Was It a Rat I Saw? (2020)

Was It a Rat I Saw? SuePerry Was It a Rat I Saw A young brain scientist Dr Clare Austen must crack the secrets in the mind of a patient who can not remember witnessing the murder of her mentor A first novel
  • Title: Was It a Rat I Saw?
  • Author: SuePerry
  • ISBN: 9780385422383
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
Was It a Rat I Saw? SuePerry A young brain scientist, Dr Clare Austen, must crack the secrets in the mind of a patient who can not remember witnessing the murder of her mentor A first novel.
Was It a Rat I Saw? SuePerry

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    116 SuePerry
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One thought on “Was It a Rat I Saw?

  1. Khalid

    I received a free copy in return for an honest review.Sue does a great job of taking a very difficult storyline and trying to make it work While the story is engaging, suspenseful and mysterious, the sheer amount of discussion of process takes the reader out of form detaching them from the quality of the story itself.The writing creates a vivid mental picture for the reader and draws you into the world While this novel was Sue s debut work, I would hope that her current writing has been able to [...]

  2. Robin Peacock

    Was it a Rat I saw The first thing to strike you is the passive voice it is repetitive and endless The story never gets moving because of the constant drag of things that were happening, or how he, she or it was doing this or that I normally do not read books written this way but I persevered with this one The story had no direction for the first thirty pages We had animal experiments, a break in at the lab mingling with brain surgery mingling with some elaborate tests on humans I am none the wi [...]

  3. Deborah

    I really wanted to like this book, and for the first several chapters I did I was fascinated by the split brain phenomena described by Perry my younger daughter also had brain surgery for epilepsy in her case, a partial hemispherectomy rather than a commissurotomy , which led to some challenging side effects and personality changes, none of which, fortunately, were as severe as those suffered by Tommy and Cynthia I think that one of the valuable purposes of literature is to remind us that, no ma [...]

  4. David Ketelsen

    I received a free copy of this book from the author by way of Smashwords.I think Sue Perry writes quite well but this book doesn t hit it out of the park for me Maybe a good, solid single.The problem as I see it is that there s no clear demographic for this book to appeal to In Was it a Rat I Saw Perry goes into exacting, almost painful, detail about human split brain experimentation While I trust her delineation of the process, the sheer amount of detail can be horribly boring At least to me An [...]

  5. Alisa Kester

    I ve always been fascinated by the inner workings of the brain, and this book introduced me to an area of scientific research I hadn t been familiar with the split brain Used most frequently as a prevention against life threatening seizures, the two hemispheres of the brain are surgically divided, leaving the right and left sides of the brain largely unable to communicate with each other This leads to interesting side effects, such as when you re trying to get dressed, and your right hand is but [...]

  6. Kara

    I originally entered the giveaway for this book I did not win a paper copy but was given the chance to download the book for free from Smashwords I am very happy that I took advantage of it This is a very intelligent book I learned a lot about neuroscience and research while reading a good mystery I did have trouble with the beginning of the book It was very dry as the author laid the scientific groundwork for the story Once the story kicked in, it became harder to put the book down.The only com [...]

  7. Kat

    I absolutely loved this book The plot was riveting, the characters weren t flat and had substance to them.I am so glad that there was a coupon to download this book for free.I m definitely going to have to find books by this author.

  8. Peni Renner

    Couldn t really get into this story The plot seemed to move along so slowly I had to skip over any scenes describing the poor lab animals Some editing would have been helpful, and I just didn t find the protagonists to be that likeable.

  9. Debbie Carnes

    Very interesting book I love medical and when you mix medical and murder its just wonderful What can you ask for.I highly recommend this wonderful book

  10. Eric Gittins

    This took me three days to read and I was in suspense all the time This is what I expect from a good suspense novel A must read for anyone who enjoys this genera.

  11. Susan


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