Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 (2020)

Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 TomTaylor Jheremy Raapack Injustice Gods Among Us Injustice Gods Among Us Issue is the first issue of the prequel comic to Injustice Gods Among Us The series reveals the events of the first year of the five year gap detailing Superman s fall from g
  • Title: Injustice: Gods Among Us #1
  • Author: TomTaylor Jheremy Raapack
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 TomTaylor Jheremy Raapack Injustice Gods Among Us Issue 1 is the first issue of the prequel comic to Injustice Gods Among Us The series reveals the events of the first year of the five year gap detailing Superman s fall from grace and rise to power as leader of the One Earth Regime The first issue was released digitally and broken down into three chapters before being released as a single issueInjustice Gods Among Us Issue 1 is the first issue of the prequel comic to Injustice Gods Among Us The series reveals the events of the first year of the five year gap detailing Superman s fall from grace and rise to power as leader of the One Earth Regime The first issue was released digitally and broken down into three chapters before being released as a single issue in stores Injustice Gods Among Us, Chapter 1 Digital Release Jan 15, 2013 Injustice Gods Among Us, Chapter 2 Digital Release Jan 22, 2013 Injustice Gods Among Us, Chapter 3 Digital Release Jan 27, 2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us #1 TomTaylor Jheremy Raapack

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One thought on “Injustice: Gods Among Us #1

  1. LolaReviewer

    Why why don t I read comics often This has been recommended to me ages ago, and I should have read it right away Because it was AMAZING.When I was eight years old, I did read some comic issues with Spiderman featured since my brother owned some and loved them all My brother doesn t enjoy reading so seeing him with his head in a comic had woken my curiosity Other than that, I ve read this Ms Marvel, Vol 1 No Normal comic But, really, I had NEVER read about the Joker, Batman, Wonderwoman, The Gre [...]

  2. Anne

    Based on a video game Let s just say I wasn t expecting much.But I did know the basic storyline of the game, because even though I ve never played it, everyone else in my house has.And if that weren t enough, some random guy in Wal mart decided to explain the plot to me because he liked my WWBD shirt.What can I say We re obnoxiously friendly in the south.Random Nerd thought Injustice was the coolest thing EVAH, so I decided to give it a shot.Surprisingly, the Random Nerd was right.Well, it may n [...]

  3. Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    A pissed off Superman That equals a bad day for the Joker.Superman grows a monster set of balls in this book and pretty much goes a bit cray cray I actually liked him a bit in this book though After going through something really bad he goes on a rampage He is joined by Wonder Woman who is frigging dorky as hell with her mooning over the Blue Boyscout , Flash and several other Justice League heroes.Batman is one of the only ones that see the Superman might be on a bit of a nutso loop.Harley Quin [...]

  4. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘

    Reread 11 16 Nothing is working today Nada Niente Rien So I m hoping Batman does the trick Volume 2 Injustice Gods Among Us, Vol 2 Volume 3 Injustice, Year 2, Vol 1 Volume 4 Injustice, Year 2, Vol 2 SO FULL OF WIN I feel like I m a broken record to repeat this again, but well, that s true, I m not a comics person by any means In the last months I started some amazing series thanks to my fantabulous friend Kat b but a story about several superheroes Well, that s not my thing The fact is, in the s [...]

  5. Jan Philipzig

    Well, the storytelling isn t exactly subtle How do you wring a little passion out of the usually so even tempered and statesman like Superman Try blowing up Metropolis with a nuclear bomb, then tricking him into killing Lois Lane as well as their unborn child, and finally kidnapping Ma and Pa Kent just to wrap things up in style Yep, that ll get the job done subtle it ain t, but it definitely wrings some emotion out of Big Blue And it sums up Tom Taylor s sledgehammer approach to storytelling th [...]

  6. mark monday

    so Superman gets really mad and sad and gains a whole new perspective on things after the Joker decides to play a joke on him the joke involves Lois Lane and all of Metropolis this is the Joker so the joke is rather upsetting than funny.Wonder Woman decides to give Superman some moral support in his new crusade against evil this version of Wonder Woman really plays up the violent warrior part of Wonder Woman that has apparently become the normetty soon most of the super powered folks get on bo [...]

  7. Hershey

    CRAZED FANGIRL MODE ACTIVATEDInjustice Gods Among Us was incredible I m completely smitten It left me speechless with my emotions warring inside me You don t understand how much I love this graphic novel I could just live off it It s like my personal brand of oxygen Everything I ve ever wanted in a graphic novel, every character I ve ever wanted, all of them in ONE BOOK I can feel my heart elating right now.This book is based on a video game, a prequel to it I haven t played the game yet but I m [...]

  8. Rachel Reads Ravenously

    4.5 stars I ve been trying to broaden my reading horizons lately and have always been interested in graphic novels and superheroes I didn t know where to start, so I asked the lovely Kat Stark for some recs and this was one of them Injusticeis one of the most interesting plots I ve read this year Basically one of the members of the Justice League to remain unnamed experiences a personal tragedy, and over time begins to evolve into the villain he always sought to destroy I picked this book up and [...]

  9. Sam Quixote

    Oh, DC I m starting to think we should split up and see other people.It s gotten to a point now that DC can fudge up their characters as much as they want to and I no longer care Justice League one of the worst incarnations ever Justice League of America staggeringly, even worse Trinity War easily the worst Event comic I ve ever read Most of the New 52 absolute garbage.So when I read Injustice Gods Among Us and discovered that it too was a terrible comic among the worst published in 2013 I was s [...]

  10. Sr3yas

    Remember the scene from BvS where Flash appeared out of nowhere and started shouting at poor confused Bat Affleck that Lois is the key Well, substitute key with Superman s Sanity He is a God who has deluded himself into believing he s a man After a series of unfortunate events not involving three orphans , Superman decides to take a proactive stand on world peace by interfering directly with many conflicts A lion s share of justice league decides to take a stand with him while one decides not to [...]

  11. Ronyell

    4.5 starsIntroduction Alright, so I have read many superhero comics where we see the good guys going rogue and trying to do damage to the world then they really need to So, when I heard about this new comic book from DC Comics called Injustice Gods Among Us Volume One, I will admit that I was a little hesitant about trying this comic out due to the premise being about superheroes fighting each other again But, I was quite surprised at how good this story actually turned out What is this story a [...]

  12. Sandra [the fucking book fairy]

    I m scared of criminals.Let me start with that.I m scared of being robbed I m scared of being stabbed by a random junkie who have nothing better to do I m scared of being kidnapped and killed, ransomed or not I m scared of being raped I m scared of being hit by an intoxicated driver I m scared of being gunned down by a terrorist group that have something to prove.All in all, i wish this world was a better place I wish this world would be rid of things that endangers each and every one of us.What [...]

  13. Sesana

    I m a gamer, but I have no real interest in fighting games So I d had no intention of playing Injustice, and even less motivation to read the tie in comic If not for Anne s review, I never would have considered reading this I m glad I did.This doesn t at all read like a tie in to a fighting game I understand it s the prequel to that game, setting up exactly how and why Superman totally lost it Which I can actually buy I can buy basically the entire sequence of events here Better than I expected, [...]

  14. Mizuki

    Oh, it s one of the best comics I ve ever read so far.I guess many people have already heard about the storyline of Injustic Gods Among Us from the video game, right In this storyline the Joker view spoiler tricked Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child and wiped out Metropolis at the same time hide spoiler , driven mad with grief Superman decided there should be no mercy left for the bad guys and the bad governments EVERY BAD THING NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW It s open season for su [...]

  15. Gianfranco Mancini

    Vote 3, 5Surprisingly good first volume for being a videogame tie in, it starts with a real bang view spoiler Superman killing Lois and their unborn son under the effect of Scarecrow s fear gas mixed with Kryptonite by Joker and Harley Quinn That was real grimdark hide spoiler , but some of the artworks were just decent ones and second half of the storyline was just not as good as the first one for me view spoiler Aquaman attacking surface world to save whales just now C mon hide spoiler.Harley [...]

  16. Bradley

    Much better than Marvel s Civil War mess, the story here is solid, delicious, shocking, and messed up.What s not to like Sure it s an alternate universe, but what verve

  17. Lono

    Surprisingly good for a video game tie in Wouldn t have given this a second glance if not for some of the guys at the shop Having never played the game and knowing nothing about the story, this alternate reality was completely new to me.What an unexpected pleasure Heroes versus heroes has been done before, but not this well in a long time With the gloves off, Tom Taylor, seems to have been given free reign to do pretty much whatever he wants and uses it to great effect Really like his familiar, [...]

  18. Roya

    Injusticeor as I like to call it, What Happens when Everyone Except for Batman is a Jerk.I really liked this It drove home some really important messages, I think You don t have to be a die hard fan to enjoy it The plot is awesome and I can t wait to read the rest of them Also, you should never have to justify a fake moustache.

  19. StoryTellerShannon

    Superman loses a loved one and proceeds to enact Draconian measures on the world Some of our super heroes are not cool with this guess which one is in the lead against Superman Compelling themes Great artwork OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus.

  20. Brittany

    Evil Week Buddy Read with the Shallow Readers Criteria Evil equals The Joker, and consequently a scorned Supes This was a FANTASTIC DC read I knew nothing about the game going, so here s hoping none of this is actually real, otherwise my heart will be totally, totally broken BEWARE THE SPOILERS I NEED TO CRY A BIT AND I M GOING TO DO IT HERE So Lois Lane is pregnant with Superman s alien sperm and BAM Shit goes down and the Joker kills her Enter heartbreak Superman loses his shit, gathers all of [...]

  21. Sud666

    Gods Among Us Year One, vol 1 collects the first 6 issues of this series It starts out with a bang and is far darker and grimmer than I had thought Much like Marvel s Civil War pitted hero against hero, the setup seems to be the same for this series.The Joker, tired of losing to the Batman, decides to change his game up and goes after Superman Obviously, this is set in a non cannon universe since major characters are killed off and that is rather a surprise Joker convinces Superman that Lois Lan [...]

  22. Nilin Börekçi

    lk ba ta s ylemek istiyorum ki, M KEMMELD Tamam s yledim, oh be Arkada lar ok g zeldi be Okudu um nc izgi roman olsa da arkada lar cidden iyiydi ya Superman in o duygular n , Batman in o asilli ini ok ok ok sevdim zellikle Wonder Woman Herkes onun kafas n p tenekesinde s k t rmak falan istiyordur eminim Ama benim onu kucaklayas m geliyor nedense Yapt klar okuyucuya yanl gelse de, o kendi inand eyi yap yor Onun da bir eksi y n n g rm olduk Kesinlikle hi bir s per kahraman m kemmel de il g rd n z [...]

  23. Michelle Morrell

    Really chilling story with Superman pushed far beyond the edge and a world attempting to adjust Some fall in line true believers and people just trying to survive while others push back, afraid to let any universal dictator rule earth, benevolent motivations or not.Personally, I like pissed off Superman far better than emo weight of the world Superman Wouldn t want to meet him IRL though, dude gets dark I assume there is even worse to come.

  24. Michael Finocchiaro

    I thought that this series started out GREAT The idea of the Joker being able to complete flip Superman and split the entire superhero world into opposing camps was fantastic I though it was well drawn and as opposed to the Marvel Civil War that I also reviewed I liked the variety of heroes and how the lines were drawn I think that this first volume was the strongest that I read by far as it stayed with the same interesting plot and was full of tension and excitement end to end

  25. Otherwyrld

    Note There are spoilers here, but I have not hidden them as they are clearly discussed in the main blurb on.I read a lot of graphic novels, but at the same time I wouldn t call myself a hard core comics reader I read the books as and when I can get them from the library, which means that I really don t care that much about things like continuity, because I never get to read these things in order anyway This means that when I pick up a graphic novel, I am looking for a well told story that isn t [...]

  26. Chris

    Firstly, a huge thanks to Anne for her positive review that settled my indecision on whether or not to try this series Aside from a couple of minor flaws, Injustice Gods Among us is an excellent read.When a tragic turn of events see Superman lose the people and city he loves, his grief causes him to take shocking measures His ideals change as he attempts to use his power to solve all the world s conflict His new goals and methods divide the superhero community, with Batman standing firmly agains [...]

  27. Mike

    Feels like a modern take on the classic characters gets right to their essence without feeling like caricature or parody Art similarly feels modern or at least god forbid isn t straight from the DC house style, and has a little fluid energy than the museum poses we usually get offered Sets up a solid if unoriginal premise what would happen if the villains truly crossed the line Reminds me of the setup from Irredeemable, but has the advantage that we already know template personalities of the pl [...]

  28. Callie Rose Tyler

    First off, this story line is meant to compliment the video game of the same name I think that there are certain elements that are lost if the reader has not yet played the game even though this section of the story is of a prequel to the bulk of the plot of the video game For what it is, it is very well done The artwork is nice but I did feel that at times there was a lack of subtly, note any time Batman is shocked his expression is both creepy and comical as his eyes bulge The story does not [...]

  29. Münevver

    Tabii, sald r plan m z nedir Bir bu uk belki de iki sene nce okudu umda nas l sevmi sem hala tekrar tekrar okurken ayn duygular ya yorum Harika Eski yorumum yukar daki gibi ve fikrim asla de i medi Ka defa okudum sayamad m bile ancak h l harika

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