Robamapocalypse (2020)

Robamapocalypse Kevin Strange Robamapocalypse In a dystopian future where Barack Obama is lord and emperor of the only city left on earth after the zombie apocalypse one young man must fight his way through a tournament pitting zombie against re
  • Title: Robamapocalypse
  • Author: Kevin Strange
  • ISBN: 9781480231856
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
Robamapocalypse Kevin Strange In a dystopian future where Barack Obama is lord and emperor of the only city left on earth after the zombie apocalypse, one young man must fight his way through a tournament pitting zombie against remote controlled zombie if he hopes to stop the evil, half cyborg dictator from destroying Steel City and the rest of the fabled Obamamerica beyond.Time traveling terrorists, gIn a dystopian future where Barack Obama is lord and emperor of the only city left on earth after the zombie apocalypse, one young man must fight his way through a tournament pitting zombie against remote controlled zombie if he hopes to stop the evil, half cyborg dictator from destroying Steel City and the rest of the fabled Obamamerica beyond.Time traveling terrorists, giant robot zombies made of zombies, and Barack Obama like you ve never seen him before are but a few of the twists and turns that make Robamapocalypse one of the weirdest, most action packed bizarro stories you ll ever lay your unsuspecting eyeballs on This election year, Barack Obama is a giant fucking robot.
Robamapocalypse Kevin Strange

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    159 Kevin Strange
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One thought on “Robamapocalypse

  1. Frank

    Put down your political agendas and pick up Kevin Strange s ROBAMAPOCALYPSE This gem has got it all zombies, giant robots, gladiator games, evil dictators and time travelers to name a few This is part Battle Bots, part Night of the Living Dead, part WWE and part Democratic National Convention.Talk about value ROBAMAPOCALYPSE is worth every miniscule penny on the word your going to shell out This ain t War and Peace and you shouldn t expect it to be What you get is a fast paced, page turner that [...]

  2. Adam T.

    What if Obama was some robot humanoid creature that wormed his way into being a supreme, and oppressive ruler of a domed city after a hellacious zombie outbreak wiped out the majority of the country Got an idea in your head of how that might play out Well then, erase that tepid shit from your simplistic thoughts because what you conjure up will be mundane compared to the aggressive brain fucking you are about to endure A beautiful concoction of political commentary, radiation dipped zombies, Lov [...]

  3. Kevin Candela

    A lot of folks think it s all about politics, about democrats vs republicans in America s case Some of us on the other hand know better Robamapocalypse is my first full length read of the works of my Madison County neighbor Kevin Strange, and I am pleased to report that it s not about dem rep politics at all it s far interesting It s also funny as hell Now I m not specifically a zombie aficionado, which is one of Mr Strange s fortes My reading and writing tends to be considerably less visceral [...]

  4. Laurel

    Okay, first off, I want to say that don t let the 2 stars throw you off that is purely because this book isn t my cup of tea, not because there s anything wrong with it.It s kind of like reading a graphic novel without the pictures, which is actually a neat concept, I m just not into gory stuff the way the author is, but I like to try new things, so there you have it.Some things that I did like were that the author was very clear in the introduction that he was not making a political commentary [...]

  5. Rich Jr.

    Robamapocalypse Now In Kevin Strange s bizarro novella Robamapocalypse, we finally learn the answer to the age old question of Can professional wrestling moves save the world from tyranny and the zombie apocalypse As any regular contributor to short story anthologies will tell you, sometimes a writer just gets swept up in a story and the damn thing takes on a life of its own and before you know it, the story has surpassed the publisher s allowable maximum word count and, in some cases, expanded [...]

  6. Jeremy Daniels

    Robots Zombies Futuristic setting All loves of mine when taken separately, but mix them together and I m not usually a fan At first this book was not my cup of tea, in fact at the beginning all I could say is it s well written But that mad man Kevin Strange ended up winning me over in the later 2 3 of the book Left me wanting , once finished Bravo Mr Strange for taking a hater and making him fall in love with something he usually can t stand Great book and the best mixed subject book I ve ever r [...]

  7. Donald Armfield

    None stop action packed A UFC meets Zombie invasion You know how a lot of people think about Obama now, imagine him still president almost 2 decades from now But in the form of a giant mechanical robot And trapped us all in side a new city he now calls Steel City Feeding us a zombie virus vaccineMy god the horror.Kevin Strange once again takes the crazy stuff out of his head and places us into a Robama ruled world with a crap load of action and zombie guts Not bad for a guy who doesn t care for [...]

  8. Made DNA

    A bizarro take on zombie apocalypses, Kevin Strange integrates time travel, trailer trash, giant robots, out of body experiences, evil entities and presidents in a non stop whirlwind story that will leave you breathless A great read for those who enjoy satiric science fiction.

  9. Christina

    Giant robot and zombies in a post apocalypse book This book is the height of all things epic when you re strange

  10. Marvin

    The following is a combination review of three books by Kevin Strange The Humans under The Bed, Robamapocalypse, and Vampire Guts in Nuke Town This review can be found on the Page for all three books.Indie authors have it rough Even though, in my opinion, some of the most interesting and experimental writings are being done and distributed by independent authors and small indie presses, it still is passed up by most readers for the mostly mainstream pablum called the New York Times Fiction List [...]

  11. Brennon Thompson

    Let me start out by saying, I don t usually finish a book in one sitting Instead I tend to take it in little by little, savoring it But that didn t happen when I started reading Robamapocalypse, I devoured it This tale from Kevin Strange is a lean, mean, little book, that starts with a bang, explodes into the action, and doesn t really let up until the end If there is any fat in the story at all it comes from the proud parents of one of the combatants watching their son battle on TV The two bick [...]

  12. M.P. Johnson

    Starring President Obama As Darth VaderThe concept is simple In the zombie plagued future, President Obama has become a Darth Vader like inhuman thing who occasionally climbs into a giant Voltron like robot version of himself and smashes everything This book is action packed from start to finish There are a couple of potentially disappointing factors First, there s a lot of grammar issues Second, Obama is really only Obama in name only There s not really any Obama like characterization and there [...]

  13. Brian Mcclain

    This was bizarre to say the least, but not in a bad way I can t say too much about it cause the main premise is not too in depth, giving it a simple story with plenty of room for black humor and action packed scenes I was a pretty big fan of the characters, despite not liking the characters for who they were, enjoying the portrayal of them in such a world Obama s character was especially interesting, as you don t really know what his deal is until you re most of the way through the book, and it [...]

  14. John Bruni

    Take Rock em Sock em robots, and replace them with zombies modified with extra body parts and weapons Except it s not just two zombies, it s a bunch of them Throw in a bunch of radioactive zombies and have the fight announced by a couple of WWE guys The whole thing is presided over by a cyborg Barack Obama, who also has a giant robot version of himself called Robobama Got all that in your head Well, that still doesn t cover how crazy this book is The best way to get your mind around it is to jus [...]

  15. David

    This has to be one of the funnest zombie involving books I ve read in a while It sounds like the author isn t much for zombie fiction than I am, and maybe that s why he packed in the all sorts of other weirdness that really made this one sing to me Part action, part conspiracy, part a dozen other frankenstein s monster sorts of things, this book was a great time I ve never seen a zombie related book quite this strange Yeah, laugh at that line for a bit if you can stand the pun.

  16. Sharon

    I haven t read a lot of bizarro fiction, but plan to read Loved Kevin Stranges fast paced, gory, zombie, dystopian, totally screwed up story The only thing that bothered me was that it was based on a character called Lord Obama Kinda wish this character was just anybodyybody but Obama Otherwise I loved this introduction into the bizarro world

  17. Rodney

    This was my first Kevin Strange book I got it during a free promo I enjoyed this and will pick up from the author in the future I liked the style and flow of the writing The story was fun and twisted Cotton Candy is next.

  18. John Gibbons

    May be spoilers While I have genuinely dug everything I have read of Strange s, this one gave me a mixed feeling I enjoyed much of the humor, and the fight scenes, especially the wrestling, but the story itself fell a bit for me I think it mostly came down to the character of Clavelle I thought he was a weak character He felt like a battle worn Han Solo wannabe, while his younger self was just bleh There were also moments where I thought that shit was too convenient for those characters, especia [...]

  19. Melanie Catchpole

    There was too much fighting going on in this book for me, I space out a bit when a fight lasts than a couple of pages It was well written and I m sure if you like fight scenes between giant robots and giant zombiemen you will love this, but personally I just preferred the other parts with Percy Sr and his wife, that s real love right there Maybe they could even get back together D

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