Inamorata (2020)

Inamorata Megan Chance Inamorata A ghostly tale of how much fame and fortune can costAmerican artist Joseph Hannigan and his alluring sister Sophie have arrived in enchanting nineteenth century Venice with a single minded goal The
  • Title: Inamorata
  • Author: Megan Chance
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Inamorata Megan Chance A ghostly tale of how much fame and fortune can costAmerican artist Joseph Hannigan and his alluring sister, Sophie, have arrived in enchanting nineteenth century Venice with a single minded goal The twins, who have fled scandal in New York, are determined to break into Venice s expatriate set and find a wealthy patron to support Joseph s work But the enigmatic HannigA ghostly tale of how much fame and fortune can costAmerican artist Joseph Hannigan and his alluring sister, Sophie, have arrived in enchanting nineteenth century Venice with a single minded goal The twins, who have fled scandal in New York, are determined to break into Venice s expatriate set and find a wealthy patron to support Joseph s work But the enigmatic Hannigans are not the only ones with a secret agenda Joseph s talent soon attracts the attention of the magnificent Odil Leon, a celebrated courtesan and muse who has inspired many artists to greatness But her inspiration is otherworldly and comes with a devastatingly steep price.As Joseph falls under the courtesan s spell, Sophie joins forces with Nicholas Dane, the one man who knows Odil s dark secret, and her sworn enemy When the seductive muse offers Joseph the path to eternal fame, the twins must decide who to believe and just how much they are willing to sacrifice for fame.
Inamorata Megan Chance

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One thought on “Inamorata

  1. Carrie Gulledge

    Before I begin my review, I just want to put out there a warning for any potential readers a warning I wish I had had myself when I realized what was going on in this book There is a very VC Andrews esque Flowers in the Attic relationship that exists between the two main characters, brother and sister twins Sophie and Joseph I do find it fairly annoying that this wasn t hinted at in the description of the book while I understand that no experience is off limits when it comes to writing, this par [...]

  2. Zoeytron

    Through writing both vivid and beautiful, the ancient city of Venice is brought to life I could almost feel the water of the canals lapping at my toes Stars are likened to glitterdust scattered across the dark skies See the cats with their twitching, taunting tails.Twins Joseph and Sophie Hannigan have always known they are destined for something special Each one enhances the other with his her twinning charisma Joseph is a painter, Sophie is a storyteller.The year is 1879 and artistically incli [...]

  3. Melinda

    Breathtakingly BeautifulWarning I absolutely adored this book, so unabashed gushing follows For recommendation, skip to the end.Chance writes incandescent prose that engages all five of my senses I could see, feel, touch, taste and hear everything that the characters did in 19th century Venice The book is so lush, beautiful, intricate, colorful and mysterious that I read at a snail s pace to prolong the experience That has happened about ten times in my life after reading thousands of books.In t [...]

  4. Marty Essen

    Feel the ambiance Although Inamorata has gotten mostly good reviews, I couldn t help but peek at some of the bad ones Some people said the book was boring or the writing was poor others were too uptight to deal with the subject matter and still others thought it was too long.Here s the thing They are all wrong First, this is a well written book I m a professional writer I know Megan Chance is a talented author, and she put a lot of work into Inamorata.Second, ambiance is big part of this book So [...]

  5. Kelly

    The fatal muse She inspires artists to create sublime masterpieces, but drains away their life force in exchange, driving them to madness or an early grave This archetype lies at the heart of Inamorata, a new paranormal tale by Megan Chance, who has previously written a number of historical fiction and romance novels.Inamorata is set in a gorgeously rendered nineteenth century Venice, a city long past its heyday, now crumbling picturesquely into ruin The captivating Odil Leon has taken up reside [...]

  6. Audra (Unabridged Chick)

    I ll admit that I keep meaning to be super snobbish about s Lake Union imprint, but then I forget and good thing, because I keep enjoying the reads I ve come across I Am Livia and now this one.Set over a month in Venice in 1879, the novel follows four individuals Odil Leon, an immortal courtesan who feeds on genius to survive, gifting the artist in question with immortal fame Nicholas Dane, a failed poet who never made a bargain with Odil and is determined to destroy her Joseph Hannigan, a deepl [...]

  7. Kristin

    A Z and PopSugar Challenge with Karly and JessA book with a one word title Inamorata Chance, MeganC Chance, Megan2.5 starsWhat are you willing to sacrifice for fame For nearly three hundred years Odile Leon has been the muse for countless painters, poets, and musicians, inspiring their greatest works and cementing their names throughout history Canaletto, Byron, Keats, Schumann they would have faded into history if not for her But notoriety comes at a cost A price must be paid for great and last [...]

  8. Gerri Leen

    I got fifty percent of the way through this book before I couldn t take it any, and my ability to stick with it that long is due primarily to the premise that involves a type of succubus muse a succumuse for the villainess I hadn t seen this used before and the idea of someone who can both inspire and then suck out the talent fatally was an appealing idea for its lack of ubiquity in paranormal stuff The problem with this book is simple Ninety five percent of it is tell and not show It has rotati [...]

  9. Karin Foster

    I got this free with my Kindle Prime account otherwise, I don t think I would have selected this It was described as historical fiction, but I would have to say that defining it as fantasy romance would have been a better choice The author did a great job describing the setting and the mythical background of Odile, the temptress of this story The changing narrative between chapters also helped make the story interesting, but the plot line still moved slow If I had been on some exotic beach or a [...]

  10. snowplum

    Inamorata is a haunting and sensual quartet about desire and inspiration, love r s and muses, and the bonds between people that are so strong they skirt the bounds of madness, periodically spilling over the edge but rarely still, granting sanctuary and salvation.Author Megan Chance has challenged herself to do justice to a story which is at once as timeless and focused as a tale of grand passion, need, art, and obsession must be and as complex as the story of two artists one who has lost everyt [...]

  11. Alicia

    One of the most beautifully written novels I have read in a long, long time This novel was ambitious in two areas that, I feel, are extremely challenging 1 Describing the energy and beauty of visual art, such as frescos, paintings, and sketches that allows the reader to truly visualize their depth 2 Writing about a very unique, and somewhat taboo, relationship between fraternal twins without getting creepy or tasteless To say Ms Chance nailed those two challenges would be an understatement She f [...]

  12. Andi

    I could not put this book down This has been, by far, the best fictional story I ve read in a long time It is a fantasy, but is very well done The idea behind the story was very original as were all of the characters I would definitely recommend this tale The scenes in Venice are beautifully described as were the well developed characters The story itself kept me guessing the entire time and as,such, I could not put it down for two days The ending was perfect for a tale about demons, although th [...]

  13. Corissa Stobing

    What an awful book, I finished it because I felt I had to, just so I could throw it down in exasperation I grabbed it from the free books, and I clearly chose wrong this time The story is so simplistic and obnoxious, it pretends to be incredibly serious and mysterious, when, if you are paying a bit of attention, you would figure out all the not so thinly veiled secrets I hate books where horrifying secrets are hinted at, so much so that they are not at all shocking by the end The forbidden love [...]

  14. Sara (Freadom Library)

    This review was originally posted at freadomlibrary.wordpress Critically Plot 3 out of 5 starsThis was just strange I honestly still don t know what to make of it It was confusing a lot of the time and dark and creepy The pace was really slow the entire time until the last few chapters toward the end when things picked up and finally got interesting I was really disinterested most of the time and it took a while for the plot to engage me Not my favorite definitely Writing Style 3.5 out of 5 star [...]

  15. Julie

    Inamorata by Megan Chance is a 2014 Lake Union Publishing release.A succubus is a female demon or supernatural entity in folklore traced back to medieval legend that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity The male counterpart is the incubus Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.I chose this book as part of the kindle first reads program It was [...]

  16. Sara

    Yes, she was his angel But can t you guess, my love She was his demon too.I received Inamorata through s Kindle First program several months ago I finally decided to read it, and it wasn t quite what I expected.In the summary, we re told that Joseph and Sophie Hannigan flee to Venice to escape some terrible scandal and find fame Once there, Joseph falls under the spell of the terrible and beautiful Odil , who promises Joseph fame if he s willing to give up everything.This is true enough, I suppo [...]

  17. Stefanie

    This one snuck to the front of the reading queue when I saw it on sale A gothic romance suspense tale set in mid 1800s Venice about a succubus and a dark and strange connection between twins YES PLS This genre bender was deliciously dark and atmospheric, with a kind of hauntingly perfect end.The tale centers on four characters Odile, the succubus Nick, one of her former targets now sworn to stop her and the twins Sophie and Joseph Joseph who s an up coming artistic talent, and Sophie, who has a [...]

  18. Ryan Dejonghe

    This book is just as gorgeous as its cover It reminds me of the recent book THE QUICK, taking me into beautiful European history whilst dipping me into the supernatural More books need to be like this Author Megan Chance blends it well together, offering magnificent results.First, let s talk characters I absolutely love that Megan presents the story from different character perspectives, especially allowing us to see into the perspective of the succubus herself Her descriptions are marvelous you [...]

  19. Wart Hill

    I received a free ARC via NetGalley This fact has no bearing on my reviewBoring, didn t hold my attention.

  20. Suzanne

    An engrossing yarn with a few minor problems, Inamorata is a page turner of a thriller set in a beautifully wrought nineteenth century Venice The writing is so detailed and luxurious that it transports you back, just like a book in this vein ought to Oh what a tangled web the succubus weaves Odile, the embodiment of the muse, inspiration personified, drains artistically inclined men and feeds off their energy, leaving them to create one great epic masterpiece and then in total shambles Some go m [...]

  21. Emily Crow

    Probably like 3.5 stars A well written, very original novel, infused with erotic longing I m not really sure how to describe it the story concerns a brother and sister twins who have survived a horrible past by becoming inextricably entwined with each other, and a succubus on the prowl for her next victim Set in Venice in the late 1800s, with lots of artists and gondoliers and descriptions of the crazy light OK, I will admit that synopsis will probably drive people away from the book and here I [...]

  22. Ken Bour

    This book is very different from the material I routinely consume Megan Chance is a profoundly exceptional writer I found myself engaged in this story from about the 2nd chapter once I became oriented Her prose is elegant, descriptive, imaginative, and still approachable The characters were clearly drawn and the dialogue sensible given the historical period and context Without giving away the thrust of the novel, it required every bit of my willingness to suspend disbelief however, once I submit [...]

  23. Janice

    Would you sell your soul to have the thing you desire the most This story is set in Venice and centres around a brother and sister twins who come to Venice to seek fame and fortune for the brother who is an aspiring artist Their fate becomes embroiled with that of a hunter and the man who hunts her I found this to be a unique tale of love, passion, obsession, and characters with deep and dark secrets that kept me turning the pages The story haunts me.

  24. Laurie

    I had the hardest time rating this book Part of me wanted to give it a 2 and part of me a 4 It s that kind of book makes me feel very confused about what I thought of it But it certainly was interesting, and the characters were extremely well developed Although fascinating, I was repelled by some of them Glad I read the book but if it were a movie I wouldn t have gone to see it

  25. Travis sivarT

    Historical fiction taking place in I believe 1800 s Italy A succubus adding a paranormal factor Some steamy sex scenes A good tale of a painter and some other famous artists who sacrifice it all to leave their mark on the world.

  26. Meghan

    This book was not what I expected from the blurb at all I ve read and enjoyed plenty of Megan Chance s work so I don t know why I didn t think it was going to be as dark as it is It s really not a happy funtimes book in any way It was still very interesting but I think I would have enjoyed it if it were less twincesty The ending also kind of fell flat with me As usual, however, Megan Chance does a great job of creating interesting, complex female characters who are somewhat sympathetic even whe [...]

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