Eyes to the Soul (2020)

Eyes to the Soul Dale Mayer Eyes to the Soul Just because a person can see doesn t mean they should look Celina Wilton was technically blind a state she wasn t very happy about In her case the alternative was worse So she d learn to adapt one
  • Title: Eyes to the Soul
  • Author: Dale Mayer
  • ISBN: 9781928122418
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
Eyes to the Soul Dale Mayer Just because a person can see doesn t mean they should look.Celina Wilton was technically blind, a state she wasn t very happy about In her case the alternative was worse So she d learn to adapt, one way or another.Stefan Kronos has wanted to get close to Celina for a long time, but she has walls that he s been forced to go around in some unusual ways When a case he sJust because a person can see doesn t mean they should look.Celina Wilton was technically blind, a state she wasn t very happy about In her case the alternative was worse So she d learn to adapt, one way or another.Stefan Kronos has wanted to get close to Celina for a long time, but she has walls that he s been forced to go around in some unusual ways When a case he s been called to consult on puts her square in his radar he has to watch his step and hers.Unraveling the threads twisting between them and a killer like none Stefan had seen before means Celina has to trust him enough to let him inside her barriers.That s when Stefan realizes he s not the only with eyes into her soul.
Eyes to the Soul Dale Mayer

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One thought on “Eyes to the Soul

  1. Alex is The Romance Fox

    3,5 starsEyes to the Soul is Book 7 in Dale Mayer s Psychic Visions Series and we finally get Stefan Kronos my favorite character in this series story We finally get to find out about his past and who he has been in love with for a long time.I have mixed feelings about this book that s not saying that I didn t like the story I did it s just that there were a couple of things that bugged me a bit.The storyline was fresh and unique and kept me at the edge of my seat a few times.I liked the bit we [...]

  2. Marianthi

    I was given a copy of this book with the agreement that I give a non biased review This book is a continuation of the Psychic Visions Line, Book 7 Here is my honest review.I have read a few of this series and I was excited to see one of the most mysterious characters, Stefan, finally get a story I very eagerly anticipated this book, simply for that reason alone However, I have mixed feelings after reading the book To help, I consolidated the pros and cons into a section for eachO 1 A brief revis [...]

  3. Jeanie Jackson

    Dale Mayer s amazing talent triumphs once again with the newest Psychic Visions novel, Eyes to the Soul Most fans of the series have been waiting for Stefan to get his own book and it has arrived His love is so beautiful but she doesn t even know who he is She feels that she has no one she with whom she can share her year long nightmare, a nightmare that is growing and has landed almost literally in her lap That is the part that isn t trying to access her eyes With the twist that Miss Mayer alwa [...]

  4. Fleur

    Finally after 6 books we get to see who has been holding Stefan s heart all this time I loved how Celina is so strong minded and tries to keep her life as normal as she can while no longer being able to see and unsure why this is Although sadly this means she lives a very solitary life just so she doesn t have to rely on anyone which also results in her only having a small circle of friends she trust which has just got smaller All of this means a very frustrating time while waiting to see if she [...]

  5. L Bongiorno

    OMG, this is the best one yet I love that Stefan finally gets his girl, he has been alone, strong and giving to everyone for so long, it is good to finally see him get his HEA Yeah I knew who the tormenter was like many reviewers, because we were given all his other victims and the killers thoughts, which the book characters working out the case were not privy to, so I was still impressed with how they give of themselves to others so openly and were still smart enough to work it out Usually thes [...]

  6. Kimberly

    Stephan s StoryCan I say WOW Stephan has been so busy helping everyone else that he has neglected himself When he does decide to do so, we learn so much about him And some of his friends from other books are either in the book or mentioned Awesome

  7. Thatrachelgirl

    Fans of the series have been waiting im patiently for this book and it did not disappoint The buildup to this book was huge Stefan, for me at least, became a beloved peripheral character that I wanted of to the point where I wrote to the author to see if he was getting his own story The author certainly had big expectations to fill We got to enjoy some of the previous books characters again, notably Dr Mandy, Brandt, and Sam and they all helped solve this book s mystery There was a good balance [...]

  8. Laura

    A Psychic Visions Novel book 7 Eyes To The SoulBy Author Dale MayerThe first time I picked up a book by author Dale Mayer was her Vampire In Denial Family Blood Ties Series it seemed like a good book to pass the time I was wrong It was a great book and I wanted of it right away Every since then I have picked up every book Dale Mayer puts out I couldn t even pick my favorite because they are all amazing it is impossible to make that choice.I have been impatiently waiting for Stefan Kronos story [...]

  9. Arie Antonia

    Great Read Im so glad Stephan finally got his own story He did not disappoint I really feel like I know all these characters in real life and im glad he finally found his mate Celina Celina is a talented musician that plays in an orchestra and she is blind I havent read to many books with a blind character and Celina was a joy to gwt to know through out the story as well as watch her grow This book just like the others had a predator on the psychic level and the things he did werent like anythin [...]

  10. Melvina

    This was the story I have excitedly waited forStefan s story If I m being totally honest it wasn t what I expected Having read all of the previous books I expected a full on, in your face, battle raging climax Instead what I got was a very subtle, intricate, and detailed story that was no less powerful The detail was magnificent and the storyline unique Dale Mayer has one very clever mind Stefan has intrigued me from the first book, as there would be small glimpses into his world, just enough to [...]

  11. Niki Driscoll

    This is the first book that I have read in this series and I have to say that Ms Mayer has blown me away again This was a seriously twisted tale with a murder mystery based entirely in the realm of psychic phenomenon and other mystical workings of the mind This was a well thought out storyline, written in a way to engage the reader and test the boundaries of your imagination The characters were well developed and retained an aura of mystery helping to maintain the mystical feel of the plot Our m [...]

  12. Linda Richter

    Eyes to the Soul, was so worth the wait I was completely enthralled with the book The twist the turns the pain, love, tenderness, emotion and the outcome Wow, I did not see that ending Dale s books keep you spell bound, wanting even when the last page is turned I will be waiting with bated breath for the next in the series Stephan s story was so much than I thought it would be Sometimes you wait for ever it seems for a book and find yourself disappointed I have never been disappointed in anyth [...]

  13. Maryjane

    Awesome sauce Oh my gosh This was the best of Stefan so far I am so glad that we got to see a bit of his life and I hope we get to see of our famous psychic A big huge five stars from me This series just gets better and better Keep them coming Dale Mayer.

  14. Donna

    I was given this book to read in exchange for a fair unbiased review This is only the 2nd book of the Psychic Visions Book I have read, and I have to say I was quite impressed with the fact that even though I ve only previously read the 1st book of the series Tuesday s Child , there was enough information about the main returning characters Sam, Brandt, Stefan that I remembered them without feeling like their entire history had to be rehashed Celina was a nice touch that rounds out Stefan in a m [...]

  15. Roberta Broussard

    I loved this book so much I couldn t put it down I have read all of the Psychic Series books by Dale Mayer and each one gets you so involved with the characters you can t wait for the next one to be written Eyes to the Soul is the 7th book in the series but you can read it by itself and it will still grab your attention from the first page It has suspense, romance, sadness and happiness everything you want in a book That s what I love about Dale Mayer s books, you read the first page and your ho [...]

  16. Ann Marie Gustavson

    OK, so I know that I am in the minority here I did not enjoy this one as much as the others Stefan is with no doubt my favorite However I think I missed out on his wit and strength in this book Additionally in general the budding new psychic in each book of the series have been stronger than Celina came off in this novel There was a hefty helping of insecurity and self doubt in this one from her character that at times annoyed me Also, I always enjoy how Mayer weaves other characters from previo [...]

  17. Sue Davis

    A GREAT STORY, YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG GETTING THIS BOOK IT HAS EVERYTHING.This is the first Dale Mayer book I have read and I am glad I did This adds a new author for me to watch for There were so many surprises, twist and turns that I read it twice I wanted to be sure I had it right, since I like to see if I can figure out a story before the book tells me the answer I must admit Dale stayed ahead of me in this one.I love the story of Stefan Kronas, who loves the blind girl Celina She feels alone [...]

  18. Aimee Greenspan

    Dale Mayer takes the psychic genre to a completely different level I have read many books with the same theme but never has anyone been quite so different and creative with psychic s experiences Eyes to the Souls was a highly anticipated book of the series since we met Stefan in the first book While the beginning starts off a bit on the slower side, it soon begins to pull you in until you can t put the book down because you are so anxious to see how the twists and turns will end There are multip [...]

  19. Judy

    Eyes to the Soul by Dale MayerPsychic Vision Series Book Seven Celina Wilton s life has not been a picnic, at all She lost her parents, her best friend and love of her life and then her fiance Then she lost her eyesight If all of that is not bad enough, now she has some cruel predator living in her head and causing her pain Oh, I forgot to mention, she also sees ghosts Stefan Kronos has always been considered unusual He uses his psychic gifts to help others and waits for the day that his soul ma [...]

  20. Ashlie

    Best of the series yet I love this book and the whole Psychic Visions Series However this book is but far my favorite of the series so far You learn about Stefan in this book but you also get to hear from almost all of the past main characters too I wish there was about Stefan s childhood in this book and about the institute he was taken to as a child, but from what I have read about the next book on s online store, maybe we learn about that in the next book I don t know, but I can t wait t [...]

  21. Tory

    Great story I have been looking forward to Stefan s story, and I think Celina was perfect for him The story moves quickly and I was surprised, in the end, by a few things related to Celina s powers, her blindness, and her ghosts The mystery predator was pretty creepy, but not so much that it will keep me awake at night My one quibble with the story was at the beginning there was a lot of perspective switching between Stefan, Celina, Sam, Maddy, and various victims that it got a little confusing, [...]

  22. Louise Williams

    My god this series gets better and better I lived and breathed this book until I finished I simply could not put it down It gripped me from the first page and I was so disappointed when it finished The story is extremely well written and flows seamlessly my grammar picking eyes didn t pick up on any editing issues but then again I wouldn t have cared because this book is that good It certainly packed a punched and left me wanting I have promised myself a Dale Mayer day where I do nothing but re [...]

  23. Sparkymom

    WonderfulIt was everything I had hoped Stefan s story would be Finally Throughout the series, Stefan has always showed up to help He has been the calm, the constant This time, everyone rallies to help him and the woman they all know he lovesThe woman who doesn t even know him I was thrilled at so many of my favorite characters working together in this story I was caught up in the story from the beginning, and the action kept me tied in throughout When I realized where the story was going, I had [...]

  24. Shelley Futrelle

    I have eagerly anticipated this book, and I was not disappointed What a beautiful story Dale Mayer has created From the first page, I was immersed in the story of a young blind woman and a psychic Dale Mayer has the skill of weaving a story around two people and pretty soon you re turning the last page and you weren t even aware that you had sat there that long reading I cannot recommend her Psychic Visions books enough All of them are excellent, but I particularly loved this one She pulled the [...]

  25. Jacquelyn Smith

    I was caught up in the twist and turns of emotions of this book Dale s books takes you into another world, one that holds you spellbound Her characters a were developed with a touch of mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the story Come follow Celina and Stefan on an adventure that will lead to an intriguing journey, one you would not forget If you are looking for a emotional push to get you going this is the read for you.you will not want to put it down, it s the book [...]

  26. Michelle Baldwin

    NO SPOILERS This is a brilliant book it s book 7 Stefans story in the psychic vision series which are some of the very best paranormal books out today.Dale Mayer has an amazing talent and how she shares her characters with us all.I promise you will be hooked in a matter of minutes and I believe there s not many authors out there that can write so well your there inside the book for hours and can t wait toad I was very lucky to have been given an ARC of this book so I can share with you all just [...]

  27. Shirley Williamson

    This was an interesting read for me I started on this book in the series so I missed the background of some of the key characters but interestingly enough, and yes this is a new author for me, this book is written so well you don t get the feeling like you can t keep up.This book is full of emotion and twists and turns and edge of your seat Oh My s I literally read it all in one sitting From the beginning with Celina battling her inner demon and the tragedy that took place at the celebration, to [...]

  28. Brandi Reeves-Pearson (Saints and Sinners Books)

    This book had my attention within the first chapter I was sucked into the story and the psychic s and their capabilities I loved that the author gave point of views through different characters, and I was blown away at how they all were connected I thought I had the story line figured out, but every time I had an idea, it would quickly change I never saw the ending coming and it was a great one Most stories I have read I can guess and figure out what will happen, but with this story, I had no id [...]

  29. Leah Hines

    I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review Finally, it is time for Stefan s story It was worth the wait I have loved Stefan from the beginning of this series and this book just made me love him even Prepare for mystery, surprise, romance, and Also, appearances from some favorite characters I won t spoil it for anyone, but I will say, I usually have books figured out way before the reveals That doesn t happen with a story by Dale Mayer She keeps you guessing til the very en [...]

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