North Pole Reform School (2020)

North Pole Reform School Jaimie Admans North Pole Reform School Mistletoe Bell hates Christmas So would you if you had a name like hers Her Christmas mad parents make the festive season last all year and with another Christmas looming Mis doesn t think she can t
  • Title: North Pole Reform School
  • Author: Jaimie Admans
  • ISBN: 9781493515332
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
North Pole Reform School Jaimie Admans Mistletoe Bell hates Christmas So would you if you had a name like hers Her Christmas mad parents make the festive season last all year, and with another Christmas looming, Mis doesn t think she can take any After her carelessness causes an accident at school, it seems like things can t get any worse.Then she wakes up to find The Ghost of Christmases Ruined in herMistletoe Bell hates Christmas So would you if you had a name like hers Her Christmas mad parents make the festive season last all year, and with another Christmas looming, Mis doesn t think she can take any After her carelessness causes an accident at school, it seems like things can t get any worse.Then she wakes up to find The Ghost of Christmases Ruined in her bedroom.She is taken to the North Pole, to a reform school run by elves determined to make her love Christmas Stuck in a misfit group of fellow Christmas haters with a motley crew of the weird and even weirder, watched over by elves day and night, she doesn t expect to meet cute and funny Luke, who is hiding a vulnerable side beneath his sarcastic exterior She doesn t expect to fall in love with him.But all is not as it should be at the North Pole A certain Mr Claus is making the elves lives a misery, and pretty soon Mistletoe and Luke are doing than just learning to like Christmas.A YA romantic comedy in which Santa is the bad guy, teaching reindeer to fly is on the curriculum, and zombies have a fondness for Christmas music.Suitable for older teens and upwards due to bad language.
North Pole Reform School Jaimie Admans

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    298 Jaimie Admans
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One thought on “North Pole Reform School

  1. Stacia (the 2010 club)

    3 I appreciate the effort stars Not bad at allI think most people adored North Pole Reform School than I did In all fairness, the humor was well timed, the flirting was sweet, and there were enough sugary feel good holiday moments to satisfy lovers of fun holiday movies near and far Even though Santa started off as kind of a grouch and zombies surprisingly got a nod, the story stuck with a traditional what goes on at the north pole theme, complete with elves and lots of Christmas related puns a [...]

  2. Marie

    This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer You can find it, and many reviews at the blog.North Pole Reform School is the third book I ve read from Jaimie Admans, and each book is better than the last North Pole Reform School is definitely my favourite of Jaimie s books so far, and it is officially my new favourite Christmas book.I find that I never really know what to expect when going into one of Jaimie s books She s a fantastic writer one of the best indie writers [...]

  3. Nasty Lady MJ

    Really 2.5 stars A cute little book for the holidays It has some faults, but for a free book it wasn t bad at all To see full review click on one of the following links My blogBooklikes

  4. Nicole Hewitt

    This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionNorth Pole Reform School is a quick, fun read, sure to brighten up your holiday season The story follows Mistletoe Bell Mis as she is swept off to North Pole Reform School apparently she and her fellow classmates have all ruined Christmas for someone and they all have to learn the true value of Christmas before they can leave They re shown the true meaning of Christmas by the elves mostly by performing different elf j [...]

  5. Sharon Sant

    I m fast becoming a huge fan of Jaimie Admans and so I was really looking forward to reading this book I m so happy to report that it was worth the wait This was a fun, heartwarming read with great characters, humour and Jaimie s now trademark surrealism that made me laugh and cry and ultimately wish it could be Christmas every day I loved Luke and Mistletoe and the end to their story was just perfect I m thinking of ruining a few Christmases myself this year, so I can go and visit the elves at [...]

  6. Natalie

    This wasn t so bad until the ending UGH Apparently there are zombies in the North Pole Yes, you read that right Zombies And two days before Christmas they attack Santa and turn him into a flesh eating monster who attacks and kills his own reindeer and leaves desiccated body parts instead of toys for the children Yeah Zombies just don t belong in a Christmas book I get that the author needed a way to change Luke and Mistletoe into Santa and Mrs Claus, but I didn t like that at all I was also hopi [...]

  7. Jenny in Neverland

    How pretty is the cover of this book First of all, Jaimie is one of the coolest and most down to earth authors I ve met through blogging and I reviewed Jaimie s Not Pretty Enough and loved it so much I jumped at the chance to review her new YA short story North Pole Reform School I hope everyone who is involved in the blog tour of this book likes it as much as I did and I hope it s a big success North Pole Reform School is about a girl called Mistletoe who wakes up to find herself in a strange, [...]

  8. Angie

    I think my small heart grew three sizes today thanks to North Pole Reform School It s an adorably hilarious tale bursting with Christmas cheer I will admit that I have quite the dislike for the actual Christmas holiday, but I m not a complete Scrooge I absolutely adore Christmas movies and stories, and this one is no different Well, it s completely different than anything I ve ever read before, but it still gave me those fuzzy holiday feelings There were also plenty of laugh out loud moments It [...]

  9. Joséphine (Word Revel)

    Actual rating 2.5 starsNorth Pole Reform School is a very imaginative book that takes a lot of Christmas traditions, reinvents them and adds a lot of unconventional ideas as well I think that is the one thing I would laud this book for I mean, zombies and Christmas when the point of the book is to spread some Christmas cheer Definitely different Also, not what I was expecting because to be honest, I didn t reach the end of the synopsis before I hopped on over to and bought myself the Kindle edit [...]

  10. Emilie

    2.5 starsThis was not really a book for me I guess it was cute and quite innocent but I expected My first problem was that it felt like a Q and A They ask questions, the elves explain They ask questions, the elves explain They ask questions, the elves hesitate to explain And so on and so forth It is also wierd that elves who have reformed christmas hating people for years and years would find this group having too many questions I don t buy for a second that none of the other groups wouldn t qu [...]

  11. Ashley - Book Labyrinth

    Overall this was cute, I liked it The ending was a bit strange view spoiler I would have liked the elves to have some power and Santa to really get his power taken away that way, rather than the strange zombie thing I also would have preferred a scene of Mistletoe with her parents, and her dad realizing that he should make effort to make his daughter feel special Yes, Christmas is about others and giving, but it s still pretty shitty that no one bothered to make Misty s birthday and Christmas s [...]

  12. Beth

    This was such a fun, fluffy read It s very British might be the first British YA romantic comedy I ve ever read with the language, and balanced snark with warmheartedness There s a lot of cheeky humor in it, but the romance is also very sweet in the YA fashion It s a quick read, at less than 300 pages, with a steady pace I don t want to give too much away, but I d say the humor kept it from being too saccharine, and the concept was very fun I recommend it to fans of romantic comedies, especially [...]

  13. Abbie

    Actual rating 3.25This wasn t anything brilliant, but it was enjoyable enough.Mistletoe was an okay character She annoyed me slightly in the first half, but in the second half i warmed to her a bit , and i started to like her I could understand why she hated her name so much, Mistletoe Bell really wouldn t be a good name in June Luke was an okay charater too, but again, it took me a while to warm to him.I did get a bit bored at points Mainly in the first half, but there was enough funny bits to [...]

  14. Liv

    Loved this book It was a mixture of comedy, romance and the feels But I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be blogging about it soon.P.S.I think I have a crush on Luke

  15. Amy

    Source Thanks Jaimie for this It was a review copy, but this hasn t affected, as always, my review in any way.Recommended for Christmas lovers Christmas haters You will get a laugh from this Christmassy comedy romance People who don t believe and you ve got to admit, that includes you I even after I ve read this will still find this endearing This is a young adult but probably best for the upper end like Afterlife Academy due to the content.My Thoughts Endearing Woah That s not the only adjectiv [...]

  16. Barbara ★

    This is one of those books with an actual moral to the story What was that expression from the 80s Gag me with a spoon I m one of those Christmas haters though I don t inflict my displeasure on others I simply stay to myself except when I absolutely have to mingle I do my part to help the less fortunate during the holidays but I still find all the nauseatingly sweet Christmas movies annoying.There were a few things that seemed out of place in this cutesy story The swearing for one and the fact t [...]

  17. Claire

    Wow My last book for 2017 This book really surprised me I wasn t really sure what to expect, but I very much enjoyed it The character development as they discover the true meaning of Christmas and change their attitude towards the holiday progressed at a nice speed so the story had somewhere to go Also, I like the development of Mis and Luke s relationship because the ending was earned This was a great holiday read to end the year with.

  18. Berls

    I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.My Initial ReactionNorth Pole Reform School was my first holiday read of the season and what a way to kick it off I was laughing pretty much non stop and was surprised by the number of heartfelt moments that had me tearing up a little too A thoroughly fun read to get you into the holiday spirit The CharactersThe story is told from the perspective of M [...]

  19. Kim

    Find this review and at kimberlyfaye reads Every single one of you has been brought here because you have ruined Christmas for somebody else This is not about hating Christmas anyone can hate Christmas and not suffer any consequences for it You are here because you have all taken deliberate actions to ruin Christmas for others Mistletoe Bell doesn t like Christmas Born on Christmas Eve, she s accustomed to her birthday being overshadowed by the holiday Moreover, her father is a store Santa and [...]

  20. Sorcha O'Dowd

    Review to be posted on my blog during the North Pole Reform School blog tour Tour stop is December 12th at oldvictorianquill.wordpressEdit I always love it when a new book by Jaimie Admans is released She is one of those authors that you just know will give you a fun story to escape into for a few hours, without the worry that the storytelling will not be up to scratch North Pole Reform School was yet another one of her great laugh out loud stories with a spunky heroine, some hilarious secondary [...]

  21. Francine Soleil

    Originally posted here alwayslostinbooks.wordpressIf there s one thing I could say about Jaimie Admans, it s that she has one of the wildest imaginations I have ever encountered and everything s just so bizarre that it s all so hilarious and it all actually works out somehow.Where else could you find a purple moose as the ghost of Christmases ruined When said ghost appeared in Mistletoe Bell s bedroom one winter night, she thought she was just dreaming But then she wakes up in the North Pole Ref [...]

  22. Alice

    My stars North Pole 4.5Christmas is coming, you turn every corner and every trade is with Christmas decorations saying Merry Christmas And in that way I was, reading this fun book, with my costume Grinch, who loves Christmas the Grinch has fun a lot on Christmas Our protagonist with an original and 100% Christmas style name Mistletoe has a serious problem christmas with the She hates but not because she hates the Christmas will ruin it to the other, do you Mis does and the result is She goes to [...]

  23. Kimber Wheaton

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Jaimie Admans has created a wonderful holiday story that made me laugh out loud and left me feeling so happy at the end Frankly, North Pole Reform School was just what I needed today to laugh the stress away It s such a creative premise, and the North Pole world created by Ms Admans is both familiar and strange We all picture Santa s village with the festive Christmas lights, happy elves, and nonstop Christmas music But I have [...]

  24. Shelby

    I received a free eCopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review North Pole Reform School was a lot of fun to read I was feeling kind of burnt out on books when I picked this book up and I read it from beginning to end in one day which is something I haven t done in quite a while How could you not get sucked into a book that begins with the line It started with a purple moose.I thought this book was thoroughly charming The author provides us with an amazing amount of detail [...]

  25. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay)

    So this book starts off with the main character, Mistletoe Bell, being woken up by a purple moose also known as The Ghost of Christmases Ruined and informed that she is being sent to North Pole Reform School It s not a crime to hate Christmas yourself, but to ruin it for someone else either on purpose or through carelessness is unacceptable So Mis is being sent to learn to love Christmas again, like she used to when she was a kid In her class at reform school are also a teenage boy named Luke wh [...]

  26. Lelia Taylor

    This time of year, I m especially drawn to light, floofy reading material as an antidote to all the frenzy of shopping and holiday activities I like it even better when it s not a 500 pound paperweight since my reading during this season is sort of a few pages here, a few pages there North Pole Reform School is exactly the sort of book I d been looking for.I love that parents would actually name their poor baby Mistletoe because of her birthdate I ve known a number of hapless victims of unfortun [...]

  27. Ashley Ehlers

    Originally posted on Paranormal Sisters paranormalsisters was given a copy from the author for my honest opinions North Pole Reform School is a perfect tale to get you into the holiday spirit Thanks to Jaimie, I ve been watching Christmas movies nonstop on Netflix Haha, so if you want a fun story to pick up your holiday spirit then you should check out this book However in one of the last chapters the tone goes a bit darker as the zombies finally play a big part in the story and I absolutely lov [...]

  28. Charli - To Another World

    Suitable for older teens and upwards due to bad language I received a free copy of this book from Oops I Read It Again courtesy of the author in exchange for a honest review This does not affect my review opinions in any way Thank you Jaimie Normally, I hate Christmas books I m a person that hates the crass commercialism of Christmas, and I m not Christian I d probably in the reform school myself But, I loved it, a humorous interpretation of the festive period that makes you wonder about what re [...]

  29. Trish at Between My Lines

    Another book that I read during the HoHoHo Read A Thon and if this book doesn t make you go HoHoHo then you have to resign yourself to Grinch status This is just the book to read yourself into a Winter Wonderland My Recap of North Pole Reform School Mistletoe Misty has been banished to the North Pole so the Elves can teach her the importance of Christmas There along with 4 other equally bah humbug recruits, she learns to appreciate the meaning of Christmas.First Line of North Pole Reform School [...]

  30. Kathy Horsman

    A purple moose appearing in your bedroom in the middle of the night probably should be a nightmare induced by a lot of psychedelic drugs, but in this case Mistletoe Mis or Misty for short Bell gets a visit from said moose and ends up in quite a different kind of adventure Landing herself in the North Pole Reform School because she doesn t just hate Christmas but has ruined it for someone else, she is dropped in the middle of a domed civilization at the arctic with all the not so imaginary charac [...]

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