Black Is the Color (2020)

Black Is the Color Julia Gfrörer Black Is the Color Black Is the Color begins with a th century sailor abandoned at sea by his shipmates and as it progresses he endures and eventually succumbs to both his lingering death sentence and the advances
  • Title: Black Is the Color
  • Author: Julia Gfrörer
  • ISBN: 9781606997178
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
Black Is the Color Julia Gfrörer Black Is the Color begins with a 17th century sailor abandoned at sea by his shipmates, and as it progresses he endures, and eventually succumbs to, both his lingering death sentence and the advances of a cruel and amorous mermaid The narrative also explores the experiences of the loved ones he leaves behind, on his ship and at home on land, as well as of the mermaids whoBlack Is the Color begins with a 17th century sailor abandoned at sea by his shipmates, and as it progresses he endures, and eventually succumbs to, both his lingering death sentence and the advances of a cruel and amorous mermaid The narrative also explores the experiences of the loved ones he leaves behind, on his ship and at home on land, as well as of the mermaids who jadedly witness his destruction At the heart of the story lie the dubious value of maintaining dignity to the detriment of intimacy, and the erotic potential of the worst case scenario Julie Gfr rer s delicate drawing style perfectly complements the period era of Black Is the Color, bringing the lyricism and romanticism of Gfr rer s prose to the fore Black Is the Color is a book as seductive as the sirens it depicts.
Black Is the Color Julia Gfrörer

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    297 Julia Gfrörer
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One thought on “Black Is the Color

  1. Karl

    This story takes place in the seventeenth century, things have gone all wrong on this sea voyage There has been naught but trouble, with scant provisions left on board Two of the newest crew members, Warren and Xavier , are selected to be put overboard in a life boat Xavier soon dies.So begins Julia Gfr rer s graphic novel Black is the Color As the story unfolds, we learn this is a kind of love story We have lactating mermaids, gentle lovemaking, and wonderful storytelling, utilizing the great r [...]

  2. Sam Quixote

    A sailor is abandoned at sea, left to die A mermaid appears and the two share an intense, doomed romance as the sailor s life dwindles away.The sailor mermaid story has been told and retold for centuries but writer artist Julia Gfrorer gives it a twist by making her characters talk like 21st century people, though the book is set in the 17th century The mermaids in particular talk like hipster musicians During a storm, a small group of them gather to watch a ship sink from a distance, talking ab [...]

  3. Damian Murphy

    This is perhaps the best little comic I have read in years There is a quality which was known to Longinus as sublimity, Arthur Machen called it ecstasy, I know it as mystery This book is suffused with it It is very short, taking no longer then a single sitting to read The images and words found herein trace routes through the soul that are forbidden in polite society as does all true poetry The story blends perfectly the mythical and the wretched, the fantastic and the common I cannot highly re [...]

  4. Derek Royal

    An interesting short work, first appearing as a webcomic on Study Group Comics The art has a straightforward yet slightly rough look, giving the comic the feel of a folk tale or old yarn The artist s choice to work in a consistent six panel page layout underscores this I like the idea of mermaids that are contemporary sounding discussing music and asshole mermen boyfriends although that s not the direction this narrative takes It s about a sailor cast out to sea and the slow process of his death [...]

  5. David Schaafsma

    Gfrorer says her name rhymes with despair and her heart is black as a jet She also says her book is dedicated to Dylan, to Matthew, and to everyone who left me for dead I guess that s where the black heart comes from, eh Her book is a beautifully, hauntingly rendered story, like an old sea tale, about a mermaid and a dying sailor, except the mermaids all talk as if they are contemporary twenty something women, which is the only but significantly not blackhearted comic aspect of this tale It s a [...]

  6. Ariel

    I was very excited for this to come out The artwork is really lovely, but I wasn t particularly impressed by the execution of the story, which is about a doomed love affair between a stranded sailor as he dies, and a mermaid Sounds awesome, right Something about the execution, though, that I can t quite put my finger on.For whatever reason, as I was writing this, I thought I might want to check it out again So I bumped it up from 2 stars to 3 It was interesting, and I recommend it as it s a very [...]

  7. Juju

    This was cool and weird, though not quite what I was expecting A dying sailor meets mermaid tale My favorite bit was the hipster mermaids underwater chatting about their latest music project No joke I could ve read a whole other book of just the hipster mermaids hanging out You can read the whole thing online here studygroupcomics main blac

  8. Onur Öztemir

    I haven t read any comic book since reading Gaiman s highly acclaimed, quasi literary series Sandman as a child I enjoyed their complex construction so much, I was highly disappointed by the brevity and plainness of this comic I, just like every other angsty teenager, adore themes like death and love and sex However I felt that this book just like every book written by Georges Bataille exploits our teenager sensibilities about these themes There was nothing particularly stupid in this book, but [...]

  9. Erika

    Genom bilder i svartvitt och tv parallella historier ber ttar f rfattaren p ett f r mig helt nytt s tt om sj jungfrur Boken ger rum i tv v rldar som h nger ihop men d r vissa skapar noise och vissa seglar skepp fr n 1700 talet Teckningarna r inte av det mest detaljrika slaget men tack vare karakt rernas kroppsspr k och ansiktsuttryck skapas liv i rutorna Fr mst tycker jag om hur sj jungfrurna umg s, det avslappnande i det, men ven str ken av k rlek och sexualitet g r boken mer intressant.

  10. Jennifer

    SPOILERS This is one of the the ugliest and stupidest graphic novels i ve ever read I ve seen kindergardeners that draw better Pointless story the mermaids are just cold and insensitive for NO reason The guy comes back screws his wife and then goes back to the mermaid to be drowned and eaten by fish also theres a part where the mermaids discuss recording an album I can t imagine how that would go.

  11. Lance Cooper

    A brief, but excellent, read I found myself flipping back and forth, both to understand the story fully and to contemplate the visual work I recommend reading this book in a quiet place time so that the subtle themes can easily wash over you.

  12. Rebecca Jo

    I really liked this one better than her other work Laid Waste I really like her dark style and twisted humor.

  13. Katie Anne

    Dark, funny, fantastical, and still so real, this was a small delight to find Beautiful illustrations and great dialogue, a small and great find.

  14. Abeer Hoque

    Black is the Color, the graphic novel by Julia Gfr rer, is an elegantly drawn story of a sailor who is cast away, and the mermaid who keeps him sometimes cruel company in his last moments I love the agency and wit of the mermaids, how the sailors are there for their pleasure and entertainment, how even the simple conversations between the sailor and the mermaid reveal power dynamics and intimacy and emotional manipulation The story doesn t quite come together in any coherent way at least to me , [...]

  15. Alias K Ruth

    I am really thrilled by Jula Gfrorer s work I am an avid fan of the Gothic Genre, and she really delivers Black is the Color is her first graphic novella though I read it after her second offering Laid Waist which is what got me addicted to her work This is the tale of a salior, who being the last hired first fired was told that as resources were low, he and another sailor were to be set adrift in a dingy The sailor asks the captain why don t you just shot us in the head, save the dingy and not [...]

  16. Troy

    I ve been digging through my comics, re reading past favorites This is one Gfr rer and I knew each other through LiveJournal hahahaha back in the day, and I ve been following her work ever since She started out a fantastic cartoonist and has only gotten better.This particular comic which I thought I had lost, and which I had lost in its original self published form is typical for Gfr rer, that is, dark, sexual, despairing, and occupied by death She s not a Goth, but ok, maybe a sumptuously read [...]

  17. Stef

    I came across this in its entirety on Tumblr once and found it fascinating, having been obsessed with mermaids since I was a kid I appreciated the new take on this, especially the cruel and horrifying premise of the sailor and his terminally ill friend being set adrift on the ocean and left to die The sailor is visited by a mermaid, who splits her time between him and her 21st century hipster mermaid friends even though this appears to be set in Hans Christen Anderson times For me, the most poig [...]

  18. TinHouseBooks

    Molly Dickinson Editorial Intern, Tin House Magazine I can t say my repertoire of comic books graphic novels is very extensive, but a copy of Julia Gfr rer s Black Is the Color made it into my hands recently Gfr rer manages an exquisite balance between heavy plot and slight instances of snarky humor The limited dialogue allows the illustrations to speak for themselves they are strikingly full of movement and depth Though the characters use words sparingly they are accessible and relatable This i [...]

  19. Daniel Elkin

    Black is the Color undulates like the ocean in your nightmares the swells providing a rhythmic back beat to all the subconscious horrors your brain amasses during the day telling you something you know but can t actually face, quietly reminding you of your mortality, your isolation, and the inevitable sense of loss all things eventually breed While dragging its fingers softly across your lips to comfort, it confronts you with the stark truth that everyone and everything is eventuality subsumed i [...]

  20. Rin

    I was interested to read this as it popped up on a Great and unsung graphic novel works of 2013 list This book seemed pretty pointless Sailor adrift has sex with a mermaid, who watches him die and doesn t seem to care, then wanders off to help a friend sing backgrounds on an album How did this win any accolades It was a waste of time, but at least it was short for that.

  21. Michael Camilleri

    perfect comics storytelling great use of the unique timing or space in a story that comics can achieve Another review used the phrase snarky humour which are the perfect words for the tone And sad and dark and silent stumbled across this at study group comics and became an instant fan I have a literary crush on the snarky gfrorer.

  22. Kate

    Really liked this slight tale of a man set adrift from his ship and the mermaid who finds him but can t quite bring herself to save him Maybe it wouldn t be cool enough I really admire Gfrorer s scratchy ink drawings and can t wait to see from her.

  23. Dru

    Captures some amazing moments in the midst of shipwrecks and men overboard Romantic moments, moments between friends, mermaids gossiping about cute sailors, and a few others scenes are what makes this such a great, beautiful book.

  24. Emilia P

    Indie sea comix at their indie sea comix est Dramatic artwork Picaresque sailor dudes Spooky love stories It s all here, and it s lovely and creepy, and it s pretty good, but it treads no new ground A quick read with a Decemberists soundtrack.

  25. Rachel Parent

    What a great mermaid sailor story and a beautiful graphic novel I could smell the salt air and feel the sense of loss and longing, but this take on the folklore theme felt fresh and new Really loved it.

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