Il leopardo delle nevi (2020)

Il leopardo delle nevi Peter Matthiessen Il leopardo delle nevi Nell autunno del l autore in compagnia dello zoologo e naturalista George Schaller percorse a piedi pi di miglia nel cuore della regione himalayana del Dolpo l ultimo baluardo rimasto dell
  • Title: Il leopardo delle nevi
  • Author: Peter Matthiessen
  • ISBN: 9788865591338
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
Il leopardo delle nevi Peter Matthiessen Nell autunno del 1973 l autore, in compagnia dello zoologo e naturalista George Schaller, percorse a piedi pi di 250 miglia nel cuore della regione himalayana del Dolpo, l ultimo baluardo rimasto dell autentica civilt tibetana I due viaggiatori cercavano il leopardo delle nevi dell Asia del nord, una creatura cos poco avvistata da essere diventata quasi mitica PubblicNell autunno del 1973 l autore, in compagnia dello zoologo e naturalista George Schaller, percorse a piedi pi di 250 miglia nel cuore della regione himalayana del Dolpo, l ultimo baluardo rimasto dell autentica civilt tibetana I due viaggiatori cercavano il leopardo delle nevi dell Asia del nord, una creatura cos poco avvistata da essere diventata quasi mitica Pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1978, il racconto di un viaggio avventuroso tra le gole profonde e le montagne del Tibet, ma anche un racconto sulla vita e la morte, sul rapporto con la natura e sul senso dell esistenza Al viaggio e alla ricerca del mitico animale, si affianca un viaggio pi significativo, quello alla ricerca dell essenza della vita
Il leopardo delle nevi Peter Matthiessen

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One thought on “Il leopardo delle nevi

  1. Darwin8u

    The sun is roaring, it fills to bursting each crystal of snow I flush with feeling, moved beyond my comprehension, and once again, the warm tears freeze upon my face These rocks and mountains, all this matter, the snow itself, the air the earth is ringing All is moving, full of power, full of light Peter Matthiessen, The Snow LeopardI m a little embarrassed to say I hadn t paid attention to much of Matthiessen s work before he died I had Shadow Country on my shelf and every intention of getting [...]

  2. David Schaafsma

    I have taken months since reading this book to finally write this long review Here s some selections from the book to begin, so you can see Matthiessen s spirit, his Buddhist nature, and his love of language, without my intervention or commentary The secret of the mountain is that the mountains simply exist, as I do myself the mountains exist simply, which I do not The mountains have no meaning, they are meaning the mountains are The sun is round I ring with life, and the mountains ring, and whe [...]

  3. Lisa (Harmonybites)

    Matthiessen s The Snow Leopard is his account of his two months in Nepal He was invited along by field biologist George Schaller on his expedition to study Himalayan Blue Sheep and perhaps catch a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard Said in the book to consist of only 120 remaining individuals Thankfully, at least according to the Wiki, the current population is estimated to be in the thousands So on September 28 of 1973 two white sahibs, four Sherpas, fourteen porters assembled to make their wa [...]

  4. Grace Johnson

    I really took my time with this book I didn t want to be disturbed by the sounds of subway trains, interrupted by phone calls or daily trivialities This wasn t a read I just fit in but truly savored And oh, my heart hurts a little now that it is over It is a slow book, and thus may not appeal to those looking for action or conclusion even It is a book that celebrates the spark of life that propels us towards transcending our heavy human existence in pursuit of something Here, the journey begins [...]

  5. BrokenTune

    Damn This book started out so well.However, after only a few pages it seems to have turned into a version of Log from the Sea of Cortez which also was a massive disappointment for me , complete with philosophical and religious musings on the author s own life, his experimenting with different drugs, and his understanding of Buddhism in none of which I have any interest at all.The parts where Matthiessen describes the natural environment of his trek through Nepal are fascinating Unfortunately, th [...]

  6. Daren

    Ok, I admit after the first chapter I considered not carrying on reading At this point around a third of the content was religious philosophy which is not for me However the third of the book that was the hiking expedition and the third that was about the flora and fauna was great, and I am glad I persisted.Despite a few forays into the spiritual journey, the expedition and scientific research parts of the book are much heavily featured in the following chapters.The book is Matthiessen s accou [...]

  7. Laura

    A masterpiece of travel and nature writing that gloriously transcends both genres This is one of the best books I ve ever read in the English language Yes, that s right I m including a quote at the end of this review so you can see what I m talking about When you get to that quote, try reading it aloud The beauty of those words spoken will break your heart.At age 46, in 1973, Peter Matthiessen walked, with biologist George Schaller, from Kathmandu to the Crystal Mountain in Tibet and beyond Matt [...]

  8. Jessica

    I don t want it to seem like I didn t enjoy this book I did You do get a feel for how liberating, calming, centering, that it would be to walk out of the modern world to the cold and quiet mountains and let it all go all the complications and illusions of life He is a student of zen Buddhism and is trying to write a zen Buddhist book I think if this were a different book I would like it better but these people, this place his attempt to be zen all the time, it just feels detached and that we are [...]

  9. Carol

    The Hook Peter Matthiessen passed away April 5, 2014 at the age of 86 I had read some of his fiction, loving the way his adventuresome novel Far Tartuga 1975 made me feel I decided it was time to give this memoir, The Snow Leopard 1978 recounting his climb of Mount Everest in search of Blue Sheep and a quest to spot the elusive snow leopard a try.The Line On Acceptance In its wholehearted acceptance of what is, this is just what Soen Roshi might have said I feel as if he had struck me in the che [...]

  10. Christopher

    Sometimes it s not till I finish a book that I realize how much I am in love with it That s the case with this lovely travelogue, which smartly does not pretend to be anything that it is not It s not given any frills or decoration, other than beautiful and inimitable descriptions of nature It is a humble record of a man s journey through the Himalayas and his concurrent spiritual journey To ask after the object of the journey is missing the point and I hope this doesn t sound cheesy, as it does [...]

  11. Thalia

    I started reading this book, expecting to enjoy it I love travelogues, natural history and animal discoveries, studying animal behavior and I put this book down Matthiessen s tone drove me bonkers I may try it again later He is not a lens through which to observe a part of the world s all about him, and, quite frankly, I found him boring.

  12. Chris

    Amazingly, we take for granted that instinct for survival, fear of death, must separate us from the happiness of pure and uninterrupted experience in which body, mind, and nature and the same 42 Matthiessen s book is part travelogue, part naturalist observations, and part coming to terms with loss About a year after the death of his wife, Matthiessen travels along with a friend in search of a snow leopard, really in the search of big blue sheep It s much hiking and camping, and eating Early in t [...]

  13. Nuria CastaƱo monllor

    Crezco en estas monta as como el musgo Estoy hechizado Los cegadores picos nevados y el aire sonoro, el ruido de la Tierra y los cielos en silencio, las aves sepultureras, los animales m ticos, los estandartes, los grandes cuernos y las antiguas piedras labradas, los t rtaros toscamente tallados, con sus trenzas y sus botas de fabricaci n casera, el hielo plateado en el R o Negro, el Kang, la Monta a de Cristal Tambi n estoy enamorado de los milagros corrientes el murmullo de mis amigos al llega [...]

  14. Paul

    This is a beautifully written book of Matthiessen s journey to the roof of the world in Nepal He is travelling with George Schaller, primarily to look for and study the wild blue sheep of the region Whilst they are on there, they are hoping to spot a snow leopard, a rare almost mythical creature, that Schaller has glimpsed very occasionally.Matthiessen is a Zen Buddhist, and this for him is as much a spiritually journey as a physical one, and he uses the metaphorical journey to look back at even [...]

  15. John

    Read this, which I ve had for years, in 3 days Brilliant, vivid account of Matthiessen s journey with a biologist and a team of porters and sherpas through the quiet, snow covered and strange Himalayas The biologist is seeking to observe the rutting of the region s unique blue sheep Matthiessen is seeking an encounter with the secret snow leopard, a not so vieled metaphor to the real substance of the journey, which is a quest for enlightenment Interwoven are reflections on the history of mostly [...]

  16. J.K. Grice

    THE SNOW LEOPARD was a book I nearly didn t finish It does get trying in some parts This is one of the few books that I actually had a dream about while reading it It seemed profound at the time, and I was very glad that I soldiered on to the end of Matthiessen s wonderful story.

  17. Sylvia

    This one of those books, that make you think deeply about the greatness of nature and how small mankind is I ll make this book one of my all time favorites, because when I finished it, I wanted to start reading it again There s so much in it to think about and so much that I missed reading this first time I have a crush on countries with mountains, and especially those with snowcovered caps Whenever I m is Switzerland, or Norway I m enjoying the great glaciers those mighty rivers of ice I don t [...]

  18. Kara

    FIVE STARS AND BEYOND This memoir chronicles, in the form of a daily log, the months long trek Matthiessen took in the Himalaya with legendary wildlife biologist George Schaller GS had planned the expedition to observe montane wildlife primarily the snow leopard and its prey, the blue sheep PM, a student of Buddhism, made the journey as a kind of pilgrimage after the death of his wife Their ultimate destination was a range so remote it was nearly impenetrable by travelers and its villages seemed [...]

  19. Lars Guthrie

    Cliches become cliches because of their truth So noting that the journey is important than the destination fits here, in a book whose title refers to the author s quest to view the snow leopard in its Himalayan habitat during a perilous late fall journey to the remote Dolpo region of Nepal, an area so far from the rest of the world that the author s traveling companion notes the total absence of machine sound, even the engine noise of a plane Matthiessen fails to see the snow leopard, but gains [...]

  20. Kevin Lawrence

    Read years before as a young man interested in travel nature writing recently, I lost one of my beloved dogs and so I read this again as a journey about mourning and exploring Buddhist principles Really a beautiful book that one can get a good feel for by sharing a haiku written by the field biologist Matthiessen accompanies through this Himalayan region Cloud men beneath loads.A dark line of tracks in Snow.Suddenly nothing.

  21. Ridhika Khanna

    Actual Rating 4.5This book has been a very refreshing and a peaceful read.In the beginning, Mr Pico Iyer introduces this book as a mystical book which takes you on a journey in Himalayas where you can feel each and every blister on your feet It is a big thing to say and I was actually apprehensive on reading it as the introducer had set high expectations for me What if it is not that good What if it is just like any other travel book However, I decided to read it It took me a few chapters to get [...]

  22. Melanie

    I read this in Laos but lost it somewhere in Muang Khua, so had to wait until returning home to read the last 100 pages Reading this while eating alone in restaurants gave the impression of a conversation with Matthiessen that stopped and started with my meals, and also lying in bed Such an ideal way to read this book It taught me some about Buddhism, about which I am extremely ignorant, and motivated me to learn from different sources In Nong Khiaw, a roach as big as a mouse crawled under my d [...]

  23. Olly L-J

    A beautifully poetic account of two journeys one physical and one spiritual.I loved Matthiessen s descriptions of Nepal and the Himalayas, there are passages of exceptional beauty, especially around the Crystal Mountain And, this being the high mountains in late autumn, there are also parts where you his descriptions of the darkness and cold seem to seep into your bones.I thought his observations of the people there were fascinating, they reminded me a lot of the descriptions of the locals writt [...]

  24. Abailart

    This is a much revered book which I was looking forward to reading It s not a climbing book, though the long trek two man expedition contains its fair share of ardours that you s expect to find at Himalayan altitudes And actually, of course, the expedition is one of many men, the porters and Sherpas too I would mention only that the attitude to the latter sometimes left me with a bad taste With Matthiessen was zoologist George Schaller, and the prime purpose was to study the Himalayan bharal, or [...]

  25. Lisa

    It s taking me forever to finish THE SNOW LEOPARD by Peter Matthiessen a brilliant and beautiful masterwork, a meditation on Zen Buddhism, a travelogue and a moving memoir Reading only a few pages at a time because I don t want it to end Ever.

  26. Matt

    Just a beautiful book.Part personal memoir, part natural expedition, part cultural immersion He takes the reader on his exploration and discoveries in Buddhism, mindfulness, sense of the moment I can definitely see why people are so attracted to the Buddhist path.He writes with beautiful emotion, I experienced his joy when he thought of his children, his sorrows when he thought of his second wife, his frustration with his struggles along the path of Buddhism.The snow leopard takes on a mythical [...]

  27. Theresa

    For those who read this book a long time ago, when it won the National Book Award in 1978, and for those who have never availed themselves of the pleasure, I must break my lame habit of not reporting and encourage you to read or re read this book Peter Matthiessen treks with his biologist friend, GS, to the inner Dolpo region of the Himalaya GS, to study the mating habits of the bharal a rare breed of blue sheep , and Matthiessen, to find himself after the death of his wife, nine months prior to [...]

  28. Rachel

    What a disappointment This book is less about natural history or snow leopards than it s about a self centered American trying to shoehorn Zen Buddhism into his life He never even sees a leopard Although he does talk about yetis .

  29. Rob

    What a versatile metaphor the snow leopard is a rarely seen predator you go on a quest to find by trekking into difficult, inhospitable territory a hard to see feline that watches you closely, knowing where you are, but who you might miss even if you were looking right at it an animal that could kill or maim you if it wanted but really just wants you away from its regular blue sheep prey, and an irresistible quarry for you, even if only to glimpse it for a few seconds, since those few moments, y [...]

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