Triumph (2020)

Triumph Janet Dailey Triumph Need a hot hero Janet Dailey s Bannon Brothers deliver to the max Deke Bannon is rugged and powerful and just as dangerous as his older brothers RJ and Linc But an ambitious TV anchor tracking an expl
  • Title: Triumph
  • Author: Janet Dailey
  • ISBN: 9780758255785
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
Triumph Janet Dailey Need a hot hero Janet Dailey s Bannon Brothers deliver to the max Deke Bannon is rugged and powerful and just as dangerous as his older brothers RJ and Linc But an ambitious TV anchor tracking an explosive story may be than his match Deke Bannon, federal criminal investigator, risks his life just about every damn day but that doesn t mean he ll let Kelly Johns do tNeed a hot hero Janet Dailey s Bannon Brothers deliver to the max Deke Bannon is rugged and powerful and just as dangerous as his older brothers RJ and Linc But an ambitious TV anchor tracking an explosive story may be than his match Deke Bannon, federal criminal investigator, risks his life just about every damn day but that doesn t mean he ll let Kelly Johns do the same A deadly international gang has targeted the gorgeous news anchor for knowing too much and trying to find out To protect Kelly, Deke will have to keep her close no matter how hard she fights him.Good luck with that Kelly s every instinct tells her she s stumbled across the story of her career But there s a catch Without Deke, she can t infiltrate the dark underworld operating beyond the reach of the law With him, she s in a whole other kind of danger On the case, Deke Bannon is a force of nature unpredictable, unstoppable, and always one step ahead of her Except when he takes her in his arms and the world stands still for both of them
Triumph Janet Dailey

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    104 Janet Dailey
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One thought on “Triumph

  1. Kame

    I would give this 3 stars to 3 1 2 starsI am not sure what this book is trying to be It is classifed as a romance but I really never felt any connecton chemistry between the Kelly and Deke They did work great together as a investgative team, and I liked the plot of the book, up until the last three chapters where I felt it was rushed to an ending.This is the first book I have read by this author and in this series The book blurb intrigued me but the main characters a romantic partners did not I [...]

  2. Julie Barrett

    Bannon Brothers Triumph by Janet DaileyIn this family saga the book is about Deke and he works with the agencies.Kelly and her photographers were filming how the city is wasting money at an abandoned building when shots ring out and she s brought to the ground by a man who is now her guardian angel She would ve been shot without him being there.She remembers who he is now and she s trying to advance her anchor career and thinks this might be her time.Lots of action and adventure as they try to h [...]

  3. Carrie

    Predictable, with one of the least likely couples An anchor who sacrifices her journalistic expectations Not sure why he does There is no chemistry between her and who is supposed to be the leading man And if the word Smartphone had been used again, I might have barfed The story premise had promise The book did not.

  4. Lisa

    Good book, loved the Plotline However, as a Janet Daily romance Lacked a lot of her typical romance, just a few kisses and then bam, an engagement Really should have been labeled Intrigue not Romance.

  5. Emily Higgins

    Atlanta TV anchor Kelly Johns and her crew witness the murder of 3 people Then Kelly happens to be present when a series of life threatening incidents happen Investigator Deke Bannon does his best to keep Kelly healthy and whole, but it is not easy with the headstrong reporter.

  6. Bernie

    Triumph is the third book in the Bannon Brothers series written by author Janet Dailey It s a great story but way too long.

  7. Busybeth76

    Good over EvilDeke Bannon is a free lance federal agent He comes across Kelly Johns, investigative reporter, when she witnesses a crime in the wrong place at the wrong time A dangerous place and a dangerous time From there on Kelly and Deke become unlikely partners, trying to unravel a high finance scam that has left murders in its wake And Kelly with a threatening stalker Deke does the best he can to protect Kelly, despite her stubborness at the outset The story unfurls at a steady pace The twi [...]

  8. Crystal

    I have been reading Janet Dailey s work for many years now and I always enjoy her fascinating stories Triumph in the Bannon Brothers series is another wonderful examples of Ms Dailey s work It has been a while since I have had the chance to read one of her books and I truly enjoyed this one.Ms.Dailey has created intriguing characters with charm and charisma that are involved in a story line that kept me turning pages quickly.Kelly Johns is an on air anchor who misses her reporting days She gets [...]

  9. Katy

    Janet Dailey died a few days ago I found it sad She was a good writer, and, yes, she did face some legal and ethical issues and seemed to regret deeply I read my first Dailey novel The Calder Sky which is how she will always be known, as the creator of the Calder family , and then I devoured her novels If she wrote it, I read it including the questionable book as well as the one written by her rival Silver Wings Santiago Blue certainly was the first INTERESTING story I read about the WACs of WWI [...]

  10. Ronna

    I got this book free from Firstreads This is my honest reviewIUMPH is a fun romantic suspense story with just the right amount of romantic tension and intrigue without the unnecessary sex and violence that some books seem to need Kelly Johns is a beautiful Atlantic TV broadcaster who has found herself deep in the middle of a sensitive story that might cause her to loose her life Deke Bannon is a federal criminal investigator who is easy on the eyes too When Kelly and her crew are filming a set u [...]

  11. Chris Mead

    TRIUMPH, Book 3 in the BANNON BROTHERS series, is a rich and vivid tale of corporate corruption, money laundering and murder Part mysterious whodunit with a little romance thrown in the mix will be appealing to readers of both genres Janet Dailey writes a captivating story like no other.Kelly Johns is a news anchor for WBRX in Atlanta She is looking to further her career by doing a special interest story on wasted tax dollars Kelly and her camera crew are filming a segment at an abandoned, unfin [...]

  12. Barbi

    This was a very enjoyable book I liked the chemistry between Deke and Kelly Kelly seemed to keep getting into sticky situations the whole time Thank goodness for Deke helping her out.

  13. Cindi

    Kind of a let down, really This book was really tooling along about to get on the highway but missed the exit at the last moment While the H h got their HEA, the previous suspense just died off flat And with such a sexy and perfect hero at stake, I got rather pissed And the heroine was pretty unlikable in my humble opinion Seems like the romance part of this story well, it wasn t With a better chemistry I would have bumped it up half a star With a understandable who dunnit , I d go another half [...]

  14. Dawn Margolin genna

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed this book, even though it was tame compared to what I normally read The main characters danced around the relationship The only physical contact that they really had was kissing it was Hot kissing, mind you I found that even though it didn t have all the sexy love scenes, I really enjoyed the story The book is well written The characters are all developed well and they interact with witty banter I would definitely recommend this bo [...]

  15. Sarah Covington

    I was absolutely addicted to this book I adored the protagonists and the development of the plot I continued to question who the perpetrator was until the very end I don t think I could have anticipated the ending if I tried, but am so glad there were so many twists to the story I was also glad to see the subtle build to the romance without a need for the normal raunchy nature of romantic novels This was definitely among one of the best romantic suspense novels I have ever read, and I would high [...]

  16. Angela

    I found this book to be a little boring Nothing really happened Where was the romance I really got tired of reading how famous Kelly wase s a local news anchor not some television or movie actor I guess this book just feel flat with me, like I said earlier, nothing happened There was a lot in the book I didn t care about reading I also didn t feel much of a connection between Deke and Kelly.

  17. Linda

    This is a 4.5 book I enjoyed the characters and the need for information from the press and the need to keep information secret on the side of the police Interesting story line and even though I figured out who the woman was, I was surprised about the depth of her involvement It was great reading and I really enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters and how they reframed from jumping into bed with each other immediately Very refreshing.

  18. Pamela

    This was the third book about the Bannon brothers It was a typical,girl in trouble,and handsome agent helps her while falling in love book It seemed a little flat for me compared to the first two The story was fine,but the romance was slow He kissed her once or twice,and then moved on.It was a fast read,and I was not bored,but not thrilled either

  19. Molly Morris

    I love Janet Dailey as an author, but I could not enjoy this book It was readable but it seemed to last forever The last few chapters were exciting in a predictable way But, the epilogue ruined it Instead of adding a chapter or two to an already exhausting novel, the author wrapped up all story lines in two pages I m disappointed in Janet Dailey.

  20. JoAnne

    Didn t find this as good as the first two books in the series Yes, the brothers were mentioned but not part of the storyline The plot dragged quite often and unfortunately I found it predictable in the outcome of who done it Liked the happily ever after but there were a few loose ends too Not sure if we ll be meeting up with the Bannon Brothers again or not.

  21. Jen

    I just couldn t get into this book Other than the damsel in distress aspect although, gladly, the damsel wasn t a woe is me sort , there didn t seem to be much of a plot Nor was there any chemistry between the two main characters I know that this is a fairly popular author, but I m not sure I would pick up another of her books.

  22. Linda Smatzny

    This is the newest novel from Janet Dailey The main character, Kelly Johns, is an anchor for a television station in Atlanta She likes to chase after big stories She witnesses a crime and meets Deke Bannon In the course of the investigation Deke must try to protect Kelly from getting killed It is an easy read.

  23. Stephanie

    2 1 2 stars Better than the previous two in that the excessive descriptiveness was less but the ending Ugh The plot seemed really thin too Combine the better writing of this one with the better plots of the others and you d have a good book

  24. Dianna

    That was excruciating Wanted to stop reading so many times but made myself finish it Kept thinking it would somehow get better Didn t Had potential to be a good story but was not well developed in any way, characters, relationships, story itself Did not flow well at all.

  25. Karen

    Good story with romanceI really like Janet Dailey s writing style It flows well and easy to read This book was an emerging mystery with a slow romance blossoming The characters are well described and very well could be people you know

  26. Julie

    I thought this book was going along pretty well good characters like always but then the last few chapters seemed like they were just thrown in without a lot of feeling Wasn t bad but not as good as usual.

  27. Beth

    A Janet Dailey FanI ve loved Janet Dailey s books for decades and this one doesn t disappoint The suspense is not over the top and neither is the romance A nice story that women of any age can enjoy without blushing.

  28. Merle

    Not bad, except for the sudden ending It almost seemed as though the female lead was learning everything second hand, even though she was an on air anchor returning to her roots as an investigative reporter I liked these characters pretty well, but the story seemed to run out suddenly.

  29. Brenda

    Although this book was part of a trilogy and I had only read the first one it wasn t necessary to read the middle book I kept thinking it was going to get better A mystery romance but not a great read.

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