God Loves Haiti (2020)

God Loves Haiti Dimitry Elias Léger God Loves Haiti A native of Haiti Dimitry Elias L ger makes his remarkable debut with this story of romance politics and religion that traces the fates of three lovers in Port au Prince Haiti and the challenges
  • Title: God Loves Haiti
  • Author: Dimitry Elias Léger
  • ISBN: 9780062348142
  • Page: 198
  • Format: ebook
God Loves Haiti Dimitry Elias Léger A native of Haiti, Dimitry Elias L ger makes his remarkable debut with this story of romance, politics, and religion that traces the fates of three lovers in Port au Prince, Haiti, and the challenges they face readjusting to life after an earthquake devastates their city.Reflecting the chaos of disaster and its aftermath, God Loves Haiti switches between time periods and lA native of Haiti, Dimitry Elias L ger makes his remarkable debut with this story of romance, politics, and religion that traces the fates of three lovers in Port au Prince, Haiti, and the challenges they face readjusting to life after an earthquake devastates their city.Reflecting the chaos of disaster and its aftermath, God Loves Haiti switches between time periods and locations, yet always moves closer to solving the driving mystery at its center Will the artist Natasha Robert reunite with her one true love, the injured Alain Destin , and live happily ever after Warm and constantly surprising, told in the incandescent style of Jos Saramago and Roberto Bola o, and reminiscent of Gabriel Garc a M rquez s hauntingly beautiful Love in The Time of Cholera, God Loves Haiti is an homage to a lost time and city, and the people who embody it.
God Loves Haiti Dimitry Elias Léger

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One thought on “God Loves Haiti

  1. Andre

    This could have been a 5 star review, if not for the hasty ending The initial inclination is to question the title, how can God love Haiti given their history The priest states the earthquake was the latest sign that God loves Haiti He loves you Of course God loves Haitians Why else would He encourage us to keep our faces pressed against the windows of great American and European wealth and grandeur, so close yet cruelly far, like a nation of Holly Golightlys Why else would He chin check us ever [...]

  2. William

    I really liked this book It wasn t what I expected Having read my fair share of rather depressing but hopeful stories of Haiti, I was expecting of the same But this novel is mostly comic But it could hardly be a novel of Haiti without a liberal dose of tragedy inside too Oh and it s a pretty decent love story too Built around the devastating earthquake of 2010 in Haiti s capital city , the story finds our star crossed lovers shortly after coitus in the presidential mansion That one of the lover [...]

  3. Tripfiction

    Novel set in Haiti a bit of goudou goudou The pall and detritus hang thick over Port au Prince, where the earthquake of January 2010 has decimated the city and its people Well over 100,000 people died and the aftershocks continued for quite some time death was so spectacularly random and massive L ger is hugely adept at capturing the mood, fear and the feel of such a cataclysmic event the UN peacekeepers pour in, the planes hover overhead, the dust floats around and settles and then spirals agai [...]

  4. Yanira

    This book was just okay Maybe I expected too much I wanted it to be less cliche and literary The love triangle felt odd Sure some parts were great and complex, but the plot was not believable.

  5. Anne Goodwin

    The Haitian earthquake of 2010 makes an unusual setting for a romantic comedy, but this novel manages to beautifully balance the devastating impact of the unexpected seismic event alongside celebrating bonds of affection and the resilience of the human spirit A love triangle between twenty year old artist Natasha Robert her new husband, the president, forty years her senior and Alain, the lover she has abandoned in the hope of escaping the confines of her native country The novel opens with a ba [...]

  6. Alesa

    How could a book about the terrible earthquake in Haiti be luminous Especially if its themes are political corruption, betrayal, and the sad fate of the arts in a poor country Well, this novel is I couldn t stop reading it It s a fascinating look into both Haitian culture, and the human heart, with all of their idiosynchrasies and confusion Haitian women and their steel decisiveness mystified me like no other in much the same way they mystified my father We men, we debate Women, they act We sing [...]

  7. Samuel Van

    Terribly cheesy story about the quake Really a very bad attempt at a novel Often reads like children s literature which I suppose it might well be if it weren t for the intertextual instances which are especially lost on young adults and children Some bits were good, but mostly this can t be called a novel because it lacks sophistication, depth, character development, realism, originality, and so forth Such a shame.

  8. Kayle Barnes

    I m torn I loved L ger s writing His prose is lovely and really allows you to focus on the characters as humans and not just victims of the 2010 Haitian earthquake or goudou goudou I also liked that he addresses international politics and Haitian history in pithy sentences without it feeling forced I didn t like the ending as it s not what I wanted to have happen, but what happens is fitting and good for all the characters I think.

  9. Monika

    A stunning reading experience that leaves you feeling devastated, hopeful, and conflicted in that gut wrenching, introspective I need to think about this deeply kind of way Read my full review at A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall.

  10. Gloria

    A novel about the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti might sound depressing, but this one isn t Instead, it is funny, sad, touching, and uplifting ReadHarder AuthorOfOppositeGender

  11. Hardy

    I began this book on my flight to Haiti for my second trip there Its native Haitian author paints a rich and emotionally gripping study of Port au Prince in the aftermath of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake there Told through the eyes and thoughts of three connected narrators, the story sprinkles moments of humor and persistent hope among the overall chaos God Loves Haiti beautifully captures both the frustration and the resiliency of a nation that has suffered far too much, and is a novel to wh [...]

  12. TJahniece

    Initially, it took me some getting used to the writing style but once I did, I was in Haiti Amidst grief, pain, love, and loss this story vividly describes what happened after the quake Written by Haitian about Haitians and the world, this first book of Dimitry L ger is very well executed and had very unexpected but welcomed twists My favorite part of the book was Part IV.

  13. Kisha

    It was challenging to get into at first because I was thrust into characters lives in a way that didn t allow me much opportunity to empathize with them It got better as the book went on however, the language often seemed overwrought and the ending seemed to neat and tidy particularly the epilogue.

  14. Gillik

    Just as the president of Haiti is about to flee his country on America s orders, just as his new wife is regretting having abandoned her true love, just as that true love is trying to escape the closet she s locked him in just then, an earthquake hits and hundreds of thousands die.And yet this is a surprisingly cheery book Its characters are full of light and prayer even as they re also reeling from an unthinkable disaster and countless dead Natasha, the president s wife, thinks in the immediate [...]

  15. ChristaSeeley

    This review originally appears on More Than Just MagicIn 2010 a massive earthquake destroyed Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti In only thirty five seconds 200,000 people died and than a million were left homeless It s impossible to forget those early days after the earthquake it dominated the news Now, a few years later, we don t hear as much about it Which is why when I first heard about Dimitry Elias L ger s novel, about the days following the earthquake, I knew I had to read it The effect [...]

  16. D.S.

    A masterfully written story of the earthquake in Haiti, through the eyes of three characters The three are involved in a love triangle, and the novel moves seamlessly back and forth between their perspectives Their physical and psychological movements from the minutes before, during and after the earthquake are riveting, their descriptions of traumas unflinching I wish there were a book club featuring Haitian authors and stories about Haiti, so I could go there and talk about this book for hours [...]

  17. Sarah-Hope

    Dimitry Elias L ger s God Loves Haiti is a surprising and engaging read Set in Port au Prince during and in the days immediately following the Haitian earthquake, the book focuses on a group of fictional characters who hold what are real positions in Haitian politics President, ex President, First Lady, and a young political activist This leads to a certain amount of speculation To what extent is the novel a general commentary on the nature of Haitian politics and society To what extent is it a [...]

  18. Barbara Rhine

    I liked this book better than I expected to Set in Port au Prince during and after the 2010 earthquake, the author focuses on a romantic triangle that involves the President of Haiti, his newly wed wife and her lover For those of us acquainted enough with Haitian politics to remember who the President was at that time Pr val , and who his priestly predecessor was Aristide , the choice of characters is disconcerting Both are given other names, of course, yet it is clear who they are And the autho [...]

  19. Byron

    Tragic though it was, I hadn t seen any books, movies and what have you based on the earthquake that hit Haiti in early 2K10 You can probably guess why that was Come to think of it, I guess there was that chapter in Infinite Crab Meats on Wyclef s fake charity Thankfully, there s now this book God Loves Haiti is a deeply touching nullus and surprisingly amusing story about a love triangle set in the immediate aftermath of the quake.The first lady, a young artist, is about to bolt the island for [...]

  20. Jim Krotzman

    I liked this novel It takes place in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 Port au Prince is in turmoil The people don t know where their loved ones are Before the earthquake Alain and Natasha were in love, but she married the president of Haiti to get ahead, to make a rich life for herself When the earthquake hit, the President was preparing to abdicate and take his new bride to to Italy to live.Some of my favorite quotations from the novel We live We suffer We die Prematurely Suddenly Passively 9 [...]

  21. Linda

    Leger has put forth and impressive debut novel His pros is nicely done and engaging Leger loves Haiti and sprinkles the book with wonderful descriptions of the land and its people The major philosophical question posed, that is God s love or rejection of Haiti, is appropriate and interesting The plot centers around the utter devastation of Haiti, but Legar manages to lighten the novel with a quirky, ironic love triangle.I really enjoyed this book I would have easily given it 4 stars but view spo [...]

  22. Jen Fries

    This is a debut novel from a journalist, and it used the conceit of rewriting the President and first lady of Haiti to suit the narrative Pr val is never named, just called the President , and his wife the woman at the heart of a love triangle doesn t seem to be based on the actual first lady So, taking that as it is, this novel is both urgent and lyrical It is set in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, and it has dark comedic moments where the tragedy is cast as both an act of God s [...]

  23. Katherine

    3.5 stars She stared at the tips of the fingers on the golden statue of big hands holding a globe in the wan morning sun The fingers were rotten with rust 15 Tomorrow will be a better day It has no choice 24 They wore khaki pants, preposterous can do attitudes, and shirts featuring large red crosses 40 mewhere around the park or in the rubbled city beyond it 43 If prostitution is the oldest profession, telecommunications is the newest profession 112 Over there they have a thing for Christopher C [...]

  24. Julie

    Ever since reading Mountains Beyond Mountains I have wanted to know about Haiti This is the fourth book I have read recently about the country, and the first novel It was the only one of the four books I read that was by a Haitian and the only novel It was a really lovely novel and gave me a first person view of what it was like during the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake Having survived a similar earthquake myself 1985 Chile about as strong but with much less loss of human life, due [...]

  25. Karen Ashmore

    L ger s description of the earthquake was not written in the journalistic style of Jonathan Katz in depicting its physical destruction nor does he write with the dreamy sensual quality of Edwidge Danticat Instead his style is a happy medium describing the physical casualties as well as what the survivors were feeling and sensing The story had an interesting triangulated plot surrounding the President and the First Lady and her lover that I at first found confusing as it wandered back and forth b [...]

  26. Peggy

    Debut novel, based on fact the devastating earthquake in Haiti the names of the past presidents events after the quake geographical accuracy , this story of the star crossed lives of 3 people the president, his wife, and her lover is followed in minute detail.The whole story leads up to the central issue will Natasha stay with her husband or seek out find reunite w her lover The answer is unexpected.Exquisite writing with many moments of levity, probably mirroring the attitude of the Haitian peo [...]

  27. kasia

    3.5 stars I wish that L ger had a better editor There s a lot to love about this debut novel the characters are complex and believable and the prose is filled with warmth and humor Particularly impressive is the portrayal of the cataclysmic, devastating catastrophe of the earthquake That kind of history can often feel like costumery and dramatic backdrop for a love story here it is like the inverse, where the romance fades out as the collective tragedy demands attention The book is unfortunatel [...]

  28. World Literature Today

    In his debut novel, God Loves Haiti , Dimitry Elias L ger uses the 2010 earthquake in Haiti as the backdrop for a love triangle As the three trudge through the aftermath of the quake looking for each other, each finds a different relationship with God while attempting to understand Haiti s propensity for disaster and its tenacity in recovering The three come to terms with the trauma they face and the despair that surrounds them in a novel that offers the reader a true seeming fictionalization of [...]

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