Der Beweis, dass es ein Leben außerhalb meines Zimmers gibt (2020)

Der Beweis, dass es ein Leben außerhalb meines Zimmers gibt Melissa Keil Michael Koseler Der Beweis dass es ein Leben au erhalb meines Zimmers gibt Sam Kinnison ist ein Geek und gl cklich Er liebt Horrorfilme seine Nerd Freunde World of Warcraft und solange Prinzessin Leia nicht h chstpers nlich in seinem Zimmer auftaucht sind ihm M dchen zie
  • Title: Der Beweis, dass es ein Leben außerhalb meines Zimmers gibt
  • Author: Melissa Keil Michael Koseler
  • ISBN: 9783570309322
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
Der Beweis, dass es ein Leben außerhalb meines Zimmers gibt Melissa Keil Michael Koseler Sam Kinnison ist ein Geek, und gl cklich Er liebt Horrorfilme, seine Nerd Freunde, World of Warcraft und solange Prinzessin Leia nicht h chstpers nlich in seinem Zimmer auftaucht, sind ihm M dchen ziemlich egal Dann trifft er Camilla Camilla ist wundersch n, unglaublich nett und wird in seinem Leben absolut keine Rolle spielen, denkt Sam Doch Camilla sieht das anderSam Kinnison ist ein Geek, und gl cklich Er liebt Horrorfilme, seine Nerd Freunde, World of Warcraft und solange Prinzessin Leia nicht h chstpers nlich in seinem Zimmer auftaucht, sind ihm M dchen ziemlich egal Dann trifft er Camilla Camilla ist wundersch n, unglaublich nett und wird in seinem Leben absolut keine Rolle spielen, denkt Sam Doch Camilla sieht das anders Sie w re gern die Hauptdarstellerin in Sams Leben Und das f hrt nicht nur in Sams Drehbuch zu einigem Durcheinander, sondern st rzt die gesamte Clique in ungewohntes Chaos
Der Beweis, dass es ein Leben außerhalb meines Zimmers gibt Melissa Keil Michael Koseler

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    327 Melissa Keil Michael Koseler
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    I loved this book so freaking much I start Monday by falling flat on my arse A normal guy might think his day could only improve from here I seriously doubt this is going to be the case I hear laughter and clapping Someone cheers Above me, a giant sign hangs precariously from the corridor ceiling a pink and purple, glitter encrusted symbol of doom, handmade by the Spring Dance Committee Justin Zigoni takes a flying leap over me and slaps the sign with his hand A shower of glitter descends from t [...]

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    Why is nobody talking about this book It is really, really, really good It is a typical coming of age story about nerdy people, which is nothing unique or special But the realness of the characters and really impressive level of development makes this book one of the best coming of age stories I have read in long time It is up there with John Corey Whaley s Where Things Come Back Like seriously good

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    It took me time to get into the book because of its writing style I loved it, don t get me wrong I like the cute I m trying to explain something simple in an intelligent way writing style It s like I m reading a funny scientific article about the mundane life The consequence is that the sentences are long and full of information to catch I just needed a lot of focus to exercise my bain to that point I got that focus and, without knowing I took the wrong bus, I got late to work by one hour So yea [...]

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    Rating 4.5 StarsLife in Outer Space has got to be the cutest book I ve read this year As a fan of films, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, and most nerdy things, I thoroughly enjoyed Keil s debut, devouring it over a weekend one where I was frantically cramming for exams Although Life in Outer Space seems like a rather standard romantic comedy novel, told from a guy s PoV, Keil manages to introduce many original aspects to it and, frankly speaking, it s worth the few hours of time it takes up You l [...]

  8. Amanda

    Life in Outer Space is Melissa Keil s debut novel Set in Melbourne, the story revolves around Sam Kinnison, geek and horror movie fan, and his bunch of friends They manage to keep themselves out of trouble at school, most of the time, but when Camilla Carter joins their class, everything starts changing for Sam and his friends.This book clutched at my heart from the beginning and by the end it was squeezing it so hard This is one of the best books I ve read this year I know it s a bit early to s [...]

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    This review is also posted on Cristina s Book Reviews Cute nerd guy alert.Guys can be so clueless that I almost feel sorry for them Reading Life in Outer Space is actually a breath of fresh air I enjoyed the male POV for a change and I admit that I was a bit relieved that this book is into romance than sci fi This book is geeky in a very charming way and I just adore every moment I really thought that everything in this novel is slow though The pacing, the romance I thought nothing would happen [...]

  12. Carolyn

    Smart, nerdy, WoW playing, horror movie loving Sam and his friends, Adrian, Mike and Allison are navigating the minefield that is senior high school Ridiculed by the A group and the school s top alpha male, Justin Zigoni they spend their lunch breaks hiding out in the school s IT room And then one day into their classroom walks new student, Camilla, beautiful, smart and glamorous, she has travelled all over the world with her music critic Dad and is now back in Melbourne.Immediately taken up and [...]

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    After reading multiple glowing reviews of Melissa Keil s debut LIFE IN OUTER SPACE, and falling in love with the book s cover art please, pause for a moment and look at it really look because it s fantastic , I gave up on a recently imposed No new books rule and downloaded a copy to my Kindle I wouldn t say I was blown away, but I did inhale LIFE IN OUTER SPACE in a matter of days and came away from it feeling all the happiness that a solid rom com can bestow.Aspiring screenwriter Sam Kinnison, [...]

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    Read on the WondrousBooks blog.Technically, I m being a bit generous with the 4 stars Actual rating 3.5 starsIf Rainbow Rowell wrote happier novels from the boy POV you d have Life in Outer Space And to be honest, this is the better version I have a strange infatuation with Rowell s novels It s a sort of a love hate relationship I appreciate the story and the atmosphere, but the characters are mostly crap, especially the strange girls who for the life of them cannot adapt to living in the real w [...]

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    See reviews at YA Midnight Reads3.5 stars Thank you Hardie Grant Egmont Australia for sending me this copy No compensation was given or taken to alter this review I think I would give up movies for this feeling Life in Outer Space was a very average read for me I can see why people love this but in the end, I was looking for something a little Life in Outer Space is a quirky read filled with perfect geeky nerdiness, humour and relationships I felt a little bored at times something that is a ma [...]

  18. RavenclawReadingRoom

    I picked this up after absolutely adoring Melissa Keil s other book, The Incredible Adventures of Cinnamon Girl, earlier this year I was hoping this would be just as cute, just as sweet, and just as Australian And was, but it wasn t Part of the problem, honestly, is that I borrowed this from work and it turns out that we have the US edition So there are various terms and phrases that have been Australianed, shall we say Things like math Dining hall Semester Spring dance College I also wasn t sur [...]

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    Life in Outer Space is one of the cutest and nerdiest books I ve ever read This contemporary quickly burrowed its way into my heart within the first few chapters, and, by the end of the novel, became a favourite Do yourselves a favour and read this wonderful LoveOzYA book immediately.The protagonist of Life in Outer Space is sixteen year old Sam, who goes to a typical Australian high school along with his bullies with his three best friends, and spends his nights watching old Hollywood horror fi [...]

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    5 Freaking Awesome StarsI m a geek at heart My favorite show is the Big Bang Theory, I get excited about math and if there is any possible way for me to throw a movie quote into a conversation I totally will This book was written for me, the MC Sam is totally my peeps.Sam s inner dialog is funny, his outer one with his friends is funnier still No one calls me Sammy My mother occasionally throws a Samuel , but I am, and have always been, just Sam Sammy is a name for five year olds and game show h [...]

  22. Cécile

    Petit coup de c ur pour ce livre Si vous aimez le style de John Green alors vous devriez aimer ce livre Ici on trouve Un h ros, Sam, qui est un nerd, geek, qui accepte sans complexe le fait qu il est diff rent et qui est tr s dr le et sarcastique, une h ro ne, Camilla, s re d elle, qui se d marque, qui est plus l aise en soci t que notre h ros, et des amis, pr sents, originaux, dr les, indispensables, sans qui le h ros ne serait pas ce qu il est et beaucoup d humour.Sam ce nerd qui fait sans ces [...]

  23. Nomes

    Guys, this book was just so much fun and incredibly heartfelt Addictive and smiley and one of those books where you want to be absorbed into the pages and hang out with the characters It felt like watching the perfect teenage movie, a rom com with plenty of humour, with an offbeat romance and the best pop culture references ever I was grinning from the first page always a good sign and pretty much grinned and sighed my whole way through I loved Sam as a narrator, a serious contender for a new fa [...]

  24. ALPHAreader

    For Sam Kinnison, most of life s predicaments can be nutted out with a full proof Top Five Greatest Movies list, tailored to specific occasions For instance, when he needs reminding why he d rather be stabbed in the nuts with a blunt pencil than attend the Spring Dance, he calls on his Top Five All Time Greatest Movie School Dance Scenes This includes Carrie , Buffy the Vampire Slayer , Prom Night , Footloose for sheer lameness and Grease because he believes the flying car is symbolic of a journ [...]

  25. Chelsea

    I so wanted to love this I picked it up solely because it s premise sounded similar to my current writing project, and while they are similar in themes, I felt like this was everything I want to avoid my book turning out like.Sam is an uber nerd Sam and his friends are constantly bullied by the popular kids Suddenly, a beautiful daughter of a celebrity shows up, and for whatever reason decides to take an interest in Sam and his group.Sadly, it s as cliche as it sounds and does nothing to turn co [...]

  26. Glire

    She doesn t follow me She doesn t call out my name and chase after me in the rain It isn t even raining The sky doesn t even have the decency to provide me with a good movie clich Este es uno de esos extra isimos libros que logr encantarme de principio a fin Y mi cara mientras lo le a puede resumirse mas o menos as Sam es un nerd adicto a las pel culas de terror, que desea ser guionista l y sus amigos Adrian, Allison y Mike se encuentran en el fondo de la cadena alimenticia de popularidad, y pas [...]

  27. Bee Quite the Novel Idea

    Istyria book blog B s world of enchanted booksSo when I asked my friend Mel from YA Midnight Reads for awesome Aussie YA books, she recommended this author, Melissa Keil And I checked her out on , got this book because it sounded cute and Mel liked it too And I really, really enjoyed this one a lot.Life in Outer Space is about Sam Sam is a geek and he s totally fine with that He loves horror movies, wants to be a screenwriter, has his nerdy friends and doesn t have to worry about girls until Pr [...]

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