The Shining City (2020)

The Shining City Kate Forsyth The Shining City The much awaited second instalment of Rhiannon s Ride from this bestselling Australian author Kate ForsythImprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower Rhiannon awaits her trial for murder and treason while the wi
  • Title: The Shining City
  • Author: Kate Forsyth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Shining City Kate Forsyth The much awaited second instalment of Rhiannon s Ride from this bestselling Australian author Kate ForsythImprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower, Rhiannon awaits her trial for murder and treason, while the winged horse Blackthorn flies forlornly over the Shining City Alone and in terrible fear for the future, Rhiannon is haunted by the malevolent ghost of a dead queen who has a hThe much awaited second instalment of Rhiannon s Ride from this bestselling Australian author Kate ForsythImprisoned in Sorrowgate Tower, Rhiannon awaits her trial for murder and treason, while the winged horse Blackthorn flies forlornly over the Shining City Alone and in terrible fear for the future, Rhiannon is haunted by the malevolent ghost of a dead queen who has a hunger to live again Meanwhile, Lewen must resume his studies at the Tower of Two Moons with the other apprentice witches, among them the banprionnsa Olwynne NicCuinn, who desires than friendship from Lewen Drawn back into the intrigues of the court, Lewen finds his loyalty to Rhiannon tested to the utmost limit Preoccupied with the upcoming wedding of the royal cousins, Donncan and Bronwen, Isabeau the Keybearer fails to investigate Rhiannon s tale of necromancy and ghosts, to her cost By the time she realises that dark spirits have indeed been disturbed, it is too late, and the royal family is brought face to face with She Who Cuts The Thread.
The Shining City Kate Forsyth

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    455 Kate Forsyth
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One thought on “The Shining City

  1. ✍Neyla Kunta ✍

    Jeder darf mir den Hintern k ssen, denn ich habe es endlich geschafft Rezension mit Bildern, Links, etc auf meinem Blog neylakunta.wordpress 2016Da dies der zweite Band der Reihe rund um Rhiannon ist, enth lt diese Rezension, selbstverst ndlich, Spoiler.Fakten ber das Buch Verlag blanvaletSeitenzahl 640ISBN 978 3 641 16830 8Preis 6,99 Lesezeitraum 16 7 16 11 8 16Kurzbeschreibung Die Geschichte um Rhiannon geht weiter Endlich in der gro en Stadt, wo der Righ seinen Sitz hat, angekommen, wartet au [...]

  2. Doc Opp

    One of my pet peeves in a book is when normally smart characters become incompetent idiots when it would be inconvenient for the plot for them to be smart This book taught me another pet peeve characters who are incompetent idiots at all times, regardless of the plot This book is full of such characters In fact, so few of the good guys have any intellectual redeeming qualities that I was finding myself starting to root for the bad guys I still really like the world Forsythe has created, but its [...]

  3. Vickey Foggin

    I just read this a few days ago and I can t remember what happened other than the main character spent a lot of time too much time depressed in prison It seemed ok when I was reading it, though not as good as the first book It s a shame because I really liked the first one Kate Forsyth is proving to be a really irregular writer.

  4. Ioet

    If you ve read the first novel in this series and are uncertain about getting the second one, trust me on this GET IT You will love it And if you ve never read any of Kate Forsyth s work before, get it too it s a great introduction to her richly imagined world of witches, faeries, and lords return return Rhiannon is a half satyricorn who unwittingly gets herself caught up in the affairs of the country of Eileanan when she flees her tribe Found to possess strong magic, Lewen, a young man who find [...]

  5. Buffy Greentree

    Like the first book, I really enjoyed the actual writing, and was sucked along to find out what happens However, also like the first book, I became extremely frustrated in the climax at the characters making illogical decisions and not using their resources to achieve their goals All the problems of the book should have been solved very easily, but it wasn t, for no apparent reason Finally, I found the separation of this and the next book also irritating I read expecting to have a particular sit [...]

  6. Savannah

    This is an absolutely fantastic read especially considering the main character spends most of her time in prison I love how much Isabeau and some of the other characters from the first series are involved I think the elements of court are well crafted as are the motivations for the multitudes of characters Forsyth juggles in this book It s a page turner to be sure and definitely worth a read This is particularly true for long time fans of Eileannen The reason for the three star rating would prob [...]

  7. Nadia

    An excellent read from Kate Shining City shone with action, unexpected plot twists and enthralling character development Little sad that I have to wait for the finale, Heart of Stars to arrive I m so loving Kate s books they overflow with all the qualities I m looking for in a great read, empowered females, in depth character evolution, magic, well calculated suspense, intriguing plot advancement, and action.

  8. Kathryn

    I found this book really hard to read The main character who I fell in love with in the first book was so different from what I read in this book, that I found it very hard to continue I loved how felice came into her own in this book though I did however finish it, as I am trying to reduce my dnf list this year.

  9. Lauren

    I really don t like Olwynne and her behaviour in this book Not to mention that everyone just turned a blind eye on her love spell even after she was discovered Like, what the hell guys, that s compulsion If it weren t for her I would have enjoyed it much .

  10. Seychella

    Im zweiten Teil der Trilogie Rhiannons Ride wird deutlich, warum die Reihe so hei t Landon schrieb eine Ballade mit diesem Titel, um beim einfachen Volk Unterst tzung f r Rhiannon zu erhalten, w hrend sie auf ihren Prozess wartete Oder wie F lice es ausgedr ckt hat Rhiannons Ritt oder Die Gefangene vom Kummertor Turm , eine Ballade in drei Teilen, geschrieben von dem begabten, jungen Poeten Landon MacPhillip aus Magpie Wood.Es wird auch deutlich, dass man die vorhergehende Reihe Der magische Sch [...]

  11. Karissa

    This is the second book in the trilogy Rhiannon s Ride This book was full of much intrigue than the first book it takes place at the Royal Court There is not much action in the first half of the book this change of pace does not make the series suffer though, I actually though this book was even better than the first one.Rhiannon, Lewen and crew show up in Lucescere and things turn out as awful as Rhiannon thought they would Rhiannon is thrown into prison while her friends try to comfort her an [...]

  12. Nele

    Forsyth has a great talent to create worlds The first book in the trilogy already impressed me with its atmospheric settings, its love for details and its richly described characters and worlds The dialect of the chracters gets some getting used to in the beginning, but then it adds to the atmosphere I really enjoy getting lost in the world of Eileeanan Unfortunately the characters, though beautifully described, tend to behave somewhat stupidly More than once while reading the book I found mysel [...]

  13. Celia

    After the extended road trip that is The Tower of Ravens, Rhiannon, love of her life Lewen, and the other witches to be end up in the city at well, I ve forgetten what it s called, but the big witch s academy Rhiannon spends almost the entirety of this book in a gaol cell, going a little bit crazy Lewen spends a lot of the book going a little bit crazy about Rhiannon being stuck in a a gaol cell, and being oblivious to the attentions of his childhood friend Olwynne Also, there is political intri [...]

  14. Cassandra Page

    The Shining City is essentially one giant set up for the third book It even ends with a cliffhanger which is not to say that I found it a bad book at all, but I do remember the first time I read it when it was first released I wanted to swear a little at Forsyth for getting me so invested in what was going on and then making me wait for the third book It wouldn t matter so much, except that her characters draw you in even when you want to smack them for being idiots, which happens in this book a [...]

  15. Mike The Pirate

    I love love love Kate Forsyth s books, but for some reason whenever I start one, I have a vague sense of uneasiness I m not kidding, I don t know what causes it because whenever I read her books I get completely lost in the story, especially this series, which is a great offshoot of her Witches of Eileannan series.

  16. Sonia

    Loved the book but found it a bit distressing at parts maybe I m just an extra sensitive soul I thought there was too much description of Rhiannon s imprisonment and Olwynne s maliciousness although it was probably much realistic than a gentle version would have been, you are reading the book for pleasure, not to be distressed

  17. Tammy

    Rhiannon awaits trial for the murder in Sorrowgate Tower in Lucescere, where she is haunted by a powerful and ruthless spirit Meanwhile, Olwynne is disturbed by reoccurring dreams of Lachlan s murder.I liked the second book in the trilogy, but the plot felt a little slow and disjointed at times I was happy that Isabeau and the royal family featured prominently.

  18. Stuart Macmartin

    What a frustrating book I really liked about 1 4 of it The rest was deathly boring and I read it double speed Take the character that makes the series interesting and lock her up for 300 pages I expect the payoff in the 3rd book, so tolerated this one Hope I m right about the next one It does seem well set up now.

  19. Music_lover3

    I didn t read all of this one I read it about halfway then set it aside for a while, then finally just picked it up and read the very end of it It was all right Not as good as the first one I also found it difficult to read because of the strange style, especially the dialogue It was written very old style and it made for slow reading I don t think I ll be picking up the third one.

  20. Morgan

    Devoured this in one sitting I really loved that some of my favorite characters and their troublesome children are back in action in this book The old and the new meld beautifully and darkly together in some lovely prose.Forsyth is my favorite Celtic writer, for sure.

  21. mirba

    put two stars cause I skipped I think a good 50% of the book Of the rest 30% is really good and enjoyable The rest is mostly innerdialogue of this or that character, and boring dialogues as well

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