Shelter Mountain (2020)

Shelter Mountain Robyn Carr Shelter Mountain For the second time in a year a woman arrives in the small town of Virgin River trying to escape the past John Preacher Middleton is about to close the bar when a young woman and her three year old so
  • Title: Shelter Mountain
  • Author: Robyn Carr
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Shelter Mountain Robyn Carr For the second time in a year a woman arrives in the small town of Virgin River trying to escape the past.John Preacher Middleton is about to close the bar when a young woman and her three year old son come in out of a wet October night A marine who has seen his share of pain, Preacher knows a crisis when he sees one the woman is covered in bruises He wants to protectFor the second time in a year a woman arrives in the small town of Virgin River trying to escape the past.John Preacher Middleton is about to close the bar when a young woman and her three year old son come in out of a wet October night A marine who has seen his share of pain, Preacher knows a crisis when he sees one the woman is covered in bruises He wants to protect them, and he wants to punish whoever did this to her, but he knows immediately that this inclination to protect is something much Paige Lassiter has stirred up emotions in this gentle giant of a man emotions that he has never allowed himself to feel.But when Paige s ex husband turns up in Virgin River, Preacher knows his own future hangs in the balance And if there s one thing in the marines motto of Semper Fidelis always faithful has taught him, it s that some things are worth fighting for.
Shelter Mountain Robyn Carr

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One thought on “Shelter Mountain

  1. ♥Rachel♥

    I want to live in Virgin River Loved sweet, gentle Preacher Paige and Christopher went through so much they deserved a strong, steady, loving man like him Her ex husband was a monster So was her jerk of an older brother I was thrilled that Jack and Mel s story continued in this installment, and I got to be in on such a wondrous event with them Rick and Liz s story was sad and tragic I didn t really get a read on Liz, not much of a personality here, but Rick was amazing My heart just broke for th [...]

  2. Pamela

    I hate myself I read this entire book in a few big gulps rather than working on the novel that is already late to New York Go me.Why Well, for starters, I ve gotten really attached to the whole damned town of Virgin River I had to see what would happen to Mel and Jack and Preacher and Paige and their buddy Mike and poor Rick and Liz.The book weaves together all of these couples and their story lines, and it s told from a myriad of perspectives So while the story ostensibly focused on Preacher an [...]

  3. Stacia (the 2010 club)

    Losing friends in543212.5 stars Yes, I know Everyone loves Virgin River Yet again, I ve found another train I won t be jumping on cue sadface I didn t read the first book, so my opinion of the series is only from book 2 Shelter Mountain was a buddy read that I couldn t pass up because of a dear friend and my curiosity to learn about this person s similarities to a character in the book And that was the best part of reading getting to see this person s book alter ego The story itself was not my t [...]

  4. Fatimah Alfareed

    1.5 Stars _ _ Sorry y all But likeI know, I know Most of you out there LOVE this book, and y all are probably likeBut I was just bored out of my mind Ain t nothing I can do about that _ _ _ _ Genre Contemporary Romance POV Third person narrative following a slew of different charactersMain Characters John Preacher , 32 Y OPaige Lassiter, 29 Y OSecondary Characters A whole bunch of them A less is kinda situation I m just sayin Am I gonna read in this series SorryNotSorry

  5. Shawna

    5 stars Contemporary RomanceThis second book in the Virgin River series about a rustic small town with a population of roughly 600 people finds ex marine John Preacher Middleton, a mountain of a man, providing shelter in ways than one for an abused wife on the run with her three year old son.When Paige seeks refuge from a storm in Virgin River s local tavern while passing through town with her son Christopher, Preacher immediately recognizes that she s a troubled woman in need, and she stirs up [...]

  6. NMmomof4

    DNF 39%Well, I at least made it past my 30% mark On a positive note I really, really enjoyed this H He was awkwardly sweet and protective, and don t get me started on his relationship with the h s son He was awesome.I didn t get that much feel for the h except pity for the situation she is in , to have an opinion one way or the other about her I didn t expect her to jump into a relationship right away, but it is just moving way too slow for me I felt like there was just too much going on that wa [...]

  7. Beanbag Love

    I m not really going to review this one too much It s good The story is very engaging and hard to put down I think this series would be better described as a serial It s like a soap opera There s been a romance in each of the first two books, but so many other stories are being told that it s like watching an ongoing, multi threaded show Hence my likening it to a soap opera Not that I m disappointed in that I m enjoying it very much I had a very hard time not just going straight into the next bo [...]

  8. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

    Let s get something out of the way first I liked this book Whatever bothered me doesn t make this less well written.There is a reason why I am not overly fond of women s fiction genre It doesn t have to be a sole driving force behind the plot, but in 98% cases there is cheating involved view spoiler it is quite possible that s the reason why Outlander is still waiting for me hide spoiler Fortunately, the first book didn t have that or I wouldn t have read this one Let me be clear nobody cheats h [...]

  9. Duchess Nicole

    Quick reviewLove how Preacher is such an unconventional mang, shaved bald, ex marine who now is a cook in his buddy s bar, and perfectly fine with his life Love even how instantly protective he is of this woman and little boy.This book danced the edge of brutal in the abuse department There are no allusionsis punk comes after Paige with a vengeance, and right in the middle of Virgin River Big no no there She s under the protection of not only Preacher, but the whole town.There is a lot going on [...]

  10. Whitaker

    This is Part II of my Defence of the Romance Novel Part I is here, and if you want to know why I feel compelled to do this, well, take a look here And just for NGE because she means so much to me Here I want to talk about quality of writing To do this, I m going to have to compare two extracts.Extract 1A fierce and unseasonably cold September wind blew chilly rain against the windows Preacher wiped down the bar, and while it was only seven thirty, it was already dark No one in Virgin River would [...]

  11. Jess the Romanceaholic

    Looking at all of my friends ratings of 4 and 5 stars for this book, I have to wonder if perhaps we may be thinking of different books To be perfectly fair, I have not read the first book or any other book in the Virgin River saga, and perhaps I would have enjoyed this one had I done so.However.I actually skimmed a large amount of this book Much of it read as a Public Service Announcement from a Women s Health Clinic mixed with what felt like a narration of some videos from High School Health C [...]

  12. FlibBityFLooB

    I had lots of mixed feelings when reading this book, so I thought I would break down my review by my opinions on the good and the bad The Good Abuse is a hard topic to swallow when reading a novel, and this book was no exception to that I always admire authors that step outside the happy happy joy joy topics found in so many books in Romancelandia I believe that Robyn Carr did a decent job with the heroine in this book facing demons in the form of an abusive ex husband, though in some ways I wis [...]

  13. Holly

    Wet from the rain and carrying her sleeping child, Paige Lassiter happens upon Jack s Bar and Restaurant seeking shelter John Preacher Middleton was just about to close for the night when this battered and bruised young woman walked in, plainly in need of aid Paige has had enough of her husband s abuse and with an unborn baby to protect, she s determined to finally escape Preacher knows this woman is a flight risk, but he welcomes her to spend the night and does all he can to watch over her and [...]

  14. valee

    I loved this book as well This is an amazing series I couldn t put this book down until I was finish Preacher was a great hero Although not the alpha dominant kind, but the kind who are strong, shy and not very talkative, but when it comes to protect their ladies there isn t anything they would do I loved him.Paige was great and I loved how she got to get through her problem with John s support They made a great couple and the baby boy was definitely a plus.I m very surprised of how much I m enj [...]

  15. jenjn79

    Spent most of today reading this book since there wasn t anything else to do except laundry , and because it hooked me in pretty quick I love Preacher Such a great character the kind of guy I think a lot of women would be glad to have.Picking up Shelter Mountain after reading Virgin River is kinda like going home and seeing old friends again I loved that Carr didn t relegate Mel and Jack to the background in this book They had actual POV scenes which I thought really enhanced the feel of the boo [...]

  16. Litzy

    bueno, he tenido sentimientos encpntrados con este libro La historia de predicador y de Paige me ha encantado Predicador es tan tiernoLa parte que menos me gusto es la hisyoria de Rick y Liz No me gusta la pareja, puede que sea porque no gusta nada Liz La pareja Jack y Mel es omg me encanta es una pareja perfecta y el predicador es todo un padrazo por todo lo demas es un libro magn fico, ya tengo ganas de leer el libro de Mike y Brie.

  17. Chan

    Another Robyn Carr Hit I m starting to think Thunder Point was a fluke.Writing Book 1 oriented me to Virgin River So at this point, these are my peoples and my town That is how good Robyn s descriptions are I felt like I was returning for a visit Characters Just like in Virgin River, the heroine Paige is a mess Preacher is a gentle giant At times I felt like his bulk and strength was a waste Storyline Paige is literally running for her life She stumbles upon Preacher in the middle of the night a [...]

  18. Obsidian

    This ended up being one of my favorite reads for the Virgin River series We have a nice long burn of a romance novel and though some of the secondary plots were too much and there were a lot of them it felt like in this one if you look at just the main couple Preacher and Paige then the book gets high marks Unfortunately we get everyone, and I do mean everyone in this book and I think 3 or maybe 4 B plots so the whole book just kind of feels scattered in parts And this also started my long slow [...]

  19. SB*needs low angst books*

    2.5 to 3 Upon rereadI went back and reread this book because the first time I was going thru a book slump and thought maybe I was just being extra critical Upon a reread I could give it another star or half star because I did like the man couple and the hero was so totally awesome The problem for me is when a book series when it reminds me of a soap opera in that you have so many side stories and don t totally focus on the main couple It makes the book longer of course but it can work against a [...]

  20. Fanny

    Shelter Mountain es el segundo libro de la saga Virgin River de Robyn Carr y tiene como protagonistas a Paige y John Predicador , un personaje que conocemos en el primer libro.Este segundo libro me parecio ligeramente mejor que Virgin River, no solo la lectura es mas fluida y agil sino tambien la trama me parecio mas atrapante que la del libro anterior.Me gusto que el protagonista masculino no fuera el tipico hombre cliche, ese echo hizo que la historia me pareciera masautenticapor decirlo de al [...]

  21. TJ

    This is the first time a Beta male has actually stolen my heart John Preacher is as close to a real life perfect man as it gets Big, huge, muscly, ex military, who is quiet, devoted, doesn t care to sleep around, cooks, cleans, is somewhat shy but very affectionate and protective sigh We get to watch him as he befriends, then falls in love with a young mother who is running away from a very abusive husband The storyline isn t particularly original and most of the book is predictable but the love [...]

  22. Debra

    not my favorite one in the series but I appreciated that it earl s overly long I do like that we got to see of John Preacher and we got to see the big man show some tenderness It was also nice to see Mel and Jack welcome their child For a short book, the author included breast cancer, a stillborn, a healthy baby born, domestic violence issues, a divorce and sex whew I do like the Virgin River gang and look forward to books in the series.

  23. Carly Ellen Kramer

    I waited and waited for this book on inter library loan, and have already read most of the Virgin River series This is my absolute favorite Virgin River book

  24. Darcy

    I have to say I was surprised by how much I loved this book There were so many different story lines going on it would have been really easy to get lost One thing that I really liked was how much the previous characters played a part in the story, which doesn t always happen, usually you only get a glimpse.I absolutely loved Preacher and Paige I was horrified by Paige s experience and have to say that for getting lost she ended up in the right place Preacher s quiet manner and self deprecating s [...]

  25. Penny Watson

    Quickie Review of Shelter Mountain by Robyn CarrShelter Mountain is the second of the Virgin River Series and was recommended to me by some nice folks on the boards Although I am not a big contemporary lover, this book really sang for me Carr has created some amazing characters Preacher is a fantastic hero, right up my alley From the very first chapter, I was totally hooked on him, and on the story itself He is a big, bald, sexy gentle giant of a man Swooning His touching, slow simmering romance [...]

  26. Jonel Boyko

    Carr is one of those rare authors who can rip out your heart, and put it back together all the better for the events you ve lived through in the lives of her loveable characters She shows that hope exists in the darkest corners of our lives This well written novel brings Virgin River to life in an excitingly suspenseful manner that had me on my toes while also completely engaging my emotions The beautiful scenery combines with the exciting yet also low key lives of the characters to paint a quai [...]

  27. Corrine

    What do you get when you have an abusive woman on the run a cute little kid a hero you can t help but love a town full of interesting characters You get this wonderful, moving story I won t bother to summarize the plot, because I think it s pretty easy to find All I can say is I laughed out loud in parts and I sobbed in parts, and I can t wait to read the next story in this town Preacher is one of the best heroes I ve read about all year, and I loved Paige, too I was a little disappointed that t [...]

  28. Pamela(AllHoney)

    The second in the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr I was curious about Preacher in the first book, Virgin River, and I think already a little in love with him Paige is an abused wife and escaping her husband with her son This story and the Virgin River series as a whole is not your typical romance Sure, you have girl meets boy and so on but the series continues the lives of the characters met earlier and characters are introduced For such a small town, there sure are a lot of people lol I thin [...]

  29. Michelle [Helen Geek]

    4 stars.I just loved it Enough said On to 3 These are some wonderful stories that hit close to home and warm your heart Nothing cheesy at all Very good You want to watch these people and pray all turns out well for them.Happy Reading

  30. Ezinwanyi

    3.5 stars I enjoyed this series but I docked it half a star for the cop out actions with Lizzie The author took the easy route And for some reason this book dragged towards the latter 1 4th.

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