Elfsong (2020)

Elfsong Elaine Cunningham Elfsong The bards of Waterdeep remember the past Or do they Even as they sing their ballads a mysterious spell is changing their memories Danilo Thann Harper and would be bard sets out to uncover the myste
  • Title: Elfsong
  • Author: Elaine Cunningham
  • ISBN: 9780786916610
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
Elfsong Elaine Cunningham The bards of Waterdeep remember the past Or do they Even as they sing their ballads, a mysterious spell is changing their memories Danilo Thann, Harper and would be bard, sets out to uncover the mystery In this quest, his closest companion is his deadliest enemy, the rogue elf Elaith Craulnober At stake is not merely the future of Faerun but also its past.
Elfsong Elaine Cunningham

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    274 Elaine Cunningham
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One thought on “Elfsong

  1. Victor

    After reading Elfshadow I was intrigued to see what else would happend to Arylin and Danilo, and was a little dissapointed that Arylin only appears at the beginning of the book and that her role is inconsequential to the overall story.Yet Elfsong is a powerful, witty and smart tale that made me savor every page from beginning to end Elfsong is not a stand alone adventure about Danilo Thann rather, it sets him on the spotlight of a plot that endangers the past, present and future of Faerun A stra [...]

  2. Mairen

    This book was a lot better than the first one in this series The storyline was much interesting, and the characters were very capturing I found myself liking even Elaith, even though he is just waiting for the right moment to kill off poor Danilo The music in this book was amazing as well I loved how it was combined with spell casting for an even greater effect Songs and Swords is a perfect series name for this book in particular.

  3. Jesse

    Okay,So I liked this book, but not as much as I usually like this author This is one of her first books, so maybe that could be part of the reason.The things that I liked were the intrigue in the city of Waterdeep and a bit of insight into the polotics of the Lords I liked getting to know the character of Elaith and the relationship between him and Danilo I didn t like that Arilyn was not in this book except in the very begining I didn t like that the antagonist wasn t really evil, but disgruntl [...]

  4. Hacedores Desierto

    Bueno, teniendo en cuenta que del libro anterior dije que el personajes que m s me gustaban eran Arilyn y Elaith, lo cierto es que cuando me encontr con que en este libro todo el protagonismo reca a en la figura de Danilo pues fue una ligera decepci n, por mucho que en la sinopsis me prometiera la aparici n de Elaith Me tem a que iba a ser una aparici n fugaz, al fin y al cabo, la verdadera uni n entre Elaith y Danilo era Arilyn as que sin ella no ve a c mo iban a poder interesarse el uno por el [...]

  5. Darren

    3.5 out of 5 starsI enjoyed how Elaine picked up the story from Elfshadow and continued the threads in this book And I do love a sequel I really do This one just didn t strike me as anything that moved the needle into excellent territory I will commend her on the grasp of the lore, the battles harpies yeah , and the way in which she made spell casting feel like we were actually battling in 2nd edition DD I m not sure if I ll continue onto Silver Shadows if I do, I don t think I ll be using Audib [...]

  6. Veronica

    I found a receipt in the back cover, so I have apparently owned this book since 2007 but never read it I enjoyed all the cheesy high fantasy archetypes rolling around together, although I definitely missed the Arilyn Danilo interaction from Elfshadow I have apparently retained a terrible soft spot for Elaith even though he s kind of awful so I especially liked seeing of him And Morgalla and Wyn were so cute More dwarf elf romance always On to Silver Shadows

  7. Donna

    Someone has altered the bardic songs and the memory of all but a few bards Danilo Thann sets out to find the culprit and to break the spell before all of history and the future of his world is altered This is a great sword and sorcery novel It has lots of action and suspense set in a world you ll wish was yours.

  8. Brian Turner

    Elaine Cunningham is one of the better DD novelists out there.This one follows Danillo Thann from Elfshadow book 1 as he has to try and find out why the old songs of the bards are being subtly changed.Unlikely alliances are formed as he tries to get to the bottom of things.Interesting mix of characters, fair amount of action as well as intrigue and picking at clues.

  9. Jeff

    Some excitement and humor, and some nice ideas about the importance of art in a political realm, but none of the characters other than Danilo are that multi dimensional I m glad I read it for the Waterdeep connections but this kind of story needs teeth to be truly engrossing.

  10. Rhonda

    A little slow getting into but once I got into it, I just devoured the book This book took approximately 5 days to read Time well spent.

  11. Cindi Smith

    I think that this story was full of surprises, and I m happy for the way it ended for Danilo Everyone got what they wanted in the end There is no reason way any one would not like this book

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