The Devil's Only Friend (2020)

The Devil's Only Friend Dan Wells The Devil s Only Friend John Wayne Cleaver hunts demons they ve killed his neighbors his family and the girl he loves but in the end he s always won Now he works for a secret government kill team using his gift to hunt a
  • Title: The Devil's Only Friend
  • Author: Dan Wells
  • ISBN: 9780765380678
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
The Devil's Only Friend Dan Wells John Wayne Cleaver hunts demons they ve killed his neighbors, his family, and the girl he loves, but in the end he s always won Now he works for a secret government kill team, using his gift to hunt and kill as many monsters as he canbut the monsters have noticed, and the quiet game of cat and mouse is about to erupt into a full scale supernatural war.John doesn tJohn Wayne Cleaver hunts demons they ve killed his neighbors, his family, and the girl he loves, but in the end he s always won Now he works for a secret government kill team, using his gift to hunt and kill as many monsters as he canbut the monsters have noticed, and the quiet game of cat and mouse is about to erupt into a full scale supernatural war.John doesn t want the life he s stuck with He doesn t want the FBI bossing him around, he doesn t want his only friend imprisoned in a mental ward, and he doesn t want to face the terrifying cannibal who calls himself The Hunter John doesn t want to kill people But as the song says, you can t always get what you want John has learned that the hard way his clothes have the stains to prove it.When John again faces evil, he ll know what he has to do The Devil s Only Friend is the first book in a brand new John Wayne Cleaver trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Dan Wells.
The Devil's Only Friend Dan Wells

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    Dan Wells

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  1. Rachel the Book Harlot

    WARNING Spoilers For First 3 Books I m good now I promisemetimes at night I go to the butcher shop and I buy the biggest roast they have and I bring it home and I cover the room in plastic and I hack the meat to pieces with a kitchen knife, slashing and ripping and chopping and grunting until there s nothing left but scraps Then I roll up the plastic, meat and blood and all, and I throw it away and everything is clean and calm now Because I m good now.I promise Welcome back, John Wayne Cleaver W [...]

  2. Bradley

    For all you peeps missing a Serial Killer gone Good, or at least good ish, or even just mildly tiptoeing the very broad definition of monsterhood, I d recommend this series.John s 17 years old, has lost almost everything, but he s done the right thing and joined the good guys to hunt down demons John still doesn t give a flying rat s ass about whether anyone lives or dies and he still likes to take home a rack of meat to stab viciously in his off hours, but at least he has the intellectual stimu [...]

  3. Frank Errington

    Review copyAdmittedly, I have never read the original trilogy of books in the John Cleaver series One of these days I will need to rectify that I m also happy to say, it s not necessary to have read any of the other books to enjoy The Devil s Only Friend.Reminiscent of Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, John Cleaver is a bit of an anti hero, quick witted with a sharp tongue, and an urge to kill An urge that he controls in an unusual way It s these tendencies that make hi [...]

  4. Fernanda Romo

    Cada vez que termino alg n libro de la saga me siento completamente vac a, siento que algo me hace falta, John Cleaver es un protagonista inigualable Y podr a fangirlear intensamente con este libro, porque el terror y la sangre aumentaron, John sigue siendo un protagonista bien construido y con un gran desarrollo y cada vez sabemos m s sobre este mundo de monstruos o demonios.Es dif cil el decidir cu l es mi libro favorito de la saga, si el tercero o este Ambos me han hecho llorar aunque no debe [...]

  5. Meli

    Es tan morboso y retorcido que ni s qu puntuaci n ponerle As que vamos con 3.5Dan Wells es un hdp, no hay otra expresi n que le quede al desgraciado Es realmente interesante lo enfermizo que es este John y lo oscura que es la historia.

  6. Amar

    Ja o igledno nisam vidio ono to ve ina review a ovdje vidjela Mada imam neki love hate odnos sa ovom knjigom i svidja mi se i mrska mi je u isto vrijeme.Za razliku od orginalne triologije, avoli jedini prijatelj za mene nije bio potreban nastavak Ovo mi je djelovao kao neki poku aj da se izmu e jo koji dinar iz d epa italaca jer,eto, prva je triologija imala lijepe ocjene, pa vrijedi poku ati.John u novoj ulozi ovdje, zajedno sa jo par osoba, priklju en je specijalnoj FBI odjeljenju za ubijanje [...]

  7. Chris

    Classified as YA or maybe Thriller with a teenager in the spotlight Either way I found it to be enjoyable even as a 31 yo man It has elements which Intrigued me a sociopathic main character protagonist who hunts and slays supernatural beings known as the withered Who wouldn t be interested in reading this If you enjoy the TV shows Dexter and Supernatural, you will likely enjoy this book series John Wayne Cleaver is one bad mother shut yo mouth

  8. Anali

    Life isn t a thing, it s a condition we switch it on and we switch it off The Devil s Only Friend es el primer libro de la nueva trilog a de John Cleaver yWOW cre a que suceder a pero me ha encantado Le he dado cinco estrellas porque creo que esta novela es la mejor de todas En serio La trama esta llena de suspenso y engancha desde el principio es oscura, retorcida y llena de traiciones, secretos e intrigas Los demonios son a n m s incre bles y los personajes est n muy bien construidos Primero, [...]

  9. Graham Bradley

    Dan Wells has written the perfect fourth volume to this trilogy He knows his characters, knows his world, knows just how to ratchet things up to level eleven at the right times I will never understand how he does it, but damnI have no idea where it goes now.

  10. Emm ❤

    Rating Hearts and blood, a cycle of love and lossAt first, I didn t think I would like this one as much because of the somewhat drastic shift in personality, and possibly because I didn t quite have my heart in it at the time no pun intended , but then the story took off in a mess of oddity and carnage and just wow Change in this case is not bad, after all.To be clear, Devil s Only Friend takes on a introspective and grim fantasy feel, rather than the brooding darkness of the two previous book [...]

  11. Bethzua

    John Wayne Cleaver es un personajazo Cu nto extra leer sus pensamientos perturbadores en cada p gina Qu cosa tan siniestra Me alegra tanto haber retomado esta historia La dej en DNF al 58% no por mala, sino porque no era mi momento de leerla Qui n iba a pensar que a partir de ah era cuando BOOM , los ltimos cap tulos ser an una masacre Literal Mi mente enferma goz con esta historia.Menci n especial a los demonios, Dan sigue sorprendi ndome con cada una de sus habilidades Me encant encontrarme co [...]

  12. Rose

    Review coming after I can meditate over it a bit I actually finished this book quite a while ago, but I never cleared it out of my Currently Reading list Argh I liked it as much as the first three John Cleaver books, and appreciated the diverse cast of characters Wells does horror well, and notably knows how to create strong character voices.

  13. Poojitha Sitaram

    I was lucky enough to win an early draft of the manuscript of this book John Cleaver is back and now, to his annoyance, is working as part of a team Dan Wells biggest strength as a writer, in my opinion, has always been the brilliant way in which he captures and relates the mindset of his POV characters That was one of the main things that really hooked me on to this series in the first place, and he doesn t disappoint with this book Elijah Sexton, the POV character from Wells short story, Next [...]

  14. Carolina GO

    No s qu decir sobre este libro Esperaba m s de John, esperaba que estuviera desatado Esperaba leer esa batalla interna que pelea d a a d a por controlar sus impulsos psic patas, y me decepcion un poco Al final he conocido a un John diferente y no me gust tanto.En fin, es un libro entretenido que se lee r pido pero, al final, esperaba m s.

  15. ZeitFürMich

    Auch der vierte Teil hat mich berzeugt John Cleaver unterst tzt diesmal eine Sondergruppe des FBI, welche zusammen im Team weitere D monen bek mpfen Wie gewohnt, spannend bis zum Ende.

  16. Alexander

    I have already reviewed this book when I read it in German, see here I only want to use this review to highlight some things I forgot or missed when I read the German version Here they come First of all, the ending feels even awesome than the first time now that I recognized all the set up It had me cheering, it was so well executed that it ll stay with me for a while The conversation between Brooke and John that broke my heart the first time round is even heartbreaking in English I m friends [...]

  17. Tasula

    John Wayne Cleaver, still trying hard not to be a psychopathic serial killer, carefully following his rules , is on a FBI team tracking and killing demons This series starting with I Am Not A Serial Killer began as a story about a psychopathic teen who had the urge to kill but managed to suppress it and live almost a normal life, but the story added a supernatural element John finds out a neighbor is not human I would have liked the story even without the supernatural element Dan Wells has creat [...]

  18. Wm

    On the one hand, we don t really need John Cleaver books On the other, Wells has become a better writer so that all the things he s learned to do since he finished the last series show up in this book This is a tight, psychological thriller mashed up with secret world urban fantasy of sorts and a large dose of horror I m not sure, though, how I feel about Cleaver I m not sure his is a psychology I needed re opened even if it was clear from the last trilogy that he is needed to face down the thr [...]

  19. Miranda Reads

    John Wayne Cleaver does it again He s avoiding all his serial killer tendencies as he stalks a brand new force of evil this time with a band of one time government sidekicks.I really liked the introduction of the secret government force and was severely disappointed when it didn t pan out the way I thought it would I think the second trilogy should ve kept this premise in there for at least another book The ending felt a bit rushed and could ve used a bit finessing prior to wrapping up.

  20. Andi

    will post a review soon I ve missed you John.EDIT When I first started this book I thought I missed something, like, it just dove right into John s new job with the FBI and I had no idea that that s how it was John was now working for them It felt weird, it felt foreign to me because I like John as a bit of a loner, not answering to higher ups but doing his own thing.I liked this book and then I didn t I liked it for the character development and what was going on with Brooke I didn t like it be [...]

  21. Juan Araizaga

    5 d as y 3800 scrolleadas despu s.La cuarta parte de la saga de John Cleaver No pens que llegar a tan lejos tan pronto y henos aqu Prometi rese as de los anteriores, y a n no descubro la causa por qu no las hay Ahora s habr una que mencion a las anterioresEsperaba algo mucho m s maduro, pensaba que John ser a mayor, la verdad es que ten a expectativas altas, que no se cumplieron.Y aunque es el libro m s oscuro y denso hasta ahora no me convenci Seguimos con el antih roe favorito de los ltimos ti [...]

  22. Terry Weyna

    This review contains spoilers for the first JOHN WAYNE CLEAVER trilogy John Wayne Cleaver is a seventeen year old boy who wants very, very much to kill people Lots of them, one right after the other, in terrible, bloody ways Paradoxically, because he longs to do that, he has been taking extraordinary lengths to avoid becoming a serial killer His struggles were related in a trilogy consisting of I Am Not A Serial Killer, Mr Monster, and I Don t Want to Kill You That trilogy showed how John s effo [...]

  23. Lynn Williams

    4.5 starslynnsbooks.wordpress 2015The Devil s Only Friend is the first in a new Trilogy starring John Wayne Cleaver There have apparently been three earlier books but The Devil s Only Friend can be read as a standalone and indeed it s not difficult to pick up on what took place previously Having said that I really enjoyed this and to a cetain extent wish I had picked up the previous books, even though I admit that I probably won t do so now, but just purely from a character development perspecti [...]

  24. Morris

    John Wayne Cleaver is back in The Devil s Only Friend , the first in somewhat of a sub trilogy within the already established John Cleaver series by Dan Wells.I ll start off by saying that the entire John Cleaver series, though popular, is extremely underrated I also think it s unfairly compared to Dexter Granted, Dexter is a wonderful series and he is a great character, but John Cleaver stands on his own as a psychopathic anti hero He doesn t need anyone s help to establish exactly who and what [...]

  25. Michael Nash

    Even thoughI Don t Want to Kill You ended on sort of a cliffhanger, with the reader left wondering what John on a demon hunting team sponsored by the federal government, it also seemed like a fitting ending Although it ends with John having a traumatic experience, that experience is also defining and cathartic, and joining the demon hunting team gave enough of a shape to his future to be going on with.In other words, this next book was kind of superfluous, and hinged on whether or not what worke [...]

  26. Chersti Nieveen

    What a great way for the series to continue It delighted every bone in my body with this well developed book, and as much as I adored the three books before it in the I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER series, this one blew them all out of the water, raising the stakes and characters themselves to a whole new level of fantastic.

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