Stag: A Story (2020)

Stag: A Story Ben Monopoli Stag A Story The first story in The Youth Young Loves of Oliver Wade Stories available now Eighth grader Ollie Wade is dreading the school dance Unlike his four friends it isn t because he can t land a date it s
  • Title: Stag: A Story
  • Author: Ben Monopoli
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
Stag: A Story Ben Monopoli The first story in The Youth Young Loves of Oliver Wade Stories available now.Eighth grader Ollie Wade is dreading the school dance Unlike his four friends, it isn t because he can t land a date it s because he doesn t want one All he wants is to keep to himself and get through the night with his secret intact Going stag might be his best defense if he sThe first story in The Youth Young Loves of Oliver Wade Stories available now.Eighth grader Ollie Wade is dreading the school dance Unlike his four friends, it isn t because he can t land a date it s because he doesn t want one All he wants is to keep to himself and get through the night with his secret intact Going stag might be his best defense if he s strong enough to do it.Long before he was the key touching guy from THE PAINTING OF PORCUPINE CITY, Ollie Wade was a boy discovering that his life would be complicated than he ever imagined.
Stag: A Story Ben Monopoli

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One thought on “Stag: A Story

  1. Lena♥Ribka

    4,5 starsAnother little gem A touching, sweet, WELL WRITTEN story And sooooo true I want of Ben Monopoli The best books are often discovered by pure chance.I m glad that it happened again.

  2. Sheri

    I love me some Monopoli I haven t exactly forgotten how much I love me some Monopoli but this was a swift reminder of my slacking fangirl responsibilities I have many Monopoli words to discoverd I can t wait image error Thanks for the heads up on the freebie alert Doc muah I devoured itI ached for Oliverd of course Taylord I plan on continuing with Ollie s story ASAP Yipppeeeeeee for to come Granted it was a morsel of a story but I was thrilled with it regardless of the page numbers.This is wh [...]

  3. Cory

    I ve absolutely loved everything I ve ever read from Ben Monopoli I m able to relate so easily and his writing style has a way of drawing me in so I don t want to put the book down until it s completed.That was pretty easy with this one since it was really short, but still powerful none the less Poor Ollie got himself into a situation that he didn t really want to be in, but didn t know how to get out of.The following really stuck with me I found myself hoping she got in a car accident on her wa [...]

  4. Lauraadriana

    Oh Ben Monopoli, the things you did to my poor heart in 377 Kindle locations.Ollie who we met in The Painting of Porcupine City looking back at his struggle to keep who he was, WHAT he was a secret as a teenager The anguish of feeling that there wasn t a single person who would be OK with it That this thing made him be unkind, rude, even dispicable That he had to keep it all inside Not one person could know.I was there with Ollie at that dance, and my heart broke for him Ben Monopoli has a way w [...]

  5. Isabel

    What a perfect short book Not only is well written, is also very powerful Oliver is on a stage of his life that the fear of being rejected by his family and friends, leaded him to a poor choice, a choice that he never imagined could hurt others I want to know about Oliver he can t be STAG forever, can he

  6. Sofia

    Good writing Felt desperately sad for the characters involved, all of them really, the angst of growing up got to me I felt bad for Ollie, Jessica, Taylor, Boyd and the other boys.Will have to try other works by Mr Monopoli.

  7. ☆ Todd

    I truly hope that things have change enough in these last few decades that neither boys like Ollie nor girls like Taylor have to go through something like the events in this short story again.A nice girl, wanting nothing than to go to the dance with a nice boy.A nice boy, wanting nothing than to crawl under the bleachers and make the world go away.I remember being so fearful of my true self being found out in my tiny hometown of 500 people in very rural Tennessee, that like Ollie, I m sure tha [...]

  8. Barbara

    I didn t know the meaning of the word STAG Now I knowLovely story Sometimes adolescence, is not an easy journey, it s a struggle to define yourself Oliver I just wanted to hug you Ben Monopoli

  9. Jax

    Wow Not what I was expecting Through Ollie we see the reality for many LGBT kids who are feeling sad and scared and wondering how they re going to live their lives being so different from everyone else And it also shows the harm they can do to others while dealing with their own stuff Well done.

  10. Trisha Harrington

    This was a nice short It s not a romance But that doesn t mean m m fans won t like it There s a lot of power in it This could break your heart a little bit because there is so much fear I won t say a lot But I think it is definitely worth a read.

  11. A

    This is a touching story about Oliver, a character from Monopoli s outstanding book, The Painting of Porcupine City Oliver is 13, an awkward time for any kid, and the anticipation of the grad dance just adds an even stressful layer He knows he can t do what he s expected to do take a girl to the dance and finds relief in the idea of going stag Until he s suddenly not going stag This isn t so much of a coming of age story, but a pre coming of age story, and it s heartbreaking yet hopeful in its [...]

  12. Trevor

    Great short story, loved the lead character, and his struggles with being himself I m sure all of us straight or gay can relate to this.Can t wait to read about Oliver.

  13. Owaiz

    4 stars actually which is pretty good for a short story the 5th is just to give a boost to the author.I liked the story, so heart wrenching and sad And then there s the bigger meaning, the implications, the heartbreaks that are the result of a society that refuses to have an open mind, the heavy burden it places on the little shoulders If I say I ll give away the story, so go on and read instead.

  14. C

    A well written story should not only make you feel with and for the main character, but also for the supporting characters In this one, Ben Monopoli succeeded completely It broke my heart I wish I were eloquent and able to express the hows and whys and what it all means of it, but I m not So I ll just say that this very short story will stick with me for a long time, just like every other Monopoli book I ve read.

  15. Natalie

    A little slice of adolescent pain and awkwardness Beautifully written It looks like this may end up as part of a larger collection of stories about Ollie, in which case I can t wait.

  16. Onyx

    It s rather mind boggling how short Stag A Story is A short story shouldn t be this poignant, but Monopoli manages to surprise readers with this quiet, emotional little gem Taking us to the mind of a young, closeted teenager, Monopoli shares the crippling peer pressure Ollie faces leading up to and attending the middle school dance The weight of his silence turns him into a sullen, angry, and hurtful young person And it s painful not just for him, but everyone who cares about him I m no critic, [...]

  17. Pavellit Off

    So sweet na ve story about the initial thrills of self awareness and its countering She s been crying half the night, You need to go dance with her while you still have time I m waiting for the right song Stop being such a fucking wimp,Ollie, you re her date, I m stag Coming back to something so familiar.Lovely memories Lovely read

  18. K.C. Beaumont

    This was a short, angsty, precious gem of a story I just wanted to hug the poor guy I loved Ollie s brief appearance in Mr Monopoli s full length novel The Painting of Porcupine City, and can t wait to read about him.

  19. Marq

    Monopoli has yet to miss with anything he writes This is a short story and well worth the small amount of time it takes to read Enjoy

  20. Jucilene

    I read this book last week and forgot to review anywayI felt so bad for the girls around Ollie, Bleh But he was merely a teen by that time I would love read of him, yeah, yeah

  21. Maulik

    There were abundant moments during the reading of this one that I sought to hug the nearest pillow in empathising with Ollie It reminded me of a time not too long ago that similar feelings coursed through me No one must know about this thing It does tug at quite a few heartstrings to arrive at a certain level of compassion for this uncertainty, which doesn t wholly yet understandably does excuse Ollie s actions, which speak to the challenges of finding oneself while being surrounded by our peers [...]

  22. Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~

    A short story of teen angst and melodrama at it s finest This is a short story of Ollie, who we meet briefly at the end of The Painting of Porcupine City Here s Ollie s in junior high and is facing the horror of the annual school dance He was supposed to go stag but that doesn t work out for him and everything derails in true teen melodrama fashion It s a fun if frustrating read because don t we all remember being that stupid at that age

  23. Melissa Fox

    Guh So full of uncomfortable, yearning, wishing and hoping for better but resigned for the worst Oliver honest feelings A short, poignant story sure to resonate Another oh so lovely offering from Mr Monopoli thank you.

  24. Jeffery

    Stag is a very powerful short story revolving a closeted kid and a school dance I enjoyed the writing style as well as the story thoroughly.

  25. Sonja

    8th grade dance angst, and the hurt that results from not knowing how to say no when you don t want to hurt someone by saying no.

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