Night Games (2020)

Night Games Lisa Marie Perry Night Games No information available
  • Title: Night Games
  • Author: Lisa Marie Perry
  • ISBN: 9780373863488
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback
Night Games Lisa Marie Perry No information available.
Night Games Lisa Marie Perry

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  1. The Book Junkie Reads . . .

    This is my first read by Perry I am honored that she offered me the chance to review her book before it went live today I can say this, I do want to see of the Blue Dynasty A family of women making their mark on a male dominated field has me cheering them on and looking for how they do the next big step Charlotte Blue has worked very hard to show that she can be a force to reckon with in the field of her choice She lets nothing stand in her way not even an over ambitious ex, that felt he had th [...]

  2. C.

    Disclosure I was given an advance copy of the ebook in return for a fair and honest review.This is a Romeo and Juliet, families that hate each other romance The heroine, Charlotte Blue, works for her parents, the new owners of Las Vegas Slayers the hero, Nate Franco, is from the family that used to own the team She s got a lot to prove, as a female trainer and as the daughter of the owners who cut her NO slack, but the rest of the world doesn t see it that way He s wary about losing his job, con [...]

  3. Jackie Roberts

    I had the pleasure of being asked by new Kimani author, Lisa Marie Perry, to read and review her debut novel Night Games Charlotte Blue wanted to prove to her parents that she could make a name for herself in the world of football She was hired as the assistant trainer for the Las Vegas Slayers Football Team, a team owned by her parents Marshall and Temperance Blue Because her parents were the owners, media and others viewed Charlotte s hiring as nepotism Charlotte set out to prove that she was [...]

  4. Joelene

    Well, first, just let me say that I LOVED this book It pulled me in pretty quickly and I loved the entire thing I loved the fact that this was a different type of romance and I also really loved the fact that this was a book about a woman trying to make it in a man s sport and even though the odds were against her in so many ways she wasn t going to give up because that was her dream and she was determined to follow it I always loved to play sports when I was younger and usually had my brother a [...]

  5. Brent Soderstrum

    Not the kind of book I typically read but I really enjoyed it This isn t just some romance story with little to no story involved This book had a story.Nate is one of the trainers for the NFL Las Vegas Slayers He is also the son of the owner of the team His father sells the franchise to the Blue family Charlotte Blue is also on tap to be a trainer for the team Before all this can happen Charlotte and Nate hook up in a bar without knowing who each other are Nate and Charlotte then meet at trainin [...]

  6. Lisa Filipe

    A Slightly different take on a Romeo and Juliet Romance, but with a Football Team and Set in Sin City Sounds funright Well, it is Charlotte and Nate and HOT The chemistry sizzlesd no, I am not talking about the Las Vegas heatese two really have a connection, but their are some HUGE obstacles that they must face first, or it s broken heart city for this pair Our Heroine, Charlotte Lottie , is one of the Blue s , the daughter of the New Team owners of the Las Vegas Slayers Football Team, and Lotti [...]

  7. Arlena

    Title Night GamesAuthor Lisa Marie PerryPublisher Harlequin KimaniReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 4Review Night Games by Lisa Marie Perry was a good contemporary romance read that was a enjoyable read that did have some steamy hot sex If you are a football lover that would love a interesting romance conflict interwoven into a twist of a plot then this read is for you Be ready for a novel that will present conflict between two families and some characters that you will find believable as well as re [...]

  8. Harlequin Books

    Happy endings are always welcome, but this reviewer loves the main message of this novel Don t allow other people to decide your path The strength, loyalty and fighting spirit in the main characters are inspiring RT Book Reviews, rated 4 1 2 stars Miniseries The Blue DynastyLisa Marie Perry has officially been added to my auto buy author list Night Games is a 5 star book for me I not only loved the plot and characters, I also loved the writing style Ms Perry has a way with words that will keep y [...]

  9. Toni

    I liked this book, don t recall reading any books by this author This is the story of Charlotte Blue who works as a trainer for the Las Vegas Slayers, a football team recently acquired by her parents Enter Nate Franco, a trainer for the same team His father recently lost the team to the Blue family There s a lot of chemistry between Charlotte and Nate, even though Nate feels that her parents coerced her father to sell Sparks fly, tempers flare until the truth comes out.

  10. Mayas

    Charlotte and Nate secret romance was HOT I did not see those turn of events as being the truth behind the lost legacy That made me dislike Al but I also clapped because Binbi light was shown Tem and Marshall ticked me off but Charlotte backbone was finally speaking her mind might soften their resolve Great HEA and storyline I can t wait for book 2 and Martha secret romance.

  11. Kendra Griffin


  12. Brenda

    Hot first encounter FIERY passion powerful families lies secrets deception did I mention FIERY HOT passion Secret love and rendezvous If you haven t read this yet, go get it you won t regret it I loved this story Secret forbidden love


    Night Games The Blue Dynasty This was a very intense book From the very beginning I was hooked I couldn t put it down it has ups, downs, and ins and outs I loved it Can t wait for book 2 in The Blue Dynasty

  14. K.M

    I received this for a honest review and again loved Lisa s vision This book had me right from the start.Charlotte Lottie is beautiful no nonsense girl She has to be to work in a male dominated career She is a new trainer for the Las Vegas Slayers Sure her parents now own the team, but she has fought for her place in this field She won t let anything get in her way to achieve her dreams or will she Nate Franco is hot and sexy He is currently the trainer for the Slayers and also the son if the for [...]

  15. Jeannie Zelos

    Night Games Lisa Marie PerryReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews.I was hoping for some excitement here, having enjoyed a couple of sports related romances recently I didn t really get that though I found it quite confusing working how who was who, and how they were related Initially there were lots of abbreviations for characters roles too that I had to keep working out what they meant I ve recently read and loved the fabulous Shredded Tracy Wolff and though that was full of unfamiliar snowboa [...]

  16. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews)

    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby GeminiNight Games is the first book in the Blue Dynasty Series It centers around Charlotte Blue and Nate Franco Charlotte Blue is the new trainer on her parents newly acquired football team, The Las Vegas Slayers Nate Franco is also a trainer on the team He also happens to be the disgruntled son of the former owner of the Slayers A chance meeting between the two of them prior to them knowing each other sets off a chain of events that ends in deception [...]

  17. Reader's Paradise

    Who do you trust, yourself, your heart or the situation Perry is introducing a new series for readers The Blue Dynasty and Night Games is the first book in the series Introductions are tough because they have to be such that readers want a return interaction with the characters Or a vested interest in what will happen next After reading Night Gamesthis reader is definitely ready for Book Two Midnight Play.Ms.Perry did a wonderful job sharing Nate and Charlotte s story His family the previous own [...]

  18. OOSA

    Who Wants to Play With the weight of their careers on their minds, an instant attraction between two strangers in a crowded room leads to a scorching sexual encounter that almost happened Once the smoke clears and this couple goes their separate ways, they meet at a crossroad called the Las Vegas Slayer s football team Charlotte Blue is a female trainer in a male dominated sport and she tries so hard to make her parents proud Team politics have come into play and Charlotte feels that she s in an [...]

  19. Hsiau Wei

    This book is about two people from two families one who currently owned Las Vegas Slayers and the other from the family who used to own the team Sees the conflict here Charlotte have a lot to prove to her family that she is capable as a female trainer and her capability to the world and not merely the daughter of the owner Nate on the other hand, is worried about losing his job and have the perception that Charlotte s parent forces his father to sell the team It is a book on loyalty where the ma [...]

  20. Melinda

    I received a copy through I would give it 3.5 stars.It was a quick, steamy and pleasant read.I definitely enjoyed reading everything that Lottie goes through She is quite the female, especially taking on such a male dominated profession, who isn t afraid to tackle and handle the football players for playing dirty and are verbally abusive The interactions between her, her parents and other people are quite interesting Great that she finally stood up to her parents and their unusually high expecta [...]

  21. Reshemah

    This was a good book but it could be better I m a sucker for a good romance mixed with a little bit of football The Blue Dynasty seems like it is going to be a good series The only problem I have and it irked my nerves the entire book is that the author seemed to have gotten the big word syndrome So many authors do this and it kills the story We as readers understand that you are educated but sometimes it makes the book read like a scientific thesis instead of a romance novel I don t like having [...]

  22. Melissa

    I received an ARC for an honest review The book had a good concept with the main characters having a similar situation in their lives I liked the way everything worked out in the end though.For me I had a really hard time getting into the book There were too many Brand name dropping and at time it was to descriptive with too much back story to the situation will say that the book kept me hooked so that I am wanting to read the next book to know about the next character in detail.

  23. Christine

    I received this book thought a giveaway.Night Games was a fun, juicy read Lottie and Nate s romance was exciting to watch develop, and the feuding families added another dimension to the story The relationship betweem Lottie and Joey, as well as the different family dynamics between the Blue s was very entertaining and added some great complexity to the plot This was a great start to the Dynasty series.

  24. SuperWendy

    This ended up being an OK read for me If you re looking for a family drama with some soap opera flavor, there s a lot of that going on here However as a romance It just didn t work for me Not enough focus on the main couple, who spend very little time on page together Instead the focus is on the drama, the secondary characters and setting up the series So depending on what you re looking for This may or may not work for you.

  25. Betsy

    Characters athletic trainer owner s daughter, athletic trainer previous owner s daughterWorld Building football training campPlot real story behind ownership change, revenge, trustSex euphemistic and somewhat offstageRead another ProbablyI d like to know what happens to the characters, but the plot and sex took a backseat.

  26. Mandi Schreiner

    DNFing at 50%.I made it to the 50% mark and the hero and heroine have barely spent any time together They are on opposing sides of football management so I get they are kind of enemies but I m bored they aren t together yet.There is a lot of time spent setting everything up and stuff just don t like the flow of this one.

  27. Shone

    May the best man woman win Nate Franco and Charlotte Blue are after the same job Charlotte wants to prove her self in a mans word as well as to her family Nate is seeking revenge for a wrong he feels has been done Who will win or will they join forces to become a team of one.

  28. Tigger

    Maybe I will read the next one, this did not hold my attention.I have this entire series and each book has not held my attention.

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