Another Dawn (2020)

Another Dawn Deb Stover Another Dawn Convicted of a murder he didn t commit at age Luke Nolan has spent his adult life on Death Row The night of his execution brings Sofie a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead and a
  • Title: Another Dawn
  • Author: Deb Stover
  • ISBN: 9780821761007
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
Another Dawn Deb Stover Convicted of a murder he didn t commit at age 18, Luke Nolan has spent his adult life on Death Row The night of his execution brings Sofie, a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead, and a benevolent priest to his side When a freak explosion throws him back to another century along with Sofie, who has lost her memory, he sees a chance for a future in the past Convicted of a murder he didn t commit at age 18, Luke Nolan has spent his adult life on Death Row The night of his execution brings Sofie, a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead, and a benevolent priest to his side When a freak explosion throws him back to another century along with Sofie, who has lost her memory, he sees a chance for a future in the past Another Dawn he was never meant to see As long as Sofie never remembers who he is, of course or does it really matter a century in the past Even as his feelings for her grow even stronger than his need to protect her in this strange world A man with no future and a woman with no past
Another Dawn Deb Stover

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    Deb Stover

One thought on “Another Dawn

  1. Emmy

    Time travel is not normally my cup of tea, but this was a kindle freebie and I thought I would give it a try expand my horizons or whatever It was an enjoyable read It was weird though, given my tendency to read historical fiction almost exclusively, to have two main characters with modern mentalities That alone took some getting used to for me I can t tell you the last time I read a book that mentioned McDonald s I believe it was never Anyway, despite that, I was able to get into it and found i [...]

  2. Linda

    Luke Nolan, an innocent man who was sentenced to die, travels back in time with Sofie, a doctor who lost her memory when they left the present moment.He disguises himself as Father Salazar, a real priest from the now future who believed in his innocence The clergyman transported back with them and is now dead but Luke is determined to prove his innocence Instead, he and Sofie get pulled into the town of Redemption, Colorado during a smallpox epidemic It is the 1800 s and there is no vaccine for [...]

  3. Nancy

    Luke, a convicted criminal, is about to be executed for a murder he didn t commit when he spies a young woman in the room Standing next to the priest and the prison warden, she gazes at him with sympathy In the next instant, an explosion throws them back in time The priest is killed and there s no sight of the warden Stumbling from the ruins, Luke dons the priest s robe before rescuing Sofie She s lost her memory, so she doesn t question why they are suddenly out west in 1891 Is this Luke s chan [...]

  4. Rebecca

    Deb Stover is The Queen of Time Travels ANOTHER DAWN is exactly how Ms Stover describes it A man with no future a woman with no past Luke was about to be put to death in the electric chair when an explosion sent him and several other people including the heroine, Sofie back into the past Just when you think you have the plot figured out, Ms Stover throws a surprising bit of something new into the story to keep you guessing One of my favorite parts was when Luke had to pretend to be a priest And [...]

  5. PepsiGirl

    This was pretty good I liked the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen Luke was so endearing, having being wrongly convicted he faces his execution and everything changes in a blink of an eye The chemistry between Luke and Sofie was timeless Even though they have time traveled and she has amnesia and barely remembers anything about that day she can t fight the feelings coming over her when she looks at Luke Because of their situation they tried to hide their feelings for each other Thi [...]

  6. MerseySideGirl8

    I wasn t sure what to expect when I started reading this book I ve never really gotten into time traveling stories but decided to give this one a chance The story was good and writing kept the story moving along pretty well I thought the author did a good job wrapping up the loose ends and getting the characters back to the present day It reminded me a little bit of a Jude Deveraux book from the late 80s early 90s with the time traveling and meeting up in present time So overall a good book

  7. M.P. McDonald

    I liked the characters of Luke and Sofie and the time travel aspect, but I wish of the time travel would have come into play Also, I felt like the bad guys were invented on the spot by the author when she needed them There was no real motive for why they did the things they did.I guess what saved the book for me was that I really liked Luke and the situation he found himself in where he was caught between a rock and a hard place Oops No pun intended

  8. Erin

    This book was amazing I really wasn t expecting it, I m not sure what really made me read it But am I happy I did It s one of those books that stays with you for months after you read it And it made me cry I would highly recommend this book to everyone The story line was great, the writing style is brillant, and it s not an everyday story line.

  9. Fatin Lea

    amazing story especially at the end the x rated parts didn t necessarily ruined the book, rather, they let the reader explores the depth of relationship between sofie and luke i m actually thankful that they are not physically intimate too many times or else i m forced to skip some pages 5 stars

  10. Trish R.

    I read this book on Feburary 1, 2013 and I still remember it I absolutely loved Luke and Sofie The story was marvelous so I m thinking of reading it again, along with the other 12 books of Ms Stover s that I ve read If you re looking for a time travel book with excitement and a lot of heart let me suggest this book You won t be sorry

  11. Tess Nancarrow

    I really enjoyed this book It was suspenseful throughout and the sexual tension was sizzling Also, there was a twist at the end that I thought was really creative I will definitely be reading by the author.

  12. Evelyn Rivera

    I am not really into time travel however since this story took one back to the 1800 hundreds and I love that era I had to try the novel I was very please with the story very touching made me be there with them and their love that survive all times,

  13. Evelyn

    I enjoyed this book It was a good beach read I just felt it slowed down in the middle and some parts were predictable A great read for a free book

  14. LadyCalico

    This novel had a well developed and original plot with some really great characters, a very entertaining and engrossing read.

  15. Nelta

    Not my usual genre to read but A New Dawn was a good read A love story embedded in a time traveling tale.

  16. Hafiza

    Originally published in 1998, this was free on Kindle when I downloaded.Odd time travel tale.First scene is hero getting executed in the electric chair It kept me occupied on a rainy Sunday.

  17. Mary Mooney

    Wow, this story went from present time to quickly back to 1891 Love will always span the test of time What a great story.

  18. Dianne

    I had gotten this as an freebie and it has been in my to be read list for a long time but the story line didn t interest me as much as other books Finally, I decided to give this book a try This was an ok book, but a majority of it was just a really boring book The story didn t intrigue me until than half the book Even so, the book was still kind of boring The story is about a convicted felon named Luke who is about to be executed However, there is an explosion, and Luke and the doctor who was [...]

  19. Skye Taylor

    Interesting premise and a unique time frame with a twist at the end you never see coming I enjoyed the story, but felt it dragged in places and I found myself flipping pages to get on with the story Especially when the heroine rehashed over and over her reason for not being able to love this man I don t want to give away the plot so I m being vague The villain was well introduced, sneaking in little by little, and his menace very real, but I never figured out what his motivation was Why he was s [...]

  20. Laura of Lurking

    I felt this novel was reasonable, but the middle dropped out a bit for me The plotline caught my attention, I thought the idea of time travel, having to pretend to be a priest, and getting stuck in an epidemic was well conceived and written I wasn t, however, as taken by the large sections of just romance, especially present in the middle These often felt unrealistic and gratuitous I would like to have seen the time travel aspect expanded instead.I am glad though that I kept reading The climax w [...]

  21. Whitney Morales

    Amazing book When I first picked it up to read it, I honestly thought it was not gonna be good at all I thought it was gonna be one of those corny books, but I was wrong This book keeps you on the edge of your seat Just as you think that you have it figured out, they throw a twist at you This book is exciting and surprising Had me literally gasping several, several, times I highly recommend it

  22. Lisa

    An interesting modern day folk travel back in time to the old west and fall in lust sort of story.The story starts out pretty good, slows down a bit in the middle but then picks right back up at the end For me, this story lacked something Can t put my finger on what though But not a bad read for a freebie ebook from Kindle.

  23. Michelle

    Enjoyable book I really enjoyed Luke and Sofie s story and got a kick out of them trying to figure things out a hundred years in the past Making time travel believable is always a challenge in this type of book, but the author did a pretty good job until the end The last chapter, while I enjoyed it, made me go WTF happened

  24. Barb Wittwer

    I loved the clever plot of this book, I wondered how someone could imagine this idea, then she ruined it by throwing in all of the sex I had to skip a lot as I just don t enjoy reading smut What a shame she ruined a great book I would have given it a 5

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