Truth or Dare (2020)

Truth or Dare Denise Hunter Truth or Dare A foolish stunt in high school left Brianna VanAllen questioning her self worth for the past five years She didn t expect to dig up those painful memories when she returned home for her high school re
  • Title: Truth or Dare
  • Author: Denise Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Truth or Dare Denise Hunter A foolish stunt in high school left Brianna VanAllen questioning her self worth for the past five years She didn t expect to dig up those painful memories when she returned home for her high school reunion But, paired with Jake Volez on a project at her parents ranch, Brianna must face the issue of forgiveness Will she have the courage to put her heart at risk again
Truth or Dare Denise Hunter

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    374 Denise Hunter
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One thought on “Truth or Dare

  1. Emily

    Cute story from Denise Hunter I liked the lesson on making certain we re seeing things from the right perspective Not really a whole lot I didn t like, but nothing that just stood out as spectacular, either I didn t really have much in common with the characters, and wasn t able to relate to them too much, maybe that s why.

  2. Aimee (Getting Your Read On)

    This is a quick read novella size Super cute, sweet romance with warm fuzzies at the end.

  3. Michelle Lunsford

    This novella made for a quick and enjoyable read The scenario is familiar a incident from youth that haunts one into young adulthood When given a second chance, and the potential to explain yourself, do you risk it As a novella there isn t enough space for significant character growth or plot development, but this narrative still works within those confines It was nice watching the characters make their choices and then work through the consequences Nice chemistry between the romantic leads.

  4. Joanna

    Nice little story except for one thing the relationship seems to be based on both sides purely on physical attributes Here s one example He d been right thinking the relationship would never work Unfortunately, one gorgeous, special woman had made him forget those convictions Those flashing blue eyes and sweet, curved lips had erased the thoughts from his mind, replacing them with something that felt wonderful, overwhelming Loc 763, 73%, Kindle ebook As a personal preference I would also have li [...]

  5. Stacey

    Friends often tell me that they don t like novellas because there is so much not covered, not explained, or no enough depth in them However, I enjoy novellas, especially when I need a quick read when I m waiting in the doctor s office, traveling, or just want a pick me up One thing I know is Denise Hunter is a great novella author She places you in the setting with enough details that you don t get bogged down and can focus on the relationship of the characters She creates the tension, dilemma, [...]

  6. Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    Super cute book I love Denise Hunter anyway and have read several of her books This is the first novella by her I have read I thought she did a great job This didn t feel short except for the amount of time it took me to read it At only 75 pages it still had the feel of a full length novel I loved the characters and as usual Denise did a great job with the character development I can not even imagine this book being any longer, it was perfect It had a beginning, great storyline in the middle, an [...]

  7. Lainie Adams

    Wonderful quick readI gave this novella 5 stars because I LOVED it I loved everything about the book I loved how the two main characters relationship began in high school I also love books where there is antagonistic chemistry hiding the real chemistry underneath The book was quick to read and very enjoyable I would recommend this book to anyone who loves clean romantic novellas that can be read in just a short time The book is short in number of pages but not in quality of romance.

  8. Michelle

    A sweet novella by one of my favorite authors, Truth or Dare was an enjoyable read Jake and Brianna come from different social classes and a misunderstanding in high school has them at odds When Brianna returns for a reunion, she finds Jake working at her parents ranch As they work together on a project, they learn that they both have misconceived ideas about the other.Although it s a short story, the author weaves in enough background that the relationship developing between Brianna and Jake fe [...]

  9. Kara

    You know how sometimes you re in the mood to read something cute, but you don t have much time available That s where this short story comes in It s nothing new, nothing especially spectacular, but still so much fun Brianna and Jake have pretty good chemistry and a past encounter that didn t end well Combine those two things, as we enter the story five years later, and you have a mix of misunderstandings, undeniable attraction, as well as irritating each other to no end It ll make you smile as y [...]

  10. Laura Napier

    I was pulled in the from the very first page I wasn t sure how the tension would be resolved in such a short amount of pages, but Denise exceeded my expectations again I didn t want it to end Though, the ending was worth it I love that HE flew to LA to get her back, he was willing to face rejection for her after she faced it twice for him Just the short little book I needed to get my romantic fix.

  11. Dianne Sidebottom

    and another of Denise s short story Jake n Brianna Words spoken can do a lot of damage that can take along time to heal or put a wall of defence up not to be hurt again Hindsight is wonderful n for both of them they were able to speak n clear the air and have another chance reaction n response.

  12. Sheri Salatin

    As a big fan of Denise Hunter, I found this book for Kindle and decided to read it I m not usually a huge fan of novella s but since it was by a favorite author, I decided to give it a try.I m glad that I did It was short and sweet Another book to add to my favorite shelf.

  13. Kathy * Bookworm Nation

    Cute short story Long enough to leave me happy and develop the characters and story Content Clean, G.

  14. CarolynB

    Pretty good I really enjoyed this novella Jake and Brianna are opposites in many areas, but isn t it said that opposites attract

  15. Susan

    It felt like the plot outline of a story than an actual story The details between the lines are missing.

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