alongside with the historical accounts there are interesting did you know tidbits The illustrations in the book are amazing The recipes are wonderful Light Love Rituals, is a wealth of Knowledge of Bulgaria s ancient customs an [...]

  29. D.K. Cassidy

    EnlighteningI have to admit, before reading this book I understood nothing about Bulgaria I knew it was in Europe, but that was the extent of my knowledge The structure of the book is quite helpful The author includes Did You Know mini sections The illustrations are beautiful and help the reader to visualize the rituals and traditions being explained Recipes are included and I will definitely be cooking some of the delicious dishes described by the author.After reading this book, I now have a be [...]

  30. Beth Hale

    As someone who has always enjoyed reading about other cultures, I was excited to find this book Before reading this, I didn t have much knowledge about the legends and folklore of Bulgaria Now that I have read Love Light Rituals, I find myself eager to learn The Bulgarians have a fascinating history, and Ronesa Aveela brings it to life beautifully Her writing was smooth, and I like how she incorporated how a family might practice those rituals today I was pleased to find the recipes at the end [...]

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