Haywire (2020)

Haywire Brooke Hayward Haywire From the moment of its publication in Haywire was a national sensation and a bestseller a celebrated Hollywood memoir of a glittering family and the stunning darkness that lurked just beneath
  • Title: Haywire
  • Author: Brooke Hayward
  • ISBN: 9780394493251
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
Haywire Brooke Hayward From the moment of its publication in 1977, Haywire was a national sensation and a 1 bestseller, a celebrated Hollywood memoir of a glittering family and the stunning darkness that lurked just beneath the surface Brooke Hayward was born into the most enviable of circumstances The daughter of a famous actress and a successful Hollywood agent, she was beautiful, wealthy,From the moment of its publication in 1977, Haywire was a national sensation and a 1 bestseller, a celebrated Hollywood memoir of a glittering family and the stunning darkness that lurked just beneath the surface Brooke Hayward was born into the most enviable of circumstances The daughter of a famous actress and a successful Hollywood agent, she was beautiful, wealthy, and living at the very center of the most privileged life America had to offer Yet at twenty three her family was ripped apart Who could have imagined that this magical life could shatter, so conclusively, so destructively Brooke Hayward tells the riveting story of how her family went haywire.From the Trade Paperback edition.
Haywire Brooke Hayward

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    120 Brooke Hayward
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One thought on “Haywire

  1. Sketchbook

    Brooke, in her 30s, was the most stunning looking woman I ever met Also, among the most boring She made terrible decisions GRs who get wet reading abt famous dysfunctional families best bring 3 changes of underwear Pls, stop saying what a good writer, yew dummies Now, go, changes your undies.

  2. Cynthia

    This was just recently re released I read it when it first came out and I was a kid I now know I didn t understand half of it It is such a tragic story of a dream family Who wouldn t have wanted to grow up in the 1930 s and 40 s in Hollywood with your mother a famous movie star and your father one of the biggest power players Three out of the five in that family killed themselves or were presumed to have killed themselves But Brooke Hayward is such a terrific writer that this reads like a novel [...]

  3. Elizabeth Periale

    Hayward s memoir tells what it was like for her growing up in the golden age of Hollywood, where she grew up with the Fondas as playmates while her parents were hanging out with Jimmy Stewart and other Hollywood types And of course it all went horribly wrong Here is an excerpt from my review Brooke s mother was film and stage actress Margaret Sullavan, best known for her roles in The Shop Around the Corner and The Good Fairy Her father was Hollywood and Broadway agent Leland Hayward Sullavan cul [...]

  4. Michael Llewellyn

    Brooke Hayward s memoir, Haywire, caused a sensation when it appeared in 1977 There had never been quite such a frank account of family dysfunction, certainly not from such a famous source Daughter of celebrated producer Leland Hayward and stage screen actress Margaret Sullavan, Hayward grew up in a privileged world edged with tension and teeming with dark secrets Dramatis personae in this compelling tale of survival and redemption include Henry, Jane and Peter Fonda, Pamela Churchill, Jimmy Ste [...]

  5. Kim Fay

    This book was a gift in ways than one Gift 1 My friend Janet sent it to me Gift 2 It reminded me how significant a memoir can be Publicity positions this book as a Hollywood memoir you know the kind, lots of name dropping and gossip , but that really undermines what Hayward accomplished She is a good writer And even though her parents were a famous agent and the actress Margaret Sullavan, and the best family friends were the Fondas Hayward s mom was briefly married to Henry Fonda , this is a st [...]

  6. Doriana Bisegna

    This book has followed me around for 30 years I finally decided to buy it and read it and I am glad that I did This is old Hollywood i.e the days of Henry Fonda, Margaret Sullavan and Jimmy Stewart told by Brooke Hayward the daughter of Leland Hayward and Margaret Sullavan While this newly attained knowledge will not change my life in any way, I was still happy to have read it and learnt about how mental illness was handled by parents and the general public back in the 60 s and 70 s Have we ever [...]

  7. Jan

    This book is a memoir by Brooke Hayward, the privileged daughter of actress Margaret Sullavan and producer Leland Hayward I wanted to read this book because I love a couple of Margaret Sullavan s movies and I was curious about her life and family The book is written in kind of stream of consciousness style that jumps around a bit clearly, she was not a professional writer She writes about the New York crowd of rich and famous in a way that reminds me of how bloggers describe the Washington DC in [...]

  8. Michelle

    I loved this book because I have thing about famous dysfunctional families This one was def crazy The author writes about her family in a poignant and lyrical way that reminds me of how Fitzgerald would have written if he had been a member of this family Her insights into her mother, father, brother and the torturous, ill fated relationship between her sister and mother are stunning They still hold true if you think about other families you know Both her mother and sister ended up committing sui [...]

  9. Julie

    I liked the quote at the end I wept for my family, all if us, my beautiful, idyllic, lost family I wept for our excesses, our delusions and inconsistencies at we had let such extraordinary care be subverted into extraordinary carelessness We d been careless with the best of our many resources each other It was as though we had taken for granted the fact that there would be where we had come from too another chance, another summer, another Brooke, Bridget or Bill.

  10. Graceann

    Brooke Hayward is the eldest daughter of Hollywood royalty, and this is her story of growing up in a family that is rich with talent, intellect and sadness Her mother was Margaret Sullavan, a brilliant actress much loved by many, and married by four, including Henry Fonda, William Wyler, and Brooke s father, super agent and prorucer Leland Hayward He was the Toscanini of the Telephone, and she was so entrancing that Ogden Nash wrote a poem about her Reading this, I was reminded that wealth doesn [...]

  11. Lindsay Luke

    Brooke Hayward s mother was actress Margaret Sullavan Her father was producer agent Leland Hayward Her family was dysfunctional before that was a thing This book came out before Mommie Dearest, and was an eyeopener for a lot of people The Haywards should have led a charmed life, but instead, there were multiple divorces and marriages, two probable suicides and a third, brother Bill, long after the book was written , and multiple commitments to mental institutions It s certainly not as shocking a [...]

  12. Srfotog

    This is the best memoir I ve ever read and I just read it again after reading it the first time in 1977 Again, I couldn t put it down and stayed up very late for two nights until I finished it again.There s something about it that reminds me of Henry Miller s writings Despite all the tragedy and real horror, there s a sense of hope and even humor throughout the book that keeps one mesmerized as if the answer to all will be evident What is evident is the strength and bravery that Brooke Hayward s [...]

  13. Jen Dee

    When this book came out in the late 70s I m sure it was quite sensational a daughter of a famous family airing all their dirty linen, even before Mommie Dearest came out So, I m sure this was a revelation at the time However, now that these memoirs are de rigueur and many, shocking stories have come out, this just doesn t seem to leap off the page Plus the fact that I wasn t living during the time the Hayward family was supposedly so famous, I think, dims the effect of how crazy their behind th [...]

  14. Dale Stonehouse

    This is a book I owned 30 years ago but never read This reissue was done very nicely in form and content After reading books by about her 2nd husband Dennis Hopper, stepmother Nancy Hawks Hayward Keith, pals Jill Schary Robinson and Jane Fonda, among others, there were many connections I knew about and some I did not The style is true to the 70s, detailed and emotional than the same account today might be The new epilogue is a very short update, would have been appreciated Not mentioned is the [...]

  15. Susan Daly

    Dear Group,I read this book ages ago when it was first published in hardback I felt as if I was reading my life story, only without the fame.I gave it to my Mother to read as well and she also said this book sounded exactly like my life This is my Mother talking Brooke Hayward had a fabulously interesting life Oh, the truth she tells This is one of the very first memoirs I can remember reading Ms Hayward was ahead of her time when it came to writing memoirs, and this is one nearest and dearest t [...]

  16. Sarah

    Have been meaning to read this ever since reading Slim Keith s memoir where it was mentioned Brooke her siblings were Slim s stepchildren while she was married to Leland Hayward Brooke is a wonderful writer, and she has the gift of placing you, with her, then there, in whatever she is writing about And she has quite a story to tell Talented, brilliant successful parents, each at the top of their respective games, whether Hollywood or Broadway, who had beautiful talented children And the tragedie [...]

  17. Barbara

    I read this book in two days Very sad family saga The last page of the book is a wonderful wrap up of what went wrong with this family Very interesting facts of old Hollywood in the late 30 s and 40 s may have contributed to the problems but mental illness was there and took its toll The last half of the book went very fast The first half was a bit detail than I wanted with stories from childhood that were routine though extremely privileged This is not a book of drug abuse and alcoholism Their [...]

  18. Erin Miller

    I kept waiting to be interested in this book, but the further I got into it, the annoyed I became with it Brooke Hayward has undoubtedly had a lot of tragedies in her life, but reading about these tragic events in between her her descriptions of boarding schools in Switzerland, attending Vassar, and her famous friends the Fondas, amongst others , made the ultimate message of the book seem lost in translation It never seemed to have a big point or climax, either.

  19. Virginia Van

    A beautifully written, moving memoir of a childhood among he Hollywood elite by the daughter of actress Margaret Sulliavan an Leland Hayward, Hollywood agent supreme and a man whom Katherine Hepburn called the most wonderful man in the whole world But their life of wealth and happiness with nannies and ponies was also marked by mental illness, suicide and tragedy.

  20. Kacey

    I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone that confuses easily or is a little ocd about things being organized, like me It jumps all over the place and has random paragraphs from family friends just stuck in with no organization I m not saying it s bad, it just needs patience It s so tragic and Brooke must be an incredibly strong woman to keep going and write her memoir after all of her loss.

  21. Nancynoreen

    Read this one on the insistence of.wait for itwait for itT chrisnina My Mom And it too was in the early 80 s My first foray into the dark side of Hollyweird life One never knows what goes on behind closed doors No matter if those doors sit against a thatched cottage, a tract home, or behind great iron gates.

  22. Rose

    I read this a long time ago, probably in the back of a station wagon on a less than delightful family vacation.Divorced parents, dysfunctional family relationships, although rather mild by today s standards A slice of life in the fast lane of a Hollywood producer and his Broadway star wife and their children.

  23. Martha

    enjoyed the inside stories of Hollywood stars i watched in movies as i grew up read this book many years ago and what has stuck in my mind was the wife of Leland Hayward died in a nursing home, alone no family with her.

  24. Marianne Fanning

    Brutal to get through Classic story of a totally dysfunctional Hollywood family Difficult to read because the writer was all over the place Margaret Sullavan was a famous actress but it was back in the 40s and 50 s so its hard to relate to.

  25. Ginny

    stunning Deeply moving account of a Hollywood family which disintegrated and resulted in the suicide of two of the three children I read the original hardback version and I am keen to read it again.

  26. Marty

    I remember hearing of this book years ago, and then forgot all about it Now that I have read it, I wonder why I wanted to in the first place.

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