Indiana Wild (2020)

Indiana Wild S.E. Smith Indiana Wild Indiana Wild is as wild as the Montana ranch she was raised on The youngest of four children she was a delightful surprise for her older parents She spends her time training horses and cow dogs and l
  • Title: Indiana Wild
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Indiana Wild S.E. Smith Indiana Wild is as wild as the Montana ranch she was raised on The youngest of four children, she was a delightful surprise for her older parents She spends her time training horses and cow dogs and loving the freedom of the wide open spaces When her grandfather dies, she finds her much older brothers have different plans for the ranch she calls home and for Indiana.IndIndiana Wild is as wild as the Montana ranch she was raised on The youngest of four children, she was a delightful surprise for her older parents She spends her time training horses and cow dogs and loving the freedom of the wide open spaces When her grandfather dies, she finds her much older brothers have different plans for the ranch she calls home and for Indiana.Indiana s oldest brother is determined to tame Indiana and bring her to live with him in Los Angeles where he can keep an eye on her and the money she is inheriting He believes with a little taming, he can control the wild spirit of his little sister and find her a good husband who can manage her.Furious with the court order giving her older brother guardianship over her, Indiana turns to the only place she feels at home the wide open spaces of Montana She is determined to avoid her controlling brothers and their greed, even if it means hiding from them until they give up An unexpected trip through Spirit Pass takes Indiana further than she ever expected by almost a hundred and fifty years.Jonathan Tucker is as tough as they come He and his twin brother have cut a successful horse and cattle ranch in the harsh Montana territory When cattle rustlers try to steal his cattle and shoot one of his men, he is grateful to the young boy named Indy who comes to the rescue, even if the boy does have an attitude The last thing he expects is to find the boy is in fact an independent, freethinking, stubborn female who is not afraid to voice her opinions She is as wild as the untamed land around them and he is determined she is the wife for him.When Indiana is taken from him, Jonathan finds he will do whatever it takes to bring his Indiana Wild home for good, even if it means following her to the future.
Indiana Wild S.E. Smith

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One thought on “Indiana Wild

  1. Pam Nelson

    4 Indiana Wild Werewolf Stars Audible Review HERE Ok so I don t know if this was in the blub or what not, but I always go in blind it is just how I like to read Well I was wondering if this was the right book You see I picked it because of the Frontier category for a challenge I am doing and I was mighty confused then I got it, time travel Yeah that was funny I was all what is going on this isn t what I think then poof it made sense So once I figured that out everything started to click into pla [...]

  2. Pam

    4 starsShe was his world She was his everything She was his Indiana.Indiana Wild, lost everything thanks to her greedy brothers All she wanted was to be free living the life she wants on a ranch surrounded by her animals, but no, her brother Hayden had to take everything she held dear to her including her freedom Indy has no choice, she needed to disappear in hopes that her brother would wake up and realize what an ass he s being and leave her the hell alone Indy was born for this life, survival [...]

  3. SheLove2Read

    Anytime you read a time travel you have to suspend belief a little bit, but I think with those stories that involve Native American lore, it s a little conceivable At least in my way of thinking Indiana Indy Wild is a young woman who has spent her entire life on a ranch in Montana Roping, breeding and training stock, working as hard as any man She can t imagine any other kind of life and she knows she ll never leave That is, until her much older brother pulled a fast one and sold the ranch out [...]

  4. Mei

    A cute book It s actually 3,5 stars.Seeing all the raving reviews, I thought it would be better.I ilked both Indy and Jonathan They were great and fun.The scene where Jake, Jonathan and Jacob discover Indy repairing the roof where too much fun LOLAlso the scene where Indy finds out she s way too far away from than she tought was fun too But the idea of time travelling to and fro was too far fetched for me It just didn t ring true Also I didn t understand why Indy went through the pass If she was [...]

  5. Angarad

    Ah LOVED it As usual, a great and fun read from Ms Smith Couldn t stop smiling and sometimes laught out loud Indy is definitely made for the ranch and cowboy lifestyle And Johnatan is the perfect alpha cowboy Yummy Loved the wedding scene My God, how I would like to see that in a movie That would be one of my favorite scene ever

  6. Gizzie

    I could not put this book down It has a really good mixture of humor, adventure, action, and romance It is also a time travel western What else can you ask for Loved the animals also.

  7. ValerieC

    I wondered if S.E Smith would capture my interest with this new series the way I am totally hooked on her space stories and she did This is an author that gets better with every book I read.Indiana Indy Wild is on the run from her oldest brother Hayden, who sold her grandfather s ranch out from under her and split the money with her other two older brothers Then, he went to court and had 24 year old Indy declared incompetent, gaining legal custody of her and her assets His plan is to sell Indy o [...]

  8. Karma‚ô•Bites ^.~

    A Kindle freebie rescued from my freebie vault Recognised author s name from her Dragon Lords of Valdier series Temp review until full review posted on BookLikes after the holidays 3 star split the baby rating Pro very readable story, engaging characters, and good set up to new series Con technical execution still lacking in some areas, given POV whiplash, some minor plot holes some parts reading like a rough draft But thankfully, much better proofed than the Valdier books Would consider reading [...]

  9. Rosebud

    new series by SE Smith It is a historical read but is done via a time travel route by the heroine Indiana Wild Feel good read with strong female lead character who has a snarky relationship with Jonathan, co owner of a ranch, when she gets sucked back in time And she does get to bring some modern technology back with her Loved the general premise of this and definitely recommend it for those of you who like a historical western read.I can see who the future installment books will be featuring an [...]

  10. Lorraine Lesar

    This is the first book that I have read by S E Smith and it will certainly not be the last I absolutely loved this book It had everything I require in a book great romantic romance mixed with hot sex, a really great storyline and characters that you fall in love with Unfortunately for me, the sequel is not out yet and I cannot wait This book can be read as a stand alone, so don t worry about the ending, just sit back and enjoy this truly lovely story.

  11. Theresa

    Even for a time travel, this whole story was ridiculous The Heroine is immature and incredibly stupid I refuse to believe she made it through college, or life in general She is not street smart, nor does she seem to have an iota of academic intelligence As for the Hero Forget about it He was as 2 dimensional as heroes go UGH.

  12. Nessie Smith

    It really bothered me that in 2013 a woman over 18 forced by the court to have a guardian only way a person has guardianship over someone over 18 is by if she had a mental disease which she doesn t or least it never came up So why did the author use it without ever explaining why that s possible Was it just to pogress the story if so the author should hae tried something else.

  13. Rebecca Webster

    Such an absolutely amazing read that I could not put it down The love scenes were hot, but not overdone I loved it Searched for Book 2 for 15 minutes before I realized that Indiana Wild was a new releaseSigned up for the newsletter instead to make sure that I don t miss Spirit Warrior Hope it gets here soon

  14. Liz

    This was a very entertaining read, but honestly, the time travel wasn t really needed It felt like two storylines forced together The old west and present time LA I started skimming towards the end where Indy was kidnapped to be sold to a corrupt, abusive senator I think At the same time that she is being dragged around by unknown men and shot up with drugs, her loving, possessive, protective husband is off discovering technology and gambling in Vegas I guess I can t really blame the character s [...]

  15. Lisa

    I spent my Saturday reading, Indiana Wild, and it really made my day.Indiana is the surprise daughter to much older parents who already havethree older sonsabout twenty years difference When her parents and grandmother are suddenly killed in a car accident, Indy s grandfathertakes over raising her and teaches her about ranching life.Indy loves her ranch and plans to stay there forever, until the death of her beloved grandfather leaves her oldest brother in charge of everything,including her Even [...]

  16. Annabel

    I give this book a solid 4 star rating I loved the combination of contemporary and western romance Although I didn t think the western part was totally accurate it worked for this story view spoiler I hated that Jonathan tied her up and married her She s all mad and then they have sex and everything is okay hide spoiler I also had some problems with the instant love connection between Jonathan and Indiana, but with the other instant love connections it also worked It is kind of sweet to think th [...]

  17. Tam B.

    Excerpts of this book were released with the authors newsletter so I was really looking forward to reading this book It didn t disappoint and overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book in the series.My only nitpick is that I would love for Indy to have been discovered a little later I would like for her to have developed a little bit of a working relationship with Jonathon and Jacob I think then the forced marriage due to reputation concerns and the outrage for the deception wo [...]

  18. C.J.

    Another great read by SE Smith Loved the humour and the time travel element Was hesitant at first wondering if the idea would work but it totally did This was such a fantastic story with a truly unique plot To combine the present with the past so well and in such a fashion that you just believe and accept it really is a job well done Indiana stole the story for me She was strong, resilient, fun, sexy and just all round awesome Loved Jonathan too He was such a good match for Indiana and I loved h [...]

  19. Deborah

    I didn t realise at the time that this was a time travel book, had I realised I probably wouldn t have read it which would have been my loss I just started reading what I thought was a quick romance book and was surprised to discover it was , much than I expected It s a quick read in that I read it this evening but I enjoyed it so much than I expected the characters are really good I enjoyed the story and I m looking forward to the next book Well worth a read even if like me you don t like tim [...]

  20. Nancy Steinle gummel

    The book, Indiana Wild by S.E.Smith, is awesome I thought the idea of going back in time for this story felt right The contrast from the different time periods helped develop the tale Indie escaping her brother s plan is the basis for this book Meeting Jonathan Tucker and their mutual attractionsets the aire Risking the modern age, Jonathan chases after Indie when her brother has her kidnapped See how old west cowboysrelate to the 21st century.

  21. Amanda Richardson

    4.5 stars, woo hoo this book was hot Indiana s oldest brother tries to take control over her and her money, sells her ranch out from under her She runs away and ends up in 1867 Sometimes I thought Indiana was a little too plucky, a little too resourceful, but I still really liked the story I have liked every book by S E Smith that I have read, I think this is my third, and they all have great story telling and smoking hot scenes

  22. Clarke

    The world Indy found herself in was hard to reconcile with the world we live in but worked none the less There are a few things I d change about the story but overall I enjoyed it The story was funny, exciting, and adventures I liked how Smith introduced us to character I m sure will star in other books in the Spirt Pass series If you like the west, adventure, humor, strong females, and men willing to do anything for them this book is for you.

  23. Heather

    Wild West cowboy meets modern day female rancher Time travel romance are not a favorite of mine but I liked this book Indiana is a strong, honest, hard working young lady that discovers that she lost the ranch she loves with the death of her grandfather Jonathan Tucker owns the Twin Rivers ranch with his twin brother, Jacob Insta love but it works.

  24. Kim

    Love, love, loved it.I just love S E Smith s writing This book is no exception The characters are wonderful you feel the chemistry between Indy Johnathan They except the time travel thing very quickly but that s just gets you to the good stuff quicker I highly recommend any of this author s books.

  25. SuzyHD

    WOW 5 I truly loved this story The time travel portions were very well thought out making the flow of the story interesting Well written with a lot of laugh out loud sections within the various chapters I was excited to find that the characters were developed with strong personalities adding to the progression of the storyline I can t wait to read the next book.

  26. Judy Wise

    I really enjoyed this book Of course it is fun to think of how life would be if you were transported back many years ago How much of the conveniences could you live without What would you do when you got a headache, what about bathrooms This is a love story as well as time travel and I liked it.

  27. Ira

    This one a really fun read A time travel romance, he came from year 1867 and she came from 2013.Culture clash for sure.Well, when the hero want the heroine to marry him and she said no, what is he doing Tied her up bring the preacher and his wife as witness and told the heroine she have to marry him Well, good thing he is gorgeous and she like him very much too

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