The Heroes' Welcome (2020)

The Heroes' Welcome Louisa Young The Heroes Welcome April Six months have passed since the armistice that ended the Great War But new battles face those who have survived Only former soldier Riley Purefoy and his bride Nadine Waveney have th
  • Title: The Heroes' Welcome
  • Author: Louisa Young
  • ISBN: 9780062354495
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
The Heroes' Welcome Louisa Young April 1919 Six months have passed since the armistice that ended the Great War But new battles face those who have survived.Only 23, former soldier Riley Purefoy and his bride, Nadine Waveney, have their whole lives ahead of them But Riley s injuries from the war have created awkward tensions between the couple, scars that threaten to shatter their marriage before it haApril 1919 Six months have passed since the armistice that ended the Great War But new battles face those who have survived.Only 23, former soldier Riley Purefoy and his bride, Nadine Waveney, have their whole lives ahead of them But Riley s injuries from the war have created awkward tensions between the couple, scars that threaten to shatter their marriage before it has truly begun.Peter and Julia Locke are facing their own trauma Peter has become a recluse, losing himself in drink to forget the horrors of the war Desperate to reach her husband, Julia tries to soothe his bitterness, but their future together is uncertain.Drawn together in the aftermath of the war, the couples become tightly intertwined Haunted by loss, guilt, and dark memories, contending with uncertainty, anger, and pain, they are left with the question is love strong enough to help them move forward The incandescent follow up to the international bestseller My Dear I Want to Tell You, The Heroes Welcome is a powerful and intimate novel chronicling the turbulence of 1919 a year of perilous beginnings, disturbing realities, and glimmerings of hope.
The Heroes' Welcome Louisa Young

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One thought on “The Heroes' Welcome

  1. Kristine

    Original review can be found at kristineandterri 2I received an advanced readers copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Thank you This book is the sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You which I did not realise when I requested the book I was able to follow along but I think that readers would benefit greatly from reading them in the proper order in order to be familiar with the characters Also, I found myself really interested in what happened before [...]

  2. Barbara

    The world that World War I soldiers returned to was one that was totally unexpected The soldiers that fought in the trenches didn t expect their jaws to be blown off or their psyche to be so traumatized This is the story of Riley and Peter and their return to civilian life It is also the story of the women who loved them How they all managed was the plot of The Heroes Welcome.I would encourage reading My Dear I Wanted to Tell You, by the same author, first, so that you can get a full introductio [...]

  3. Liviu

    even better than My Dear I wanted to Tell You to which is a direct sequel again the main draws are the author style and the main characters, especially Nadine and Riley, though there is a lot of Peter, Julia and Rose too the blurb tells enough about the story line so won t go into detailwhile one can talk about themes, serious stuff etc, for me at least the main draws of the novel are its vitality, its affirmation of life and the way the pages flow so smooth and fast and by the end you want to [...]

  4. Michael

    England 1919, focusing on a badly maimed soldier and a parallel account of an officer who had not been wounded Full of thoughts in italics which I found most annoying and a story so soppy that I couldn t enjoy it.

  5. Shannon (Giraffe Days)

    1919 The Great War may be over, but those who survived are left to put the shattered pieces of themselves and their families back together, alone and unacknowledged Twenty three year old Riley Purefoy lost half his jaw in the war the artificial replacement helps hold his face together and is healing well, but he can t chew food or speak clearly Still, Riley considers himself one of the lucky ones, and not just because all his limbs are in working order and his brain isn t muddled He s just got m [...]

  6. Corinne Lewis

    Sadly this was not as good as My Dear I wanted to Tell You, I found it very depressing, I know that life after the war was not a bed of roses but this book didn t seem to be going anywhere and finished with no real ending

  7. Courtney

    Wasn t a fan of this one I liked the premise of the book, that it was going to focus on how people coped and tried to move on after the war, but overall it wasn t a very enjoyable read.There s handful of main characters Riley, a former officer who was wounded and had his jaw reconstructed His wife, Nadine, who had served as a nurse I think This was a follow up to a previous novel that I haven t read Peter, Riley s former CO who was not wounded but was left to mentally deal with losing his men Hi [...]

  8. Girl with her Head in a Book

    Recently, I pulled My Dear I Wanted To Tell You from the To Be Read pile, not least because the wonderful people of were sending me a copy of the sequel The sequel arrived, I read it Here we are Louisa Young appears to be following in the footsteps of Elizabeth Jane Howard in chronicling a family moving through the twentieth century and there is a definite suggestion of to come I have mentioned feeling slightly underwhelmed by the first in the series it dealt with the topic of facial disfigurem [...]

  9. Annette

    The Heroes Welcome by Louise Young was my third book to read courtesy of Good Reads It is set in 1919, after the end of WW1 Two soldiers return home, one with horrific facial wounds, one with deep mental scars The story follows their quest for closure from the horrors of war, and their attempts to move forward.The soldier with the facial wounds, Riley, marries his girlfriend, and after initial misunderstandings and non communication, finds contentment in married life He finds it difficult to fin [...]

  10. Samantha

    We read My Dear, I Wanted to Tell You for our book group in November, and with the Tower Poppies and other commemorations it couldn t have been appropriate At the end I really wanted to know what happened next for all of these tragic, flawed characters, and this sequel takes up the story in 1919, with a wedding and most of the main characters daring to hope for post war happiness and a good future There s nothing predictable about this second story, though, with further heartache for most I don [...]

  11. Rj

    Best thing about this was that I felt I learned something She does a good job at getting inside the traumaed mind which is odd considering how I found her italicised inner narratives of the various characters quite implausible.I like it when authors try and do something original and different with their writing style so I feel a bit mean saying I don t think the effort quite paid off on this occasion Also, I am conscious my criticism stems from my current writerly learning curve about narrative [...]

  12. Elisabeth

    After having read My Dear, I wanted to tell you by the same author and enjoyed it, I was pleased that Louisa Young had written a sequel to this book The Heroes welcome picks up the lives of Riley, Nadine, Julia, Peter and Rose where the first book left off It is now March 1919 and the war has been over for 6 months The men that survived the war have returned home but having experience such horrors life will never be the same Nursing both physical and mental scars, each of the characters from My [...]

  13. Sarah

    Very disappointed with this follow up to My Dear I Wanted To Tell You The war has ended and the characters are trying to get on with their lives, and yet I felt very distant from the characters There was so much that could have been explored Rose was destined for a medical career, in a Vera Brittain style narrative she wanted to change the world for the better after her experiencesexcept, she got on a train and no further chapter was devoted to her story Peter and Riley are both dealing with men [...]

  14. Lynn

    A grim look at the lives of two men who have returned from the fighting of WWI Riley has a horribly scarred face skin grafts and a jaw built from odd pieces Peter s scars are internal, and he cannot get past the horrors, the blood, the screaming, the death.This is also a look at the women in their lives When Riley, battered of face and soul, comes home, Nadine insists that they marry as they had planned Peter s wife, Julia, however, does not know how to cope with him, how to help him heal.Inevit [...]

  15. Il confine dei libri

    Ben trovate amiche,oggi vi parlo di un romanzo di narrativa veramente molto toccante Si tratta de I giorni del ritorno di Louisa Young, edito Garzanti Inghilterra, 1919 Soldati che ritornano in patria dal fronte, in cui hanno combattuto e vinto il nemico, in cui hanno visto sangue e sofferenza, in cui hanno perso fratelli e hanno perso s stessi Riley torna dalla sua fidanzata Nadine, che pronta a sposarlo e ad amarlo, nonostante il volto devastato da ferite che gli impediscono di parlare bene e [...]

  16. Emma

    The Hero s Welcome opens in 1919 with the wedding of Riley and Nadine, childhood friends and sweethearts In attendance is Riley s best friend and captain during the war, Peter, and Peter s son Tom.Afterwards, Riley and Nadine go to tell their families, none of whom react well Nadine and Riley are from different worlds, she is upper class, he working class Before the war, their marriage would probably have been impossible Then there is the fact that Riley was badly injured in the war He lost his [...]


    openbooksociety article thBrought to you by OBS reviewer Daniele The Heroes Welcome is the sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You and picks up six months after World War I has ended It follows the story of Riley, who was terribly disfigured during the war, and his new wife Nadine as they navigate a new, post war normal Their struggles with physical awkwardness, class differences, societal and familial rejection, and the ghosts of war are heartbreaking but hopeful Also, we read about Riley s comm [...]

  18. Megan Jones

    The Heroes Welcome is a sequel to another fantastic book by Young My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You the first book concerns events during the First World War and what the characters experience and this book concerns the effects of the First World War on the characters concerned and how they handle their transition back to ordinary life and coming to terms with the injuries they have received Both books are fantastically written and they definitely need to be read in order In this book Julia and Pete [...]

  19. Maggie Kiely

    I got this as an Audiobook This is a sequel to Louisa Young s My dear, I wanted to tell you which I read a few years ago I must say that despite the hype I did not enjoy book 1 and got this to see if I would see things clearly I adored this book and having read it can relate to and appreciate book 1 .Having read both I would suggest a new reader reads them in sequence I doubt the reader would get full understanding of book 2 without having read book 1.While book 1 dealt with the characters as t [...]

  20. LindyLouMac

    The latest choice for a book club I belong to Louisa Young is an author I had not come across before, so I had no idea that The Heroes Welcome is a sequel to My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You Had I perhaps known this beforehand I would have made the effort to read this first, as I do feel it would have given me insight into the background of the main characters who all appeared in the first novel The Heroes Welcome does however stand alone as a moving account of the after effects of the First World [...]

  21. Jacki (Julia Flyte)

    This is the sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You and unlike some sequels, it doesn t really work as a standalone book as it relies on knowledge of what happened in the first book However, happily, they are both excellent books so if you haven t read either, you have a treat in store for yourself.The book opens in March 1919 Riley and Peter have returned home from their time in France and in hospitals Peter returns home where he and his wife Julia struggle to find their equilibrium Riley marrie [...]

  22. Tia Bach

    As I sit to write this review, I am trying to process all my emotions this story is so intense and powerful Two couples, greatly affected by the war, struggle to find their way during peacetime Riley and Peter are the wounded soldiers, and Nadine and Julia are the women trying to figure out how to love their men without further damage occurring.War isn t pretty, but it gives men purpose Without that purpose, returning soldiers particularly those wounded, whether physically or mentally languish i [...]

  23. Sheryl

    I won this book from First Reads This book started a tad bit slow for me because I was bit lost because I hadn t read the first book in Ms Young s trilogy, My Dear I Wanted to Tell You but I ll be reading it backwards because once I got acquainted with the wonderful, richly formed characters I fell in love with them.It s about the two couples who have met during the Great War Riley who was badly disfigured during the war and his wife, Nadine fight their own demons that is really misunderstanding [...]

  24. Fiona

    A sequel to My Dear I Wanted to Tell You, which I loved It definitely needs to be read as a sequel I doubt it would stand alone I was happy to be reunited with characters I remembered well from the first novel but I think a reader who hadn t read the first book would struggle to get into this one This is a moving account of the aftermath of the First World War and the attempts and failures of Riley and Peter to come to terms with their experiences in the trenches It also looks at the impact on t [...]

  25. Sanne

    An interestingly well written book although slow moving Riley Purefoy and his commander return home from the war Riley to the welcoming arms of Nadine his beloved wife, and Peter Locke, to his wife Julia and wee son.While Riley had sustained horrific injuries to his face and required extensive surgeries to reform part of it, Peter s injuries were unseen and internal With Nadine s love, care and patience, Riley had accepted that Nadine was not turned off by his scars and after a bit of a rocky st [...]

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