Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford (2020)

Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford Martin Handford Where s Waldo Martin Handford The reader follows Waldo as he hikes around the world and must try to find him in the illustrations of some of the crowded places he visits
  • Title: Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford
  • Author: Martin Handford
  • ISBN: 9780316342933
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford Martin Handford The reader follows Waldo as he hikes around the world and must try to find him in the illustrations of some of the crowded places he visits.
Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford Martin Handford

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    Martin Handford

One thought on “Where's Waldo?: Martin Handford

  1. Miriam

    I wish Werner Herzog would write a book like this But this would be hard to top.youtube watch v EvWh6

  2. Tressa

    I knew the concept of the Where s Waldo books, but until my son got interested in them, I didn t know much about them Can I just say how addicting they are Searching for Waldo on every page is a self challenge that makes you push for your personal best when you can t find him, you do not give up You change tactics by taking out your contacts, reaching for your reading glasses, or tossing your glasses aside so you can stick the book as far up to your face as possible You scan haphazardly at first [...]

  3. Matthew

    Where s Wally Waldo has always struck me as a metaphor for Oh fuck it How can someone wearing such ridiculous clothing be so hard to find And when you finally do, you can t lose him again, he s just always there, on the page Invading your darkest thoughts Hiding in the bushes beind you when you walk home in the dark And why do people insist on putting a circle around him when they read it in the doctor s surgery THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE POINT, JERKS Oh dear I must lie down now.

  4. J.G. Keely

    I used to find these books endlessly fascinating as a child, especially the odd and mystical elements Of course, what I liked most was the frantic detail There were entire stories laid out in these pictures, and no doubt they helped me to question how much meaning and action one could put into a single image.In high school, I made a short series of my own called The Necro Files ha ha, aren t sixteen year olds funny It would feature a different odd locale Atlantis, a circus and then all of my di [...]

  5. Tosh

    Like the Penguin book down below, many people feel like I either look like Waldo, or worst, I am Waldo I often take the bus, and I try to avoid bus transportation during school hours because the kids love to say Hey I just found Waldo It s get tiresome after awhile.And on top of that I can never find Waldo in these pictures I have to ask my neighborhood kid on the block where Waldo is And you know they usually say hey he s right in front of me Meaning me of course.

  6. John

    I liked this book first time around, but persistent re reads by my youngest daughter meant that my enjoyment of, and patience with, the book, did not last long.I found it remarkable that at age 4 she could remember every half promise or insinuation of a promise ever mad by myself, my wife, her grandparents and her elder sister she could also remember every word parrot fashion in every book that we read together but do you think she could remember where sodding Wally was Not on your life So we ha [...]

  7. Rod Brown

    Banned Book Week 2017 This year I m reading a few picture books that have been challenged for their content, this one due to its depiction of sideboob in the beach scene.Alas, the offending breast has been expunged in the edition I have actually read the woman has been equipped with a securely fastened bikini top by the creator and or publisher Once again children have been protected from the scourge of rampaging mammaries.Having counted Waldo as read, I now wonder does one truly read Waldo I me [...]

  8. Bethany

    Where s Waldo is an iconic search and find activity book that has been entertaining people for 30 years This 30th Special Anniversary Edition would make a great gift for those fans of Waldo or search and finds in general.My parents shared Where s Waldo with me and I had fun passing it on to my daughter I had trouble finding Waldo and his friends as usual, but that s what makes it interesting I loved the post cards that introduced each scene and I enjoyed the letter in the back of the book It gav [...]

  9. ♥Christina

    Where s Waldo Was always a favorite book of my when I was a kid I remember always checking them out at my elementary library I always enjoyed the challenge of it and playing it with a friend, to see who could find him first made it even fun.

  10. Evan

    The Waldo books actually are about a man s ability to both engage with and disappear into the body politic In fact, he is grooming himself to be a politician He selects attire that lets him stick out yet blend in he goes to the same burger joints when he wants to show off his proletarian diet, gets around to and fro so fast you can barely see im as he schmoozes and shakes lots of hands in the crowd And the guy keeps movin Movin along a moving target perfecting those chameleon skills of disappear [...]

  11. Kendra Ellett

    When doing a little research on ALA s banned books, surprisingly enough, Where s Waldo came up This book was number 87 on the banned book s list, around 1993, but I thought it was really interesting that it would even be considered inappropriate After doing a little research, I found that earlier versions of Where s Waldo featured a topless sunbather on one of the pages, and there were complaints made This reemphasized the point in the Censorship PowerPoint that really any book can be challenged [...]

  12. Kaethe

    There have always been fads in books for children, pop culture tie ins and gimmicks to increase a book s appeal This is one I still enjoy Handford was the first and continues to be the best, but even the rip offs of his style are pleasing It s fun to sit and look at the vast pictures, rich in detail and humor, searching out something which isn t hidden, exactly, but can be very hard to find.The younger child in particular was a huge fan of these Of course, they re a gateway drug She moved up to [...]

  13. Sofie Brånedal

    A little to much for me Although it most be very fun to read this with your kids The kids will probably love it.

  14. Sergio Schiller thompson-flores

    The question that changed my life and will never leave my dreams and my waking hours.

  15. Brianna Walton

    I liked this book Waldo wasn t always easy to find Where s Waldo was a book where Waldo is hidden on every page and you have to find him Waldo is on every page he just isn t the easiest person to find, but there are funny pictures on each page.This book will keep children entertained and looking for Waldo, as well as give children new ideas for hiding and seeking This book kept me entertained so it should keep a child entertained This book has some interesting sites that are visited, but they mi [...]

  16. John Yelverton

    This is one of the most fun and enjoyable books that you can have as a child, and the attention to detail in the artwork is incredible.

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