Winter is for Snow (2020)

Winter is for Snow Robert Neubecker Winter is for Snow Winter is for sledding friends snowmen penguins Winter is for snow In a rambunctious ode to everything winter two siblings explore a snowy wonderland and end up in the cozy warmth of family Delve i
  • Title: Winter is for Snow
  • Author: Robert Neubecker
  • ISBN: 9781423178316
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
Winter is for Snow Robert Neubecker Winter is for sledding,friends, snowmen, penguins Winter is for snow In a rambunctious ode to everything winter, two siblings explore a snowy wonderland and end up in the cozy warmth of family Delve into Robert Neubecker s expressive and rejuvenating illustrations that celebrate snow and the coziness of friends and family at home Only Robert Neubecker s magic toucWinter is for sledding,friends, snowmen, penguins Winter is for snow In a rambunctious ode to everything winter, two siblings explore a snowy wonderland and end up in the cozy warmth of family Delve into Robert Neubecker s expressive and rejuvenating illustrations that celebrate snow and the coziness of friends and family at home Only Robert Neubecker s magic touch could make kids love winter this much
Winter is for Snow Robert Neubecker

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    166 Robert Neubecker
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One thought on “Winter is for Snow

  1. Laura

    Snow ball fights, sledding, snowmen, and so much This book is a love letter to all the wonderful things winter sends our way Winter is for Snow by Robert Neubecker is a back and forth, pro con list of grumbles and loves of winter between a brother and sister From fun to wet This story has it all Can this pouty little girl be convinced winter is much than colds and chills Color, movement, and life made these pages feel so big and alive Every corner was filled with activity people walking, shove [...]

  2. Vivian

    When I shared this with the library story time crowd I began with the page BEFORE the title page which shows a window in nine phases I said, Sometimes before you go to bed you might look out the window It s pitch black outside and you see ONE snowflake pointing to the first window Then there are THREE snowflakes pointing to the second window Then there are SIX snowflakes pointing to the third window Then there are TWELVE snowflakes pointing to the next window which is actually filled with 14 sno [...]

  3. Vicki

    A nice rhyming story about winter Would be a nice read aloud for a winter themed story time or to children who need to be reminded of all of the fun things you can do in the season The illustrations are great.One thing I would comment on is technically winter doesn t begin until late Dec just a few days prior to Christmas The inclusion of the holiday in the story limits its use to December since in January and February is when places usually receive the majority of the snowfall.

  4. Jennifer

    This would be fun to do in storytime with two readers one to be the enthusiastic boy and one to be the skeptic girl This could pair well with the new You Make Me Smile for an enchanting winter storytime

  5. Chris

    4.5 Ah this is a good one A happy brother who loves the snow and everything surrounding it, and a grumpy sister who doesn t care for it at all until the end Their words are in different colors blue and read and the four line stanzas all gently rhyme Super book

  6. Bonnie Demarchi

    The beautiful illustrations and cover art enhance this rambunctious ode to everything winter A young boy works hard to convince his sister that winter is really wonderful and fun.

  7. Tasha

    A brother and sister have very different reactions to the newly fallen snow outside The boy opens the curtains and quickly announces that Winter is for snow But his younger sister is not convinced The boy tries and tries to explain how wonderful winter can be, but she remains grumpy She does get on her coat, books, hat, mittens and to head outside though, still protesting about how it is too cold outside and she d rather watch TV Once the two reach the sledding hill, her resistance is starting [...]

  8. Caryn Caldwell

    In rhyming text, a cold loving brother and his snow hating sister argue cheerfully about the pros and cons of winter Will they be able to see eye to eye The rhyme scheme works well overall, and the illustrations are cheerful, imaginative, and often humorous This book would be especially fun to read aloud on the first very cold day of fall winter or during the first snow fall Would also work when discussing persuasive techniques in expository writing or seeing both sides of a tricky issue.

  9. Mary

    A young boy extolls all of winter s virtues to his skeptical sister His enthusiastic litany of the fabulous things winter has to offer finally wins her over at the end The cartoonish illustrations are charming.

  10. Beth

    As someone who dislikes cold weather and snow Yes, I know I shouldn t live in Michigan then I completely understood the sister s resistance and dislike for it I would ve liked her to dig her heels in a little stronger She gave in a little to quickly for my liking.

  11. Nanci Booher

    A fun rhyming text story about a boy, who loves winter and everything it means, and his not so happy about winter sister Great illustrations, this fun to read book will be on my storytime shelf very soon.

  12. Lorna

    You betcha it is My library branch could do this book as reader s theater or at a storytime as there are two definite camps regarding this season Loved it it brought out all the fun and charm of winter.

  13. Alice

    4.5 StarsThis isn t getting 4.5 stars because it is a local Park City Utah Author He lives 15 minutes from me it is actually an great book Love the story Love the pictures ROBERT COME TO THE WASATCH COUNTY LIBRARY We would love it

  14. Rekha

    Good rhymey book that centers on an argument between two siblings about whether winter is awesome or awful I wanted there to be a space for it to be ok to be team not awesome in the end Still, a fun one for winter.

  15. Hapzydeco

    Another case of do not knock it until you try it Winter is snow Neubecker with his illustrations and ode challenges the reader to go forth and make the best of it.

  16. Naomi Blackburn

    CUTE Didn t realize that there was ANYTHING to like about snow, but ok Loved the illustrations and the creative rhyme.

  17. Mandy Robek

    Absolutely love this book A great mentor for opinion persuasive writing and anyone who loves the snow.

  18. Luisa Knight

    Cleanliness a girl is a little grumpy and not in favor of snow but she changes her opinion.Ages 4 8 winter snow Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

  19. Sarah

    I really like this simple story about a brother and sister one who loves snow, the other who doesn t Living in the Midwest, you would think that everyone at least tolerated snow, but instead you hear complaint after complaint about the weather that we have always had This book, in it s simple story and fun illustrations, addresses both mindsets As the title says, Winter is for Snow,and looking at the bright side, may just make the winter months easier to enjoy.

  20. Amy Lafleur

    Two child narrators a brother and sister go back and forth over whether winter is good or bad, in rhyming text Neubecker shows all of the good and some bad about winter It emphasizes mostly the positive and the same is shown through cheerful wintery illustrations as Neubecker gets readers excited for winter.

  21. Elena Maddox

    Boy likes snow Girl does not Mentions winter holidays so best to use before the end of December Good for pre K and outreach.

  22. Drew Graham

    A brother and sister disagree about the coming snowfall Not that the snow cares if someone doesn t appreciate it, but will the siblings ever see eye to eye Of course there are pleasant things about every season, though some people can t seem to appreciate the weather traditionally associated with winter Maybe this book will help them come around I m totally on Team Big Bro.

  23. Katharine_Ann

    This is such a delightful book The boy loves winter, and the girl just wants to stay inside This book is told in a rhyming pattern that flows very smoothly and is easy and natural to read The language used in the book is wonderful, showing that winter is both fun and beautiful The book shows a large variety of winter sports and hobbies It s a great story to introduce kids to winter activities, plus it s super fun to read

  24. Mina De Caro (Mina's Bookshelf)

    After the Ice Age we have recently experienced here in the North East, you may wonder how somebody would even want to look at a book entitled Winter Is For Snow but, you see, my 5 year old and I couldn t resist the clever back and forth of point of views between the two children characters and the fun of a good rhyming.

  25. Janet

    The brother likes snow and all the accompanying activities and the sister just want to be inside, but she comes to like the winter A great representation of those who love winter and those who complain about it Loved the one page illustration prior to the story of the nine windows and the progression of and snow falling Fun title about the fun activities of winter.

  26. Ruth Ann

    There are fun things to do with snow.When it snows that means it s cold outside and some people prefer to stay inside where it s cozy.That s what this book is about that great winter debate

  27. Monique

    Great story about the pros and cons of winter, as a brother and sister express their love dislike for snow and cold temperatures Have definitely added this to the list of stories to read for winter themed storytimes.

  28. Joyce

    This was a cute book about the pros and cons of winter I shared this with a kindergarten class during an outreach visit, and it sparked a discussion after I finished reading it The students shared their own pros and cons of winter with me

  29. Kathryn

    Colorful pictures and tells of everything that comes with snowmehow the illustrations just didn t do anything for me.

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