The Step Child: A True Story (2020)

The Step Child: A True Story Donna Ford The Step Child A True Story A savagely honest memoir of one girl s abuse at the hands of her stepmother
  • Title: The Step Child: A True Story
  • Author: Donna Ford
  • ISBN: 9780091906993
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Hardcover
The Step Child: A True Story Donna Ford A savagely honest memoir of one girl s abuse at the hands of her stepmother.
The Step Child: A True Story Donna Ford

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    Donna Ford

One thought on “The Step Child: A True Story

  1. Eva Leger

    I wanted to tear my hair out while reading this I don t know how Ford can be so forgiving toward her father He shouldn t even be called that IMO To be clear though she does put some of the blame on him and she does delve into this in her story But she doesn t give him nearly as much blame as he should have shouldered.If one parent, especially the bio parent, doesn t protect their child who will No one has ever harmed my daughter and no one, if it s up to me, ever will If I married tomorrow the m [...]

  2. Rafia Naheed

    The Step Child by Donna FordThe Step Child is about a girl name doon ford life story about her step child hood Doona was abandoned by her birth mother as a baby Doona was five when she first met her stepmother Doona tells her story about her living in her step mothers house and the bad things that her step mother use to do with her One example of this is when her step mother use to lock her in the bathroom without food with colthes for many days and use to get everything done form her and she al [...]

  3. Sabrina Rutter

    This book is absolutely heartbreaking All of these types of books make my heart ache but this one actually had me in tears.When Donna lost her Auntie Nellie I actually had to set the book aside and have a good cry.I can t begine to imagine how anyone could or would even want to treat a child with such cruelty It s a miracle Donna even survived the tortures that her stepmother put her through.

  4. Des

    It was a difficult story to read but only because I cannot imagine living a life lived by the author No child should live a life of neglect and abuse for any reason The sad truth is, it is still happening somewhere, even right now.

  5. Jessica Brake

    No wordsThere really are no words to describe this one properly While being very well written, it was a terrifying and heartbreaking read Imagine if every time you felt safe, it all turned out to be a lie To know your parents never really cared for or loved you To always feel and to feel deserving of heinous neglect and abuse That is the life this woman had Unfortunately, there are too many others with stories and backgrounds similar to hers Society needs to wake up and prevent these things from [...]

  6. Love

    Although I felt for the author I can t say I loved this book She repeats herself to much for my liking Did not go into detailed where is was almost needed I realize it s a sad, heartbreaking , vile story to tellyou choose to write it then you should tell it all Hence needing detail Now on the stepmother It never fails to amaze me what people will think up to do to children.This woman had to have been abused as a kid herself IMO To even think some of this up I thought at one point the author was [...]

  7. Krissy

    This book was really, really good it had my crying halfway through the first chapter It really makes you think about my own childhood and how good I had it compared to this little girl What she went through is a complete nightmare and I honestly don t think I could have survived it I would recommend this book to anyone.

  8. Marie Bergman

    I did not like this book at all Not one bit I ve read many awful stories about child abuse and I don t now what set this apart so much from the others that I didn t even finish it I just got so tired and sad from reading it, the misery was so heavy on every page that it made me dread this book So I simply put this book down, for good.

  9. Cindhy D Meidany

    cerita tentang penyiksaan anak tiri memang ga ada abisnya, ceritanya agak mirip dengan pola cerita the lost child tapi karena ini kisah nyata mungkin saja pola yang dilakukan tersangka juga samalut pada mereka yang sanggup bertahan

  10. Pamela-louise Young

    an great book from an inspiring lady with a lot of courage its an excellent book i couldnt put the book down.e evil step mother should never have been allowed out but at least Donna has a loving family and great friends and her love of art to keep her strong and happy 3 x simply the best

  11. justablondemoment

    I absolutely could not put this book down A very emotional ride into the pits of hell where this child spent her tender years tormented by her step mother A must read for anyone in the child care social work, etc profession This book will move you to help these children in any way you can.

  12. Kivalina Gwynn

    So sad just do not understand how this can be done to a child.Happy Donna turned out to be a happy Adult and raised her babies well.So many who go through what she did repeat the circle and hurt there kids.Good Job Donna for breaking the circle.Your a very strong woman.

  13. Julie

    I won t rate this book as I don t know what to say A really horrific read, Donna was put through so much as a child A brave lady for not allowing that to stop her being a loving mother to her own children.

  14. Deirdre

    A harrowing account of one girl s experience of child sexual abuse and neglect However at times there was considerable repitition which became quite tedious While reluctant to undermine this woman s horrendous experiences, the book would have benefited significantly from tight editing.

  15. Lulu

    Amamzing but her step mum was uutterly cruel, how can some one treat a kid that way A bit detail needed from her life after the age of 12 13 That woman deserves a hell of a lot time than 2 years like 200 To anyone who liked it i rekomend Keri by Kat Ward

  16. Patricia Kaniasty

    This story broke my heart from start to finish This woman, Helen, was just plain evil I can t believe the outcome of the trail Terrible and unfair These poor children were tortured physically and mentally Where is the justice

  17. Kelsey Robinson

    MUST READ This is such An amazing but very sad story One of my favourite books that I will read over and over again

  18. Donna Rodgers

    I know one of the people mentioned in this book it is such a horrific tale of abuse Please read it.

  19. Beverley Spiller

    coming from a fairly normal upbringing this story is horrific so cannot belive that these things happen and are not noticed by so many in authority

  20. Laura Bowes

    Had me in tears, a horrible, distressing story told by a truly inspiring person Slightly repetitive, but I guess that s sums up the story.

  21. Angi Davis

    This was a very difficult read, yet impossible to put down Very inspirational How much the human spirit can overcome.

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