Fears and Scars (2020)

Fears and Scars Emily Krat Fears and Scars One lie can destroy everything What will a pile of them do A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz Five months later they have an all consuming love a deep emotional bond an explosiv
  • Title: Fears and Scars
  • Author: Emily Krat
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: None
Fears and Scars Emily Krat One lie can destroy everything What will a pile of them do A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz Five months later, they have an all consuming love, a deep emotional bond, an explosive sexual chemistry, and a newfound trust They re engaged and on the way to their happily ever after The only problem is a secret from Elizabeth s past that Ryan has beenOne lie can destroy everything What will a pile of them do A chance encounter changed everything for Ryan and Liz Five months later, they have an all consuming love, a deep emotional bond, an explosive sexual chemistry, and a newfound trust They re engaged and on the way to their happily ever after The only problem is a secret from Elizabeth s past that Ryan has been hiding The truth will come out Will it set Ryan and Liz free or break them apart and destroy their dreams Life challenges every relationship Ryan and Liz will learn that secrets aren t their only problem We re strong We ll survive this We can survive anything Ryan.
Fears and Scars Emily Krat

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    453 Emily Krat
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  1. aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog

    4.5 FEARS AND SCARS STARS We re strong We ll survive this We can survive anything Ryan What an amazing ending to such a wonderful story Okay, so this story started off where Flawed and Damaged left off I was hooked the moment I started reading the book See it felt so different with this one I have no dull moments In fact I savored every lines because this is just how good the book is Where Flawed and Damaged gave me a conflicting emotion this book gave me a beautiful roller coaster ride of emoti [...]

  2. Ann Marie

    How far would you go to protect the one you love Would you lie Would hide the truth Begins where book one Flawed and Damaged left off I highly recommend you read that first In book two, we get a glimpse into the past of Liz We learn about her parents and who her father is Ryan the ever attentive fiance, struggles with information about her past He doesn t want to see her hurt, he loves her so much it s palpable Now she wants to surprise him when he returns to Moscow from a business trip, Liz is [...]

  3. Yvette (Booksandbandanas)

    Let me chase away all your fears about us Let me kiss all the scars I left on your heart ARC Provided Emily sent me these books and I literally couldn t put them down, I started Flawed and Damaged and went right into Fears Scars this book is filled with everything suspense,love, butterflies, everything I really enjoyed the relationship between these two even though there were a few moments I wanted to strangle a certain suit covered get your head out of your ass man but even still I loved him Th [...]

  4. wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks)

    ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review we continue the journey of Ryan and Liz, two battered souls who want the same thing each other but Ryan wants to consume Liz be her protector but it may cause him to lose the one thing he can t live without her and her love, Liz is ready to move forward but will her past allow it This was a great story of heartbreak and survival, definitely a must read.

  5. Yessica Rivas

    Amazing Book I fell in love with Ryan and Elizabeth Elizabeth stressed me out a little but Ryan has my heart even though he had issues and made a mistake his Love for Elizabeth was bigger than anything.Love every part of this book and the ending was just perfect Emily thank you an amazing book

  6. Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

    Let me chase away all your fears about us Let me kiss all the scars I left on your heart Having met under dubious circumstances in an airport in Moscow in Flawed and Damaged, Book One in the series, their love story is one involving much heart break and uncertainty Continuing in Fears and Scars is their faltering romance and their journey to accept themselves, flaws and all Liz relocated to Moscow, five years ago, to live with her Grandma after a tragic aeroplane accident made her an orphan Fate [...]

  7. Bianca

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.When I heard we were getting a second book about Ryan and Liz, I was ecstatic These two have been through so much and to be able to see what happened after their happily ever after was a hope of mine As their past shows, they ve never had it easy, but their love never wavered Can their love survive this Ryan and Liz are now settled as an engaged couple Like others, they face their ups and downs trying to figure out their future But secrets from [...]

  8. Spunky N Sassy

    SNSBAH Rating 4.5 Dee s Review Oh my What an amazing story You know how most romance stories usually end with an engagement or wedding andBingo instant happily ever after Well, Ryan Liz s story is anything but instant happiness Ryan has a tendency to make decisions secretly for Liz all in the interest of protecting her happiness While noble intentions, when the secret surfaces, Liz sees it as a lie that erodes her trust in him The first couple of times this happens, Liz forgives and moves forwar [...]

  9. Itsy Bitsy Book Bits

    Fears and Scars by Emily Krat started off right where Flawed and Damaged left off and this book was just as good, if not better, than book one I couldn t put it down I carried my Kindle with me everywhere I went just so I could read it at every opportunity I had There is minimal violence and some explicit sex scenes to keep that heart pumping.Once again, just like book one, the reader experiences a roller coaster of emotions from happiness to frustration to even laughter Elizabeth, who has been [...]

  10. EndlessReading

    Firstly I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the lovely Emily for kindly providing me with a copy of Fears and Scars to read and review.I can t remember how many times my heart broke whilst reading this, I also think I ve over emotional because I practically cried through the whole thingI do have the flu so I blame this for being hormonal and tanked up on medication to make me feel this way D hahaI loved how the story picked up where it left off, they both have an undeniable connection, their l [...]

  11. T.M. Payne

    Book Fears and Scars Damaged Hearts 2 Author Emily KratPublication Date 1 25 2016Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 5 Stars May contain spoilers REVIEW Elizabeth is happy to finally be marrying Ryan but before that happens the world, she has always known falls apart even Ryan knows something but before he can tell her, someone else does Can Liz ever forgive Ryan I would suggest you read book 1 in this series so you can learn of the characters Elizabeth is a strong woman and has f [...]

  12. Bookbuster

    I hate seeing other men touch you, why are you fighting us, every second without you is torture.If you are looking for a great book, a great love story, and a great everything this is the book Emily Krat and she don t disappoint at all I love the way Emily Krat brought the characters together they have great chemistry , the story was equal in the love, the plot, the twist and the intimacy The story was refreshing.Lucky you, Ryan, I think Because you take a piece of my heart every time I look at [...]

  13. Jo

    I ve been waiting for this book for so long, that I had forgotten about it until the review opportunity popped into my inbox And I knew I had to read it.Let me start by telling you that this is not a standalone read I strongly recommend that you read Flawed Damaged first This book picks up right where that one left off I will also say, right off the bat, the narrative and dialogue in this book is accomplished than the previous book For me, there was an organic flow to the story which was not so [...]

  14. Tanya Vought

    I was thrilled we were getting Ryan and Liz If you ve not read book 1, that s okaybut I d recommend you do so so you have understanding and insight about these fabulous characters.In this installment, things are looking good but someone decides to open their mouth where it doesn t belong And it causes havoc on this happy couple You will love and hate what happens afterward There are secrets and secrets and what happens when one makes a decision without you can you ever get back what you once [...]

  15. Anna Salamatin

    This is the conclusion of Elizabeth and Ryan s story told by both of them which put me inside each of their heads and let me tell you right up front, this journey took me way passed emotional.Elizabeth and Ryan are moving on with their life together Making plans for the future They are engaged and blissfully happy Life is goodUntil it isn t there is a secret from Elizabeths past It has the potential to destroy everything David her ex wants her back He sees his chance, so he rushes to her and dro [...]

  16. Angel

    I received a copy for an honest review,,,,,,,,I couldn t wait to get my hands on this after reading Flawed and Damaged and Emily Kratdidn t disappoint I loved how the story picked up where it left off, Ryan and Liz have an Undeniable connection, their love is so strong The story captures just how deep their feelings go and how far their willing to protect one another, Parts of this book gutted me, I didn t know if I should cry or throw my kindle at the wall there were twists and turns I didn t s [...]

  17. Michelle Austin

    Title Fears and ScarsAuthor Emily KratSeries Damaged Hearts Book 2 Publisher Emily KratRelease Date 1 25 16Genre s RomancePage Count 313Heat Level 2 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5i869otobucket albums abFears and Scars book 2 in the Damaged Hearts series by Emily Krat was a 5 star emotional rollercoaster of a read.Romance, Ugly cry, Hot Alpha Love means seeing the light in the dark, doesn t it You ve always seen the beauty in my ugly Please, don t close your eyes.Wow, I m emotionally exha [...]

  18. Stefanie Kral

    5 Scarred Stars I feel like I been waiting a lifetime for this book As much as I wanted to drop kick Ryan inFlawed DamagedI loved their love I was so happy when I found out their story was continuing I will tell you to readFlawed Damagedfirst We pick up where we left off Ryan and Liz are engaged and so happily in love they can t see straight Liz is finally prepared to set a wedding date Ryan is still madly in love with Liz but he s been keeping a huge secret from her Well, technically then one [...]

  19. BookHookup

    This book was originally reviewed on The Book Hookup I received a copy of this book from the author, but that did not influence the review 3 stars I really enjoyed Liz and Ryan s story in Flawed and Damaged but I had to refresh my memory after I brushed up I was worried that the chemistry I had felt in the first installment wouldn t be as magical this time around, but I felt the love right away between Liz and Ryan phew I have to admit that soon the book started to feel like an extended epilogue [...]

  20. Anny hernandez

    I was provided a copy of the book by the author for an honest review.Wow don t even know where to start, I have to say that when the author Emily ask me if I would like to read this book I agree too I knew that I had to re read the first one, and when I started reading the first book it reminded me why I felt so in love with the book And after a while wondering what had happened to the rest of the story Well now I am so glad that I read this one, I felt in love with the characters and the book [...]

  21. Sashiel "Shy" Gawerecki

    4.5 of 5 starsWhile I really enjoyed book 1, I have to say that I loved book 2 even The emotion was deeper, there were twists and turns, and it was just fantastic.In Fears and Scars we picked right back up where book 1 left off We have the wonderful leading characters Elizabeth and Ryan who are now engaged and ready to start planning for their future But almost immediately secrets start coming out and it begins to tear the couple apart As the story continues I honestly loved Ryan even I loved [...]

  22. Tbird London

    I really enjoyed the first book Flawed and Damaged, so when I was asked for an honest review of Fear and Scars, I jumped on it.Liz and Ryan have come a long way in life to be able to commit to each other We start this story with them looking towards their life together, figuring out the little pet peeves of their mates, and suddenly they are faced with lies and what could be considered betrayals.Liz s world as she knew it will be shattered and what s worse, the news is delivered by the one perso [...]

  23. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog

    4.5 stars This is book two in the Damaged Hearts Duet by Emily Krat It is 5 months since Liz and Ryan became engaged and thought they had achieved their richly deserved happily ever after Both are in their element and are looking forward to a future together Their connection is as strong as ever and they are basking in the happiness that each thought they never would find or deserve However Ryan is still hiding a secret from the love of his life s past and has no idea how to tell her His automat [...]

  24. Lady LivingIn Bookland

    Review The second book from Emily Krat was one I have been eagerly anticipating since finishing Flawed and Damaged Having chased the amazing Emily for her latest instalment I was so excited to delve in.The continuation of Ryan and Liz s relationship is one of happiness, love and sexual chemistrybut Ryan, who s love knows no bounds doesn t realise that his actions although pure of heart will end up pushing the one woman he loves away Excerpt She d had enough pain for a lifetime I didn t protect h [...]

  25. Reflections of a Book Geek

    4 StarsI have to admit when I realised there was a second book in this series I was a little disappointed, I thought Liz and Ryan s story could have been tied up in one Although I struggled in the beginning of this story I have to say in the end it drew me in completely and kept me hooked until the last page The first half of this book I struggled with, I found Liz completely selfish and self absorbed I get she had no concern for Ryan s feelings at times and if the shoe had been on the other foo [...]

  26. Rebecca Austin

    This is the second book in the Damaged Hearts Duet and I did not read the first book This book can be read as a stand alone and I didn t feel like I was behind in anything, although I now really want to read the first one and see how Elizabeth Williams and Ryan Price meet.I really enjoyed this book I found the character of Elizabeth so strong from what she has gone through in the past and so determined not to put up with anything, no matter how much it broke her heart I loved her friendship with [...]

  27. Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog

    4 starI was pulled right into this story The story flowed well and kept me interested in the story The story has laughs, secrets, betrayal, pain, and heartbreak If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books s firstFlawed and Damaged Damaged Hearts 1 This is of Elizabeth and Ryan s story This book starts where Flawed and Damaged left off How far would you really go to protect the one you love Would you lie or withhold a trust you know would hurt the one you love in order f [...]

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