Motor City Shakedown (2020)

Motor City Shakedown JonathanWatkins Motor City Shakedown Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN
  • Title: Motor City Shakedown
  • Author: JonathanWatkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
Motor City Shakedown JonathanWatkins Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 2940033295692.
Motor City Shakedown JonathanWatkins

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    295 JonathanWatkins
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One thought on “Motor City Shakedown

  1. Julie

    Motor City Shakedown by Jonathan Watkins is a 2015 Carina Press publication This is a starter novel in the series, so a large portion of the book was spent setting things up, which of course slows the pacing down quite a bit But, I think, from this point on, we will see the stories move at a quicker pace, and true character development can begin Overall, this is a good start to the series, and I think it has real potential I liked it well enough to try out the second book to see how things progr [...]

  2. Quillracer

    A semi alcoholic male lawyer and a female lawyer prone to panic attacks team up to defend a shady character accused of killing a police officer.But things aren t that simple The cop he shot was part of a police gang importing and selling heroin and they were coming to kill the man before he could rat them out to the FBI.I gave this book 2 stars, but 1.5 would be a accurate rating.I really never connected with the main characters Darren Fletcher and Issabella Bright mainly because the moment the [...]

  3. Michelle

    You people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  4. ThrillersRockT

    Motor City Shakedownby Jonathan WatkinsWhen a Detroit man is arrested during a deadly police siege, rookie defense lawyer Issabella Bright rushes off to take the case Unbeknownst to her, so does Darren Fletcher a reckless, hard drinking lawyer who runs his office out of the city s strangest bar Forming an unlikely partnership, Issabella and Darren are soon confronted by a murderous police conspiracy bent on destroying their client Issabella must stay alive long enough to clear her client s name [...]

  5. Shinyfox

    2 1 2 starsI loved the fact that this book had an alcoholic main character and a main character that had anxiety problems, her panic attacks would render her frozen and useless My joy about having a main character that I could partially relate to dissipated as the book continued Isabella s panic attacks stopped occurring after she teamed up with Darren Darren also, mostly stopped drinking after he teamed with Isabella There was no withdraws on Darren s part and Isabella became a fully functionin [...]

  6. Bert

    Darren Fletcher is criminal defense lawyer who has fallen on hard times, drinking too much and seeking redemption Isabela Bright is a fledging private practitioner, struggling to survive as a sole practitioner, and she suffers from anxiety attacks and a crisis of self confidence They both show up to unethically solicit the same potential client s case, after a Detroit local is arrested for killing a police officer Fletcher and Bright cobble together a defense team to represent the accused Soon t [...]

  7. Kevin Bowser

    I love good characters And this one had great characters The story begins with a police raid that goes bad very bad And the bad guy ends up in a hospital and in a coma And we all know that nothing brings out lawyers like a poor victim of what may be police brutality And Isabella Bright, a fresh faced and naive young attorney shows up at the hospital looking to gain a client and there runs into Darren Fletcher, a once was reckless and hard drinking lawyer who thinks this case may put him back on [...]

  8. Jan

    Being from Detroit, this book was of interest to me from the get go Also, being from MI I liked the characters travelling to the UP Upper Peninsula , brought back memories of my home state That being said, this is a legal mystery book, not on par with Grisham or others like him it was somewhat predictable but interesting none the less.I read that the author was most interested in creating strong characters that bounce off one another throughout the story Izzy recently passed the bar, prone to pa [...]

  9. Bob

    Issabella Bright is a new young lawyer who has been existing by doing reviews and edits other lawyer s works When a man is injured in a swat raid of his house and he is accused of killing one of the officers she decides she will try to become is defense counsel When she arrives at the hospital and tries to get in to see the injured man, the policeman at the door sends her packing No leaving but waiting sown the hall she sees a man, rumpled and looking like he was coming off a bender and had slep [...]

  10. Marcel

    I enjoyed reading this book It is well written and the main characters have depth The story line around the corrupt cops is rather unlikely though, even towards the end of the book I also feel the cop story isn t quite finished, a little bit rushed at the end I cared enough about the main character at the end of the book to want to read the second and third books in the series I would have liked to see a little bit development on the Shoshanna story line All I can do now is hope for some progr [...]

  11. Sue

    The developing relationship between defense lawyer Isabella Bright and burned out veteran lawyer Darren Fletcher is the basis of this series debut The suspense thriller aspect of the plot suffers a bit from being drowned in the details of their budding work relationship and romance, but the escalating violence and threats to their well being keep the story engaging The story is believable, the characters are interesting and the atmosphere of the Detroit area is nicely evoked Isabella s passivity [...]

  12. Joan

    I read this because they said it is about Detroit It does take place in Detroit, but does not give the reader a sense of Detroit Isabelle is a lawyer trying to make it in a poor section of Detroit She decides to go to the hospital to try to get a new client, a man whose house was invaded and searched by police on very little info or proof Darren is a lawyer who allowed a killer of a child to go free and spends his time drunk He also go to the hospital to get the client because police did not hav [...]

  13. Shelby

    I downloaded this as an e book because I like the title and genre Initially I was a little disappointed by the characters personal demons and the heavy dose of rom com feeling Toward the end of the book suspense grew and I couldn t help but root for the mercenary Still, the conclusion almost has the feel of a movie purposely written for a sequel I could have used a little closure Bright and fletcher are worth giving a shot, and I ll probably give book two a try.3.5 stars

  14. Sara

    Inconsistent, but worth readingI enjoyed the character development and the underlying story, however, just as I d find myself engrossed in the plot it would suddenly devolve into a teen romance novel Nonetheless, this is the first in a series and I may need to give this another chance.

  15. Margaret

    I read this because it takes place in Detroit, though if the names were changed, it could be anywhere The plot is rather unlikely, but it is entertaining I liked it enough to look for other books by this author.

  16. Susan Chapman

    I m a Detroiter and was hoping for a tale that was really tied to this city that I love Unfortunately, there were only a few passing references to Detroit some of them inaccurate Oh well It was, otherwise, an okay legal thriller.

  17. Christina

    Enjoyable, although I think I may have missed something because the Shoshanna story line didn t seem to get resolved in my mind.

  18. Cori Arnold

    Excellent, engaging start I love the characters, but I m not a hundred percent sure I liked the love story it seems a little forced The wit was great, the story and clues were good.

  19. Billie

    This really started very slowly and it wasn t until somewhere half through that the story picked up Once it got going it was a good read and kept you on the edge.

  20. Ann

    Enjoyed this book very much Living in the Detroit area, having lived in Detroit it was nice to read a book with places I knew in the plot Story kept me interested throughout

  21. Vincent DiPuma

    EntertainingEntertainingA trip down the lane with a Bogey and Bacall lots of twist and turns Give Jonathan a try you will be entertained.

  22. deeann linford

    A don t waste your time, disjointed effort at writing.Less than one star Totally unable to understand why this is even considered on A waste of my time to download.

  23. Rajuda

    Not what I expected neither the plot nor the writing style But that is a subjective opinion The fact that I read through is what really counts.

  24. Don Paske

    This was a highly enjoyable read It had good character development and decent dialog I ll definitely try Bright and Fletcher 2.

  25. Rebecca

    Like the main characters, but way too much of the various bad guy POVs for my taste Takes the fun out of it when so much is given away Weak 3

  26. Clark

    Good entertaining story and fun to read if you are familiar with Detroit and environs I will definitely read the authors other books about this unusual attorney partnership.

  27. MA

    This book is a delightful police procedural The author set it in Detroit, and has a nice sense of humor, which is what led me to give it four stars It s a nice beach vacation read.

  28. Sara

    I am glad the book was free The story was hard to follow Story was not interesting No real story line The characters were very boring and corny.

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