Avalon Revisited (2020)

Avalon Revisited O.M. Grey Avalon Revisited Arthur Tudor has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery Aboard an airship gala he meets Avalon an aspiring vampire slayer
  • Title: Avalon Revisited
  • Author: O.M. Grey
  • ISBN: 9781626010086
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
Avalon Revisited O.M. Grey Arthur Tudor has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur s shriveled heart Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London Cultures clash and pressureArthur Tudor has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur s shriveled heart Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London Cultures clash and pressures rise in this very steamy tale a delightful combination of historical fiction, romance and steampunk True blood From its opening scene until the final page, this intriguing novel engages the reader s interest witty dialogue, historical authenticity, and mystery result in a highly entertaining novel Bitten by Books Fans of Gail Carriger will LOVE Avalon RevisitedPick it up it s a great read Old Towne Books Tea
Avalon Revisited O.M. Grey

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One thought on “Avalon Revisited

  1. Grace

    If you like smut, this ll be for you It s set in Victorian England, but anachronisms slide through too often to be convincing The main character Well, he annoyed the hell out of me, piping up every few seconds with a lascivious thought Nothing feels particularly original here, and there are certainly places where I wish an editor had acted freely with the red pen.If bustles and sex were what attracted you to Gail Carriger s Parasol Protectorate , then you might be interested in Avalon But if you [...]

  2. Tom Russell

    My first actual nook purchase I had been looking forward to reading this book ever since I started following Ms Grey on twitter She did not disappoint Thank you, Ms Grey, for giving us a vampire with some real teeth, who s comfortable with his condition and at the same time not a maniacal beast I, for one, have had enough of angst ridden, remorse laden, drama queen vampires My favorite line from the book has to be The Myths were quite varied Some were completely rediculous, like the idea that va [...]

  3. Nobilis Reed

    The good The author went out on a huge limb with the main character in chapter one It was a bold move, but it paid off in the end If Arthur had not been so cheeky and engaging, I definitely wouldn t have finished the book.The plot was well constructed, with plenty of little twists and turns The romantic subplot ran very nicely alongside the action subplot, a trick that many authors have problems connecting.The bad The setting is billed as steampunk but the steampunk elements don t really fit in [...]

  4. Lisa Richards

    This was a book I wasn t real sure how to classify Paranormal Romance , Historical Fiction , Steampunk , Mystery , Suspense but it didn t really matter as it was a jewel It s the first O M Grey book I d read and I immediately set out to get as this was a totally fascinating read.It was told from Arthur s Henry VII s brother point of view He s living dead the good life 300 years later in Victorian England when he meets a woman that reminds him of his first love Catherine Well she s not really in [...]

  5. C

    I am not quite sure what exactly the quoted reviewer in the Kindle description of this book was thinking when he she proclaimed that fans of Gail Carriger would love this book As best I can tell, the only real similarity between the Parasol Protectorate series and this novel is that they are based in the same city, and both firmly fall into the steampunk genre.Admittedly, I come bearing quite a bit of bias It s fairly rare that I enjoy books primarily centered on men, and even less that I enjoy [...]

  6. Starla Huchton

    I ve been holding off writing a review of this book I ve gotten to a point where romance novels make me want to throw things and punch people, so I didn t want to give this book a bad review based on genre hate This book was well written I want to make that clear Any negativity I feel towards RomNovs aside, the prose here was well done and it s a good stand alone novel While there could conceivably be a sequel, there s a sense of closure at the end, and there isn t a yearn for I wasn t enraptur [...]

  7. AM

    Avalon Revisited is a delightful farce The whole time I was reading it, I couldn t help but share bits with whomever was with in earshot The only fault I could find in this preposterous comedy was that of a zipper, and I m not even sure you could call it a fault I just didn t think they came into common use until after 1920 though there are whispers of it as far back as 1851 The best I can figure the book is set somewhere around 1852 Doesn t matter, I laughed my head off at during that particula [...]

  8. Bill

    Avalon Revisited has strong paranormal and romance elements with a dash of Steampunk thrown in for good measure Set in Victorian England, it tells the story of a 300 year old vampire and the woman who captures his fancy, touching his cold, dead heart after centuries of ennui The bad news for him She s also a vampire hunter on the trail of several recent, mysterious murders Our hero had nothing to do with those or did he The book is well paced, has a few solid action scenes, and some rather adult [...]

  9. Julie

    Enjoyable if explicit racy romp through Victorian London with 350 year old vampire Arthur Tudor yes, that one as he flirts, falls in love, and unravels evil steampunk mad scientist vampire werewolf hybrid plot.The writing s quite smooth although this e book version needed a proofreader in the WORST way I really liked the idea of Arthur Tudor as a vampire, and everything moved along nicely The one big drawback for me was that I didn t see why it needed to have such explicit sex scenes Ah, well.On [...]

  10. J.M. Guillemette

    Fans of Gail Carriger will LOVE Avalon Revisited Steamy scenes, plot twists, intriguing characters, and of course fabulous gadgets and a most impressive airship make for a phenomenal Steampunk adventure Gray weaves English History, Arthurian Legend, Victorian culture and Supernatural beings into an incredible tale that covers romance, deception, bustles, brass fittings and intrigue This is especially great for those who need a break from complaining Vampires who lament their monsterhood on a con [...]

  11. colleen the convivial curmudgeon

    So, I admit that I only read the free sample that was available from , which is why I m refraining from rating it at least for now.That said, that short sample was enough to tell me this wasn t for me Not just because it opened with the smut, which isn t my thing, but, mostly, because the protagonist seems remarkably unlikable which reviews suggest doesn t really change , and the anachronisms and Americanisms strewn throughout the writing were painful And that was just the first 2 3 chapters.So, [...]

  12. Yasmin

    The characterization of Arthur Tudor is a delight He s confident, a little brash, and has quite the sense of humor However, the author forgot every other character in the book because they re definitely underdeveloped Still, it s an entertaining read if you enjoy light and easy reading of the supernatural variety.

  13. Joy

    I liked Soulless by Gail Carriger and based on some reviews I thought this would be a similar paranormal, steampunk, romance Well, the only good things I can say about this poorly conceived and written tripe are 1 I got it cheap for my Kindle, and 2 I managed to finish the book It may appeal to paranormal romance readers, but it didn t work for me.

  14. Ral

    This book was so poorly written it made my head hurt to read The vampire in it was one of the most unsexy vampires I have ever read Please author get your self a editor.

  15. Leanna Hieber

    It s refreshingly original to have a tale told from a point of view such as Arthur s, a brave choice This is a sensual, thoroughly engaging read.

  16. Mandi Schreiner

    Why I read Review request from publisherFavorite Quote Remember Arthur, I rebuked myself Remember what it s like to be human As if I could after so long, but I faked it well enough.Arthur is a 350 year old Vampire, although he looks like a teenager living in the heart of the English ton When he was mortal, he was the brother of King Henry VIII, and lover of Catherine, before he died and she became Queen Arthur is still bitter over Catherine, and refuses to believe in love He spends his days sedu [...]

  17. Adrienne Crezo

    Pretend for a moment that I do not love vampire novels despite my well documented and near fanatical love for Anne Rice and that steampunk is uninteresting to me despite having read Bitter Seeds and The Dream of Perpetual Motion with unbridled fascination Now read a brief description of Avalon Revisited from author O.M Grey s website Arthur has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalo [...]

  18. Alicia

    First review got lost Second time s the charm So, I really enjoyed Avalon Revisited I don t think I ve used the highlight feature in my Kindle so much, actually This is paranormal steampunk romance narrated by a 350 year old sarcastic, witty, and completely dandified vampire Have you ever read a regency romance narrated by a guy How about by a Dandy Yeah me either Until now.Arthur s view on British aristocracy and day to day Victorian life is nothing short of hysterical This whole story reads li [...]

  19. Melissa Hayden

    Arthur was to be King, before he was changed Now he watches from the shadows loving different woman for a night or so as years pass by Three hundred and fifty plus years and he meets the woman on a steam air ship gala that resembles his long lost love Inserting himself in her investigation for a vampire on a murdering spree Arthur falls in love with the woman she is And the mystery murdersmight be something he should focus on as the victims seem to be affiliated with him, and are now turning int [...]

  20. Rayven

    O.M Grey s Avalon Revisited a Steampunk paranormal adventure pulls no punches and grabbed my attention from the very first page This book lives up to the author s description of Blood and debauchery True to the Steampunk genre this book is filled with gadgets, weapons and Creatures of the night.The novel follows Arthur York a member of the Victorian elite, who has a dark secret He just happens to be over three hundred years old and a vampire Charming and arrogant Arthur revels in his lust for se [...]

  21. Kim

    Contains minor spoilers, but probably safe to read unless you re totally spoiler phobic.I wanted to read this book because the author is going to be at a con I m attending And I like steampunk romance I actually didn t realize it was a vampire book until I started it I have conflicting feelings about this book The narrator is Lord Arthur York, or Arthur Tudor as he was known when he was heir to the throne of England He became a vampire and his brother Henry VIII got it instead The narrator is no [...]

  22. Nia

    Having read and loved Gail Carrigers Parasol Protectorate books, I was happy, when I came across this book vampires, steampunk, mystery and romance Just the mixture I was looking for.Having read the book, I m a bit torn On one hand, it was really fun Arthur was a vampire hero just after my fancy Arthur seems quite comfortable with being a vampire, and he doesn t seem to have regrets, scruples or high moral standards He seduces women, he drinks their blood, and sometimes it happens that he kills [...]

  23. Maxwell

    Avalon Revisited, by O.M Grey, is a wonderfully rich romp through steampunk Victorian London The reader is immediately caught up in the drama and intrigue that is the nobility, but wait, Lord York is a vampire, and there s been a murder, several murders, and the culprit appears to be A Vampire What is a rapscallion like Arthur York to do This will certainly curtail his social life And just when he s found his true love But she turns out to be a vampire hunter Is there no end to difficulties This [...]

  24. Candace

    I wanted to read this book since I heard of its release and I was finally able to yesterday It s a nice quick read, but yet not TOO quick I love how it was put together and how the steampunk aspect came into play Lots of mention of gadgets and a nice little ride on an airship my first made this one unique to me I m a huge paranormal freak so the combination of two of my favorite things came together perfectly.I really wasn t expecting this one to be so good I expected mistakes or a story that d [...]

  25. Amber

    Avalon Revisited is a fun paranormal steampunk romance It takes place in Victorian England The reader first meets Arthur, a womanizing vampire, who is about three hundred and fifty years old He is charming, wealthy, extremely horny, and lusting for blood What a combination Arthur, with his age and strength, hardly ever has to kill to satisfy himself Normally, he takes a little and then wipes the victim s memory of the incident But when the reader is acquainted with him, it has been awhile since [...]

  26. Jeannie Mancini

    Pretty sappy stuff here Melodramatic, unlikeable characters, ho hum plot I was very disappointed in this so called steampunk novel Other than one brief appearance of an airship, there is no steampunk ingredients to be had Felt misled by the blurb touting a steampunk romance The main character of Arthur the vampire is really sort of a ridiculous arrogant Victorian popinjay who is callous and selfish until he falls in love with Avalon the vampire slayer, but even after they meet and team up, his p [...]

  27. Meredith

    I picked up this up because it combines several of my favorite things vampires, Victoriana, and steampunk, but it has surpassed my expectations entirely This is a delightful little book with a cheekily enjoyable vampire protagonist His point of view feels modern and detached, so his commentary on the Steampunk Victorian London that surrounds him is priceless Add to this that he s a rake and seducer, and you begin to get a feel for Arthur York.The novel offers many fabulously enjoyable elements p [...]

  28. BrinStardust

    Super addicting page turner Sexy, funny, and yet still manages to pull at your heart strings Looking forward to reading from Grey, she has an imagination that s real and all her own I loved the fact that the main character is a historical figure, it made it that much intriguing Also, I must say, I m so glad Arthur was cool with his existence and not a whiner, he decided to be clever, instead

  29. Shellby

    I finished the book which apparently is all that I can say about it Now I m not too mad that I got this book, because I obtained it for free thanks to lovely freebie Kindle book days That s about the best thing I can say I thought it was going to be some steamy vampire romance with a historical flair However, all I got was some whiny vampire, tepid at best action sequences, and horrible dialouge Well at least I finished it.

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