What Lurks in the Dark (2020)

What Lurks in the Dark J.L. Drake What Lurks in the Dark He was a hunter a killer a psychopath He was always watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike She was his greatest obsession Pushing through her past Emily McPhee was finally where she
  • Title: What Lurks in the Dark
  • Author: J.L. Drake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
What Lurks in the Dark J.L. Drake He was a hunter, a killer, a psychopath He was always watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike She was his greatest obsession Pushing through her past, Emily McPhee was finally where she wanted to be She had pulled straight A s, had a home in southern California, money, and a great group of friends One night her stalker decided to make his move and everytHe was a hunter, a killer, a psychopath He was always watching and waiting for the perfect moment to strike She was his greatest obsession Pushing through her past, Emily McPhee was finally where she wanted to be She had pulled straight A s, had a home in southern California, money, and a great group of friends One night her stalker decided to make his move and everything changed Now, fighting to get back to what she once had, Emily must deal with than just this psychopath, but also with her self involved mother and her one true love that s pulling away How hard would you fight the darkness that s threatening to take over your life Goose bumps raced over me as I desperately felt around the edges of the door, clawing at the wood next to it, trying to find a way out I heard a sound and found a set of eyes staring back at me from a Judas hole From What Lurks In The Dark
What Lurks in the Dark J.L. Drake

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    168 J.L. Drake
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One thought on “What Lurks in the Dark

  1. Candace

    Darkness Lurks is the first book in the Darkness series by J L Drake I listened to the Audible edition and while the narration was good, the story failed to keep me on the edge of my seat like I would have expected Sure, it was creepy at times, but I expected it to be far thrilling and suspenseful than it ended up being This is another one that fell in the like, but not love category for me.The heroine, Emily McPhee, lives alone in the house she inherited following the death of her father She s [...]

  2. Ashleyjo

    This is one of those books that frustrate the ever loving shit out of you because the plot is like squeezing blood from a turnip Yet, what drops of plot you get are addictive as hell It reminds me of those shell games street panhandlers use to take tourists for a ride Look, here s the plot Puts plot under one of ten identical shells and shuffles Now, where s the plot, you nitwit tourist An hour later Dumbfounded tourist has lost five times what his won, but still can t seem to walk away Maybe I [...]

  3. Nance

    I don t know about this one There was something just missing here for me even though I kept turning those pages I just had to see where this was going The main characters were not that likable to me The heroine was just too perfect She had the looks, the personality and everyone just loved her For a person on the run from a killer, she was just too naive She didn t seem scared or upset because who goes to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere just to get away from it all with a psychotic stalker [...]

  4. grey_books_ohmy

    This book was just SO good I normally read a lot of smutty books But this one opened my eyes to a new sort of genre This book has it all, super sexy, mysterious, CREEEEPY, action and a total thriller Its a must read I was hooked from the start I got no sleep on this book lol Just get ready, because this story is total ride You will love it Enjoy

  5. nd ♥Master's kitten♥

    GASP SHOCK Writing Story Characters Overall rating 5.0 5 SHOCKED STARS GASP J.L Drake is a new to me author, and I absolutely LOVED her writing style, the way she told this story I could picture everything as it happened, I could hear the character s voices, I felt like I knew these characters This was a real page turner for me Couldn t get enough This book was dark and creepy, intense and suspenseful and I couldn t get enough Emily McPhee, there were moments in this book that I really just want [...]

  6. Big Joe

    Book of 2015 so far 5 Star rating Love JL Drake s writing I read her Broken series in 2 days Saw this book, seemed darker, it is I loved it Hands down standing as my favorite dark genre read of year so far.Emily has a crappy mother, a diseased father and a crush on a guy who treats her like a sister She also, unknown to her, has a crazy, psycho stalker who has taken an unhealthy interest in her She feels like she is being watched, she hears sounds in her house, she feels something is wrong She i [...]

  7. Kristen Ollie

    I m writing this review as I m looking over my shoulder and out my window making sure no creepy, psychotic killers are lurking behind my trees Like seriously, I wanted to slap Emily We all know the things you should never do when being in a horror movie, so if your life suddenly becomes one Well then don t do those things And speak up for Christ sakes Ugh, the lack of communication between her and Seth bugged me However, I couldn t put the freaking book down and I thought I had it pinned I thoug [...]

  8. Reckless Readers

    Arc provided for honest review I fell in love with J.L Drake after reading her Broken Trilogy if you haven t read it then I highly suggest you do So I was super excited to read this I bothered her everyday to see how the writing was going lol I was not disappointed I wasn t able to read the first version but I still loved it This book hand me on the edge of my seat, I couldn t put it down I was reading anywhere I could I adored Emily, I felt for her and my heart broke for her Dealing with her fa [...]

  9. Efrat Almog

    I received ARC for an honest review Five big and creepy Stars Ok so this is the first time I get an ARC so clear that I was excited And after I read the broken trilogy by J.l drake and love it so much I was so happy that I put my hands first on the new trilogy she wroth Darkness and let me just say it was amazing Jimmy Lasko is a psychopath, and Emily is his greatest obsession and he is soooooo Creepy I swear he gives me the chills all over my body And not in a good way this one is scary But luc [...]

  10. Philomena Callan Cheekypee

    Can t believe this is the first book I ve read by this author What the heck was I thinking lol this was a fab read I inhaled it in a day Emily s life is on track She s at university has some great friends She s in love with an officer called Seth He s afraid to get too close Emily learns quick enough that danger is following her Who is after her Are they working alone What do they want Once I started this book I really couldn t put it down I kept saying one chapter I did stop to make dinner How [...]

  11. Jae

    DNF 48%.This was too YA NA for my taste After pages and pages of boring and mundane things happening, I just lost interest altogether in the supposedly suspense.

  12. Coz

    Do you ever read rave reviews and then read the book and wonder if everyone else had read a completely different novel to you Because that s what I found with Darkness Lurks.I couldn t care less about the heroine, Emily, a woman who is being stalked by an unknown and dangerous individual but still finds the time to flirt with boys, attend parties and get up on stage in a bar and sing a really cool and meaningful duet with a friend, demonstrating just how talented she is at everything and how awe [...]

  13. Kim BookJunkie

    Review posted under other editionMerged review 3.75 stars Darknes Lurks is a suspenseful psychological thriller mixed with a bit of erotic romance I enjoyed this book which contains several entertaining characters and a very compelling storyline Darknes Lurks is the kind of book that keeps you thinking I was constantly trying to figure out who the bad guy was Drake is crafty, continuously adding and male characters into the story, presumably to throw us off I was frustrated and disappointed to [...]

  14. Lin (From Chika With Love - Blog) Cohen

    I recieved an ARC for an honest review and let me tell you one thing OMG The perfect combination of love suspense I couldn t breath through all of it and waiting for book 2 is going to be a torture Such a cliffhanger I m not sure what is going on in J.L Drake s head, but whatever it is it will be amazing

  15. Noa Shani

    I received an ARC for an honest review.I fell in love with Drake writhing in the Broken trilogy and let me tell u something she did it again This book took me on a wild roller coaster One minute I was laughing and the next I was in shock from the unexpected events I d finish this book with several hours with no air to breath Can t wait for the next bookG five stars

  16. shukri

    1 5 starsHated the writing style Hated the hero and heroine, story line was interesting for me to finish but to continue Nope

  17. Three Chicks

    4.5 fantastic Stars Review by Jen HagenI think it s safe to say that tonight when I go to bed I will be analyzing every single noise I hear and I will have checked the locks on the doors about 3 times This story freaked me out It is not dark, but suspenseful with a sweet friends to lovers romance added in I was pulled in from the very first page Ms Drake made me feel like I was in every single scene She writes with fluidity and the scene transitions are flawless, which is something that I don t [...]

  18. Flo Grugel

    I was expecting of a thriller, I want really into the characters, but I liked the cliffy at the end.

  19. Lydia H

    Romantic Suspense is my top favorite genre, and let me tell you J.L Drake NAILED IT with this series There s passionate romance, action, suspense, mystery everything necessary to keep me GLUED to my Kindle, turning the pages in dire need of If you ve yet to read this genre, trust me, J.L Drake is the author you want to start with Darkness Lurks is a fantastic and enthralling novel you need to pick up I m so scared he s going to take you from me Anyone with a brain could tell Seth and Emily were [...]

  20. Cynthia

    Wow Wow I met this Author Jodi, while standing in line at a book signing, she and her friends where discussing the book she was writing so me being me I asked her what it was about and she gave me a little info on it It sounded great and we exchanged info, for when it came out on Well to say the book was great was the wrong word for it, It was fuc g fantastic I couldn t put it down I read the sample first and then I downloaded the book this was on Thursday night I stayed up till 12 30am and cont [...]

  21. I Love Story Time

    Another 5 STAR read by J.L Drake The Broken Trilogy is one of my favorite romantic suspense series, so I couldn t wait to read this book Now that I have, I m sad that I ve finished it Darkness Lurks was unputdownable It was suspenseful, intense, and suuuper creepy There were scenes that gave me the chills and scenes where I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest due to the anxiety I felt The storyline was thrilling and non stop You will adore the heroine Emily is feisty and quick [...]

  22. Samie Sands

    This book is filled with tension you ll be gripped from the very first page The plot is dark and compelling and driven by the wide range of strong characters Anyone will love this book, regardless of their preferred genre because it s so unique in its storyline I have already recommended What Lurks in the Dark to all of my friends, and I urge everyone on to read it tooyou won t be disappointed

  23. Jennifer

    This is a really good start to this series The story held me in suspense and I didn t want to put it down I liked both the H and h I started the 2nd book minutes after reading the first I m glad all the books are out, I don t generally do well with cliffhangers D

  24. Sarah

    Everyone needs to read this book It was action packed and kept me going I felt as if I was in every scene written I don t want to add spoilers but it s a must read

  25. ~Dawn~TUG

    copy kindly received from author for an honest review Super excited to read this onelooks intriguing

  26. Hhollis

    Just before I read this book, I read a Mary Higgins Clark mystery and Top Secret Twenty One by Janet Evanovitch Despite the fact that both of these authors are much established and slick with their writing style, I must say that this book kept me interested and engaged than either of them.The plot was fast moving and included lots of twists and turns that kept me guessing I stayed up long past my bedtime in order to see what was going to happen next I can usually guess who dun it when I read [...]

  27. Rhea

    This is a hard review for me to write The Broken Trilogy was one of the BEST book series I ve ever read I kept putting it down so I wouldn t finish it so fast I even read some chapters twice I loved the writing, the characters, everything So I was so excited to start another series by this author and seeing that all the reviews were 5 stars reinforced that But as I read the book, I couldn t believe it had been written by the same author I kept thinking it would get better and then speculated tha [...]

  28. Sarah

    After reading this book the only words that came to mind to describe it were Holy Sh t that was one hell of a roller coaster ride of emotions If you love suspense, romance, psychopaths and characters that will make you fall in love with them within the first chapter This book is for you I absolutely loved it I wish I could give it 10 deserving stars It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time What Lurks in the Dark had me sucked in from the prologue I couldn t put this book down once I sta [...]

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