Hacı Murat (2020)

Hacı Murat Leo Tolstoy Mazlum Beyhan Hac Murat te K r m Sava na subay olarak kat lan Tolstoy bu d neme dair izlenimlerini Hac Murat ta b t n canl l yla romana aktard Sava an taraflar kadar egemenler ve uyruklar aras ndaki ili kilerin sergil
  • Title: Hacı Murat
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy Mazlum Beyhan
  • ISBN: 9789944883863
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
Hacı Murat Leo Tolstoy Mazlum Beyhan 1854 te K r m Sava na subay olarak kat lan Tolstoy, bu d neme dair izlenimlerini Hac Murat ta b t n canl l yla romana aktard Sava an taraflar kadar, egemenler ve uyruklar aras ndaki ili kilerin sergileni i, ki ilerin ve co rafyan n kusursuz tasviri bu esere g l bir ger eklik duygusu kazand rmaktad r Tolstoy un 1896 1904 y llar aras nda yazd Hac Murat, l m 1854 te K r m Sava na subay olarak kat lan Tolstoy, bu d neme dair izlenimlerini Hac Murat ta b t n canl l yla romana aktard Sava an taraflar kadar, egemenler ve uyruklar aras ndaki ili kilerin sergileni i, ki ilerin ve co rafyan n kusursuz tasviri bu esere g l bir ger eklik duygusu kazand rmaktad r Tolstoy un 1896 1904 y llar aras nda yazd Hac Murat, l m nden sonra 1912 de yay mland.
Hacı Murat Leo Tolstoy Mazlum Beyhan

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    216 Leo Tolstoy Mazlum Beyhan
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One thought on “Hacı Murat

  1. Ahmad Sharabiani

    Hadji Murad Hadji Murat, Leo Tolstoy Hadji Murat or alternatively Hadji Murad, although the first spelling better captures the original title in Russian Khadzhi Murat is a short novel written by Leo Tolstoy from 1896 to 1904 and published posthumously in 1912 though not in full until 1917 It is Tolstoy s final work The protagonist is Hadji Murat, an Avar rebel commander who, for reasons of personal revenge, forges an uneasy alliance with the Russians he had been fighting.The narrator prefaces th [...]

  2. [P]

    As I made my way through this short book I told myself that I wasn t going to review it, that I just didn t have the mental or emotional energy This is partly due to having written a lot of reviews this month, and partly due to what has happened recently in the world I am not asking anyone to take pity on me, of course, but I feel horribly deflated right now, and I was wary of this filtering into my approach to Tolstoy s work But then I came towards the end of Hadji Murat, and I read about how t [...]

  3. Leo Africanus

    Fortunately, Hadji Murat is a fraction of the size of War Peace or Anna Karenina but despite the brevity it propels Tolstoy to the foreground of my literary perspective.Hadji Murat chronicles the life of the eponymous hero who came to personify the resistance of the Caucasus to Russian imperialism The work was published posthumously and reflects an anger and disillusionment with Czarism that perhaps explains why Tolstoy chose not to make the manuscript public What follows is an intense portrait [...]

  4. Richard Derus

    Book Circle Reads 160Rating 3 of fiveThe Publisher Says In Hadji Murat , Tolstoy recounts the extraordinary meeting of two polarized cultures the refined, Europeanized court of the Russian tsar and the fierce Muslim chieftains of the Chechen hills This brilliant, culturally resonant fiction was written towards the end of Tolstoy s life, but the conflict it describes has obvious, ironic parallels with current affairs today It is 1852, and Hadji Murat, one of the most feared mountain chiefs, is th [...]

  5. Johnny Waco

    Published posthumously, Hadji Murad in some ways is a fascinating bookend to The Cossacks, one of Tolstoy s early novels Both are set in the Caucasus, Russia s imperial frontier and home to various ethnic groups hostile to Russian rule But while The Cossacks takes the view of a young, naive Russian officer living among ethnic Russian settlers, Hadji Murad tells the story of a Chechen rebel leader caught between fellow Chechens who want to kill him in a power struggle and the Russian colonizers w [...]

  6. Josh

    There will always be foes, one against another people against people, person against person, for a cause, for a belief, for what is right or wrong Many think of war as good vs evil, when in actuality no one wins it s evil vs evil.Tolstoy s Hadji Murad blends historical fiction with legend The reader is faced with the decision of whose side to be on We tend to always favor the supposed good guy, but who is good in war With this being my second subjection to the work of Count Lev, I must say that [...]

  7. Andrea

    This was my introduction to the great Russian writers I didn t really enjoy it that much, but I did find it a fairly readable account of actual historical events It s the 1850s, and Russia is at war with the Chechens Hadji Murad is the Chechen hero who defects to the Russian side Most of the novel concerns the period immediately following Murad s defection, where the Russians are trying to decide whether this reasonable, amicable, charismatic soldier can be trusted When Murad absconds to try to [...]

  8. Ken Moten

    Well, maybe not Napoleon, but a dashing calvary general yes, said Voronstov If not Napoleon, then Murat And his name is Hadji Murat This novella is believed to be the last thing Tolstoy ever worked on It is an amazing book examining life in the Caucasus Mountains through the tale of a historical Islamic warrior Hadji Murat The book gives you everything you expect in the great works of Russian and It is narrated by Tolstoy as a recollection which he heard as a solider during his stay in Chechnya [...]

  9. Keith

    When considering Tolstoy it is hard to think beyond the long form, the novels that make his general reputation today such as War and Peace and Anna Karenina Hadji Murat is from the other side of the spectrum, an astonishing piece of short fiction, a form that Tolstoy was also a master of Hadji Murat was the last fiction that Tolstoy wrote and it was not published in his lifetime In the Hesperus edition it runs to 123 pages but within those pages Tolstoy captures a world and the soul of a man.Had [...]

  10. Ririenz

    HAJI MURATSalah satu faktor penentu mengapa Aku memilih novel terjemahan ini ke dalam list bacaanku adalah siapa penerjemahnya Mengapa Karena Aku belajar dari Rashomon karya Akutagawa Ryunosuke yang ternyata isinya tidak se greget reviewnya Novel Haji Murat HM karya Leo Tolstoy ini diterjemahkan oleh Koesalah Soebagyo Toer Meski hanya 189 halaman ternyata isinya tidak setipis fisiknya Mungkin karena ada istilah istilah dari daerah Kaukasia yang hampir tidak familier baik secara lisan dan tulisan [...]

  11. Sunny

    I really enjoyed this little book In many ways it reminded me of under the yoke by Ivan Vazov and memed my hawk by yasar Kemal The former about Bulgarian independence and the latter about Kurdish independence I think This story by Tolstoy is about Chechen independence set in the 1800s It s interesting that the iconic Russian writer would write a story from a Muslim Chechens perspective The story is about a rebel called Hadji Murad who tries to gain independence for Chechnya The story in true Tol [...]

  12. Moushine Zahr

    This is the first novel I ve read from Leo Tolstoy and I didn t even know this title existed until I saw it in the bookstore in St Peterbourg, Russia I loved it In this short book, the author describes the last weeks and months of Hadji Murad, a fearless great Chechen warrior having fought successfully against both the Russian army and fellow Chechen leader The warrior s reputation is well known throughout the Russian army, Russia s high society and goes all the way to the Emperor Nicolas in St [...]

  13. Tony

    HADJI MURAD 1909 Leo TolstoyOne of the last works published by Tolstoy, this novel tells the story of a young warrior in 19th century Russia, fighting in the wars in the Caucasus He fights on the side of the Russians, but is finally brought to the realization that the important thing to him is family We follow Murad as he attempts to free his family from the clutches of the enemy who uses them as a bargaining chip in the conflict This is a case of Tolstoy attempting to place the whole situation [...]

  14. Ben

    Hadji Murat is, above all, a story about the will to survive, the will to defend one s individuality in a hostile world But it is also a story of love, a story about the conflict of East vs West the Muslim Chechens and their Russian occupiers , a story of war and brutality The history of Hadji Murat is, to me, interesting than the story itself not only the biography of the real figure on whom the work is based, but the background of how Tolstoy who at this point in his life had already renounce [...]

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