Angels Cry (2020)

Angels Cry Tina Glasneck Angels Cry The city is plagued by a heroin epidemic Women are disappearing without a trace Undercover cop Peter Lazarus is tasked to find the evidence to cripple the dangerous syndicate behind it He s on the ve
  • Title: Angels Cry
  • Author: Tina Glasneck
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Angels Cry Tina Glasneck The city is plagued by a heroin epidemic Women are disappearing without a trace Undercover cop, Peter Lazarus is tasked to find the evidence to cripple the dangerous syndicate behind it He s on the verge of success, when his two worlds collide and threatens the entire mission.
Angels Cry Tina Glasneck

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    358 Tina Glasneck
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One thought on “Angels Cry

  1. Amber

    I got a free copy in exchange for an honest review.When ms Tina glasneck contacted me on to read and review her novella Angel s Cry, I decided to check it out I enjoyed reading it The story reminded me of Grand Theft Auto Vice City with the mafia, strippers, and corruption I liked the concept of the organ harvesting because that reminded me of the movie Repo the genetic opera When undercover cop Peter Lazarus disguises himself as a man wanting to join the german mafia, he gets in too deep To mak [...]

  2. Aly

    This book to me was a little dark but I enjoyed that about it I think it fits how the author wanted us to feel about this book I enjoyed the up and downs and twists, I was on the edge of my seat of this book This book is not all roses and sunshine but does reflect things that are real about life I think the characters felt real to me and I was lost in this book This book was given to me for free at my request in LibraryThing giveaway and I provided this voluntary review.

  3. Hajar Benmazhar

    Mix suspense with tragedy, add a dash of romance and pour it all in a spooky environment and by spooky I mean something along the lines of body brokering, human trafficking, physical and emotional abuse, drugs, crimes, etc Peter Lazarus, an undercover cop going by the name of Shane sterns is putting himself in serious danger as he tries to investigate and uncover a brotherhood s twisted scheme Are they just moving heroin Or is it something a lot sinister How far one could go to get answers And [...]

  4. Wendy

    I enjoyed Angels Cry A Novella by Tina Glasneck and I look forward to in this series.Hardened Detective Peter Lazarus goes undercover, as Shane Sterns, to infiltrate the German underworld by becoming a member of their Brotherhood Charlotte Palmer, a drug addicted stripper has a past with Peter and their worlds collide when he spots her on stage at a club run by The Brotherhood.Will she give up his cover to the family risking both their lives A quick, enjoyable read involving organized crime, or [...]

  5. Terra Whiteman

    So, this is another book that suffers from the blight of TMI blurb That blurb pretty much tells readers the entire story, as the novella itself treats the existence of Shane and Charlie s son as a plot twist You might think this isn t a reflection of the novella, but it is 75% of the twists are pretty much given away right here What s the point of reading it now I straddled the line between three and four stars the entire time It was written very well Tina Glasneck is without a doubt a very tale [...]

  6. Angela

    I m thinking this book was suppose to be dark and gritty while showing the German underworld, but I didn t quite see it that way I was confused through some of it and grossed out by other parts of it I even almost put it down a time or two Not because of the bloody bits, but because it was a confusing mix of things going on all at once with flashbacks thrown in that would ve been better used as a prologue then an opening to a chapter that dealt with something else One thing I found pretty damn f [...]

  7. Bob Morton

    An interesting read I received a copy to review and what follows is an independent review Angel s Cry deals with the undercover work of a cop and the seedier side of life While undercover before, Lazarus falls in love with a woman, and then abandons her, leaving behind something he did not expect Now three years later and back on the case, he comes across her working in a gentlemen s club He wants to take her away but is not able to because he is deep in the case and would make them both targets [...]

  8. Robyn Gaye-Murphy

    Angels Cry Spark Before Dying book 1 By Tina GlasneckCharlie is trapped in a horribly dangerous life by her own beloved Jessie The one into whose arms she fell when let down by her one and only true love, Shane He had disappeared without a trace though she searched all over for him Why come back now three years later Could he be her way out Jessie had soon turned out to be violent, putting Charlie to work without a glimpse of the love she d first felt from him To be honest if I were her I d have [...]

  9. Suzette

    A very gritty read This is the first book I have read from this author and I am impressed I was hooked until the end, disappointed when I realized it was finished, because I was so engrossed and wanted I love the dichotomy of the relationship between Shane Lazarus and Charlie The selflessness they show for each other and their son was amazing.

  10. Peggy Barnett

    I thought this book was intriguing but at tines quite slow.I would have enjoyed this book if it had lively interactions There was too much self thoughts or importantly told from the person to the other person This at times made for dull reading.

  11. Ola Adamska

    This is First book by this author in this gener It was not that dark and Deep as i supposed it World be.Characters were interesting and There was some kind of mystery in them.Book is written by very short chapters In my opinion it would be deeper with longer chapters.

  12. Sandra Burns

    Great readFor those of you, who are unfamiliar with organ donation human trafficing, this is an education Undercover cop infiltrates the above groups.

  13. Ann

    Story of a cop doing undercover work to try to find out what the family was really up to So he started working for them.Eventually he got in higher up in the job It was thought that they were sex trafficking but it was far beyond that He ends up running into his old girlfriend at a strip club Things started getting dangerous then Some happiness found in the end tho.

  14. Catherine

    I liked this story I liked the storyline of selling body parts The gore was not over the top The author understands language and uses it well I think the characters could have been developed, especially Shane Peter At times I wasn t sure if he was a good person underneath the subterfuge or not It would have been nice to know something of his former life but maybe this was done in a previous book I didn t particularly like the character of Charlie but you don t have to like the characters you re [...]

  15. Craig

    This is my first Tina Glasneck book and I really enjoyed it Interesting story and characters, and well thought out Looking forward to reading of her work.

  16. Karinosa

    Well, considering I have never read from this author, it was a okay read for me There was really no suspense in this book Not like I thought there would be Shane is undercover and Charlie is a stripper hooker She and Shane have history and a big secret that happens to be between them Each one has their own reasons for not sharing their secrets Lives are in the balance if they do come out There is the gang that they both are involved in and an assignment that just might leave the both of them dea [...]

  17. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~

    Peter Lazarus ska Shane Sterns, an undercover cop infiltrating a gang for the last three years, has been trying to move up within the organization His only stumbling block is Jesse Callahan Jesse s ambition and greed are going to be his downfall he just doesn t know it yet Shane s downfall will be Charlie Charlie is broken and drug user just trying to survive Jesse and the family is works for Will Shane risk his life for Charlie Will Jesse learn his place within the family Can Charlie change You [...]

  18. N. Kuhn

    It s hard for me to decide if I liked this book or not The plot was intriguing The twist, turn, development, all seemed very well thought out I m not a fanatic about the execution of it though The ending, seemed like a Scorsese film, than a book At times, I was annoyed, flipping between characters, jumping around It s certainly an interesting idea I just think it needed a little development in how it was written With some work, this could be a great read The author has a way of keeping you int [...]

  19. Kristen Lewendon

    Picture Payback crossed with Donnie Brasco and you re really close to some of the major elements in this book And just like those movies, there s some harsh and brutal scenes in here This is not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach Angels Cry tackles an aspect of human trafficking that s often overlooked and I really appreciate that it shines a light on a criminal activity that doesn t see a lot of popular press It reminds us that there s going on out there than we realize.I received a c0 [...]

  20. Mandy Jones

    Tina Glasneck does a great job with this novella There were lots of twists and turns, and the plot was very interesting We have detective Peter Lazarus who loves being an undercover cop Then we have Charlotte Palmer who knows Peter from a different time Their worlds collide again and it s a fight to the end to see who will survive There is a dark edge to this entire story, so be forewarned This story was a short quick read but I enjoyed it very much I give it 3 stars.

  21. Melissa

    I was given this novella in exchange for an honest review.I loved the storyline but found it lacking I wanted I didn t connect with the characters how I like to do The beginning pulls you in, but the end makes you feel like the author didn t know how to end it But I think if the author would just develop characters a little it would make the book enjoyable for me.

  22. Angala Fox

    I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.I really enjoyed this book It had tons of edge of your seat suspense, page turning action, and mystery I definitely recommend.

  23. Kevin

    Whst can I say It is a difficult main plot line to follow but having had to re read the first half of the book, I found the story really intriguing and it gave us, mere people, the risks involved in police having to work deep undercover AND the pitfalls of what you need to do in order to successfully bring a conclusion to bringing criminals and their empires to justice There are always complications in regards to falling in love while on assignments such as this and also being complicit in crimi [...]

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