With or Without God (2020)

With or Without God Gretta Vosper With or Without God None
  • Title: With or Without God
  • Author: Gretta Vosper
  • ISBN: 9781554684
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
With or Without God Gretta Vosper None
With or Without God Gretta Vosper

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    Gretta Vosper

One thought on “With or Without God

  1. Vainvt

    Our church read this book, and although it was a wonderful departure point for discussion, I had real problems with the way it was written I felt like I was reading an early book by a young adult who did not know how to say things succinctly and only knew how to tear down old beliefs Since many of us hold life long beliefs about theology and liturgy, the fact that she ripped these traditions apart was painful for me Then, when in the next to last chapter, she said we should look at Biblical pass [...]

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