Swans In Half-Mourning (2020)

Swans In Half-Mourning Vi Khi Nao Swans In Half Mourning This is what happens when a powerful princess falls in love with a woman and God sits in the grass to count stars Princes birds and glass bottle labyrinths wrap around a spiral of Roman numerals
  • Title: Swans In Half-Mourning
  • Author: Vi Khi Nao
  • ISBN: 9781304920966
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
Swans In Half-Mourning Vi Khi Nao This is what happens when a powerful princess falls in love with a woman and God sits in the grass to count stars Princes, birds, and glass bottle labyrinths wrap around a spiral of Roman numerals.
Swans In Half-Mourning Vi Khi Nao

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    470 Vi Khi Nao
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One thought on “Swans In Half-Mourning

  1. Tania

    I read this book almost three years ago and it s still with me I keep returning to it it s hard not to, such is the consummate beauty of its language, its world Nao must be some kind of magician, because what s she s created here is an immaculate world, with its own impossible rules as befits a fairy tale riff , where humans turn into birds and pull pranks on their mothers, where God acts like a bored child playing spin the bottle, where we inhabit a zone where YouTube, Alexander McQueen, and Go [...]

  2. Erik Ehn

    Gentle reader Vi Khi Nao is a mind cannibal She will eat your brain The night reading this is precisely a night will start out as a cool sleepover, where an older sibling regales you with charged stories that brave the edges of legality, combusting hormones and Pop Tarts in arabesques of the sacred and snark attacks of mouth made, explosive blats narrative loops increasingly about everything ever, the way a bottle of wine is everything, in potential ThenYou will try and pull your thoughts togeth [...]

  3. Lawrence Olsen

    When traveling through an art exhibit I will walk right past all abstract pieces of work I pay them no mind True, there are great artists that utilize the form, but abstract art has never matched my taste This is probably why Swans in Half Mourning seemed so foreign to me Through the early chapters it was as if I were standing too close to a painting to see clearly the whole picture As I continued to read, of the painting came into view I was intrigued I wanted to see The book presents a story [...]

  4. Bradley Paynter

    Language is its own kind of feast It contains within it words and pieces of words designed to be set apart though together and reserved for an occasion Vi writes in preparation for a feast and she has always done it this way Like a feast, the words in their arrangement are satisfying and yet, beautifully, pique a desire for While it is true that Swans in Half Mourning is an adaptation of The Six Swans, it isn t important to know anything beyond that What Vi has achieved with this work is the cr [...]

  5. Susannah Pabot

    Vi Khi Nao s inventive and erotic rendition of the Grimm Brother s Six Swans moans with delightfully fresh images and unexpected linguistic twists and thrusts How is it possible to have an orgasm without making sound is perhaps the central question the reader is confronted with as Cynthia tries to sew her brothers back into human, fleshy, phallic existence while being continuously seduced out of her six year long pledge of silence by her ravishingly feminine lover and wife, Veronika While God li [...]

  6. Harshada Jindal

    It s been a little while since I read Swans In Half Mourning so the aftereffect is this there s hard fluidity to it, a sense of being trapped in human existence first experienced inside the animal one and then Russian doll like compacted into the mental one too but it s not really any of that at all There s breath, air, sound, and bodily channels and hollowed out spaces for the character to escape it all , of course, have love It s quite wonderful to think about and carry with you, letting it un [...]

  7. Ben Luton

    I speak as I read Vi Khi Nao s Swans In Half Mourning, maybe where my wedding takes place before my wedding and after my wedding In the urgency of my mind There is an expansion and a clairvoyant intelligence to this fragmentary work Then a ravishing humor Then it is a book of questions It makes me want to wear lingerie to ask my heart why it is my imperious friend And disarmingly clear To quote Edmond Jab s, who will be a great fan, Vi s story leaves the grooves of story telling and becomes shee [...]

  8. Anthony Luebbert

    Perhaps Swans in Half Mourning is best read with a needle and thread in hand in order to sew a thread through words like eyelash and marshmallow and cork and voice , so that after the book is finished, the reader may then follow the sewn trail back to the beginning That is to say, it s a book best read ten times, with new eyes and new skin each time Then you might find the eucalyptus that is long burning Otherwise, to only read it once, is to read a swan To read it twice is to find a person To r [...]

  9. Michael Reeves

    By Michael A.Reeves Feb 12, 2014Swans In Half Mourning is far than a mythical, magical lesbian love story Like a fantasy journey that is both inspiring and seductive, it is a story of one s own innermost desires Perhaps aligned with forbidden passions that flutter through the crevices of our minds It is a haunting story of love, lust, searching, and seeking of the desires of two lovers Swans in Half Mourning is a poignant love story that is certain to entertain you and bring warmth to your hear [...]

  10. Uyen Nguyen

    Strange and unusual The author takes you down a peculiar path in what seems like a bizarre dream sequence A fairy tale of ludicrous proportions At times abrupt, you cannot predict what will happen, nor do you want to Frequently you will stop and wonder, did I really read that Some sequences so illogical, you just have to laugh at the absurdity You cannot say a similar book, plot, or character was ever written In that aspect, it is very unique Certainly it is a book you read with an open mind and [...]

  11. Margaret Shore

    What I thought about Swan s in Half Mourning Ohhhh My GoD Vi is so crazy I love the way she thinks I cant explain it She is soooo herself And its okay I wanted to call her I wanted to reach out to her Because I didn t understand but I thought I did but needed clarity I want her I want to feel what she feels I want to be with her I want to hold her And relax I am caught between the wind I want to see her In every state Of the swans half mourning.

  12. Katrina

    I read the book in one sitting and finished wanting of this beautiful love story with its mix of sensual metaphors alongside funny and jarring ones One moment you re in a fairy tale castle making love to a beautiful silent woman and the next you re drinking Starbucks with tupperware falling all around you And when you re done you find the author has become your friend and is pushing you toward your own love Delicious.

  13. Timothy

    Swans in Half Mourning is creative and smart The author s intelligence shines through which made me desire a new and improved brain I was left wanting, wishing I could competently do something such as this The original fables had to be googled and researched for the proper read along Overall I was left strung out and satisfied by the work.

  14. Zahra Mumra

    Vi s book is a gloriously deconstruction, reconstruction of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, The Wild Swans Like a cook gently adding ingredients, a scientist, tinkering with chemical cocktails, she creates the love story of Cynthia and Veronica Hans Christian Andersen makes his heroines physically real both in Little Mermaid and the Wild Swans and Vi adds to that physicality I love how when she describes God and his actions, those scenes are difficult to imagine in their physics The [...]

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