The Two Princesses of Bamarre (2020)

The Two Princesses of Bamarre Gail Carson Levine The Two Princesses of Bamarre Twelve year old Addie admires her older sister Meryl who aspires to rid the kingdom of Bamarre of gryphons specters and ogres Addie on the other hand is fearful even of spiders and depends on Mer
  • Title: The Two Princesses of Bamarre
  • Author: Gail Carson Levine
  • ISBN: 9780060575809
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
The Two Princesses of Bamarre Gail Carson Levine Twelve year old Addie admires her older sister Meryl, who aspires to rid the kingdom of Bamarre of gryphons, specters, and ogres Addie, on the other hand, is fearful even of spiders and depends on Meryl for courage and protection Waving her sword Bloodbiter, the older girl declaims in the garden from the heroic epic of Drualt to a thrilled audience of Addie, their governTwelve year old Addie admires her older sister Meryl, who aspires to rid the kingdom of Bamarre of gryphons, specters, and ogres Addie, on the other hand, is fearful even of spiders and depends on Meryl for courage and protection Waving her sword Bloodbiter, the older girl declaims in the garden from the heroic epic of Drualt to a thrilled audience of Addie, their governess, and the young sorcerer Rhys But when Meryl falls ill with the dreaded Gray Death, Addie must gather her courage and set off alone on a quest to find the cure and save her beloved sister Addie takes the seven league boots and magic spyglass left to her by her mother and the enchanted tablecloth and cloak given to her by Rhys along with a shy declaration of his love She prevails in encounters with tricky specters spiders too and outwits a wickedly personable dragon in adventures touched with romance and a bittersweet ending.
The Two Princesses of Bamarre Gail Carson Levine

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One thought on “The Two Princesses of Bamarre

  1. LolaReviewer

    Follow Princess Addie as she is overcoming her fears in order to find a cure for her sister who had the mischance to fall into the claws of the Gray Death This is a charming adventure brimming with princesses, dragons, elves, fairies, ogres, sorcerers and magic Over and above that, it explores the themes of sisterly love and courage Even a coward can be transformed into a knight It can absolutely make a beautiful storytelling for children.

  2. Emilyn

    I love the part where she is about to lunge in the dragon cave and something holds her down and she struggles then when she stops hse realises that if she had lunged, the 7 leage boots would have smashed her into the cave wall.I applied this to Heavenly Father trying to tell us what to do and we stuggle, and don t do it Then when it s through, we realise what would have happened if we had done that thing or we do it and we feel foolish afterwords I love the tensity Addie s courage campared to Me [...]

  3. Fables&Wren

    WrensReads Review Starting off the new year correctly with a book about two sisters One sister is a courageous blonde ready to find the cure to Sir Grey Death and the other is a brunette who is a coward who has to find her strength.Meryl is the older sister She dreams of fighting the dragons and rescuing her people from all the foes, including those small enough like Sir Grey Death.The Grey Death is a long, drawn out processes that eventually kills its victim With the cure prophesied, there is h [...]

  4. Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩

    I love this book Even though Ella Enchanted is Gail Carson Levine s most well known book, I think that The Two Princesses of Bamarre is her best book It s really exciting, but also well written If you love Ella Enchanted, this is the book for you.

  5. HeavyReader

    This book is so good It did take me a while to get into it The first half or so of the book is kind of slow going Two sisters One is bold One is shy Yawn.But then in the middle, when the shy sister has to leave the castle to save her beloved sister s life, it gets REALLY exciting Specters Gryphons Dragons Battles WOW I could hardly put it down at that point.There s also a story within a story, a legend of the kingdom, and it is as well done as the main story.The almost end had me bawling, thinki [...]

  6. Victoria Lynn

    I actually liked this one better than Ella Enchanted or Fairest Now one of my fave fantasy stories

  7. Naomi Brist

    I ve grown up with this story To say that it has had an impact on my life is an incredible and unforgivable understatement Everyone knows this author because of Ella Enchanted, but I believe that this book is much, much greater It has romance, monsters, action, magic, and adventure all things that people look for and enjoy in a good book But what really makes this story great is not any of those things What makes it great is how a young woman who is afraid of everything ventures out into a dange [...]

  8. Sabrina Stoutamyer

    This book is one of the first fantasy novels I ever read It s one I loved from beginning to end, and it s one that I never tire of reading over and over again It s the only book I ve read times than I can count on my one hand and several on the other This is an awesome read with great morals about finding courage in a world that is against you doing so It s about family and the beauty of being there for each other, even if you re not quiet the same It s got poetry, dragons, action, suspense, a [...]

  9. Shantelle

    An adventurous, fun story, The Two Princesses of Bamarre was making me smile knowingly at some parts, then sitting in surprise at another Sweet fairytale of a love that makes cowards brave Complete with wily monsters, fearsome dragons, and courageous legends.It was a quick but good read for me, and I know my younger sisters also loved it.

  10. Haley S

    In one of my very early post, I listed some of my favorite books This book was, and still is, on that list From the first time I read this to the most current, I still am intrigued every time I turn the first page I mean, monsters, diseases, poems, heroes, dangers, desperation, romance those few words definitely mean it has to be a good book.Gail Carson Levine is just an amazing author I love her books, Ella Enchanted and Ever They are great However, I can t say that this is my favorite out of t [...]

  11. Katie

    I THINK I read this before, but I can t say for sure.Anyway, this was good, but I don t think it entirely holds up for an adult reader I needed the relationships to be fleshed out , both the romance and the sibling relationship.But I did like the bare bones of the story a lot.Re read February 2016Hahaha, well, this time I KNOW I read it before, but I couldn t remember much at all about it until I started reading Then I remembered .I do think it s not quite subtle enough for my adult tastes I wan [...]

  12. ✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿

    Someone wise once said, Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision Today, I applaud just how true this statement is This book should be read by everyone, especially the young ones It s one great adventure and it teaches valuable life lessons Princesses Meryl and Addie each know their strengths I am pleased to report that at the end of the book, they find out that they are capable of doing Personally, my favorite is Addie s transformation from a scaredy cat to a warrior princess and it s all beca [...]

  13. Sydney Cornwall

    Plot Summary The plot revolves around two sisters, Meryl and Addie They are the princesses of Bamarre, a fantastical kingdom where sorcerers, fairies, and dragons are commonly known to be in existence Addie is the shy, timid younger sister stereotype she spends her free time doing embroidery Meryl, on the other hand, loves adventure and swords and fighting Addie makes Meryl promise her that she won t go off to kill any dragons or anything until Addie gets married but everything gets thrown into [...]

  14. Megan

    This book was really cute It s written in the first person, which was a change, as few of the books I read are, and the protagonist of the story is Princess Addie, a sweet but cowardly girl who couldn t be different than her sister, Meryl Princess Meryl is courageous and longs for adventures where she can kill dragons, gryphons, and ogres Addie would rather stay safe at home and wishes for peace, not wars like her sister The two are even opposites in appearance Addie has dark brown hair and is [...]

  15. Gabs My Full Bookshelf Reviews

    I didn t think that Gail Carson Levine could write anything spectacular than Ella Enchanted I m not going to say that The Two Princesses of Bamarre was better than Ella Enchanted, but it definitely was as good as it Addie and Meryl had such a great relationship I loved reading about them, and how Addie was willing to risk her life to save her sister from the Gray Death Rhysgh Oh, Rhys He s a very attractive sorceror, and I loved him Gail Carson Levine created a romance that wasn t cheesy or ove [...]

  16. Audrey

    At first, I thought that since this book was going to be too princess y, and medieval time ish, I asked myself, Why bother My conscious had told me, Suck it up and read it fool You ll like it You always like princesses, now And I did Like it, I mean This wonderful, original story has been on of my favorites I loved it I don t remember much, but I do remember about the princess thinking she was frail, weak, not strong at all like the older one, going on a bunch of journeys She had some kind of cl [...]

  17. Jessica

    Cute and funny like all of Gail Carson Levine s books D Gail Carson Levine here creates a fairy tale of her own and gives it a characteristic grrrl power twist Twelve year old Addie admires her older sister Meryl, who aspires to rid the kingdom of Bamarre of gryphons, specters, and ogres Addie, on the other hand, is fearful even of spiders and depends on Meryl for courage and protection Waving her sword Bloodbiter, the older girl declaims in the garden from the heroic epic of Drualt to a thrille [...]

  18. Melanti

    Why, oh why, do heroes with seven league boots never know trigonometry It would save so much time when you only need to go five leaguesStill, a very fun story I forgive her for writing Fairest In the afterword, Levine mentions that this story was originally envisioned as a re telling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses tale It s hard to imagine something different than that story

  19. Katie

    Step follows step,Hope follows Courage,Set your face towards danger,Set your heart on victory.This was one of my favorite books growing up I love the focus on the strength of family bonds and the idea that you can be afraid, yet still be brave and strong.

  20. Hallie

    Read for the 2016 Book Battle, but didn t work for me Partly because she s twelve , and his efforts at hand waving the fact away don t work against the fact that he s an adult and she isn t.

  21. Kai (Quartzfeather)

    I remember picking this book up once in fifth grade and not enjoying it very much, mind you, I didn t get too far into the story, but in the few pages I read, The Two Princesses of Bamarre didn t manage to capture my attention.In the following years, I read many of Gail s other books and loved each and every one, but I was always a little wary of Two Princesses and never ended up giving it another chance However, with the release of it s sequel, I finally decided that maybe I should pick it up a [...]

  22. Loretta Marchize

    I love this book Addie was a great character and her development was amazing I also love her relationship with Rhys So sweet And Meryl the ending is so sad yet happy I felt like some things were a little drawn out in this book, but once Addie got up her courage a little then things moved pretty swiftly For the record, I like the dragon, even if she did kill people She s funny and sincere There were a few times where I was just shouting No No no no no no no no no no at Addie, like with the specte [...]

  23. Small Review

    I ve heard nothing but fantastic things about Gail Carson Levine, but for some reason I had it in my head that she wrote simple stories Maybe they were good, but I just wasn t expecting all that much from them My only exposure had been watching the movie Ella Enchanted cute, but nothing amazing and one of her fairy short stories again, cute, but forgettable Granted, not a fair account, but that s where I was I had picked up this copy at a garage sale and finally decided to read it fully expectin [...]

  24. Jami

    I liked this book It was a fairly fast paced, fun adventure Two sisters, the princesses of the kingdom of Bamarre, at first glance appear to be very different Meryl is brave and desperate for adventure Addie, on the other hand, is fearful of everything, particularly of losing her sister.What transpires is that Addie must embark on an adventure to save her sister She discovers her own courage, and in the end works with a small group of brave Bamarrians to save the day I liked the descriptions of [...]

  25. Hayley Larson

    Gail Carson Levine captivated me once again with her tale, the Two Princesses of Bamarre This was also one of my favorite books in middle school and I read it than once I could really connect with the story because I also have a sister who I would do anything for and even though we are different, we get along and really help each other out As you may have guessed the story tells about two sisters whose father rules over the kingdom of Bamarre which for some time has been plagued with the gray d [...]

  26. Stephanie Jobe

    I did exactly what my mother told me not to do last night, stay up late and read a book all the way through I have been in a reading slump for a while having drowned in children s books this semester and my adult book well I started it in the summer and am about halfway through I thought a quick something I ve really wanted to read would get me back in the groove Addie is afraid of everything Her sister Meryl is the brave one who protects her Then the tables are turned and Addie must take up the [...]

  27. Trini

    I read this book first when I was a little kid, sometime between fourth and fifth grade, I think It was one of the most influential books of my childhood, so it only made sense that I reread all grown up as I am.It wasn t as stunning as I remember it being when I was a kid, but it was still really amazing The story telling and the feeling in the book was something that you don t find in some of the finer books of this time And maybe it was because of my nostalgia than because of the power of th [...]

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