Rupee Millionaires (2020)

Rupee Millionaires Frank Kusy Rupee Millionaires Dodgy Frank Kusy born into poverty from immigrant parents learns to live on his wits first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray later as a Buddhist trader in London s St Martin s in the
  • Title: Rupee Millionaires
  • Author: Frank Kusy
  • ISBN: 9780957585126
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
Rupee Millionaires Frank Kusy Dodgy Frank Kusy, born into poverty from immigrant parents, learns to live on his wits first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray, later as a Buddhist trader in London s St Martin s in the Fields market.Then he meets up with thuggish Spud who is so good at scaring people, notably the Petrovs, two encroaching Russian gangsters, that he hires him on the spot asDodgy Frank Kusy, born into poverty from immigrant parents, learns to live on his wits first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray, later as a Buddhist trader in London s St Martin s in the Fields market.Then he meets up with thuggish Spud who is so good at scaring people, notably the Petrovs, two encroaching Russian gangsters, that he hires him on the spot as his business partner.It s a deal with the Devil Spud is a loose cannon, liable to blow up at any moment The two travel to India to become the largest wholesaler of hippy Hindi glad rags in the UK, and to fulfil their dream of becoming rupee millionaires.Along the way, they pick up a motley crew of kooky characters Ram, a lovable, crutch bound Rajasthani, George, an irascible American, Nick and Anna, a quirky Canadian couple, Susie, a Dagenham girl gone native , and Rose, the secret love of Ram s life These become the Pushkar Posse , a group of oddball traveller entrepreneurs who meet once a year to have fun and make money in equal measure.Join Frank on this wild rite of passage through India.
Rupee Millionaires Frank Kusy

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One thought on “Rupee Millionaires

  1. Lilo

    Allow me a moment I have to comb my hair It has been standing up straight all along while I was reading this book.What can I say I am at a loss for words So, instead of attempting to write a review, I will write this open letter to the author Dear Mr Kusy,Reading your book Kevin And I In India , I have been traveling India with you, all the time worrying about your health or rather your mere survival I had been so relieved when you were finally back home, safe and sound And what do you do Instea [...]

  2. Christoph Fischer

    Rupee Millionaires by Frank Kusy is a fascinating and highly entertaining life story of a London trader and life artist and his travels, business ventures, friends and life philosophy at home and abroad.Written with great wit, humour, realism and honesty this is a reflective travel memoir that reads smoothly and easily and will make you think as well as smile.Be warned, there are some adult themes and language Very enjoyable.

  3. Julie Haigh

    Fantastic loved it I loved Frank Kusy s first book, Kevin And I In India and this one was amazing too So good that I have immediately pre ordered his new book due out in October This is nicely presented, it has chapter headings with a little symbol by each of these the same one is used for all chapters probably Indian Anyway, it all adds to the overall effect for me In this first part of the book there is a bit of history about Frank his mother was Hungarian, he lost his father when he was only [...]

  4. Grady

    A memorable, fascinating MemoirOne of the major reasons this superbly written book is so electrifying to read is that, difficult as it may seem to believe, it is based on fact From biographical data gathered from the various sites where his life is made public, we learn the following about the redoubtable Frank Kusy I m a rather fat Buddhist who likes playing bridge with little old ladies and writing silly stories about cats I wrote my first cat book when I was eight It was called Jessie the Cat [...]

  5. M.M. Hudson

    I initially read Rupee Millionaire because no one ever thinks of wanting to be such a thing However, here author Frank Kusy writes in his own memoir of achieving the dream.The book begins in the throes of India where this man from the UK has come to find himself Here he becomes a horrible self proclaimed Buddhist, he eats meat after all, and begins to write travel guides To become better self supported he begins to sell hippy clothing brought back from India to the markets of London Here he meet [...]

  6. Caryl Williams

    Oh my goodness, what a book I felt as though I needed a long lie down in a darkened room after reading this book This is the second memoir written by Frank Kusy about his time in India The first one was the equally enjoyable book Kevin and I in India about the writer s travels in India as a younger man This one focuses on his selling career, first as a market trader, then progressing onto a leading wholesale buyer and trader of Indian garments, bedspreads and jewellery along with his psychotic p [...]

  7. Fran Macilvey

    Rupee Millionaires by Frank KusyHaving read Frank s earlier book, Kevin and I In India , I purchased this volume as soon as I knew it was available in paperback Frank is an engaging and fluent writer with a very adventurous tale to relate, filled with amazing twists and turns of fate That Frank manages to arrive home at the end of his adventures is little short of miraculous, and there were times when I held my breathIn short, an unusual and engaging glimpse of life in India, a world away from t [...]

  8. Anna

    Loved this compulsively readable bookThe story of the authors wild ride, growing up learning ways to survive a poor and Catholic upbringing his choice of Buddhism and the challenges that entailed when trying to reconcile it s ideals with his reality but most of all his wild misadventures in India and Great Britain and the colourful characters met along the way As a small character in this story I can vouch that truth really is stranger than fiction and while there may be a few small creative adj [...]

  9. Tania Said

    Entertaining read of what it s like to be an English trader in contemporary India with regular trips selling your wares back in Britain There s none of the too typical exploration of India s spiritual side though there are some life affirming moments Best of all is seeing how a man grows up living much of his life abroad, and how he goes from wonder to the place becoming him.

  10. Spud? Or

    I ve just come across this book and it will probably make an interesting read.See back in 1990 I was in business with the author for a few years and I m clearly the model for his caricature Spud Of course this is a work of fiction and I am just a regular guy and not anything like the cartoon he created.Someone said they didn t think his description of his meeting with my ex wife was very well written The fact is I divorced in 1993, 3 years after my wife and I both worked with Mr Kusy, one of a n [...]

  11. Harmony Kent

    By Harmony Kent5 out of 5 Stars I received a free copy of this book in order to review on behalf of Awesome Indies ABOUT THE BOOK When Frank teams up with Spud to become the largest wholesaler of hippy Hindi glad rags in the UK, and to fulfil their dream of becoming rupee millionaires, he thinks he s got it made But what he s made is a deal with the Devil.Dodgy Frank Kusy, born into poverty from immigrant parents, learns to live on his wits first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray, [...]

  12. Kevin Bergeron

    Author Frank Kusy tells about his many years as a UK dealer and wholesaler of Indian and Asian merchandise, mostly hip Indian clothing and jewelry.This is really one hell of a yarn, loaded with adventure, humor, and love for life, people, and places Some people have such an energy and receptiveness that their lives are one adventure after another, and it seems Mr Kusy is one of those, and also a natural born story teller.In the course of his work Kusy made many buying trips to India A lot of thi [...]

  13. Tahlia Newland

    Rupee Millionaires is a charming autobiographical travel story about a young man who visits India and finds not enlightenment but business The book chronicles the rise and fall of his Indian rag and trinket trade and gives us an up close and personal look at Indian taxi drivers, merchants, hotel managers and a cast of other delightful characters, including an English customs inspector.The villain in the story is Frank s business partner, Spud, a rough character who took to bullying customers He [...]

  14. Rebecca Hislop

    I thought this book was superb I started laughing almost straight away at the Prologue where Frank is reading an entry in an Indian menu warped chicken raped in bacon We learn that Indian restaurants and menus remind Frank of his quest to be a rupee millionaire and of his business partner Spud who turned out to be a complete psycho Some of the things which Spud did were astonishing in their sheer viciousness from attempting to blow up Frank s house to planting ecstasy tablets in the glove compar [...]

  15. Pat Ellis

    Frank Kusy has done it again in my humble opinion Rupee Millionaires is a brilliant read Wow what a quest I have huge respect for Authors of travel Memoirs in particular and have always had a facinication with India altho as yet I have not travelled to that part of the world Frank Kusy, the Author is able to scoop you up take you on this journey with him with such ease.s great writing Not only do you find yourself holding your breath , laughing out loud almost feeling the heat tension you get to [...]

  16. Catherine MacLeod

    Irrepressible Ode to the human Spirit with silver bells on.Where to start with my thoughts on this captivating story Honestly It s the most entertainment I ve had with words since Round Ireland with a Fridge, which, if you could splice together with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, might bring you close to imagining the heady pull of Frank Kusy s superb Rupee Millionaires.I ve never been to India, but I ve lived a decade there through Frank s eyes, and was utterly captivated But it s so much tha [...]

  17. Linda Munro

    There is a story that goes along with this book and ultimately my review I have mentioned this fact prior, I only enter the contest for books I truly feel that I want to read but this was not a book I would have normally chosen to read, there was simply something about what was written that made me want to read this So, I entered the contest and one day received a package and was presently surprised to find the book inside I put it under the present pile of books from the library that I was read [...]

  18. Marcy

    I enjoyed Rupee Millionaires mainly because I love books about India Frank Kusy tells the story of his experiences buying goods in India and selling them in England, where he lives When he first embarked on his adventure, Indian clothing was all the rage among leftover hippies He loved the vibe, and he loved India the import business kept him going for ten years.A major part of the story is centered on Spud, a total crackpot who Frank partners with a few years into his career Spud almost gets Fr [...]

  19. Bryan D.

    56 of 75 for 2015 Frank Kusy s account of building an import business bringing goods from India and later Thailand to England is rife with intrigue, violence, and lots of local color both in India and at home in England At times the book seems like a catalog of what not to do finding a shady character as a partner, antagonizing customs officials, crossing international borders with undeclared goods but it s always very readable and gives, I believe, a good account of business life in at least o [...]

  20. Tamer

    Frank tells it as it is What a book and what a story First, I would like to comment on the writing The author s way with words is simply flawless The writing is magnificent and makes you feel you re right there living those events The story is gripping and makes you want to keep flipping the pages endlessly Learning about this shady world and how people interacted was scary and educational I certainly don t want to spoil the story but if you are looking for a book that is well written, captivati [...]

  21. Steven Whitacre

    This was such a fun book to read, but it did have one drawback it had to end As I read it, I really felt like I was right there with Frank during all his mis adventures in India His writing style really draws you in and makes reading fun I made the mistake of reading this one first it s the third book in the series , but nothing was left out It stands well on its own and I highly recommend it for everybody that likes a fun and exciting read.

  22. Kate

    Tells the story of an import market trader and his dastardly partner Easy, quick read, some interesting characters Another view of the romance of travel to India, though this is about the two business partners and some incidental bit players in the story than about travel in India as such Those who have done Pushkar, Delhi, Jaisalmer and so on will recognize some of the characters, hotels, restuarants and tours

  23. Kat Kirst

    This is a fun romp with an array of characters and I mean Characters who populate the author s life So many people come and go, I got a bit mixed up at times, but still, I couldn t stop reading An interesting side note is a comment that was written about the book by the man who claims he s the main villain I don t know what s true and what isn t, but I viewed this book as a piece of fiction, which is exactly what the commentator says it is.

  24. Norman

    This is a great travel book in that it approaches India from the perspective of someone out there trying to make money, rather than travelling for travels sake or in pursuit of some scientific research objective Even better, Frank is partnered with a psychopathic business buddy which makes for some great yarns and escapades All in all highly entertaining and makes me want to go to India even

  25. Tom Schulte

    a fun and easy read this is a rollicking adventure bouncing from England to south Asia as the author rode the wave of popularity of Asian clothes and jewelry frenetically with a pathological criminal as partner and enemy this is a unique picture of a unique time and one man s peculiar line of work.

  26. Lyndsey Martin

    I couldn t get through the first couple of chapters I tried but it wasn t happening There s a good reason I got it for free for Kindle on I love stories about India but this wasn t a story about India It was a story about the author, and I felt like I was sitting next to a drunk dude at a bar telling me how great he was Luckily, I was able to shut it off and move away.

  27. Janet

    It s as if Frank Kusy, grabs hold of India complete with all its vibrant culture, geography, people and then with disarming literary ease folds them inside this incredible book, ready to burst out in front of you as you read Rupee Millionaires breaks new ground in a well trod genre, never predictable nor patronising, always real and gritty, well seasoned with humour and angst.

  28. Cherry Gregory

    Easy to read and hard to put down, this fascinating memoir tells of London boy,Frank, and his start in business as a market trader in Thatcherite Britain Bursting with energy and humour, it s a tale full of memorable characters, comic dialogue and scenes to take your breath away So join the Pushtar Posse and be with Frank all the way as he makes it big in India.

  29. Dina_s

    255 pages of me, myself and I This manic, made up sounding memoir left me lukewarm It is a contrived, cliched, patronising, self aggrandising rant against the author s former partner and India although the author adopted a self effacing tone Unfathomable how anyone could possibly be so naive and ignorant in business.

  30. Donna

    The author tells tales of his time, travels and business dealings in Indian and Great Britain I really wanted to like this book , but the tone of the book was just a bit too snarky for me Perhaps one day I will pick it up again and enjoy it as much as the other reviewers.I won this book through First Reads giveaway.

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