The Dangerous Summer (2020)

The Dangerous Summer Ernest Hemingway James A. Michener The Dangerous Summer The Dangerous Summer is Hemingway s firsthand chronicle of a brutal season of bullfights In this vivid account Hemingway captures the exhausting pace and pressure of the season the camaraderie and p
  • Title: The Dangerous Summer
  • Author: Ernest Hemingway James A. Michener
  • ISBN: 9780684837895
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
The Dangerous Summer Ernest Hemingway James A. Michener The Dangerous Summer is Hemingway s firsthand chronicle of a brutal season of bullfights In this vivid account, Hemingway captures the exhausting pace and pressure of the season, the camaraderie and pride of the matadors, and the mortal drama as in fight after fight the rival matadors try to outdo each other with ever daring performances At the same time Hemingway oThe Dangerous Summer is Hemingway s firsthand chronicle of a brutal season of bullfights In this vivid account, Hemingway captures the exhausting pace and pressure of the season, the camaraderie and pride of the matadors, and the mortal drama as in fight after fight the rival matadors try to outdo each other with ever daring performances At the same time Hemingway offers an often complex and deeply personal self portrait that reveals much about one of the twentieth century s preeminent writers.
The Dangerous Summer Ernest Hemingway James A. Michener

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    404 Ernest Hemingway James A. Michener
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One thought on “The Dangerous Summer

  1. Evi *

    Quando i libri sostituiscono esperienze mai fatte.Non avendo ancora mai potuto assistere ad una corrida, la lettura di questo reportage sulla stagione delle corride seguita da Hemingway nell estate pericolosa del 1959 ha placatoparzialmente in me questo fortissimo desiderio.Grazie alle puntuali, nitide, scevre di fronzoli e sentimentalismi descrizioni come se avessi assistito ad una corrida, ne ho imparato la terminologia, i tempi, le fasi, i riti La corrida, in Spagna quasi una forma d arte, si [...]

  2. Greg

    I like to get out of a dressing room fast writes Hemingway But we learn that the dressing of a matador is a rather ritualistic event and that it s an honor to be invited to this ritual Is it that Hemingway wants to see the show, but not necessarily what goes on behind the scenes Or is it that we read along with Hemingway his admiration attachment to the matadors perhaps we d call these bromances today and this part of the show is unnerving, as it reveals the risks that the matadors take Or, sadl [...]

  3. Jay

    The Dangerous Summer is, I believe, the last manuscript that Hemingway worked on in its totality before his death in 1961 The work is based on the 1959 mano a mano between Antonio Ord ez and Luis Miguel Domingu n Hemingway not only chronicled the competition between the two Spanish bullfighters but also his own experiences in Spain during the 1959 bullfighting season as he crisscrossed the country from Andaluc a in the south to Catalu a in the northeast and points in between.The text itself, pub [...]

  4. Claire

    An excellent narrative of the art of tauromachy as recounted in the inimitable style of Hemingway, which epitomized two of Spain s greatest bullfighters Luis Miguel Domingu n and Antonio Ord ez Being a knowledgeable admirer of the sport, his descriptions of the actual bullfight scenes throughout the book in a play by play style puts you right in the arena It s a brutal sport, and I couldn t help but cringe at the descriptions of the actual killings of these beautiful animals at the end of the bu [...]

  5. Lukáš Palán

    Captain Morgan alias Ernest Hemingwej ve sv m posledn m rom nu op t zav tal do pan lska, a op t el omylem na b z pasy m sto aby el na fotbal B z pasy jsou sice taky super, proto e je pak levn j sal m, ale rozhodn nejsou tak super, aby o nich n kdo napsal 300 stran Fascinace je o ividn a Hemingwej popisuje souboj dvou frajer jako by lo o Batman versus Superman, ale kdy u absolvujeme asi dvac t souboj, kter Captain Morgan popisuje naprosto stejn , proto e kupodivu prob haj naprosto stejn , za n to [...]

  6. LK Hunsaker

    I am not a fan of bullfighting I have seen a fight, in Madrid, and have no interest in seeing another I am, however, a fan of Hemingway, and this last of his major work is a telling piece about him According to Michener s introduction, it was cut from over 100,000 words to about 45,000 Still, the details of the fights tended to be repetitious and I skimmed over them Hemingway s passion shines through, as well as the disturbing references to his marriage His work was all important, to the detrime [...]

  7. Julie Barrett

    The dangerous summer by Hemingway_ Ernest Spain and the bull fights where he was commissioned to write an article but so much got in his wayA matador and his brother in law who returns to the bullfights after retiring where they pit one another and try to do serious hand to hand fighting so the crowds will like them Includes glossary of bull fighting terms Described in detail all the events behind the scenes you d not see as a tourist.Like understandings the procedures that precede the bull fi [...]

  8. Ken Oder

    I went to a dinner one time where they served rattlesnake meat The guy next to me told me it tasted like chicken, if you could forget what you were eating I couldn t forget The Dangerous Summer is a nonfiction account of Hemingway s love affair with bullfighting The torture and killing of bulls is not a pleasant topic for me, but the book tasted like chicken when I forgot what it was about Hemingway s crisp prose and direct style brings the summer of 59 in Spain to life Two great bullfighters du [...]

  9. Terrence Jones

    This book has been on my shelf for a long time I ve gone through most of Hemingway s work but The Dangerous Summer and Death In The Afternoon kept me back due to the technical nature of the stories i.e bullfighting jargon.Well, I finally tackled it and came away a better man as all Hemingway novels leave me The book doesn t have the romance and despair of other Hemingway s stories but it perfectly paints an event a time and place I am certainly better off for having lived that time and place thr [...]

  10. Josh Boardman

    3 stars in the canon of Hemingway novels, but surely in relation to the rest of literature The greatest aficionado s love of the sport of bullfighting really comes through here, supplemented with an excellent introduction by James A Michener Expect to come out the other side with a new light on the sport, as well as a few extra Spanish words to sprinkle your vocabulary Toward the end, however, Hemingway starts to get repetitive in his descriptions of the fights, no doubt due to the poverty of t [...]

  11. Dottie

    I picked this one up while we were living in Belgium and read it under the influence of some Constant Readers who were interested in the subject of bullfighting I had visited Pamplona and was drawn to know of Hemingway s time there also had churros and chocolate in a place in Madrid which was supposedly one of the cafes he frequented Books and real life intertwined what could be better

  12. Daniel St-Jean

    Although not as good as some of his other works, Hemingway still delivers a compact and interesting account of the rivalry between Luis Miguel Domingu n and Antonio Ord ez Although the subject matter is ethically questionable or at least in my opinion he still captures something concrete about the sport of bullfighting and makes it count Hemingway pulls us along the journey with terse prose that reminds us why he was a great writer A worthy addition to Hemingway s oeuvre of work.

  13. Maria

    I award Hemingway two ears This is a great book which helps me understand what bullfighting means to some and I am highly opposed to bullfighting It was also very funny, as Hemingway tries to live and make sense of a culture very different to his own I could not appreciate the yellow country with it stripes of roads and brown towns as I should because the pilot and co pilot let Luis Miguel and Antonio take their places a bullfighter can do anything.

  14. Erin

    The first time I ve read Hemingway in 30 years, inspired by my trip to Madrid last month I m against bullfighting but fascinated by it, and this edition offers the romance and the hard facts Latter are provided by, of all people, James Michener, in a long introduction Had no idea he was an aficonado.

  15. Grey

    Although bull fighting is not of any particular interest to me, the style of writing the way Hemingway lays out the facts and impressions is This is one of the few of his late books that I really liked, although a couple posthumously published books are even better.

  16. Brian Willis

    A sequel of sorts to Death in the Afternoon, this stylistic comparison of two elite toreadors attempts to regain his halcyon days with mixed success Well worth reading if you appreciate DITA, but I felt it not to be his very best.

  17. Claudia

    I honestly tried my hardest to read Hemingway s books, this was my third attempt and somehow I don t feel drawn to them, I honestly don t think I ll read any of his books, and maybe I d be missing out, but it s very frustrating for me since I feel no connection with them

  18. Barb

    I was out of books to read at home and I found this book in a pile Bullfighting is a horrible sport Sure the matadors are brave and skilled, but the bulls are tortured and murdered And matadors were gored sometimes But unlike the bull, they had a choice in the matter Still, even at the end of his life Hemingway could write with amazing skill I admired the writing, and the bits about the Spanish scenery, but I will NEVER read Hemingway s Death in the Afternoon.

  19. Manuel Castellanos

    Las descripciones del mundo del toreo y en particular la rivalidad entre Luis Miguel Domingu n y Antonio Ordo ez, son descritas de manera flu da por Hemingway en este relato corto, contando las aventuras de la temporada taurina de 1959 en Espa a.

  20. Joan Allen

    Book was a detailed description of Hemingway s trip to Spain for the bullfights and the people involved

  21. Andy

    The subject matter bullfighting may be distasteful but the energy and immediacy of the prose sucks you in Classic Hemingway.

  22. John Ashmore

    If you enjoy reading about bullfighting, you ll enjoy this I found it a bit of a slog, although big Ern s prose is as taut as ever and I was very taken with his Franco free portrait of 50s Spain.

  23. Blake

    I think this book has an undeserved, poor reputation It is clearly not as good as its predecessor, Death in the Afternoon, but on its own, as a travelogue and a diary of an intense friendship, I found it captivating.This is the story of two of the last great Spanish bullfighters, brothers in law Antonio Ord ez and Luis Miguel Domingu n as they compete head to head throughout Spain in the summer of 1959 As Michener points out in his introduction which is nearly a quarter of the book , Hemingway i [...]

  24. Carles

    Des de el punt de vista d un prof en el tema, El verano peligroso sembla tenir totes les qualitats d un bon reportatge I potser ho s, per no m estranyaria que els aut ntics aficionados el consideressin massa fantasi s o novel.lesc Jo l he llegit amb inter s i bona predisposici , perqu Hemingway em posa , i m ha resultat un bon llibre a mig cam del reportatge i la novel la, que gira entorn al que ell planteja com un duel entre els dos millors toreros del moment Ordo ez i Dominguin, al 1959 per qu [...]

  25. Radiantfracture

    It s true that this book is repetitive and unstructured, but I found many pleasures in it all the same The bullfighting scenes are an inextricable melding of eros and thanatos haunted by the constant image of a man pierced or almost pierced by a bull s horn, either in the groin or in the heart Yet the prose is Hemingway s prose, simple and indelible and, especially in those most passionate scenes, powerfully controlled.The book is a re editing of a series of articles Hemingway wrote for LIFE mag [...]

  26. Jim

    Great, later Hemingway, but published after his death and not edited with the typical minimalist style of his best work So, lots of repetition It s like a sports writer s journal of that one dramatic season in bull fighting Death always comes for the bulls, but can come any time for the matadors His relationship outside the ring with both of the competing fighters inserts him and his own fame into the story the original Gonzo Journalism that Hunter Thompson later made famous There is at least o [...]

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