DragonFly (2020)

DragonFly Charles A. Cornell DragonFly A young woman with the fate of a nation in her hands An aircraft designed by science fueled by magic and flown with passion A World War re imagined like never before Strap yourself in for a wild ride
  • Title: DragonFly
  • Author: Charles A. Cornell
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  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
DragonFly Charles A. Cornell A young woman with the fate of a nation in her hands An aircraft designed by science, fueled by magic and flown with passion A World War re imagined like never before Strap yourself in for a wild ride as award winning author Charles A Cornell takes you on his dieselpunk adventure, DragonFly a collision of science fiction with fantasy that fast forwards steampunk intoA young woman with the fate of a nation in her hands An aircraft designed by science, fueled by magic and flown with passion A World War re imagined like never before Strap yourself in for a wild ride as award winning author Charles A Cornell takes you on his dieselpunk adventure, DragonFly a collision of science fiction with fantasy that fast forwards steampunk into an alternative World War Two In 1942, an unlikely heroine changes the course of history On the eve of invasion by the Nazis, twenty two year old RAF pilot Veronica Ronnie Somerset is fighting another battle winning respect within the stuffy, male dominated British military She s feisty and brash and determined to overcome every obstacle to become Britain s first female combat pilot When Ronnie is re assigned to Enysfarne, a mysterious Royal Navy base off the coast of Cornwall, fate places her inside the cockpit of the most revolutionary aircraft ever invented Brilliant engineer, Dr Nigel Pennbridge has discovered quadra hydrogen, an element that powers the DragonFly, a remarkable fighter bomber that carries the hopes of Britain on its blue and silver wings Across the English Channel, Nazi Germany is busy planning its next conquest Reichsf hrer Bernhardt Morax, Hitler s personal sorcerer and leader of the Third Reich s Zauber Korps is preparing his Blutskriegers for the invasion bio mechanical warriors created by a depraved occult science whose dark secrets cross the boundaries of evil In DragonFly, Veronica Somerset s adventures unfold in two self contained novellas In Part I To Hell and Back , Ronnie proves she s a hard nosed, quick thinking daredevil She embarks on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines to spy on Hitler s invasion plans and rescue a defecting officer from the Zauber Korps Hans Sch ller is a Nachtj ger or Night Hunter who introduces her to psychic powers she didn t know she possessed powers that entwine her destiny with his In Part II Victory or Death , DragonFly comes to its dramatic conclusion The Nazi invasion fleet is gathering off the shores of England Morax, with help from his spies, is determined to seize the DragonFly and unlock the secrets of Enysfarne s Druid past Will the Druid wizard, Affodill whose ancestral home of Enysfarne has been expropriated by the Royal Navy join forces with the British, or will he make a pact with the evil Morax Can Princess Victoria and Ronnie Somerset convince Affodill to place his magic in the service of a nation that has betrayed his Druid ancestors for centuries DragonFly the Illustrated Edition is the ultimate DragonFly reading experience It s packed with sixty illustrations that make the action jump off the page, including character dossiers, historical retrographs and fantastic designs of retro futuristic aircraft Eleven of the sixty illustrations are exclusive to this omnibus edition of DragonFly and will be unavailable anywhere else
DragonFly Charles A. Cornell

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    241 Charles A. Cornell
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One thought on “DragonFly

  1. Veronica ⭐️

    I really enjoy stories written around the world wars However, this is the first story I ve read that combines the historical elements of WWII with Science Fiction Fantasy elements of engineering and a little magic.Veronica Ronnie Somerset, an RAF pilot, is sent to Enysfarne, a Navy coastal outpost The castle of Enysfarne was a dark and towering force that hovered over what was left of my innocence It contained my destiny, of that I had no doubt whatsoever a fate that threatened to wipe the blush [...]

  2. eBook Miner

    Straight off the bat, we like to admit that we have not read this book However, our community has read it in excess of well over 30 times and we give an average rating based on what they say The real rating based on the average our community reviewed was 4.5 stars Our readers all rated the book between 4 and 5 stars which is a phenomenal effort by this author DragonFly was chosen quite convincingly as our August 2014 book of the month.Charles A Cornell enthralled voters by his description of his [...]

  3. Stefanie

    Gifted from the author for my vote in the Ebook Miner group DragonFly is a wild AU WWII adventure that takes the British Navy, Air Force, and Hitler himself from our own history and throws in heavy doses of Hitler s mysticism and army of talented humans and genetically modified monsters along with some pretty impressive British forces of sassy ladies including Princess Victoria , powerful crystal harvesting druids, and fantastic diesel punk aircraft.It is a refreshing break from the over saturat [...]

  4. Jonah Gibson

    DragonFly is a romp World War II re imagined in a proto feminist, diesel punk fantasy world A little science fiction A little Druid sorcery A whole lot of Nazi excesses to fuel the narrative Pilot Officer Veronica Ronnie Somerset must overcome the entrenched good old boy misogyny of the RAF and the Royal Navy to land a job piloting a flying boat out of a remote naval base off the Cornish coast When her assigned plane is destroyed in a surprise Luftwaffe raid she thinks she s out of a job.By forc [...]

  5. Charles Cornell

    Of course I think this is five star What author wouldn t I really want to know what you think This is a dieselpunk novel a blend of science fiction and fantasy in a world of an alternative history So if it is anything, it is unique

  6. C.J. Anaya

    I ve got to say it s been a while since I ve read a book as well written as DragonFly There are so many items I wish to discuss in regards to my enthusiastic approval, I hardly know where to start I must advise anyone reading this that there will be plenty of spoilers Consider yourself warned Now on to the good stuff Dragonfly is a unique story of an alternate World War II view involving mysticism, dieselpunk technology, science and thrilling action.Veronica Ronnie is a woman struggling to asser [...]

  7. Laura

    DragonFly starts off with a bang the train carrying Pilot Officer Veronica Ronnie Somerset to her newly assigned post is attacked by Nazi planes She makes it to the station, then on to the Royal Naval Station Enysfarne, a castle high above the Cornish coastline After establishing she is indeed a pilot, not a cook, Ronnie learns she will be testing the latest British plane, the DragonFly It is the furthest thing from ordinary Able to travel on land or under the sea, it boasts the ability to refue [...]

  8. Brendon

    I received this e book for free after participating in the E Book Miner s Book of the Month program This is my full and honest review and opinion of the book.I must say I really enjoyed this read The story had a great balance of action, character development, fantasy magic, and science fiction technology This was my first historical fiction book I have read that mixed the genres of scifi, fantasy, and steampunk.When I rate scfi fantasy novels, I really look for two things The first is a compelli [...]

  9. Bard Constantine

    Dragonfly is a dieselpunk alternative history novel set in WWII It follows the harrowing adventures of Veronica Ronnie Somerset, a mail drop pilot who is thrust into the spotlight when she becomes the first female combat pilot in the face of a looming Nazi invasion of Britain Her fearless example leads to an additional pair of women pilots, forming the Dragonfly Squadron.There is a lot to like about Dragonfly Mr Cornell has a firm grasp of the time period, putting the reader in the air and on th [...]

  10. April ♥"LOS" ♥

    While this is not the typical genre that I read, I found it to be very fast paced and entertaining Set in 1942, this book follows twenty two year old RAF pilot Veronica Ronnie Somerset in her quest to become Britain s first female combat pilot Along the way she earns her spot on a mysterious Royal Navy base where she will be testing Britain s most inventive aircraft, The Dragonfly Now this is where things take an interesting turn While the story is based in the history of World War II there is e [...]

  11. Kristin Lundgren

    This review was done for TheAuthorVisits, a website for authors and readers.Here s the review It s a dieselpunk, alt history WWII story about aerial combat between Germany and Britain Early on, I was going to give it 4 stars, but I so enjoyed it, and wanted to read the next book, and knew I wanted to reread this one, that I had to give it 5 stars Very inventive, and with lovely illustrations that can be zoomed in on.Title DragonFly Missions of the DragonFly Squadron 1 IllustratedAuthor Charles C [...]

  12. John Catton

    This first volume of the series Missions of the Dragonfly Squadron has well rounded characters, a strong plot and a superb doom laden atmosphere It can be regarded as a complete success in building an alternative reality World War Two that lives and breathes When I sat down to write a review of this book, I realized that this was going to be difficult, because there is so much going on in the plot But on the other hand, this book is an omnibus edition of two stories, To Hell and Back and Victory [...]

  13. The Author Visits

    Note The Author Visits received this book from the author in return for an honest review These opinions are solely our own.Review by Kristin Lundgren on behalf of The Author VisitsVeronica Ronnie Somerset, is a ferry pilot of Lancaster bombers from the factories in Canada to England, or flying the grumpy hippo , the Sunderland flying boat, on mail runs Known for speaking her mind, she is sent down to Enysfarne, down by Penzance a radar station and outpost, but also what was to be her headquarter [...]

  14. Laura W

    I received this for review through the group ebook miner After pondering it for a while, I found there were two main problems I had with this book that made it less enjoyable.First, there was a lack of clarity throughout the book Some things weren t thoroughly explained like the whole sorcerer bit and Veronica s past and it just wasn t clear Sometimes the plot and what was happening to the characters was a bit fuzzy as well It sometimes felt like the author had taken a two month break between wr [...]

  15. Lexie Conyngham

    I received a free copy of this for review partly because I failed to read the small print This is an alternative reality scenario but set against a Royal Naval station in Cornwall in the Second World War, where rather strange things are happening The Germans have been developing some alarming aircraft which are devastating the RAF and Navy, but a Naval boffin has a surprise up his sleeve and it s related closely to the mysterious and lengthy history of the castle in which they are based Pilot Of [...]

  16. Hákon Gunnarsson

    I got this book through ePub Miner in exchange for an honest review While reading it I felt like the writing style reminded me of something, and it finally dawned on me around the halfway mark It feels a bit like some of the books I read as a kid Books that had heros which were very good role models, kids or teenagers trying to take first steps in an adult world and proving themselves In DragonFly there are young women in similar steps, while fully adult they are trying to make their mark on a v [...]

  17. G.J. Griffiths

    DragonFly by Charles A Cornell A complimentary copy from the author for my vote in the Ebook Miner s Book of the Month group DragonFly is a fast moving World War2 adventure that has a tough and smart female pilot as its central hero We also have a clever mixture of fantasy and science fiction throughout the story to lift it above the usual WW2 tale of historical fiction The book was very well written and the story flowed with one exception that I found unsettling The majority of the tale is told [...]

  18. Daniel Pearson

    5.0 out of 5 stars DragonFly Missions of the DragonFly Squadron 1 is a fantastic read March 19, 2014By Daniel Sinclair PearsonDragonFly is a fantastic read There are hundreds of thousands of new novels of all genres to read that would appeal to a wide audience of readers and age groups I think that DragonFly is one of them and I can t wait to read the rest of this exciting series.This is the first novel that I have read in the DragonFly series and I thoroughly enjoyed it Within moments of openin [...]

  19. Trista Borgwardt

    Gifted from the author through the Ebook Miner Group.DragonFly is a unique alternative adventure of World War II and the British Navy, Airforce, Hitler and his Nazis It is a refreshingly interesting spin on what the War could have been like and lets the reader enjoy strong feminist pilots fighting for their country The book starts off action packed with an aerial attack that impacts the train that is carrying Ronnie to her new destination where she will start her new assignment Ronnie has to est [...]

  20. Patricia Walker

    The beginning of the story is relatively slow to allow the necessary background to be laid before the reader without this the story would have little meaning Once the action kicks in though it takes the reader to realms above and beyond the reach of normal fantasy and imagination We are given vivid descriptions of events we can identify with as they are almost parallel with the actual history of the time depicted and are realistic enough to realise that some of these events might just have happe [...]

  21. Chris

    I had read the two individual books, so I had to read the illustrated one also to see the difference and the level of attention to detail in the illustrations will blow you away Looking at Mr Garcia s illustrations of the aircraft you d think that there really were planes such as these in WWII This book is a compilation of both the individual novels It s a well written book and characters, a mixture of magic and science it seems The story of a female pilot in WWII Britain who would have been rel [...]

  22. Bob Laerhoven

    First of all, this I didn t know what to expect from this diesel punk genre from which I d never heard before The reason for this is simple I am a professional Belgian author who has traditionally published than 30 books in the Netherlands and Belgium, and who, in 2014, has been published in the States with the Award winning novel Baudelaire s Revenge I don t know any Belgian or Dutch author who writes diesel punk novels So, Dragonfly , the first novel in a series by Charles Cornell, is the fir [...]

  23. Nicky

    What a blend of genres If you read steam punk, diesel punk, fantasy or alternative history, you ll enjoy Dragonfly Although dealing with war and the atrocities of the Holocaust, I think the author did a wonderful job balancing the tone of the book between grim and the edge of dark.The authors writing style makes it easy to picture the scenes in your mind as it flows with the story.I am glad the author offered glimpses into the Nazi POV I am very interested in reading Die Favrik I do have a few m [...]

  24. Rachel

    I received this book free from the author and eBook in exchange for a review The opinions expressed are mine alone.This is the first that I ve read this author and for that matter the subgenre steampunk It is not my normal reading material but I found the description intriguing When I began reading I will admit I was a little confused My advice reading a steampunk book, look the genre up As soon as I did that my confusion instantly ceased That s when I started to enjoy the book It made a huge di [...]

  25. Tia

    What an amazing story An awesome mix of Nazi Zauber Korps soldiers, mysticism, women pilots and British intelligence and royalty Ronnie was sent to Enysfarne to fly the British secret weapon the Dragon Fly, a fully submersible airplane fighter jet She was at first rejected for being female but soon proved her worth to the RAF The Dragon Fly was no ordinary flying machine but one fueled by a crystal that was found in the caves of Enysfarne A lot of druid mysticism surround the stronghold and many [...]

  26. Mary

    This is a thrilling, adventure ride through a re imagined DieselPunk version of World War II This is the story of Veronica Ronnie Somerset a woman pilot trying to make it in a man s world She s sent to what she believes is a banishment but turns out to be her best opportunity Ronnie not only gets to fly a prototype plane the DragonFly but flies combat missions, but is able to travel on a dangerous mission where she discovers a strength and skill she didn t know existed within it While speeding t [...]

  27. Cami

    An intriguing view of WW II from an alternative historyThe tale of the DragonFly Squadron is intriguing and terrifying Ronnie Somerset isn t your average RAF pilot, because Ronnie s a woman From the day she arrives in Treporth to serve at Enysfarne only to find out that the Americans have signed a peace treaty with Hitler and are backing out of the War she knows that there is no giving up The DragonFly is powered by paramagnum vitae, which is a crystal that is only found beneath Enysfarne Nigel [...]

  28. Rachael

    Such a great read DragonFly is a dieselpunk novel set during World War 2 It follows Ronnie Somerset as she becomes the lead pilot in the newly established DragonFly squadron, a new kind of plane which will help defeat the Nazis This very imaginative novel mixes history, futuristic technology and a bit of magic to create a wonderful story.I loved the characters, plot and style of writing The illustrations that accompany the start and finish of each chapter are amazing Charles has created a wonder [...]

  29. Toni Michelle-Editor

    I really enjoyed this story It was a bit rocky at times but the story line was pretty sweet Taking a historic event and adding magic to it was sweet I was expecting something a bit different but even still, I was not disappointed Charles A Cornell wrote a splendid story The pictures are beautiful And I know lots of young children that would LOVE this book Its a relatively easy book to read.

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