Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again (2020)

Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again Drew Pinsky Cracked Putting Broken Lives Together Again When he s not hosting his wildly successful shows on MTV and the radio Dr Drew Pinsky spends his workday in a major Southern California clinic treating the severest cases of drug dependency and psyc
  • Title: Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again
  • Author: Drew Pinsky
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  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again Drew Pinsky When he s not hosting his wildly successful shows on MTV and the radio, Dr Drew Pinsky spends his workday in a major Southern California clinic, treating the severest cases of drug dependency and psychiatric breakdown In this riveting account, Pinsky reveals the intimate and often shocking stories of his patients as they struggle with emotional trauma, sexual abuse, andWhen he s not hosting his wildly successful shows on MTV and the radio, Dr Drew Pinsky spends his workday in a major Southern California clinic, treating the severest cases of drug dependency and psychiatric breakdown In this riveting account, Pinsky reveals the intimate and often shocking stories of his patients as they struggle with emotional trauma, sexual abuse, and a host of chemical nemeses alcohol, marijuana, Ecstasy, heroin, speed, cocaine, and prescription drugs His accounts read like ER in book form from the sexually compulsive model who alters between throwing objects around her room and shyly befriending other patients, to the girlish opiate addict who seems strangely calm during her withdrawal period because, as Pinsky soon discovers, she has been sneaking sex with a predatory male patient At the center of all these stories is Pinsky himself, who immerses himself passionately, almost obsessively, in his work In fast moving, gripping vignettes, this book reveals the extraordinary human toll addiction and other behavioral and psychological dysfunctions can take on patient and doctor alike but also the extraordinary, life affirming magic that each side can encounter on the road to recovery.
Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again Drew Pinsky

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One thought on “Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again

  1. Petra X

    I d never heard of Dr Drew Pinsky before I bought this book Now I know a lot about him the book is a paean to his thoughts on his own brilliance as a doctor, broadcaster, father, athlete, inspirational speaker, resister of sexy patients and everything else that illustrates he has ascended to the absolute pinnacle of achievement in 21st century America.Its seems these days that every celebrity has to have a stint or three in rehab for street cred its so stressful being a multi millionaire star wi [...]

  2. Derrick

    I appreciated this candid and honest discussion of Dr Drew s daily life I can completely relate to the author, but it was interesting that I found myself relating to the patients as well Addiction can be a powerful force, and finding the ways to cope with the problems and pain that lead to addiction are important to us all Not to minimize the effects of withdrawal, but the pain these recovering addicts go through does relate to the challenges we face daily to try to achieve our goals The other t [...]

  3. Liam

    Drew means well Anyone who s got a familiarity with the ACE network, Loveline, HLN, or the zillion reality shows can see that And this is Drew doing his work where the rubber meets the road as he s fond of saying So while it s interesting as a look behind the man both on the job and at home, CRACKED is best taken as a summation of Drew s feelings and beliefs re addiction treatment And it s a real shock to those of us who either don t have than a passing acquaintance with addiction, or perhaps f [...]

  4. Ira Therebel

    I read this book first when it came out, about a decade ago, and I absolutely loved it Reading it now as a knowledgeable and wiser person I had different very mixed feelings.My main problem with this book is the incredible simplification of addiction issue This is often done, people paint it all with one big brush making everyone who has a problem with drugs look like part of a well defined formula But how can it be when he can t even point the finger on why some get realization and others don [...]

  5. Jenn

    This was an intriguing book I really enjoyed how Dr Pinsky detailed the habits, behaviors, and details of his patients experiences, and the role he played in trying to help them recover He isn t without compassion, and it is clear that the work he undertakes affects him very deeply He really knows that connection is one of the key parts of the doctor patient relationship that facilitates recovery on many levels, and in this book he gives examples of how he keeps at it, even when it seems that al [...]

  6. CD

    A creepy book Honest But still creepy.There is much brutal honesty about the details of withdrawal in the preliminary stages of drug and alcohol rehab There is no sympathy given to those who make the addicts condition worse by enabling the self destructive behaviors The book is too clinical and any truth to be found is in the form of self revelation and confession on the part of the author.The extent that Doctor Drew Pinsky goes to in explaining his background and resultant motivation combined w [...]

  7. Patty

    Dr Drew does a nice job of using real life examples of patients going through substance abuse detox It flows quickly as you see the different reactions and defense mechanisms of those going through addiction and recovery I did feel that there were some things missing, though For example, I would have liked to see different sections on the whole recovery process, rather than just the detox stage There is very little about what happens during group sessions, or the recovery after leaving the treat [...]

  8. Kevin Veighey

    Cracked is a fantastic book that gives the general public a behind the scenes look at how a drug rehab clinic is run and the harsh realities of everything an addict goes through on the road to sobriety Best of all, it s all from the point of view of the book s author Dr Drew Pinsky, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline.After finishing it for the first time, I immediately began to read it again from the beginning There are very few books that make me do that, but this one was so [...]

  9. Susan

    After seeing Dr Drew on Celebrity Rehab, I was interested to learn about him This book details a few months in the life of the rehab unit where he is the medical director It is an extremely honest book in terms of the science behind addiction, the experiences of patients in his program, and about his own personal issues and how they affect his work It is interesting to see his personal development and how he is changed because of interactions with his patients I also appreciated his views on so [...]

  10. Lesley Henderson

    I probably enjoyed this book because Dr Drew fascinates me, from his work on Loveline to his reality rehab shows on VH1 As a mental health professional myself, I m amazed at how attuned he is to any slight sign of abuse or trauma in people, even when they are asking some seemingly benign or kooky question on Loveline Nice to know that some MD s either take counseling classes or have some intuition about interpersonal relationships Anyway, this was a good read, and I hasten to say enjoyable becau [...]

  11. Estie

    This book was ok The writing put me off at first because it is colloquial and juvenile and can be insulting to your intelligence if you are intelligent If you are not intelligent you might like the fact that it is an easy read The redeeming feature of this book is the content and that is what kept me reading It is a first hand account of a rehab facility from the point of view of the doctor I appreciated getting an inside view of the facility and learning about the ordeals that addicts go throug [...]

  12. Ally Hunter

    I know, Dr Drew is a little hokey these days with his celebrity status But, once upon a time he wrote a great book on addiction and this is it I recently lost a friendship to addiction and I decided to re read this book Through the stories of different patients you learn about both the biology and psychology of addiction and, sadly, the destruction addiction can afflict on lives I recognized my friend in so many of Dr Drew s patientsle or female, young or old, rich or poor, educated or ignorant. [...]

  13. Jeanne

    Dr Drew is entertaining even when he is writing about the difficult subject of addiction This book was an eye opener.

  14. Kate

    I liked this book better than Dr Drew s newer book, The Mirror Effect How Celebrity Narcissism Is Seducing America This was written before any of the rehab shows I thought it would be entirely about addiction, but mostly it seemed like a year in the life or a memoir Dr Drew highlights a few cases at the rehab center, illustrating the different types of addiction and how different patients react to rehab for some patients it works, while for others it takes several stays in rehab to get the mess [...]

  15. Natalie

    I am completely addicted to the VH1 shows Celebrity Rehab and it s spin off, Sober House Not to mention I have been a Loveline fan for years, so when I was at the bookstore perusing and came across a book written by Dr Drew I had to read it.A good portion of the book is basically Celeb Rehab in written form minus the celebrities I guess addiction looks the same whether you are rich and famous or a broke nobody.What I found was interesting was the running commentary by Pinsky not only about the s [...]

  16. Billie

    I ve always liked Dr Drew, but I ve never read any of his books He has always seemed sincere on both Loveline and the celebreality shows I ve watched he shows care for his patients mostly, those b c list celebrities trying to get sober I ve watched Sober House and Celebrity Rehab, obviously This book surprised me He seems very, very sure of himself and pleased with the way he conducts his business I would not have expected this attitude based on his treatment of patients in the shows I ve watche [...]

  17. Mary

    I find it a little hilarious that of everything I ve been reading, this is the book I finished most quickly That says something, I guess, to the effect of what a quick read it is I have a lot of respect for not to mention a slight obsession with Dr Drew, and was impressed with this offering from him Insight into the doctor s side of things can be fascinating, particularly in this case, since Pinsky is apparently a very good doctor, and he refuses for the most part to provide the culture with wha [...]

  18. Alyssa

    This was ok It was kind of preachy, in an commercial sort of way you know when three friends are drinking coffee in a medicine add and one of them mentions all of the side effects and warnings as if that is always how people talk to each other After reading some other reviews and getting about halfway through it, it came to me that its target audience is most likely middle and high school kids drugs are bad, don t do drugs, or look what can happen , so I am willing to give Dr Drew some leeway Ho [...]

  19. Cindy

    MD who works in a hospital with alcoholics and addicts Very informative and interesting He is also painfully honest about overcoming his own co dependent tendencies to become a better doctor.Some of the info was tough to read as I worry a bit over my children I never let my kids date in high school so they d not fall in love and have sex Now I ve learned that kids don t bother with love any They hook up or have friends with benefits More fool me When the UHJ said we were living in the darkest da [...]

  20. Ellekay

    I have been a huge fan follower of Dr Drew and the work he does with addiction Cracked is engaging, an interesting read true to other reviews, you don t get to know any characters too well, as they detox and go to sober living or disappear pretty quickly However, what you get is the feeling of the revolving door of rehab and how similar the effects of trauma on the human condition and the way addicts use to numb pain I wouldn t say I enjoyed the book, but found it insightful he touched on many t [...]

  21. Emily

    I m a pushover for Dr Drew I tune into Loveline religiously, so reading a book about the life of the host was a semi dream The writing was by no means exceptionally good, to be honest I read better things in my old Creative Writing class However, it was very interesting to be able to look into how doctors are affected by the antics of their patients, specifically addicts Pinsky puts a lot of his emotions out into his book and I appreciate that, at the same time, I was able to laugh at the rigid [...]

  22. Erik

    I ve been enjoying Dr Drew Pinsky s advice on LoveLine for years, and have been impressed with his reality TV show recently He s clearly in the media spotlight by design, but unlike Dr Phil or even Dr Oz, Pinsky has always struck me as having a persona with much substantial and legitimate medical acumen behind it This book, published five years ago, helps connect the dots and give some insight into Pinsky s background, career, and medical work with addicts I ll add later Pinsky is surprisingl [...]

  23. Susan

    Book by Dr Drew of Loveline Celebrity Rehab talk show fame It s a memoir of sorts about his work as an addiction medicine specialist working in a detox and rehab center I m not sure what years he s covering, but I really hope the insurance situation in California has changed since yeah, not likely , because he tells some real horror stories about that The medical perspective is interesting, his personal perspective is various, heartfelt and sometimes a little, uhquestionable, I guess I wonder ho [...]

  24. Steven

    This is a light, easy reading account of work in an addiction clinic to the stars The author works hard and cares deeply about his patients Some of the stories of struggling, desperate addicts, and their enabling or clueless loved ones are fascinating and tragic.I would have given the book three or four stars had it offered the kind of engrossing account a reader could get lost in Instead, this is a light read, and probably strikes just the right note for fans of Dr Drew s call in show The book [...]

  25. Karen Williams-Villanueva

    I m just starting this one, but I know I m in for a humbling and learning experience It s probably the partner to Broken by William Cope Moyers The Hunpty Dumpty image is a perfect metaphorical image for what addicts, and those of us who have been shattered by life experiences, feel like To read these stories is to come to understand what puts people over the edge and how they are barely held together It s great to talk about peace and love, it s quite another story to face the underbelly of hum [...]

  26. Davis

    I didn t find this book all that interesting at all I m a recovering addict and I still didn t enjoy this memoir He seems so selfish and egotistical The co dependency admittance of fault was the only part I enjoyed However, he betrays his real thoughts when he does on a rant about ecstasy Drew goes off on propaganda about how much it damages the brain, blah, blah It wasn t so much what he said some of which was very ignorant but how he said it.In short, I just couldn t stomache Drew s ego enough [...]

  27. Amy

    Having followed Dr Drew through 2 seasons of Celebrity Rehab as well as Sober House, I was really looking forward to a peek behind the curtain in Cracked, and I am pretty happy with the results After reading the book, I feel like I know a little about what makes this man tick, what drives him to save people However, something about the book felt a little to contrived for my liking It almost reads like it was meant for a High School class on addiction That being said, it was entertaining and a q [...]

  28. Kirsten

    I had been listening a lot to the radio show Love Line while I did my evening hours of typing and so I picked up this book by celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky Even though he had a cameo in the Olson twins vehicle A New York Minute, I think he s super smart and absolutely knows what he s talking about in terms of addiction and recovery This book was a fascinating look into the lives of some folks going through that process It was realistic about their chances and made me root for people who just don [...]

  29. Alyse

    This book made me feel uncomfortable at times Dr Drew does portray himself in a human light than has been shown before, at least that I ve seen He isn t just this larger than life tell it like it is dr He has feelings too haha But I don t know, something about it felt off I read it in chunks I d leave it for a few months then pick back up randomly It didnt hold my attention in any great way and by the end I just wanted to finish it Sort of wish I d found this at the library instead of buying it [...]

  30. Moira

    I found the stories of the addicts to be the most compelling part of this book they are portrayed as so human, flawed but still with redeeming qualities Each individual story of the fall to such a low is told honestly and with respect I really appreciated the educational points thrown in as well, such as the descriptions of different withdrawals My biggest drawback was that by the end I was finding some of the reflection by Dr Pinsky to be trite sounding and a little overblown I really wanted [...]

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