Dream with Little Angels (2020)

Dream with Little Angels Michael Hiebert Dream with Little Angels Michael Hiebert s remarkable debut novel tells the riveting story of a small southern town haunted by tragedy one brave woman s struggle to put a troubling mystery to rest and its impact on the sensi
  • Title: Dream with Little Angels
  • Author: Michael Hiebert
  • ISBN: 9780758285751
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
Dream with Little Angels Michael Hiebert Michael Hiebert s remarkable debut novel tells the riveting story of a small southern town haunted by tragedy, one brave woman s struggle to put a troubling mystery to rest and its impact on the sensitive boy who comes of age in the midst of it all.Abe Teal wasn t even born when Ruby Mae Vickers went missing twelve years ago Few people in Alvin, Alabama, talk about tMichael Hiebert s remarkable debut novel tells the riveting story of a small southern town haunted by tragedy, one brave woman s struggle to put a troubling mystery to rest and its impact on the sensitive boy who comes of age in the midst of it all.Abe Teal wasn t even born when Ruby Mae Vickers went missing twelve years ago Few people in Alvin, Alabama, talk about the months spent looking for her, or about how Ruby Mae s lifeless body was finally found beneath a willow tree Even Abe s mom, Leah, Alvin s only detective, has avoided the subject But now, another girl is missing.Fourteen year old Mary Ann Dailey took the bus home from school as usual, then simply vanished Townsfolk comb the dense forests and swampy creeks to no avail Days later, Tiffany Michelle Yates disappears Abe saw her only hours before, holding an ice cream cone and wearing a pink dress.Observant and smart, Abe watches his mother battle small town bureaucracy and old resentments, desperate to find both girls and quietly frantic for her own children s safety As the search takes on a terrifying urgency, Abe traverses the shifting ground between innocence and hard won understanding, eager to know and yet fearing what will be revealed.Dream with Little Angels is by turns lyrical, heartbreaking, and shocking a brilliantly plotted novel of literary suspense and of the dark shadows, painful secrets, and uncompromising courage in one small town.
Dream with Little Angels Michael Hiebert

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One thought on “Dream with Little Angels

  1. Diane S ☔

    3.5 A small southern town in Alabama, a town still reeling from the loss and death of a child twelve years ago, is the setting for this novel It is being compared with To Kill a Mockingbird which I have read but so long ago I do not feel comfortable commenting on the comparison Abe and Dewey are two twelve year olds, curious and nosy enough to question and have theories about everything When two girls go missing, one black and one white, Abe question why the all white church is only praying for [...]

  2. Nancy

    The plot line was pretty good, but you could tell the author wasn t really from the South The vernacular dialog was rather forced Where was the editor on this one I m a Baptist in the South and he got it ALL WRONG A crucifix at the front of the church, I don t think so Protestants have an empty cross to signify Christ s resurrection Crucifixes aren t to be found anywhere Also the blessed mother on the necklace, pleaseBaptists don t venerate Mary Also Wednesday night services tend to be informal [...]

  3. Miranda Prather

    I grew up across the South and picked up this book hoping to have a good Southern Gothic type of read Unfortunately, the characters were mere stereotypes that one might expect to be drawn by those who look upon the South from the outside While there is some truth in stereotypes, those found in this book rely on nothing than the grossest of representations Abe Teal is also way too advanced in many of his thoughts for a boy of his age unless he were a genius of some sort The rest of his personali [...]

  4. Judy Collins

    DREAM WITH LITTLE ANGELS A beautiful southern read After reading an ARC of Hiebert s latest upcoming book, Close to the Broken Hearted, 5 Stars , I fell in love with the character, Abe Teal, and could not wait to read Dream with Little Angels I highly recommend both, as Abe and best friend Dewey, continue with their adventures in this small town of Alvin, Alabama.The audiobook, narrated byKirby Heyborne, definitely captured the southern boyish charm, as echoes To Kill a Mockingbird Both of Hiebe [...]

  5. Suzanne

    Oh my gosh, little Abe Teal and his sidekick Dewey provide much comic relief to this gripping mystery And, yet, in some ways Abe says the most profound things Telling the story from the perspective of an eleven year old boy was so well done I ll be continuing this series as soon as I can

  6. Mary Buek

    Wish I had checked this out from the library instead of buying it Too many distracting factual discrepancies.

  7. Yuki

    I felt like I was reading the copy of To Kill A Mockinbird A very bad one.I couldn t stand the cries and weakness of the main character.I couldn t stand this book.

  8. Kathy

    RECOMMEND TO ALL This book is very well done It is one of those that will stick with you for a long time In the voice of young Abe you learn about life in a small town in Alabama where his mother is a police detective, his sister Carrie is a 14 year old going on 19 with growing pains, and his best friend Dewey can sometimes be a pain When young girls go missing, it is up to Abe s mother to find them Abe and Dewey have a suspicious new neighbor that they are keeping an eye on Uncle Henry comes to [...]

  9. Carla

    Hiebert gets you hooked after the first page Abe Teal is an innocent and witty boy that echoes Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird The mystery elements of the story as well as witnessing his fast transition from a young boy to a curious and aware adolescent keep your eyes glued to the pages Reading from his point of view is quite endearing and is the best way to uncover whodunit His innocence and at times brutal honesty makes you feel like you re reading from your little brother s journald t [...]

  10. Amy's Book Reviews

    Told from the POV of eleven year old Abe, DREAM WITH LITTLE ANGELS is the story of a child abduction and homicide that happened twelve years before, and two missing girls who Abe s mother, a police detective, is trying hard to make sure don t suffer the same fate.At times Abe s preadolescent perspective works quite well, particularly around the issues of racism and being judgmental At other times, it feels gimmicky, like when Abe recounts police work he s observing and times when he s describing [...]

  11. Carol

    This was an excellent coming of age book The main character, Abe, is 11 He and his friend Dewey try to solve the mystery of a new, suspicious looking neighbor Abe s mother Leah is a policewoman and has the murders of two young girls to solve One has haunted her for twelve years When a second girl goes missing and is found dead in identical circumstances to the 12 year old murder, Leah is bound to the investigation in a personal way Lean s almost 15 year old daughter behaves like most teenage gir [...]

  12. Cindy

    This book was written from the point of view of Abe who I believe was about 12 years old I really enjoyed his thoughts, intelligence and imagination The friendship between him and his best buddy, the hard times of his 14 15 year old sister, his uncle, and the worries of his detective mother drew me into the story Perhaps parts of this book were unrealistic, but they did not deter from my enjoyment of the book I will be watching for books by this author, and I hope that he will write stories th [...]

  13. Kathleen Brunnett

    Advance Reader Copy This To Kill a Mockingbird esque novel is set in the south with wise single mother Teal heading up the family When young girls start disappearing in the town, Police Detective Teal becomes consumed with the case as it brings back memories of a previous missing girl case she could not solve Eleven year old narrator Abe comments on things through his young innocent eyes, while picking up on things most adults miss A decent mystery within the small southern town filled with quir [...]

  14. Jenn

    I just adored this book I fell in love with Abe s innocent wit immediately and it made me not want to leave this book for a second And I am so happy the author is from BC, canada Canadian authors for the win

  15. William Thomas

    Michael Hiebert ranks with the best pure writing talents out there besides that, he s highly inventive and fun to read His considerable range and firepower are harnessed to good effect in this fine suspense novel set in a Southern town.

  16. Sarahz

    Great read It was a good balance of mystery and a coming of age story with humorous and interesting characters to pull the story along.

  17. Karyl Ahn White

    A tree hiding the the small bodyked and pink Her eyes are closedHer breath is goneShe s too small for this hill, too small for this tree Dream with Little Angels takes place in 1987, 12 years after a young girl was found dead under a tree Now another girl is missing The town of Alvin, Alabama , is scrambling, trying to find her alive before she is discovered under that same tree too Then days later, another girl vanishes This book is a suspenseful mystery that has you believing one person could [...]

  18. Melanie

    oh boyis is going to be a tough review first of all, i only gave it one star because it is the lowest rating really deserves zero i bought this at a store near the beach where i was staying in Alabama which is where this novel takes place i really wanted to like this book because is takes place in the deep south and i was hoping for a strong female lead character i have lived in the south all my life and feel this book is a slap in the face the lead detective is portrayed as a weeping idiot that [...]

  19. Elizabeth

    I received this book through the First Reads program I really enjoyed reading this book I loved that the main character was an eleven year old boy I haven t found a lot of books that are told from the child s point of view like this I enjoyed the element of suspense that also went along with the book The author keeps you guessing until the end about what Mr Wyatt Edward Farrow is doing in his garage Overall I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to others by Michael Hiebert.

  20. Lorna

    So bad So pedestrian Repetitive Every plot point is first telegraphed, then described by the author, then by the narrator an eleven year old boy to his friend in exhaustive conversation, then by the boy to the police chief.you get the idea This book is a cheap imitation of To Kill a Mockingbird, with a few cynical dollops of serial killer thrown in the modernize it.Nothing is painful to read than regional dialect done badly.

  21. Katie Killian

    A better editor could have made this book much consistent The characters were interesting if a bit trite, the dialogue came off preachy pretty often My biggest problem with the book were the little inaccuracies that made the book a little hard to swallow Why would a Baptist have a Virgin Mary necklace Why would a probable high school dropout be hired as a detective And why does Dewey feel like a straight rip off of Dill

  22. Zara

    Felt like it was trying too hard to evoke To Kill A Mockingbird Saw the twist right away, and also took issue with how weak the author wrote the lead female character She s a detective who s raised two kids on her own, but he made her weepy and borderline hysterical throughout the whole book Didn t mesh.

  23. Dena

    Mediocre Characters are so underdeveloped Such a shame because some have incredible potential The murder mystery aspect unfolds like a juvenile read Overall, quick easy read Picked up at an airport not always the best idea.

  24. Jodi Pomerleau

    I read a few reviews previous to finishing the bookd was completely surprised I really thought this book would garner great reviewsd even though I know not every book appeals to every audience, I was somewhat shocked I LOVED this bookI don t give out 5 stars very often I reserve that for books that are differentat are compellingd that make me want to read it late into the night This one was not edge of your seat compelling, where your heart pounds and you feel dread and horror This was a coming [...]

  25. Beatress

    This was okay Told through the eyes of an 11 year old boy which was fine However I think Mr Hiebert took some liberties with language, it wasn t believable to be that a detective would use the word ain t so much Not sure why that bothered me The other liberty was that the 11 year old seemed to be of a detective than his Mother the police detective That all aside, I did figure out who was the murderer was pretty early which I never enjoyI wanted a twist I did get a kick out of the boys and the i [...]

  26. WidowBadass

    Thankfully this was a library book.I tried to get into it, I really did.I hate writing bad reviews because I respect anyone that can write fiction I certainly can t do it.However, try as I may, I could not believe these characters The main character only infrequently sounded like an 11 year old boy.Other problems with this book too numerous to mention Other reviewers nailed it already.Where was this author s editor, I wonder I did not finish the book Got to page 132 before I threw in the towel, [...]

  27. Sharon Gallup

    This was certainly a different murder mystery as seen and told by a 10 year old boy.his mother is the sheriff and a old unsolved murder comes back to haunt her when two kidnappings and murder takes place in the present The author had a great way to tell how family life and mystery comes together this is even a good mysterythat would attract teenagers

  28. Etta Mcquade

    Abe Teal, the 11 year old narrator, is very alert and observant for his age, which helps him to aid his detective mother, find the murderer of 14 year 0ld Ruby Mae Vickers, killed twelve years earlier and the recent disappearance of Mary Ann Dailey The book keeps the reader interested and wondering how it everything going to turn out.

  29. Anneharris Rahe

    I usually like books with child narrators but this was not well written The boy is always overhearing adult conversation to get his information and it gets really repetitive The cliches are annoying as well Not all southern people use a int in all conversation The racism topic was forced in and rang false.

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